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Milatz and Spitz take Trans Zollernalb stage 1 victories

Moritz Milatz and Sabine Spitz have won the opening stage of the three-day Trans Zollernalb. After 58.8km from Bad Imnau to Balingen, Milatz won a sprint finish ahead of Hannes Genze and Alban Lakata, who took the overall lead by virtue of having taken a bonus in an intermediate sprint. Spitz won a close duel with Esther Suess in the women's race while Norwegian Borghild Loevset got the third spot on the women's podium.

Lakata did the two previous editions of Trans Zollernalb and knew that the race can be decided by seconds. Therefore he tried to get bonus seconds at the two intermediate sprints.

While the first sprint was won by U23 rider Simon Stiebjahn in front of Markus Bauer and Kevin van Hoovels, Lakata was able to be in the first position at the second sprint.

These three seconds helped him slip into the leader's jersey after the first stage. On the very fast course, Milatz tried to reduce the leading group by sometimes accelerating on the short uphill sections, but at the end, 10 riders entered the city area of Balingen together.

Defending race champion Robert Mennen attacked first, with two kilometres to go, but was neutralized, then Lakata tried but was followed by the two Multivan-Merida men: Hannes Genze and Jochen Käß.

After that, Genze from the leading position tried to get his teammate Käß into the best position, but European cross country champion Milatz paid attention and got on Genze's wheel.

"I attacked with about 300 meters to go. I didn't know the rest of the course, but I tried and was able to make it. I had no special plan for the three days, except training for the marathon worlds, but in my mind was to go for a stage win," said Milatz.

"We will see what happens next two days, but it's not easy because I have no teammate with me," he said.

Genze got second place in front of Lakata, German national marathon champion Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Käß.

All the favourites, including marathon world champion Christoph Sauser, were in the leading group, except Karl Platt. The multi-time Cape Epic winner found himself having a bad day and lost 15 minutes in the less than two-hour race.

Tight finish between Spitz and Süss

In women's race, Germany's marathon title holder Elisabeth Brandau and Silke Schmidt, third in the European marathon championships this year, were missed on the starting line. Schmidt was absent due to professional responsibilities as a lawyer and Brandau because she got sick.

So it was the expected duel between Sabine Spitz and Esther Süss, both former marathon world champions. In between the men's peloton, first Spitz had an advantage over Süss, because the Swiss marathon champion struggled a bit. But then Spitz had problems with her saddle and she lost that group of men and was caught by the next.

Süss was able to make it back to Spitz then and they reached Balingen together. In the lead up until the last corner, Spitz and Süss were taking different lines and and coming out of the turn, Süss had to brake to prevent a crash. "Maybe I am a little bit too nice?" Süss said with a ironic smile.

That made the victory for Spitz. "Of course, I am here for training, but it is always nice to get a stage win," she said. "For the next two days, I have my plan, don't mind what Esther will do. We will see how it goes."

Borghild Loevset was not able to follow the women who were second and fifth at the London Olympic Games, but she did ride to a solid third place.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Moritz Milatz (BMC-Racing Team)1:50:49
2Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:00:01
3Alban Lakata (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)
4Markus Kaufmann (Centurion-Vaude)
5Jochen Käß (Multivan Merida Biking Team)
6Christoph Sauser (Team Specialized)
7Kevin Van Hoovels (Versluys Team)
8Sebastien Carabin (Versluys Pro Mountainbike Team)
9Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)0:00:09
10Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)
11Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:02:15
12Markus Nicolai (Team Bulls)
13Matthias Pfrommer (Team Haico Racing)
14Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
15Daniel Aspacher (Team Haico Racing)
16Simon Stiebjahn (Team Bulls)
17Markus Bauer (Lexware Racing Team)0:02:20
18Christian Keuchler (Team Texa-Simplon)
19Wolfgang Mayer (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:06:14
20Rupert Palmberger (Centurion-Vaude)
21Florian Willbold (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
22Sebastian Stark (Tbr-Biehler)
23Micha Van Den Eynde0:06:18
24Simon Gegenheimer (Ultra Sports Rose Racingteam)0:06:21
25Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:06:48
26Andreas Kleiber (Team Rothaus Poison-Bikes / Hochschwarzwald)0:07:32
27Sascha Schwindling (Team Herzlichst Zypern)
28Andre Schütz (RC Pfälzerwald / Wheelsportsracingteam)0:11:05
29Florian Eitel (Rhein-Neckar-Racing)0:11:18
30Marcel Reiser (Team Sparkasse Zollernalb / Skyder)0:11:33
31Fabian Eppler (Team Best-Bike-Parts)0:13:06
32Philipp Pangerl (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
33Andreas Basler (Haico Racing)
34Kai Bodmer (Trek Domatec)0:13:09
35Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texa-Simplon)0:13:50
36Stefan Richter (Raceteam Radleck Mering)0:14:46
37Steffen Thum (Ultra Sports Rose Racingteam)0:15:15
38Ragnar Wirths (Team Herzlichst Zypern)0:15:34
39Daniel Krämer (Feistel-Racing Giant / RSG-Würzburg)0:17:05
40Christian Schöllhorn (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)0:17:27
41Marcel Messmer (Xc-Riders.De)0:17:39
42Florian Schweizer (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)0:19:24
43Wouter Dierckx (MTBteamlangdorp)0:19:40
44Daniel Sauter (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)
45David Schiel (Team Herzlichst Zypern)0:20:54
46Kilian Pfeffer (Csv-MTB-Team)0:21:15
47Andreas Hindennach (Team Haico Racing)0:22:02
48Michael Kreiß (Kona National/Bike Ranch Team)0:22:07
49Tobias Aplas (RC Pfälzerwald / Wheelsportsracingteam)0:23:47
50Timo Igelmund (Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes)0:31:27

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team)2:03:56
2Esther Süß (Wheeler Ixs Pro Team)0:00:01
3Borghild Loevset (Orkla Ck)0:05:51
4Gabi Stanger (Team Centurion Vaude)0:08:09
5Jana Zieschank (Best-Bike-Parts/Kubis Bikes)0:10:43
6Silke Keinath (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:18:56
7Julia Bütow (RSG Delbrück)0:32:45
8Nel Van Damme

Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joris Massaer (Los Pedalos)1:52:25
2Bas Peters (Cycletrend)0:00:39
3Lars Ragnar Manengen (Lillehammer Ck)0:04:46
4Matthias Gärtner (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:05:56
5Geoffry Maes (Bike-Inn Team Herentals)
6Peter Reiche (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:05:59
7Max Friedrich (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)
8Markus Westhäuser (Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim)
9Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)
10Tim-Christopher Stahnke (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:08:39
11Uwe Hardter (Team Texa-Simplon)0:09:29
12Daniel Pfrommer (Team Haico Racing)
13Jerome Junker (LC Tetange)0:09:31
14Jan Kaliciak (Team Herzlichst Zypern)0:11:28
15Michael Gross (Team Xxxl - RSV Ellmendingen)0:11:35
16Christoph Lander (RSV Geislingen)
17David Schädler (Serpentine Velosport)0:12:32
18Patrik Cura (RSV Geislingen)0:12:40
19Mark Schneider (Sig Labor Koblenz – Poison Bikes)0:12:44
20Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:13:39
21Christoph Cords (Xc-Riders.De)0:15:06
22Bojan Bohorc (RSG Lb)0:15:30
23Benno Weber (1. Suhler MTB-Club/Radscheune Erfurt)0:16:15
24Johannes Rauch (RSC Neustadt Weinstraße)0:20:26
25Nikolaus Syc (Focus Rapiro Raicing)0:21:12
26Marc Sanwald (Tsv Schmiden Activity-Racing-Team)0:22:05
27Michael Wenzel (RC Pfälzerwald)0:22:11
28Rado Declerck (Lingier-Versluys Beachbikersteam)0:23:11
29Sönke Wegner (Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB)0:24:11
30Markus Abt (Sparkasse Zollernalb)0:48:10
31Fabian Beck (www.Tourforkids.De)1:01:30

Master 2-4 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ralf Fischer (Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim)2:01:01
2Kurt Tempst0:00:53
3Uli Rottler (Uli Rottlers Pedal)
4Ralf Kropp (Santos Rohloff Team)0:04:02
5Marco Renning (Bikekult Cannondale)0:05:13
6Steve Junker (LC Tetange)0:09:28
7Thomas Jäger (Univega Pro Cycling Team)0:11:49
8Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Merida Friends)0:12:41
9Danny Hoedemaekers (Merida Holland MTB Club)0:13:20
10Arman Yigitkurt (RSV Geislingen)0:15:30
11Thomas Schmitz0:15:32
12Ralf Berenhäuser (Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes)0:16:08
13Ronny Dölker (RSV Geislingen)0:16:54
14Uwe Augstein (Narr Isoliersysteme Gmbh)0:17:51
15Max Lippert (Bergpeter.De)0:18:03
16Michel Wynsberghe0:21:47
17Holger Kratz (RSC Neustadt A.D.W.)0:25:00
18Jürgen Schulz (SF Lauffen)0:34:34
19Rudi Geentjens0:43:47
20Angelo Balsamo (Team Mettmann)0:47:07

Elite men general classification after stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alban Lakata (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)1:50:47
2Moritz Milatz (BMC-Racing Team)0:00:02
3Kevin Van Hoovels (Versluys Team)
4Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:00:03
5Markus Kaufmann (Centurion-Vaude)
6Jochen Käß (Multivan Merida Biking Team)
7Christoph Sauser (Team Specialized)
8Sebastien Carabin (Versluys Pro Mountainbike Team)
9Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)0:00:11
10Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)
12Simon Stiebjahn (Team Bulls)0:02:14
13Matthias Pfrommer (Team Haico Racing)0:02:15
14Stefan Sahm (Team Bulls)0:02:17
15Markus Nicolai (Team Bulls)
17Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
18Daniel Aspacher (Team Haico Racing)
19Markus Bauer (Lexware Racing Team)0:02:19
20Christian Keuchler (Team Texa-Simplon)0:02:22
21Wolfgang Mayer (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:06:16
22Rupert Palmberger (Centurion-Vaude)
23Florian Willbold (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
24Sebastian Stark (Tbr-Biehler)
25Micha Van Den Eynde0:06:20
26Simon Gegenheimer (Ultra Sports Rose Racingteam)0:06:23
28Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:06:50
30Andreas Kleiber (Team Rothaus Poison-Bikes / Hochschwarzwald)0:07:34
31Sascha Schwindling (Team Herzlichst Zypern)
39Andre Schütz (RC Pfälzerwald / Wheelsportsracingteam)0:11:07
45Florian Eitel (Rhein-Neckar-Racing)0:11:20
46Marcel Reiser (Team Sparkasse Zollernalb / Skyder)0:11:35
48Fabian Eppler (Team Best-Bike-Parts)0:13:08
49Philipp Pangerl (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)
50Andreas Basler (Haico Racing)
51Kai Bodmer (Trek Domatec)0:13:11
54Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texa-Simplon)0:13:52
59Stefan Richter (Raceteam Radleck Mering)0:14:48
60Steffen Thum (Ultra Sports Rose Racingteam)0:15:17
63Ragnar Wirths (Team Herzlichst Zypern)0:15:36
65Daniel Krämer (Feistel-Racing Giant / RSG-Würzburg)0:17:07
67Christian Schöllhorn (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)0:17:29
68Marcel Messmer (Xc-Riders.De)0:17:41
70Florian Schweizer (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)0:19:26
71Wouter Dierckx (MTBteamlangdorp)0:19:42
73Daniel Sauter (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)
74David Schiel (Team Herzlichst Zypern)0:20:56
75Kilian Pfeffer (Csv-MTB-Team)0:21:17
77Andreas Hindennach (Team Haico Racing)0:22:04
79Michael Kreiß (Kona National/Bike Ranch Team)0:22:09
84Tobias Aplas (RC Pfälzerwald / Wheelsportsracingteam)0:23:49
94Timo Igelmund (Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes)0:31:29

Master 1 men general classification after stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
11Joris Massaer (Los Pedalos)1:52:25
16Bas Peters (Cycletrend)1:53:04
27Lars Ragnar Manengen (Lillehammer Ck)1:57:11
29Matthias Gärtner (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:58:21
32Geoffry Maes (Bike-Inn Team Herentals)
33Peter Reiche (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:58:24
34Max Friedrich (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)
35Markus Westhäuser (Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim)
36Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)
38Tim-Christopher Stahnke (Focus Rapiro Racing)2:01:04
40Uwe Hardter (Team Texa-Simplon)2:01:54
43Daniel Pfrommer (Team Haico Racing)
44Jerome Junker (LC Tetange)2:01:56
47Jan Kaliciak (Team Herzlichst Zypern)2:03:53
52Michael Gross (Team Xxxl - RSV Ellmendingen)2:04:00
53Christoph Lander (RSV Geislingen)
55David Schädler (Serpentine Velosport)2:04:57
57Patrik Cura (RSV Geislingen)2:05:05
58Mark Schneider (Sig Labor Koblenz – Poison Bikes)2:05:09
61Karl Platt (Team Bulls)2:06:04
64Christoph Cords (Xc-Riders.De)2:07:31
66Bojan Bohorc (RSG Lb)2:07:55
69Benno Weber (1. Suhler MTB-Club/Radscheune Erfurt)2:08:40
78Johannes Rauch (RSC Neustadt Weinstraße)2:12:51
80Nikolaus Syc (Focus Rapiro Raicing)2:13:37
83Marc Sanwald (Tsv Schmiden Activity-Racing-Team)2:14:30
85Michael Wenzel (RC Pfälzerwald)2:14:36
86Rado Declerck (Lingier-Versluys Beachbikersteam)2:15:36
89Sönke Wegner (Bq Cycling Team / World Of MTB)2:16:36
98Markus Abt (Sparkasse Zollernalb)2:40:35
101Fabian Beck (www.Tourforkids.De)2:53:55

Elite women general classification after stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro Team)2:03:56
2Esther Süß (Wheeler Ixs Pro Team)0:00:01
3Borghild Loevset (Orkla Ck)0:05:51
4Gabi Stanger (Team Centurion Vaude)0:08:09
5Jana Zieschank (Best-Bike-Parts/Kubis Bikes)0:10:43
6Silke Keinath (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:18:56
7Julia Bütow (RSG Delbrück)0:32:45
8Nel Van Damme

Master men 2-4 general classification after stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
37Ralf Fischer (Team Voba RSV 06 Nattheim)2:01:01
41Kurt Tempst2:01:54
42Uli Rottler (Uli Rottlers Pedal)
56Ralf Kropp (Santos Rohloff Team)2:05:03
62Marco Renning (Bikekult Cannondale)2:06:14
72Steve Junker (LC Tetange)2:10:29
76Thomas Jäger (Univega Pro Cycling Team)2:12:50
81Wolf-Thorsten Witt (Merida Friends)2:13:42
82Danny Hoedemaekers (Merida Holland MTB Club)2:14:21
87Arman Yigitkurt (RSV Geislingen)2:16:31
88Thomas Schmitz2:16:33
90Ralf Berenhäuser (Sig Labor Koblenz Poison-Bikes)2:17:09
91Ronny Dölker (RSV Geislingen)2:17:55
92Uwe Augstein (Narr Isoliersysteme Gmbh)2:18:52
93Max Lippert (Bergpeter.De)2:19:04
95Michel Wynsberghe2:22:48
96Holger Kratz (RSC Neustadt A.D.W.)2:26:01
97Jürgen Schulz (SF Lauffen)2:35:35
99Rudi Geentjens2:44:48
100Angelo Balsamo (Team Mettmann)2:48:08

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