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Mennen executes perfect strategy to take Trans Zollernalb overall

Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon) won the second edition of the Trans Zollernalb while Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida) took the final stage victory. In the women's competition, Ann-Kathrin Hellstern (BQ-Cycling-Team / RIG Freiburg) won her third of three stages in front of Gabi Stanger (Team Centurion) and Ivonne Kraft (Team Nutrixxion).

The Topeak-Ergon team's strategy was successful. Its riders took advantage of the overall situation before third and final stage. While Karl Platt (Bulls) was wearing the yellow jersey with a two-second lead over (Topeak-Ergon) and five seconds over Alexandre Moos (BMC), Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon) was in fourth overall.

After Lakata attacked early, but was caught by Platt. Mennen tried and Platt went on his wheel. Then Mennen tried a second time, and Platt didn't react while Moos did nothing at all.

Genze jumped the gap to Mennen and the two riders went away together. Working together, the extended their gap to more than five minutes because the chasers did not actually chase.

"For me, it was a perfect situation," Genze said "and I speculated exactly on this tactic."

While Genze took the stage and second place overall, Mennen was celebrated as the overall winner in front of a big crowd.

"It went perfectly for us. I had good legs but Hannes was also working hard for us. It's a super success for me and for team," said Mennen. "We had a great race with a perfect organization."

Mennen's teammate Lakata ended up in fourth position on the stage and overall. "I'm happy for Robert and for the team. I will come back next year to win by myself. This stage race was exciting," Lakata said.

Platt was worried about losing yellow. "In the decisive moment, I was alone, without teammates because Thomas (Dietsch) struggled, and Tim (Böhme) had a puncture. I couldn't catch the attacks alone," said Platt, who ended up in third place.

Hellstern wins with a broken finger

Despite a broken finger, Ann-Kathrin Hellstern extended her winning streak to a third consecutive stage and the overall. In the beginning, she escaped from her contenders and rode to a solid win. Ivonne Kraft came close to Gabi Stanger but in the end, it was the same ranking as in the previous days.

Full Results

Men stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hannes Genze (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)2:26:49
2Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)0:00:03
3Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:05:00
4Alban Lakata (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)0:05:02
5Matthias Pfrommer (Team Haico-Racing)0:05:08
6Alexandre Moos (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)
7Daniel Federspiel (Silmax Cannondale Racing Team)0:05:48
8Ruben Scheire (MTB Rudi Bike Inn Herentals België)0:05:51
9Andreas Kugler (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)
10Frans Claes0:05:54
11Torsten Marx (BlackTusk RacingTeam)0:05:58
12Joris Massaer (G Skin deforche MTB Racing Team België)0:06:58
13Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:07:01
14René Tann (BlackTusk RacingTeam)0:07:33
15Sascha Heinke (Team Firebike-Drössiger)
16Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:07:34
17Geoffry Maes (MTB Rudi Bike Inn Herentals-België)0:07:49
18Max Friedrich (Ergon 24h Racing Team)
19Micha Van Den Eynde (Team Bike Inn)0:07:52
20Andreas Kleiber (Team Rothaus Poison-Bikes / Hochschwarzwald)0:07:54
21Daniel Aspacher (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:07:55
22Yves Corminboeuf (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:08:59
23Lukas Höllrigl (Bike and Run Imst)0:09:48
24Uwe Hardter (RSV Bike-Arge St. Märgen)0:10:51
25Balz Weber (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:12:02
26Julien Taramarcaz (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:12:04
27Ken Van Den Bulke (MTB Team Langdorp)0:12:17
28Matthias Gärtner (Team WFG Zollernalb)0:13:13
29Gody Jacobs (Trust mtb team vzw)0:14:39
30Ulrich Rottler (Uli Rottlers Team Pedal)0:14:48
31Marcel Reiser (Sparkasse Zollernalb / BlackTusk Racing)0:14:54
32Ben Kindermans (Trust mtb team vzw)0:15:05
33Stephan Schiele (Team VOBA RSV 06 Nattheim)0:18:06
34Kurt Tempst (mtb rudi-bike inn)0:18:40
35Benjamin Merkel (RMSV Langenbrand)0:18:48
36Christoph Lander (RSV Geislingen)0:18:50
37David Osaer (Versluys Evenza Beachbikers Team)0:18:58
38David Schädler (RSV Volkertshausen)0:19:03
39Fabian Eppler (moooove RacingTeam)0:19:12
40André Ohndorf (Team Best-Bike-Parts/Progress)0:19:25
41Bram Saeys (Smart Cycling (Belgium))0:19:32
42Jurgen Vanden Bon (lingier evenza beachbikers vzw)0:19:37
43Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Team)
44Sönke Wegner (BQ Cycling Team)0:20:52
45Roland Kienzler (Team Pedal)
46Dietmar Viesel (Team WFG Zollernalb)0:21:14
47Günter Reitz (Team Firebike Drössiger)0:24:19
48Kai Bodmer (TREK domatec)0:24:28
49Peter Paelinck (
50Christoph Cords (
51Pierre Meilick (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)0:24:35
52Wouter Declercq (Trust mtb team vzw)0:24:53
53Wim Tollenaere (Team De Fietser - Opwijk)0:26:57
54Patrik Cura (RSV Geislingen)0:26:59
55Rudi Geentjens0:29:48
56Michael Kreiß (Kona Rothaus GER / Bike Ranch Team)0:30:37
57Florian Mindel (TSV Schmiden / activity-racing-team)0:30:42
58Eric Danner (RV Edelweiss Roschbach)0:31:51
59Thomas Jäger (Univega Pro Cycling Team)0:32:06
60Wolfgang Haug (NARR Isoliersysteme GmbH)0:36:31
61Marc Sanwald (TSV Schmiden / activity-racing-team)0:36:54
62Frank Stanger (Hepco Becker Factory Team)0:37:04
63Dieter Schulzki (CSV-MTB-Team)0:39:53
64Arman Yigitkurt (RSV Geislingen)0:40:22
65Pierre Seibertz (Team Sebamed)0:43:30
66Jürgen Schulz (SF Lauffen)0:51:13
67Frank Bornheim (Team Sebamed)0:53:13
68Frank-Uwe Gastall (Team Sebamed)0:53:20
69Ralf Horstmann (RSG Delbrück)0:53:21
70Daniel Sauter (Gonso-Rawoflex-Team / RSG Zollern-Alb)0:55:28
71Kurt Werheit (Team Sebamed)1:13:57

Women stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ann-Katrin Hellstern (BQ-Cycling-Team / RIG Freiburg)2:58:52
2Gabi Stanger (Team Centurion)0:04:58
3Ivonne Kraft (Team Nutrixxion)0:05:50
4Katharina Alberti (Best-Bike-Parts)0:07:50
5Sonja Brodbeck (CSV-MTB-Team)0:19:23
6Silke Keinath (Team Nutrixxion)0:21:37
7Steffi Meizer (RSV Ebringen / Team Rothaus Vita Classica)0:35:32
8Gaby Eulitz (RSC Ingolstadt)0:51:04

Sprint 1 - 16.2km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)3pts
2Andreas Kugler (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)2
3Alexandre Moos (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)1

Sprint 2 - 37.3km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)3pts
2Hannes Genze (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)2
3Matthias Pfrommer (Team Haico-Racing)1

Men final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)7:01:47
2Hannes Genze (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)0:02:36
3Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:04:37
4Alban Lakata (Topeak-Ergon Racing Team)0:04:41
5Alexandre Moos (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:04:49
6Andreas Kugler (Multivan-Merida Biking Team)0:09:32
7Ruben Scheire (MTB Rudi Bike Inn Herentals België)0:10:41
8Torsten Marx (BlackTusk RacingTeam)0:13:20
9Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:14:20
10Joris Massaer (G Skin deforche MTB Racing Team België)0:14:34
11Frans Claes0:17:26
12René Tann (BlackTusk RacingTeam)0:17:41
13Matthias Pfrommer (Team Haico-Racing)0:18:01
14Uwe Hardter (RSV Bike-Arge St. Märgen)0:18:13
15Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:19:35
16Daniel Aspacher (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:19:52
17Max Friedrich (Ergon 24h Racing Team)0:21:12
18Balz Weber (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:22:33
19Julien Taramarcaz (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:22:34
20Daniel Federspiel (Silmax Cannondale Racing Team)0:23:22
21Andreas Kleiber (Team Rothaus Poison-Bikes / Hochschwarzwald)0:24:04
22Geoffry Maes (MTB Rudi Bike Inn Herentals-België)0:26:09
23Micha Van Den Eynde (Team Bike Inn)0:27:51
24Sascha Heinke (Team Firebike-Drössiger)0:30:19
25Matthias Gärtner (Team WFG Zollernalb)0:31:47
26Marcel Reiser (Sparkasse Zollernalb / BlackTusk Racing)0:33:18
27Yves Corminboeuf (BMC Mountainbike Racing Team)0:35:19
28Ken Van Den Bulke (MTB Team Langdorp)0:38:37
29Gody Jacobs (Trust mtb team vzw)0:39:19
30Lukas Höllrigl (Bike and Run Imst)0:41:26
31Ulrich Rottler (Uli Rottlers Team Pedal)0:42:10
32Ben Kindermans (Trust mtb team vzw)0:43:16
33Stephan Schiele (Team VOBA RSV 06 Nattheim)0:45:50
34Fabian Eppler (moooove RacingTeam)0:52:05
35André Ohndorf (Team Best-Bike-Parts/Progress)0:52:19
36Bram Saeys (Smart Cycling (Belgium))0:52:26
37Kurt Tempst (mtb rudi-bike inn)0:52:37
38Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Team)0:52:44
39Jurgen Vanden Bon (lingier evenza beachbikers vzw)0:54:15
40David Osaer (Versluys Evenza Beachbikers Team)0:56:07
41Benjamin Merkel (RMSV Langenbrand)0:56:55
42Sönke Wegner (BQ Cycling Team)0:57:19
43Roland Kienzler (Team Pedal)0:57:39
44David Schädler (RSV Volkertshausen)0:58:51
45Günter Reitz (Team Firebike Drössiger)1:01:01
46Christoph Cords (
47Christoph Lander (RSV Geislingen)1:03:23
48Kai Bodmer (TREK domatec)1:04:21
49Dietmar Viesel (Team WFG Zollernalb)1:05:09
50Wouter Declercq (Trust mtb team vzw)1:05:48
51Peter Paelinck (
52Pierre Meilick (Team Gonso-Rawoflex/RSG Zollern-Alb)1:12:23
53Patrik Cura (RSV Geislingen)1:18:12
54Michael Kreiß (Kona Rothaus GER / Bike Ranch Team)1:24:00
55Rudi Geentjens1:24:22
56Florian Mindel (TSV Schmiden / activity-racing-team)1:24:57
57Wim Tollenaere (Team De Fietser - Opwijk)1:25:16
58Thomas Jäger (Univega Pro Cycling Team)1:39:03
59Eric Danner (RV Edelweiss Roschbach)1:39:58
60Frank Stanger (Hepco Becker Factory Team)1:44:46
61Daniel Sauter (Gonso-Rawoflex-Team / RSG Zollern-Alb)1:46:44
62Wolfgang Haug (NARR Isoliersysteme GmbH)1:46:50
63Arman Yigitkurt (RSV Geislingen)1:51:16
64Marc Sanwald (TSV Schmiden / activity-racing-team)1:56:13
65Dieter Schulzki (CSV-MTB-Team)1:59:34
66Pierre Seibertz (Team Sebamed)2:05:11
67Frank Bornheim (Team Sebamed)2:32:54
68Frank-Uwe Gastall (Team Sebamed)2:33:03
69Ralf Horstmann (RSG Delbrück)2:44:15
70Jürgen Schulz (SF Lauffen)2:53:40
71Kurt Werheit (Team Sebamed)3:33:16

Women final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ann-Katrin Hellstern (BQ-Cycling-Team / RIG Freiburg)8:35:08
2Gabi Stanger (Team Centurion)0:11:24
3Ivonne Kraft (Team Nutrixxion)0:28:48
4Katharina Alberti (Best-Bike-Parts)0:46:26
5Silke Keinath (Team Nutrixxion)1:00:53
6Sonja Brodbeck (CSV-MTB-Team)1:13:07
7Steffi Meizer (RSV Ebringen / Team Rothaus Vita Classica)1:15:30
8Gaby Eulitz (RSC Ingolstadt)2:15:56

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