Kaufmann and Süss earn the overall Trans Zollernalb victories

Markus Kaufmann won the men's category at the Trans Zollernalb mountain bike stage race. During stage 3 from Albstadt to Hechingen, the German marathon national champion defended his yellow jersey, while Markus Bauer won the stage. Esther Süss won the third stage in the women's category and sealed up the overall women's victory.


The final 70km stage took place on a sunny day. Torsten Marx only missed the stage win by half a bike length. The Hechingen local sprinted against Bauer, who was simply a bit faster than the 38-year-old.

Marx had attacked together with Matthias Pfrommer on the first uphill from Albstadt-Ebingen. After he had lost a lot of time on Saturday due to a mechanical, the favourites didn't follow him. Christian Kreuchler, Matthias Bettinger and Markus Bauer joined the leading duo.

At the first sprint in Strassberg at 15km, the quintet had a lead of two minutes over the rest of the field. Pfrommer won ahead of Bauer and Bettinger.

In the second sprint at 36km in Tailfingen, Bauer won in front of Marx and Bettinger. Pfrommer had dropped back. The leaders now had a three-minute lead over the peloton.

Kreuchler, who was in great shape on the uphills, also dropped back due to a mechanical. Bettinger had suffered the same fate.

From that point on, Marx and Bauer powered forward toward victory.

"I got terrible cramps, and I was hoping that Markus would not notice," said Marx at the finish.

But Bauer had noticed how much "weaker" the local hero was. He could have attacked before the final rise to Schlossplatz in Hechingen, but he chose not to do so. "I was sure that I am the strongest in the sprint," said Bauer.

Marx went first into the mountain, but about 200 meters before the finish, Bauer took over the lead. Marx was riding on his wheel and tried to pass him, but despite the cheers of the enthusiastic crowd, it was not enough.

"It would have been enough if the race was 10 meters longer," said Marx, who was, of course, disappointed at first. "But my goal was to climb on the podium. All in all, the day went pretty well for us," he said in view of his teammate Matthias Leisling, who secured the second place in the overall.

"I'm very sorry for Torsten," were the first words of Bauer. "For me, it went perfectly today. Of course, I had the advantage because my teammate Bettinger was in the leading group."

Things had been quiet in the battle for the overall victory for some time. But then Robert Mennen decided to try his luck for a top place in the overall.

Kaufmann and Leisling could follow him. Hannes Genze had no chance, but he was able to follow Kristian Hynek and Tim Boehme.

"I know that I only had to sprint up the climb in Hechingen. It would be enough for me," said Genze who still saved 16 seconds ahead of Mennen.

Kaufmann's overall bid for victory remained unchallenged. The German Marathon Champion had only to control the final stage. "After Friday, I did not think that I could still win this race. But as of Saturday, I was feeling really good, and I'm really happy about my success," said Kaufmann.

Leisling said he was "happy" about his second place overall. "I tried to slow the pace a bit to help my teammate Torsten Marx. I am very pleased with the three days."

Mennen, who was beaten due to a mechanical on Saturday, sprinted out of the chase group and came in third. "I didn't give up that easy, although I knew it would be difficult to attack at this stage. But third place today is good. With my form, I'm very pleased," said Mennen.


In the women's race, Esther Süss was unchallenged, although she had some difficulties during the race. "A wasp bit me at the second sprint and one kilometer from the finish, my chain got stuck," said the Swiss after her hattrick.

She had a big advantage in the overall, therefore, she was still able to win the overall race even after her third place today.

"It was fun," said Süss, "I am happy to secure the win."

Silke Schmidt, who was still suffering from an infection during the race, was happy with her second place. "I knew that I wasn't in top condition. Therefore, I wasn't at my best, but I would have liked to win a stage" said Schmidt.

Elisabeth Brandau came in third. "I wanted to get another podiums spot," Brandau said about their motivation on the final day.

Jana Zieschank finished fourth. "I did my best yesterday and just wanted to get through today without a mechanical or crash. Four kilometers from the finish, I got lost briefly and then Lisa was gone. But I'm super happy with the third place in the overall," she said.

Full Results

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Elite men stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Bauer (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team2:13:34
2Torsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By TomotionRow 1 - Cell 2
3Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:02:11
4Mathias Leisling (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:02:16
5Hannes Genze (Ger) Team Centurion VaudeRow 4 - Cell 2
6Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Team Centurion VaudeRow 5 - Cell 2
7Kristian Hynek (Cze) Elletroveneta Corratec0:02:23
8Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:02:24
9Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:03:49
10Aaron Beck (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-TeamRow 9 - Cell 2
11Andreas Kleiber (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-TeamRow 10 - Cell 2
12Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls0:04:05
13Christian Kreuchler (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:04:35
14Rupert Palmberger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:04:49
15Matthias Bettinger (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:05:10
16Peter Hermann (Ger) Team Firebike Drössiger0:05:39
17Steffen Weisenseel (Ger) Bmc Development Team0:06:18
18Uwe Hardter (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:09:43
19Jago Fechtmann (Ger) Nutrixxion MTB0:10:54
20Sönke Wegner (Ger) Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB0:13:04
21David Schiel (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:13:08
22Andre Schütz (Ger) RC PfälzerwaldRow 21 - Cell 2
23Philip Meiser (Ger) 2Exercise.Net/RV Tempo Hirzweiler0:13:14
24Daniel Neusius (Ger) RV Taube Orscholz 19210:15:48
25Fabian Eppler (Ger) Team Alber / Best-Bike-Parts0:15:56
26Christian Schöllhorn (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:16:14
27Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:16:31
28Wouter Dierckx (Bel)0:16:46
29Matthias Deuble (Ger) Cts Cycle Training Schwarzwald0:22:48
30Daniel Sauter (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:22:50
31Mark Schneider (Ger)0:24:12
32Timo Igelmund (Ger) Sig-Labor Koblenz -Poison Bikes0:26:32
33Ragnar Wirths (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:27:26
34Christoph Erkner (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:28:03
35Konstantin Lang (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:35:52
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Elite women stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süß (Swi) Wheeler Ixs Pro Team2:30:08
2Silke Schmidt (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:00:43
3Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:07:54
4Jana Zieschank (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts0:08:09
5Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:08:52
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Elite men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude7:02:52
2Mathias Leisling (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:00:55
3Hannes Genze (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:01:00
4Kristian Hynek (Cze) Elletroveneta Corratec0:01:10
5Robert Mennen (Ger) Topeak Ergon Racing Team0:01:16
6Markus Bauer (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:04:56
7Tim Böhme (Ger) Team Bulls0:07:16
8Markus Westhäuser (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:08:12
9Christian Kreuchler (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:11:20
10Aaron Beck (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team0:13:46
11Andreas Kleiber (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:14:49
12Stephan Schiele (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:15:47
13Max Friedrich (Ger) Firebike-Drössiger0:17:33
14Rupert Palmberger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:18:08
15Peter Hermann (Ger) Team Firebike Drössiger0:18:13
16Stefan Danowski (Ger) Team Bergamont0:18:49
17Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:18:51
18Torsten Marx (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion0:19:13
19Uwe Hardter (Ger) Team Texpa-Simplon0:20:15
20Steffen Weisenseel (Ger) Bmc Development Team0:26:39
21Matthias Bettinger (Ger) Lexware-Rothaus-Team0:31:33
22Sönke Wegner (Ger) Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB0:33:17
23Sascha Schwindling (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:33:34
24Jago Fechtmann (Ger) Nutrixxion MTB0:34:24
25Ralf Fischer (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim0:35:34
26Kai Kugler (Ger) Centurion Vaude0:44:57
27Philip Meiser (Ger) 2Exercise.Net/RV Tempo Hirzweiler0:46:32
28Robert Gorgos (Ger) Redheads Team0:50:47
29David Schädler (Ger) Serpentine Velosport0:51:09
30Marcus Wilmes (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:52:42
31Nikolaus Syc (Ger) Focus Rapiro Racing0:52:59
32Daniel Neusius (Ger) RV Taube Orscholz 19210:53:25
33Fabian Eppler (Ger) Team Alber / Best-Bike-Parts0:54:00
34Jan Kaliciak (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:54:27
35Ralf Kropp (Ger) RRV Hameln / Santos Rohloff Team0:56:43
36Andre Schütz (Ger) RC Pfälzerwald0:57:20
37David Schiel (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern1:00:31
38Stefan Sahm (Ger) Team Bulls1:00:50
39Wouter Dierckx (Bel)1:04:41
40Peter Paelinck (Bel) Www.Reevax.Be1:05:08
41Matthias Deuble (Ger) Cts Cycle Training Schwarzwald1:06:54
42Ragnar Wirths (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern1:07:29
43Christoph Cords (Swi) XC Riders1:09:28
44Tobias Sindlinger (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team1:13:05
45Thomas Lehner (Ger) Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim1:14:58
46Christian Schöllhorn (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team1:21:20
47Marcus Richter (Ger) Rsc Wiesbaden1:22:14
48Mark Schneider (Ger)1:24:36
49Kai Bodmer (Ger) Katrin Schwing Trek Domatec Team1:29:32
50René Hördemann (Ger) Bmc Development Team1:30:43
51Michael Teutschmann (Swi) Giant Swiss1:33:32
52Daniel Sauter (Ger) Gonso-Simplon-Racing-Team1:34:05
53Philip Decker (Ger)1:45:32
54Arman Yigitkurt (Ger) RSV Geislingen1:48:18
55Christoph Erkner (Ger) Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion1:49:14
56Timo Igelmund (Ger) Sig-Labor Koblenz -Poison Bikes1:54:18
57Ralf Berenhäuser (Ger) Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes2:00:23
58Elmar Wörner (Ger) Team Toyota Sauter2:01:36
59Ronny Dölker (Ger) RSV Geislingen2:04:09
60Uwe Köhler (Ger) Team Saarschleife2:19:57
61Konstantin Lang (Ger) EBE Racing Team2:34:44
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Elite women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Esther Süß (Swi) Wheeler Ixs Pro Team7:56:13
2Silke Schmidt (Ger) Team Herzlichst Zypern0:03:45
3Jana Zieschank (Ger) Best-Bike-Parts0:29:31
4Gabi Stanger (Ger) Team Centurion Vaude0:37:49
5Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) EBE Racing Team0:38:45

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