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Greipel sprints to German national title

Andre Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) wins the German title for the third time

Andre Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) wins the German title for the third time (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Andre Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) won the battle of the sprinters in the German national road race in Erfurt, claiming his third national title. Max Walscheid (Giant-Alpecin) was second and Marcel Kittel (Etixx-QuickStep) third.

The flat course in and around Erfurt was an obvious invitation for a bunch sprint finish. 200 riders took to the start, although both Greipel and Kittel had only one helper each – Marcel Sieberg for Greipel, and Tony Martin for Kittel.

Martin went to work early, leading the race and pushing a very high tempo, to decimate the field as far as possible. It wasn’t until the sixth of 11 laps of the circuit course that a group got away. But with Greipel and Martin in that group, the rest of the field couldn’t let it go and caught them again. No further attacks were successful, and a large group came to the finish.

Greipel stayed with Sieberg, who went into the wind early, and then looked for Kittel’s rear wheel. "John Degenkolb opened the sprint about 400 meters before the finish line and I was on his wheel and then I sprinted for it too," the winner said.

The second place would have been quite an accomplishment for Walscheid under any circumstances, but this silver medal is a special one. He was one of six Giant-Alpecin riders to have been seriously injured in training camp accident in January. Suffering a broken hand and tibia, he was the last of the group to return to training and this was only his fourth race of the year.

"For a few months after the accident I was not sure if I could ride a bike in the race, so this is a good day," he said.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1André Greipel (Ger) Lotto Soudal4:32:49
2Max Walscheid (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin
3Marcel Kittel (Ger) Etixx - Quick-Step
4Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team
5Gerald Ciolek (Ger) Stölting Service Group
6Konrad Geßner (Ger)
7Willi Willwohl (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
8Alexander Krieger (Ger) Leopard Pro Cycling
9Florian Tenbruck (Ger)
10Marco Mathis (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team
11Aaron Grosser (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
12Jonas Koch (Ger) Verva ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team
13Jannik Steimle (Ger) Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels
14John Degenkolb (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin
15Patrick Lechner (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
16Florian Bissinger (Ger) WSA - Greenlife
17Hermann Keller (Ger)
18John Mandrysch (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
19Nikodemus Holler (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
20Robert Muller (Ger) Team Heizomat
21Nathan Müller (Ger) Team Heizomat
22Nico Brenner (Ger)
23Joshua Huppertz (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
24Rudiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Argon 18
25Florian Obersteiner (Ger)
26Jasha Sütterlin (Ger) Movistar Team
27Nico Denz (Ger) AG2R La Mondiale
28Timon Loderer (Ger)
29Fabian Wegmann (Ger) Stölting Service Group
30Stefan Schneider (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
31Joschka Beck (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
32Erik Kohler (Ger)
33Jakob Heni (Ger)
34Moritz Malcharek (Ger)
35Marek Bosniatzki (Ger)
36Christoph Schweizer (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
37Christopher Heider (Ger)
38Luca Niederlag (Ger)
39Fabian Schormair (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
40Fabian Fritz (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
41Silvio Herklotz (Ger) Bora-Argon 18
42Lukas Löer (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
43Victor Brück (Ger)
44Pascal Treubel (Ger) Team Heizomat
45Dario Rapps (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
46Georg Loef (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
47Manuel Porzner (Ger) Team Vorarlberg0:00:12
48Jonas Tenbruck (Ger)
49Moritz Fußnegger (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
50Christian Koch (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
51Paul Voss (Ger) Bora-Argon 18
52Daniel Bichlmann (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
53Matthias Schnapka (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
54Felix Intra (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
55Marvin Kötting (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
56Andreas Schreier (Ger)
57Simon Laib (Ger)0:00:16
58Gabriel Ossyra (Ger)0:00:18
59Johannes Fröhlinger (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin0:00:19
60Max Kanter (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
61Marcel Sieberg (Ger) Lotto Soudal
62Sandro Kuhmel (Ger)
63Robert Wagner (Ger) Team LottoNl-Jumbo0:00:23
64Patrick Haller (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team0:00:25
65Laurin Winter (Ger) Team Heizomat
66Mario Vogt (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team
67Thomas Lienert (Ger)
68Sven Reutter (Ger) Stölting Service Group
69Lennard Kämna (Ger) Stölting Service Group
70Luca Henn (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
71Martin Salmon (Ger)
72Marcel Meisen (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
73Martin Gluth (Ger)
74Andreas Schillinger (Ger) Bora-Argon 180:00:29
75Raffael Freienstein (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto0:00:31
76Johannes Heider (Ger)0:00:33
77Nils Politt (Ger) Team Katusha0:00:35
78Sebastian Wotschke (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg0:00:38
79Patrick Gretsch (Ger) AG2R La Mondiale
80Grischa Janorschke (Ger) Team Roth
81Max Wörner (Ger)
82Ruben Zepuntke (Ger) Cannondale Pro Cycling
83Lucas Carstensen (Ger)
84Carl Soballa (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
85Jonas Härtig (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
86Johannes Schinnagel (Ger) Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels
87Frederik Dombrowski (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
88Jasper Frahm (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
89Leon R. Rohde (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
90Marcus Burghardt (Ger) BMC Racing Team0:00:48
91Alexander Weifenbach (Ger)0:00:58
92Thomas Koep (Ger) Stölting Service Group
93Jonathan Dinkler (Ger)
94Louis Leinau (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
95Stefan Gaebel (Ger)
96Fabian Danner (Ger)
97Jonas Tenbrock (Ger) Stölting Service Group
98Phil Bauhaus (Ger) Bora-Argon 18
99Toni Franz (Ger)
100Julian Schulze (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
101Lukas Meiler (Ger) Team Vorarlberg
102Maximilian Beyer (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team
103Dorian Lübbers (Ger) Team Heizomat
104Jonas Rapp (Ger) Team Heizomat
105Tobias Knaup (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
106Daniel Westmattelmann (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
107Robert Retschke (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
108Sébastian Baldauf (Ger) Hrinkow Advarica Cycleangteam
109Simon Geschke (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin
110Robert Kessler (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
111Aaron Krauss (Ger) Team Heizomat0:01:21
112Moritz Backofen (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
113Lars Bartlau (Ger)0:01:28
114Yannick Mayer (Ger) Veranclassic-Ago0:01:34
115Nikias Arndt (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin
116Emanuel Buchmann (Ger) Bora-Argon 180:01:46
117Bjorn Thurau (Ger) Wanty - Groupe Gobert0:01:51
118Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Stölting Service Group
119Raven Lübbers (Ger)0:01:55
120Victor Müller (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
121Christian Mager (Ger) Stölting Service Group0:02:06
122Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Argon 180:02:10
123Yannik Stehlin (Ger)0:03:06
124Tony Martin (Ger) Etixx - Quick-Step0:03:16
125Maximilian Schachmann (Ger) Klein Constantia
126Tobias Magdeburg (Ger)0:03:27
127Malte Jürß (Ger)
128Alexander Meier (Ger) Hrinkow Advarica Cycleangteam0:04:31
129Jan Brockhoff (Ger) Leopard Pro Cycling0:05:12
130Sascha Damrow (Ger)0:06:34
131Jan Tschernoster (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team0:07:54
132Florian Stork (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners0:09:52
133Philipp Sohn (Ger)
134Yannic Maus (Ger)
135Martin Bauer (Ger)0:09:53
DNFChristoph Pfingsten (Ger) Bora-Argon 18
DNFArnold Fiek (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
DNFKai Kautz (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
DNFFlorian Nowak (Ger) Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling
DNFAndy Beran (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
DNFLeon Berger (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
DNFMarcel Franz (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
DNFFranz Schiewer (Ger) LKT Team Brandenburg
DNFLucas Liß (Ger) Rad-Net Rose Team
DNFTimo Schäfer (Ger) Stradalli - Bike Aid
DNFSimon Redmers (Ger) Team Heizomat
DNFPhilipp Zwingenberger (Ger) Team Heizomat
DNFJulian Braun (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
DNFFelix Drumm (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
DNFChristopher Hatz (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
DNFRichard Weinzheimer (Ger) Team Kuota-Lotto
DNFJulius Domnick (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
DNFJoann Leinau (Ger) Team Sauerland Nrw p/b Henley & Partners
DNFAndre Fonseca (Ger)
DNFMarcel Fischer (Ger)
DNFPascal Husterer (Ger)
DNFChristoph Hench (Ger)
DNFLukas Von Coelln (Ger)
DNFMarcel Weber (Ger)
DNFMarco Barke (Ger)
DNFRaphael Bertschinger (Ger)
DNFLorenz Tegl (Ger)
DNFErik Schubert (Ger)
DNFRick Ampler (Ger)
DNFFlorian Gindhart (Ger)
DNFRobert Jägeler (Ger)
DNFTim Becker (Ger)
DNFBenedikt Becker (Ger)
DNFBastian Becker (Ger)
DNFLeon Echtermann (Ger)
DNFMoritz Horn (Ger)
DNFPhilipp Küllmer (Ger)
DNFTobias Ohlenschläger (Ger)
DNFFrederik Hähnel (Ger)
DNFFlorian Kretschy (Ger)
DNFTim Reske (Ger)
DNFLukas Steidten (Ger)
DNFMatthias Wiele (Ger)
DNFDominik Bauer (Ger)
DNFLuke Derksen (Ger)
DNFMarcel Peschges (Ger)
DNFJeski Vietense (Ger)
DNFGero Walbrül (Ger)
DNFSven Forberger (Ger)
DNFChristian Karl (Ger)
DNFPatrick Nagler (Ger)
DNFJonathan Plag (Ger)
DNFJonas Wehrmann (Ger)
DNFHenrik Hamm (Ger)
DNFMax Valtey (Ger)
DNFArne Burkhardt (Ger)
DNFMatthias Deuble (Ger)
DNFJohannes Ringwald (Ger)
DNFSimon Schwitzer (Ger)
DNFDavid Treffeisen (Ger)
DNFLuka Zetzsche (Ger)
DNFPeter Förster (Ger)
DNFHendrik Eggers (Ger)
DNFOliver Romahn (Ger)

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