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Fumic and Lechner win Sunshine Race

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Manuel Fumic (Cannondale) on his way to winning the Marlene Sunshine Race

Manuel Fumic (Cannondale) on his way to winning the Marlene Sunshine Race (Image credit: Marlene Sunshine Race)
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Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike) on her way to fourth place in Nals, Italy.

Sabine Spitz (Sabine Spitz Haibike) on her way to fourth place in Nals, Italy. (Image credit: Ralf Schäuble)
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Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) on her way to winning the Marlene Sunshine Race

Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) on her way to winning the Marlene Sunshine Race (Image credit: Marlene Sunshine Race)
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The elite men's podium was topped by Manuel Fumic (Cannondale)

The elite men's podium was topped by Manuel Fumic (Cannondale) (Image credit: Marlene Sunshine Race)
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The elite women's podium was topped by Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol)

The elite women's podium was topped by Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) (Image credit: Marlene Sunshine Race)

Manuel Fumic (Cannondale) and Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) won the 13th annual Marlene South Tyrol Sunshine Race in Nals, Italy on Sunday. German cross country national champion Fumic triumphed on a beautiful spring day ahead of his teammate Anton Cooper - a U23 rider - and Miguel Martinez. Local favorite Lechner asserted herself to win the women's race for a record fourth time. The Italian cross country national champion Lechner beat Blaza Klemencic and Elisabeth Osl . Lechner's victory put her in the race's record books ahead of Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa, who had won the race three times.

"It is a hard race. I finally captured gold after my fourth place last year and the mishap two years ago," said Fumic. "I am very pleased. I am in great shape and was able to ride in my own tempo keeping my own rhythm. That allowed me to stay consistent throughout the race. A victory at the beginning of the season always boost one’s self confidence."

Lechner said, "I am very happy. The spectators definitely provided a boost to my energy levels. I love riding here in Nals. There were a few junior racers ahead of us in the first three laps, which was a bit distracting. I wasn't able to ride the way I intended in my first downhill. I knew Blaza is very strong, which is why I wanted to be strong right from the start. But I really pushed hard in the short, steep uphills and that was the key. I had no problems in the downhills."

The women raced 26.6km while the men covered 36.6km. 750 registered riders participated in the Internazionali d'Italia round.


In the men's race, Fumic finished in 1:38:10, winning by 43 seconds over 18-year-old U23 rider Cooper. Frenchman Martinez, who has only recently re-entered the racing world, crossed the line in third overall at 1:49.

Fumic turned up the heat on the second lap, leaving behind his then fiercest competitor Luca Braidot from Italy. Riding in third place, Gerhard Kerschbaumer crashed and broke his saddle. He ended up up placing 12th.

Fumic continued to widen his lead, leaving Braidot, Cooper, Skarnitzl and Martinez to fight for their rankings. Cooper closed the gap to Braidot and overtook him on lap four while Martinez managed to move to third place on lap six.

U23 race winner Cooper said, "I had a great start and kept my speed. My ranking improved with every lap. Coming to Europe from New Zealand only one and a half weeks ago, I had to get adjusted to the new time zone. I was hoping for a place on the podium but did not think I could win silver."

Martinez said, "It was a great and hard race, and I am thrilled with my outstanding result. I suffered in the first few laps but then decided to have fun. I was finally able to really push the pedals, ride intelligently and at the right speed thus reaching the finish with still some energy left. Despite my age, I still feel young. I recently started a new career. I was able to reach the top 15 and my objective is to continue to perform."

U23 local Kerschbaumer said, "I am content despite my mishap because I am in good shape and feel good."


Lechner, 27 added a win in 2013 to her previous successes in 2009, 2010 and 2012. She distanced herself off the front alone to take the win by 32 seconds over Slovenian champion Blaza Klemencic, 33. Lechner crossed the line in a time of 1:28:19. 2010 World Cup champion Elisabeth Osl was third at 1:44. Beijing Olympic champion Sabine Spitz placed fourth at 3:07.

Lechner was closely behind Osl after the opening loop but managed to take the lead shortly thereafter and maintain it throughout the remainder of the race. Lechner decided to attack in the second lap to distance herself from Klemencic, particularly in the downhill. This allowed her to extend her lead, which grew to 50 meters at its biggest point.

The Italian's lead dropped to 14 seconds at the end of lap 3 while Klemencic stuck to her guns and made up some time.

Alexandra Dawidowicz from Poland and Jakelina Alvarez from Argentina placed fifth and sixth, respectively.

"Eva was very clever and thoughtful about her competitors' strategies," said Race Director of the Italian Federation and former world champion Hubert Pallhuber. "It wasn't easy to keep Blaza Klemencic under control."

Klemencic said, "This was a hard race. I tried to stay close to Eva on the uphills and even managed to do so in a few instances. But she took off when it got very steep and certainly also in the downhills, where she is always strong. I am pleased with my second place, even if I do want to win here in Nals at some point. My aim is to continue to place among the top 10, trying hard to reach the podium."

Osl said, "Anyone who knows me is aware that I am never very strong at the beginning of the season. My third place showed that I'm trending up. I want to regularly place in the top 10 and maybe add to my great results from 2009-10. My shape is definitely getting better. But I am thrilled for Eva because I know how it feels to win at home."

Spitz said, "It was a hard, but beautiful race. I suffered from the constant change in rhythm and the altitude profile peppered with difficult sections. In general, I am pleased with my fourth place as I raced against true specialists who are strong in the uphills. I am also pleased as I am in ever better shape and that is great for the upcoming World Cup season. South Tyrol is great, the people very nice and I hope to be able to return."

Italy leads the nations ranking

Athletes from 10 different countries featured in the nations ranking. Italy led with 11 victories. Six of these victories are in the women's races, five in the men's. Norway was next with three victories ahead of Germany, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland with two each.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Fumic (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing1:38:10
2Miguel Martinez (Fra) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD0:01:49
3Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Sram Rubena Trek0:02:53
4Martin Gujan (Swi) TXActive Bianchi
5Karl Markt (Aut) Otzal Scott Racing Team
6Martin Loo (Est) Hard Rock Merida ASD
7Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez (Spa) Elettroveneta - Corratec
8Simon Scheiber (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team
9Andrea Tiberi (Ita) Controltech Nevi ASD
10Christoph Soukup (Aut) Hitec Team
11Johannes Schweiggl (Ita) Silmax Cannondale R.Team ASD
12Franz Hofer (Ita) G.S. Scott Racing Team ASD
13Geoffroy Plantet (Fra) Equipe Velo Oberland
14Martino Fruet (Ita) Carraro Team Trentino
15Yader Zoli (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion
16Cristian Cominelli (Ita) Progress Cycles ASD
17Mirko Tabacchi (Ita) GS Forestale ASD
18Luca Ronchi (Ita) Progress Cycles ASD
19Luca Damiani (Ita) Trek Stihl Torrevilla Mtb ASD
20Mirko Pirazzoli (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD
21Sintsov Anton (Rus) Titici Lgl Pro Team
22Fabian Rabensteiner (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
23Giuseppe Lamastra (Ita) Carraro Team Trentino
-1lapAlexander Gehbauer (Aut) TXActive Bianchi
-1lapAlessandro Gambino (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD
-1lapFabio Ursi (Ita) ASD Canossa Merida
-1lapCarlo Corti Umberto (Ita) Controltech Nevi ASD
-1lapGiacomo Antonello (Ita) Progress Cycles ASD
-2lapsRiccardo Panizza (Ita) Team Martina ASD
-2lapsMatthias Grick (Aut) Rad.Sport.Szene Ausseerland
-2lapsAndrea Dei Tos (Ita) ASD G.S. Cicli Olympia
-2lapsManfred Zöger (Aut) Picher Racing Team
-2lapsGiulio Valfrè (Ita) La Bicicletteria Racing Team
-2lapsMirko Tessaro (Ita) ASD Bike Tribe Mtb Team
-3lapsDavid Van Orsdel (USA) ACD Evolution Team
-3lapsDavide Ciocca (Ita) Team Wilier
-3lapsSimone Ferrero (Ita) Team Wilier
-4lapsRoberto Barone (Ita) La Bicicletteria Racing Team
-4lapsPetr Koudelka (Cze) Kona Cycling Point
-4lapsLuca Tessaro (Ita) ASD Bike Tribe Mtb Team

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eva Lechner (Ita) Team Colnago Arreghini1:28:19
2Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Geiger Medius Bike Base0:00:32
3Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Ghost Factory Racing0:01:45
4Sabine Spitz (Ger) Sabine-Spitz Haibike Pro Team0:03:08
5Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Pol) Bi&Esse Carrera0:05:18
6Jackelina Alvarez (Arg) Team Shimano Latin America
7Serena Calvetti (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion ASD
8Daniela Veronesi (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion ASD
9Nathalie Schneitter (Swi) Columbia
10Anna Oberparleiter (Ita) Carraro Team Trentino
11Judith Pollinger (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asvnals-Sekt.Rad

U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anton Cooper (NZl) Cannondale Factory Racing1:38:53
2Luca Braidot (Ita) GS Forestale ASD0:02:34
3Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Ita) TXActive Bianchi
4Nicholas Pettina' (Ita) GS Forestale ASD
5Andrea Righettini (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
6Gregor Raggl (Aut) Ötztal Scott Racing Team
7Denny Lupato (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD
8Edoardo Bonetto (Ita) Team Wilier
9Lorenzo Samparisi (Ita) ASD Canossa Merida
10Beltain Schmid (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
11Tommaso Caneva (Ita) Controltech Nevi ASD
-1lapStefano Valdrighi (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
-1lapAlberto Rossi (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion ASD
-2lapsDenis Fumarola (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD
-2lapsTheo Portal (Fra) Amsl Vtt Levens
-2lapsMichael Mayer (Aut) Team Inn-Bike Arbö
-2lapsNicolo' Ferrazzo (Ita) Pedali Di Marca Team Performance
-2lapsJacopo Billi (Ita) Silmax Cannondale R.Team ASD
-2lapsMatteo Olivotto (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asvnals-Sekt.Rad
-2lapsAndrea Cina (Ita) ASD Racing Mtbike Team
-2lapsPhilipp Wetzelberger (Aut) Rc Friedberg-Pinggau
-2lapsMattia Setti (Ita) ASD Canossa Merida
-2lapsFabian Costa (Aut) Hai Power Bike Team Haiming
-2lapsMarkus Preiss (Aut) Rc Scott Asvö Volksbank Birkfeld
-2lapsAlessandro Repetti (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
-2lapsMarco De Col (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion ASD
-2lapsMichael Oberrauch (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asvnals-Sekt.Rad
-3lapsDavide Simone Ferrero (Ita) Centurion Vaude Italia
-3lapsDavide Clerici (Ita) ASD Team Cicloteca Camel Draghi
-3lapsStefano Braidot (Ita) ASD Uci Caprivesi
-4lapsLukas Kaufmann (Aut) Team Muskelkater Genesis
-4lapsThomas Forer (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asvnals-Sekt.Rad
-4lapsRoland Gantner (Aut) Union Rc Lassnitzhöhe
-4lapsDavide Nardei (Ita) Rcp - Stevens
-4lapsLeonardo Di Pierdomenico (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
-4lapsDaniele Luchini (Ita) ASD Il Giovo Team Coreglia
-4lapsFrancesco Mellozzi (Ita) Scott Rc New Limits
-4lapsEmanuele Crisi (Ita) ASD Bike Center Pro Team Mtb
-4lapsMarco Pretolani (Ita) Surfing Shop Sport Promotion ASD
-4lapsJohannes Ernst (Aut) Wsa Greenteam Kaindorf
-4lapsMilan Damek (Cze) Caffenannini.Cz Cycling Mtb Team
-4lapsPhilipp Heigl (Aut) Sportunion Mtb-Team
-4lapsLuca Bertelli (Ita) Centurion Vaude Italia
-4lapsRiccardo Donati (Ita) Scott Rc New Limits
-4lapsAlessio Forgnoli (Ita) ASD Team Cicloteca Camel Draghi
-5lapsSimon Plakolb (Aut) Union Rc Lassnitzhöhe
DNFDaniele Braidot (Ita) GS Forestale ASD
DNFSimone Piccoli (Ita) ASD Bike Tribe Mtb Team
DNFChristoph Mick (Aut) Ktm Donau Fritzi Racing
DNFMartino Crippa (Ita) ASD Elba Bike
DNFMichael Pesse (Ita) G.S. Cicli Lucchini, ASD

U23 women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Andrea Waldis (Swi) Columbia
2Lisa Rabensteiner (Ita) Team Colnago Arreghini
3Karla Stepanova (Cze) Kona Cycling Point
4Giulia Gaspardino (Ita) Titici Lgl Pro Team
5Marta Pastore (Ita) G.S. Promo-Bike Frm ASD
6Alessia Bulleri (Ita) GS Forestale ASD
7Julia Innerhofer (Ita) Team Colnago Arreghini
8Jessica Pellizzaro (Ita) ASD Four Es
9Cindy Casadei (Ita) ASD Racing Mtbike Team
10Tina Kindlhofer (Aut) Team Inn-Bike Arbö
11Zuzana Pirzkallova (Cze) Kona Cycling Point
12Arianna Cusini (Ita) Trek Stihl Torrevilla Mtb ASD
13Viktoria Zeller (Aut) Rc Arbö Askö Naturfreunde A E

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gioele Bertolini (Ita) Controltech Nevi ASD1:17:42
2Federico Barri (Ita) TXActive Bianchi0:00:33
3Massimo Rosa (Ita) Stacplastic Gt0:02:15
4Alessandro Saravalle (Ita) G.S. Cicli Lucchini, ASD0:02:45
5Moreno Pellizzon (Ita) ASD Uci Caprivesi0:03:12
6Max Foidl (Aut) Team Muskelkater Genesis
7Felix Ritzinger (Aut) Sportunion Mtb-Team
8Nadir Colledani (Ita) B:Team-Omnia Energy
9Michael Spoegler (Ita) Asc Sarntal Raiff/Rad
10Alessandro Naspi (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
11Gregor Krajnc (Slo) Geiger Medius Bike Base
12Jodok Salzmann (Aut) Mtb Team Hohenems
13Peter Zupancic (Slo) Geiger Medius Bike Base
14Paul Oberrauch (Ita) Sunshine Racers Asvnals-Sekt.Rad
15Andrea Dori (Ita) Dynamic Bike Team Asv
16Luca Gandola (Ita) ASD - Alpin Bike Edilbi Team
17Lorenzo Dal Piva (Ita) Rcp - Stevens
18Lorenzo Foletto (Ita) G.S. Cicli Lucchini, ASD
19Markus Kopfauf (Aut) Union Rc Lassnitzhöhe
20Nicola Crescini (Ita) Team Manuel Bike ASD
21Nehuen Truc (Ita) G.S. Cicli Lucchini, ASD
22Marco Ticco' (Ita) Conegliano Bike Team ASD
23Marco Pozzo (Ita) Team Wilier
24Andrea Enrico Maccagli (SMr) Federazione Sammarinese Ciclismo
25Gregorio Cerutti (Ita) Canavese Mtb ASD
26Luca Tartaglia (Ita) Fm Bike Factory Team A.S.D.
27Rob Vanden Haesevelde (Bel) Dare2B Waasland Mtb Team
28Daniele Koetting (Ita) Lgl Titici Project
29Francesco Terribile (Ita) Team Wilier
30Alessandro Zoppelli (Ita) ASD Bike Tribe Mtb Team
31Alberto Pignati (Ita) ASD Superbike Team
32Nicolo' Zoppas (Ita) Conegliano Bike Team ASD
33Florian Gruber (Aut) Team Muskelkater Genesis
34Gabriele Calabretto (Ita) Pedali Di Marca Team Performance
35Michele Cucchi (Ita) ASD - Alpin Bike Edilbi Team
36Alberto Topazio (Ita) Team Wilier
37Roman Gufler (Ita) Asvkortsch Raiffeisen-Sekt.Rad
38Stefano Bollardini (Ita) Melavi' Tirano Bike ASD
39Simone Biondani (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
40Elia Mazzurega (Ita) Team Todesco
41Matteo Tagliarolo (Ita) Canavese Mtb ASD
42Juri Cerqui (Ita) Team Manuel Bike ASD
43Philip Handl (Aut) Hai Power Bike Team Haiming
44Michele Mazzieri (Ita) ASD Superbike Team
45Guglielmo Pighi (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
46Eros Capati (Ita) ASD Bike Center Pro Team Mtb
47Nicolo' Vacchina (Ita) Lgl Titici Project
48Marco Sosio (Ita) Sc Livigno ASD Settore Mtb
49Moritz Zoister (Aut) Rcn Rochelt Niederneukirchen
50Fabio Cipriano (Ita) Silmax Cannondale R.Team ASD
51Dominik Lageder (Ita) Orangerteufel Team
52Alessandro Roux (Ita) ASD Racing Mtbike Team
53Moritz Bscherer (Aut) Rc Radsportland.At
54Tiziano Cicuzza (Ita) Scott Rc New Limits
55Massimo Sartori (Ita) ASD Pedale Ronchese
56Matteo Berta (Ita) ASD Vc Courmayeur Mont Blanc
-1lapSimone Tarchini (Ita) Lgl Titici Project
-1lapOmar Garbolino (Ita) ASD V. C. Courmayeur Mont Blanc
-1lapSimone Rasera (Ita) ASD S.C. Dopla Treviso
-1lapArno Kompatscher (Ita) Asc Tiroler Radler Bozen
-1lapNicola Pizzigoni (Ita) Scuola Mtb San Paolo D'argon ASD
-1lapRiccardo Ferrari (Ita) New Motor Bike
-1lapArmin Gamper (Ita) Sportclub Meran Asv
-1lapMarco Carozzo (Ita) Centurion Vaude Italia
-1lapNicolas Pommer (Aut) Tsv Bike Total Hartberg
-2lapsAntonio Fusco (Ita) ASD Team Cicloteca Camel Draghi
-2lapsDario Benassi (Ita) Pol. Vallerbike Avis Montaione ASD
-2lapsJuliian Costa (Aut) Hai Power Bike Team Haiming
-2lapsPatrick Senini (Ita) Melavi' Tirano Bike ASD
-2lapsLucas Negro (Ita) Lgl Titici Project
-2lapsMoritz Giuliani (Ita) Dynamic Bike Team Asv
-2lapsEnrico Bressan (Ita) Conegliano Bike Team ASD
-2lapsAndrea Roccon (Ita) ASD Mtb Club La Perla Verde
-3lapsTommaso Patrucco (Ita) Team Wilier
-3lapsDaniel Rosenkranz (Aut) Urc Lassnitzhöhe
-3lapsMattia Chesi (Ita) Pol. Vallerbike Avis Montaione ASD
-3lapsFederico Bergonzini (Ita) New Motor Bike
-3lapsAlex Bauer (Ita) Asvrodes Gherdeina
-4lapsMirco Cioni (Ita) Pol. Vallerbike Avis Montaione ASD
-4lapsCarlo Noia (SMr) Federazione Sammarinese Ciclismo
-4lapsGianluca Cucchi (Ita) New Motor Bike
-4lapsPatrick Seber (Ita) Asvbike Club Egna/Neumarkt
-4lapsAlberto Dell'amico (Ita) ASD V. C. Courmayeur Mont Blanc
DNFCristian Boffelli (Ita) TXActive Bianchi
DNFDavid Aberer (Aut) Mtb Team Hohenems
DNFDavide Pinato (Ita) Team Wilier
DNFDaniel Tassetti (Ita) Team Todesco Green As
DNFMatteo Antognoli (Ita) Sc Livigno ASD Settore Mtb
DNFDavid Lang (Ita) Orangerteufel Team
DNFErnesto Mario Frigerio (Ita) ASD Canossa Merida
DNFStefano Loscalzo (Ita) Bb Sport Promotion ASD
DNFSimone Vecchia (Ita) Team Manuel Bike ASD
DNFThomas Felice (Ita) ASD Pedale Ronchese
DNFDominik Gamperl (Aut) Su Edlitz-Thomasberg-Grimm.
DNFLorenzo Sarati (Ita) New Motor Bike
DNFKevin Filipozzi (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
DNFMatteo Pozzo (Ita) Team Nissan Boc Marzocchi
DNFDavide Baffioni (Ita) New Motor Bike

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greta Weithaler (Ita) A.S.V Ötzi Bike Team1:19:32
2Nadja Heigl (Aut) Sportunion Mtb-Team0:02:09
3Emilie Collomb (Ita) Bi&Esse Carrera0:02:41
4Serena Tasca (Ita) Fm Bike Factory Team A.S.D.0:04:07
5Chiara Teocchi (Ita) TXActive Bianchi0:05:33
6Elena Torcianti (Ita) ASD Superbike Team
7Luca Hautz (Aut) Team Muskelkater Genesis
8Jenny Fontana (Ita) ACD Evolution Team
9Denise Meraner (Ita) Dynamic Bike Team Asv
10Franziska Niederacher (Aut) Team Protek
11Greta Bruguier (Ita) Pol. Vallerbike Avis Montaione ASD
12Franziska Tanner (Ita) Asvbike Club Egna/Neumarkt
13Julia Wieltschnig (Aut) Asvö Öamtc Sc Hermagor
-1lapSerena Corona (Ita) ASD Team Cicloteca Camel Draghi
-1lapMichela Mariani (Ita) Mtb Increa Brugherio ASD
-1lapFosca Vezzulli (Ita) Hard Rock Merida ASD
-1lapNicole Venturini (Ita) Fm Bike Factory Team A.S.D.


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