Huff maintains overall lead as Jelly Belly sweeps Gateway Cup

Heading into the final day of the 21st THF Realty Gateway Cup, the skies cleared for a technical ten-corner course to close out the annual series of Labor Day criteriums in St. Louis, Missouri.

The men's race at the Benton Park Classic was an explosive affair as the field launched break after break to shatter the group on the most demanding course of the weekend. As the riders rolled off from the start line, the aggression began almost instantly with Jelly Belly sending riders on a full assault on the field. Their bombastic riding drew fifteen riders clear to shape the first third of the race as Kenda and Cole House of Competitive Cyclist chased from behind. Once the initial break was reigned in, Jelly Belly continued the hostilities by sending Sean Mazich off, taking five other riders with him including Pat Lemieux of Kenda, Brian Jensen of Tradewind and Australian transplant Nick Chevalley of Gateway Harley Davidson. The break, which also included Robert White of RACC p/b Geargrinder and Colton Jarisch of Mercy, worked cohesively to pry over a minute from the field before Chris Kriek bridged the gap to bring the group to seven and lend a hand to team mate Mazich. Behind, the field exploded with repeated counter attacks, each featuring an attentive Jelly Belly rider. Overall leader Brad Huff stayed calm in the field while his team mates ran damage control, keeping a close eye on his only overall challenger Isaac Howe of Kenda 5 Hour Energy p/b Geargrinder. As the finish approached, Mazich distanced his breakaway companions to take an emphatic win over Robert White and teammate Chris Kriek. Brad Huff maintained the overall, with Mazich moving into second and the ever-consistent Howe rounding out the omnium in third.

As aggressive as the men's race was, the women's race seemed equally subdued. Despite being served a tactical and challenging course, no riders seemed interested in breaking clear. Most surprising was the relative calm of the Vanderkitten-Focus team who, despite their strength in numbers and an attacking spirit, looked resigned to an inevitable sprint finish. With no breakaways to contend with, Laura van Gilder's Mellow Mushroom teammate, Kristen LaSasso, set a hard tempo for the first half of the race that discouraged any would be attackers. Heading into the final lap, Van Gilder moved to the front and made the sprint a formality, taking an emphatic win to sweep all four days of the Gateway Cup and cement the overall in the process. Second place went to fourteen-year-old phenom Skylar Schneider who follows in the footsteps of older sister Sam as one of the next big things in domestic women's cycling. Rounding out the podium, Kristen Meshberg of Spidermonkey cycling took the best result of her weekend. After four wins in four days, Van Gilder easily locked down the overall in front of Schneider and local hero Carrie Cash-Wooten (Pedal the Cause), who took the final step.

Full results

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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Racing)
2Skylar Schneider (Team TIBCO II)
3Kristen Meshberg (Spidermonkey Cycling)
4Maura Kinsella (Vanderkitten-Focus)
5Carrie Cash Wootten (Pedal The Cause)
6Diana Carolina Penuela Martinez (Colombia National Team)
7Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)
8Amy McGuire (FCS|ROUSE: p/b Mr. Restore)
9Britta Siegel
10Vera Divenyi (Naked Women's Racing p/b Tribella)
11Jannette Rho (Les Petites Victoires)
12Emilie Flanigan (Midwest Cycling Community STL)
13Christa Ghent (Natural Grocers Cycling Team)
14Hayley Giddens
15Catherine Walberg (Tulsa Wheelmen)
16Gwen Inglis (Team Kenda)
17Kathryne Carr (Paceline Projects pb Veloforma)
18Kristen LaSasso (Mellow Mushroom Racing)
19Jenette Williams (Jeff's Bike Shop)
20Whitney Schultz (Paceline Projects pb Veloforma)
21Jennifer (Jenner) Yaeso (Team Kenda Presented by Geargrinder)
22Sarah Rice (Spidermonkey Cycling)
23Lindsay Fox
24Marilyn Cullinane (Florida Velo)
25Leah Kleager (Midwest Cycling Community NE)
26Cady Chintis (Les Petites Victoires)
27Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten-Focus)
28Yesica Mendoza
29Ashley Rethemeyer (The Cannonball-Hub Racing Team)
DNFAmy Strahan (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)
DNSKyleanne Hunter (Naked Women's Racing p/b Tribella)
DNSElizabeth Wilborne (LeBorne Development)
DNSRachel Byus (FCS|ROUSE: p/b Mr. Restore)
DNSChristine Roettger (Pedal The Cause)
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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)
2Robert White (RACC pb GG)
3Chris Kriek (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)
4Colton Jarisch (Mercy Cycling Team)
5Patrick Lemieux (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)
6Brian Jensen (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)
7Nicholas Chevalley (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
8Ricardo Van der Velde (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)
9Daniel Eaton (gateway harley-davidson)
10Emerson Oronte (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)
11Cole House (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
12Zach Bergh (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling)
13Brian Kaker (LAPT CC)
14Devin Clark (The Cannonball-Hub Racing Team)
15Noah Kinney
16Dwayne Goscinski (Dogfish Racing Team)
17James VanDeven (Dogfish Racing Team)
18Brad Huff (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team)
19Colton Barrett (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)
20Zack Allison (Mercy Cycling Team)
21Isaac Howe (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)
22Maxwell Anderson (LAPT CC)
23Shadd Smith (Mercy Cycling Team)
24Jacob White (Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot)
25Michael (Casey) Saunders (Dogfish Racing Team)
26William Stolte (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)
27Brian Hill (Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable)
28John Thrasher (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)
29William Zellmer (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
30David Reyes (Bloomington Cycle Racing Team)
31Ryan Halloran (The Wheel Racing)
32Mark French (Quantum Mesa Cycles)
33Matt Pence (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
34Scott Ogilvie (Dogfish Racing Team)
35Ross White (Racers Against Childhood Cancer)
36Menso de Jong (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)
37Michael Smith
38Jonathon Schilling (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development)
39Eric Blankinship (Rhythm Racing)
40Brandon Feehery (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling)
41Jos Chalmers (ZMOTION Racing Team)
42Stephen Tilford
43Jeffrey Schroetlin (Dogfish Racing Team)
44Anthony Dust (Dogfish Racing Team)
45Clayton Chase (RACC pb GG)
46Isaiah Newkirk
47Lawrence Simonson (Walt's Bike Shop)
48John Straub (Hub Bicycle Company)
49Jeremy Bock (Dogfish Racing Team)
50Brian West (World of Bikes)
51Kent Woermann (Tradewind Energy)
52Christopher Curran (Sammy's Bike)
53Nicholas Ramirez (ENZO'S Cycling)
54Derek Cassaday (Bikes To You / World of Bikes)
55Alex Grman
56Martin Lang
57Austin Vinton (Mercy Cycling Team)
58Thomas Price (Mercy Cycling Team)
59Ryan Gabriel (Tulsa Wheelmen)
60Daniel Lam (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
61Andrew Buntz (Bikes To You / World of Bikes)
62Daniel Solomon (South Chicago Wheelmen)
63Antonio Valenti (RACC pb GG)
64Levi Baker (Fayetteville Wheelmen)
65Chad Briggs (Korte Hammer Down Racing)
66William Rekemeyer (Racers Against Childhood Cancer)
67John (Jack) Funk (GP Velotek)
68Josh Estes (Team Athlete Forward)
69Ben Beger (Momentum Racing)
70Michael Weiss (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)
71Patrick Collier (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team)
72Steven Robinson (Zealous Racing)
73Patrick Gribbon (Momentum Racing)
74Luis Galaviz (Team Athlete Forward)
75Mark Murawski (Gateway Cycling Club)
76Chris Creed (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
DNFCody Anderson (Momentum Racing)
DNFIan Baker (McDonalds Cycling Team)
DNFBrett Bohanan (Dogfish Racing Team)
DNFMatthew Brandt (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
DNFTodd Campbell (Epic Cycling Team)
DNFJoshua Carter (Dogfish Racing Team)
DNFJohnathan Freter (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF pb)
DNFDustin Greer
DNFNicholas Grigsby (Team WHAYNE)
DNFChad Hartley (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)
DNFJoshua Johnson (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team)
DNFDylan Jones (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNFJohn Marbarger (Green Street Cycling)
DNFJohnny Merli (Dogfish Racing Team)
DNFAdam Mills (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNFNicholas Coil (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNFJerome Rewerts (Zealous Racing)
DNFGregg Brandt (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)
DNFHenry Willis (The Fit Lab)
DNFBill Marshall (KCCX/Fuji)
DNFPeder Hulse (Green Street Cycling)
DNFlucas guyton (American Equity Racng Team)
DNFMaurice Hessel (Metro East Cycling)
DNFKeaton Hanson
DNFRyan Heydenrych (Walmart/Baugh Financial)
DNFRichard Breininger
DNFDaniel Williams (Korte Hammer Down Racing)
DNFIan Silovsky (Metro East Cycling)
DNFJohn Williams (Korte Hammer Down Racing)
DNFGary Dyer (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team)
DNSMichael Bruzina (Dogfish Racing Team)
DNSJake Buescher (xXx Racing)
DNSThomas Clark (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)
DNSTimothy Clark (Colavita Racing)
DNSKurt Fletcher (708 Racing p/b Dressel's Pub)
DNSPhillip Gaimon (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)
DNSChristopher Hulse
DNSBrice Jones (Snapple Cycling Team)
DNSJason Knight (Mercy Cycling Team)
DNSJoshua Leibowitz (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team)
DNSWeston Luzadder (Bissell Cycling)
DNSJustin Maciekowicz (Dogfish Racing Team)
DNSEduardo Nieuwenhuyzen (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)
DNSCameron Rex
DNSBenjamin Silk (Bicycles of Tulsa)
DNSAlex Wieseler (Bissell-ABG-NUVO)
DNSDavid Williams (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
DNSSean Metz (Sammy's Bike)
DNSZach Reed (Dogfish Racing Team)
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Elite women overall
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Racing)100pts
2Skylar Schneider (Team TIBCO II)51
3Carrie Cash Wootten (Pedal The Cause)50
4Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)48
5Amy McGuire (FCS|ROUSE: p/b Mr. Restore)42
6Diana Carolina Penuela Martinez (Colombia National Team)35
7Maura Kinsella (Vanderkitten-Focus)33
8Hayley Giddens31
9Christa Ghent (Natural Grocers Cycling Team)26
10Britta Siegel26
11Kathryne Carr (Paceline Projects pb Veloforma)25
12Gwen Inglis (Team Kenda)22
13Kristen Meshberg (Spidermonkey Cycling)16
14Sydney Hatten (Team Nebo Ridge)13
15Emilie Flanigan (Midwest Cycling Community STL)13
16Kristen LaSasso (Mellow Mushroom Racing)8
17Jannette Rho (Les Petites Victoires)8
18Vera Divenyi (Naked Women's Racing p/b Tribella)6
19Jennifer (Jenner) Yaeso (Team Kenda Presented by Geargrinder)6
20Rachel Byus (FCS|ROUSE: p/b Mr. Restore)4
21Jenette Williams (Jeff's Bike Shop)2
22Catherine Walberg (Tulsa Wheelmen)1
23Leah Kleager (Midwest Cycling Community NE)1
24Sierra Siebenlist (Team Indiebike)1
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Elite men overall
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brad Huff (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team)62pts
2Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)59
3Isaac Howe (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)56
4Chris Kriek (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)53
5Ricardo Van der Velde (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)49
6Zack Allison (Mercy Cycling Team)34
7Colton Barrett (Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)32
8Robert White (RACC pb GG)23
9Jacob White (Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot)22
10Daniel Eaton (gateway harley-davidson)21
11Shadd Smith (Mercy Cycling Team)18
12Chad Hartley (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)16
13Colton Jarisch (Mercy Cycling Team)14
14Brandon Feehery (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling)14
15Patrick Lemieux (Kenda 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team)12
16Stephen Tilford (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)12
17Brian Jensen10
18Nicholas Chevalley (Gateway Harley-Davidson)9
19Devin Clark (The Cannonball-Hub Racing Team)9
20Zach Bergh (Astella Oncology p/b ABD Cycling)9
21Emerson Oronte (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)6
22Cole House (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)5
23Matt Pence (Gateway Harley-Davidson)5
24David Reyes (Bloomington Cycle Racing Team)4
25Brian Kaker (LAPT CC)3
26Matthew Brandt (Gateway Harley-Davidson)3
27Sean Metz (Sammy's Bike)3
28Lucas Guyton (American Equity Racng Team)2
29Noah Kinney (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)1
30William Stolte1
31Alex Grman1

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