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Vouilloz and Moseley win enduro in Val d'Allos

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Nicolas Vouilloz on his way to winning round 2 of the Enduro World Series in Val d'Allos, France

Nicolas Vouilloz on his way to winning round 2 of the Enduro World Series in Val d'Allos, France (Image credit: Matt Wragg)
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Racers at the Enduro World Series in Val d'Allos, France

Racers at the Enduro World Series in Val d'Allos, France (Image credit: Matt Wragg)
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Tracey Moseley on her way to winning the women's division in Val d'Allos

Tracey Moseley on her way to winning the women's division in Val d'Allos (Image credit: Matt Wragg)
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Cécile Ravanel

Cécile Ravanel (Image credit: Matt Wragg)
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Jared Graves

Jared Graves (Image credit: Matt Wragg)
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Greg Minnaar racing the Enduro World Series round 2

Greg Minnaar racing the Enduro World Series round 2 (Image credit: Matt Wragg)

"Battle" does not begin to describe the weekend's epic racing at Val d'Allos, France, that ultimately saw Nico Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing) win after an all killer no filler six-stage course and exhilarating showdown between the world's top riders.

The birthplace of enduro treated over 300 riders to distractingly gorgeous scenery, chairlift supported liaison stages, and six timed sections that, in addition to five practice runs, yielded 11,000 meters of technical, challenging and physical descent.

Dropping 1000 meters from the 2500m summit for each stage meant altitude played a factor for riders. Coming off his victory in round 1 of the Enduro World Series, Fabien Barel (Team Canyon) commented that within two corners from the start of the first stage in Val d'Allos, he was already out of air.

Genepy, the locally crafted spirit, was needed by the weekend's conclusion, as riders celebrated and commiserated over crashes and punctures that left the podium wide open. Race favourite, and leader at the time, Jerome Clementz (Cannondale OverMountain) suffered a puncture in stage 3, as did Barel and Dan Atherton (GT Factory Racing).

Other top contenders, including Ben Cruz (Cannondale OverMountain) and Josh Carlson (Team Giant Factory Racing), had crashes that put them out of the race. Jared Graves and Anneke Beerten both crashed twice in the long fourth and fifth stages, but managed to hold on to their positions on the podium.

In the end, consistency favoured Moseley, the winner from Punta Ala, in the women's race, ahead of Cecile Ravanel and Anneke Beerten. Moseley now holds the overall series Lead.

Vouilloz won the men's contest at Val d'Allos, with Jared Graves hard on his tail and downhill world champion Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate) stepping up to the podium with a third place finish.

Graves took the overall series lead from Barel, who will need to push in future events to regain his place. Series favourite Clementz was on damage control for his series standings after suffering the puncture.

Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing), the young phenom from Belgium, retained his commanding lead in the junior division, despite a crash on the first stage, and a 30 second time penalty for course cutting on stage 1.

Taking the top three results from team riders in any division puts Trek Factory Racing in the Team Series Lead with 1820 points.

There were less than 10 seconds between the top male riders after two days of racing.

"The one run, limited practice format definitely evened things out between experienced locals and the first timers like Graves, Wildhaber and Minnaar," said Enduro World Series Managing Director Chris Ball.

"The times were just incredibly tight. Even on stages that were over 15 minutes long, the riders were within a second of each other. It was savage, intense racing. I personally can't believe just how close it was."

From the birthplace of enduro, the Enduro World Series stays in France for the next round, moving on to the gravity playground of Crankworx Les Deux Alpes, July 6-7, where the battlefield will be refreshed with a four-stage course, incorporating the mountain bike park.

DirtTV: Val d'allos Enduro World Series Round 2 Rider Tech a Mountain Biking video by orpheusproductions

Full Round 2 Results

Men, women, masters and juniors
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Vouilloz (men)1:05:11
2Jared Graves (men)0:00:06
3Greg Minnaar (men)0:00:24
4René Wildhaber (men)0:00:37
5Rémy Absalon (men)0:00:50
6Justin Leov (men)0:00:54
7Jerome Clementz (men)0:01:02
8Cedric Gracia (men)0:01:07
9Steve Peat (men)0:01:29
10Curtis Keene (men)0:01:31
11Josh Bryceland (men)0:01:42
12Nicolas Lau (men)0:01:45
13Damien Oton (men)0:01:54
14Florian Golay (men)0:02:07
15Ludovic May (men)0:02:08
16Théo Galy (men)0:02:09
17Gustav Wildhaber (men)0:02:12
18Joe Barnes (men)0:02:20
19Yoann Barelli (men)0:02:22
20Nicolas Quere (men)0:02:42
21Bryan Regnier (men)0:02:52
22Florian Nicolai (men)0:03:02
23Martin Maes (junior)0:03:37
24Baptiste Gaillot (men)0:03:43
25Adam Craig (men)0:03:44
26Greg Callaghan (men)0:03:51
27Michael Schärer (men)0:03:52
28Lukas Anrig (men)0:03:55
29Yannick Pontal (men)0:03:57
30Samuel Shaw (men)0:04:07
31Alexandre Cure (men)0:04:19
32Gary Forrest (men)0:04:22
33Alex Lupato (men)0:04:24
34Antonin Gourgin (men)0:04:25
35Lars Sternberg (men)0:04:29
36Maxime Dekeyser (men)0:04:31
37Aurélien Demailly (junior)0:04:32
38Laurent Solliet (men)0:04:46
39Manuel Ducci (men)0:04:50
40Yannick Senechal (master)0:04:57
41Mark Scott (men)0:04:57
42Maurian Marnay (men)0:04:58
43Niall Davis (men)0:05:09
44Davide Sottocornola (men)0:05:10
45Thibaut Legastelois (men)0:05:18
46Xavier Marovelli (men)0:05:19
47Max Schumann (men)0:05:31
48Clément Benoit (men)0:05:35
49Robert Kordez (men)0:05:51
50Jamie Nicoll (men)0:05:54
51Vincent Colange (men)0:06:03
52James Shirley (men)0:06:05
53Gavin Carroll (men)0:06:13
54Fabien Barel (men)0:06:19
55Yann Quere (men)0:06:22
56Jordan Navarro (men)0:06:22
57Sebastien Claquin (junior)0:06:28
58Ludwig Döhl (men)0:06:30
59Amaury Magnin (junior)0:06:32
60Thierry Fontaine (master)0:06:41
61Liam Moynihan (men)0:06:44
62Marco Fidalgo (men)0:06:51
63Clement Decugis (junior)0:06:51
64Pierre Yves Liverneaux (men)0:07:00
65Thomas Hartstern (men)0:07:02
66Benoit Dekeyser (men)0:07:14
67Dan Atherton (men)0:07:23
68Kevin Lorenzato (men)0:07:30
69Camille Chaffre (men)0:07:34
70Yann Gadoin (men)0:07:42
71Paul Aston (men)0:07:43
72Thibaud David (men)0:07:59
73Gregory Demesy (men)0:08:02
74Tracy Moseley (women)0:08:03
75Bastien Balmet (men)0:08:03
76Mehdi Gabrillargues (men)0:08:03
77Scott Laughland (men)0:08:06
78Thomas Chazottes (men)0:08:12
79David Missud (men)0:08:24
80Maxime Di Nardo (men)0:08:44
81Baptistin Meunier (junior)0:09:13
82Tom Maes (men)0:09:14
83Lucas Redois (men)0:09:19
84Cécile Ravanel (women)0:09:19
85François Voitey (men)0:09:22
86Tommy Razzano (junior)0:09:24
87David Metche (men)0:09:24
88Gaetan Vige (junior)0:09:27
89Jeremy Vasseur (men)0:09:34
90Gilles Doze (master)0:09:38
91Tobias Woggon (men)0:09:44
92Sauli Hjerppe (men)0:09:55
93Fouad Gourirane (men)0:09:57
94Lucas Monetti (junior)0:09:57
95Thomas Jouet Pastre (men)0:10:00
96Jerome Schandene (men)0:10:04
97Gregory Frison (men)0:10:05
98Robin Matot (junior)0:10:15
99Primoz Strancar (master)0:10:15
100Xavier Murigneux (men)0:10:16
101Fabien Volet (men)0:10:19
102Robin Magnin (men)0:10:21
103Nicolas Simmen (men)0:10:34
104Stephane Valverde (men)0:10:35
105Jacopo Orbassano (junior)0:10:36
106Anneke Beerten (women)0:10:39
107Laurent Corso (men)0:10:40
108Paul Jeppson (men)0:10:42
109Ulysse Francoglio (men)0:10:57
110Mikael Rubi (master)0:11:05
111Juuso Pihlaja (men)0:11:06
112Matthieu Mengel (men)0:11:10
113Ines Thoma (women)0:11:10
114Sam Flanagan (men)0:11:19
115Corentin Althusser (men)0:11:22
116Valentin Escriou (junior)0:11:27
117James Richards (men)0:11:28
118Thomas Decugis (men)0:11:30
119Yann Badier (men)0:11:32
120Thomas Hedouin (junior)0:11:49
121Nicola Casadei (men)0:11:54
122Vincent Chico (men)0:12:05
123Gaetan Dupin (men)0:12:16
124Romain Sgard (men)0:12:22
125Marc Bosca (master)0:12:49
126Isabeau Courdurier (women)0:12:51
127Rosara Joseph (women)0:13:08
128Guillem Caballe (men)0:13:22
129Nicolas Roissard (men)0:13:25
130Valentin Brulas (junior)0:13:27
131Patrick Bonifay (master)0:13:29
132Anaïs Pajot (women)0:13:30
133Mathieu Buatois (men)0:13:31
134Timoté Neytard (men)0:13:45
135Loïc Guerin (men)0:13:48
136Florian Humaj (men)0:13:48
137Raphael Imbs (master)0:13:50
138Francesc Busquets (men)0:14:01
139Sébastien Bouvier (master)0:14:05
140Pauline Dieffenthaler (women)0:14:05
141Philippe Widmer (master)0:14:10
142Anita Gehrig (women)0:14:14
143Quentin De Carvalho (men)0:14:28
144Steve Lecourt (men)0:14:29
145Bruno Dao Castes (men)0:14:36
146Louis Paralitici (men)0:14:59
147Florent De Macedo (master)0:15:01
148Franck Dalla Costa (men)0:15:10
149Guillaume Bettoli (men)0:15:14
150Gilles Caramagnol (master)0:15:19
151Pascal Widmer (master)0:15:22
152Vittorio Gambirasio (men)0:15:25
153Kelli Emmett (women)0:15:27
154Anka Martin (women)0:15:35
155Anthony Marro (men)0:16:00
156Eric Alexandre (men)0:16:04
157Thomas Boch (men)0:16:41
158Christophe Rizzetto (master)0:16:43
159Julien Berenger (men)0:16:44
160Jean-Baptiste Gali (men)0:16:52
161Carolin Gehrig (women)0:17:04
162Valérie Schandene (women)0:17:06
163Emmanuel Abate (master)0:17:16
164Gaël Wirz (men)0:17:16
165Richard Hamilton (master)0:17:20
166Eric Arnaud (master)0:17:34
167Meggie Bichard (women)0:17:39
168Emily Horridge (women)0:17:57
169Quentin Arnaud (men)0:18:10
170Laurent Tanguy (men)0:18:10
171Morten Krogh Hansen (men)0:18:14
172Arnaud Bogud (men)0:18:20
173Jérôme Gallois (men)0:18:29
174Thimothée Gouiran (junior)0:18:33
175Christophe Le Garrec (master)0:18:57
176Matthieu Faury (men)0:18:57
177Joan Berenguer (men)0:19:08
178Katy Winton (women)0:19:13
179Lionel Fernandes (men)0:19:28
180Lorraine Truong (women)0:19:29
181Oliver Carter (men)0:20:22
182Mary Moncorgé (women)0:20:31
183Marc Duch (master)0:21:14
184Simon Valenti (men)0:21:16
185Morgane Jonnier (women)0:21:44
186Jeremy Voet (men)0:22:03
187Nicolas Idelon (men)0:22:04
188Michel Vasseur (master)0:22:04
189Julien Mairot (men)0:22:10
190Guillaume Bonnaffous (men)0:22:15
191Axelle Murigneux (women)0:22:42
192Chiara Pastore (women)0:22:44
193Jeazn-Louis Deseraud (master)0:22:54
194Aurélien Guchan (men)0:22:58
195Benoit Picon (men)0:23:04
196Eric Denamur (master)0:23:06
197Igor Lepesant (men)0:23:16
198Aurelien Ferriere (men)0:23:20
199Laurent Reviron (men)0:23:26
200Edgar Martins (men)0:23:35
201Hannah Barnes (women)0:23:41
202Valentina Macheda (women)0:23:42
203Nicolas Pillet (men)0:23:50
204Benoit Monteil (men)0:24:12
205Anthony Andreoletti (men)0:24:17
206Ben Thompson (men)0:24:19
207Johnny Magis (men)0:24:58
208Guillaume Declercq (men)0:25:14
209Eric Regallet (men)0:25:43
210Craig Rea (men)0:25:54
211Lionel Leblond (master)0:26:02
212Edwin Le Gallic (junior)0:26:08
213Serge Demichelis (men)0:26:22
214Denis Payet (master)0:26:45
215Aurelien Grimand (men)0:27:25
216Jean-Francois Serrat (men)0:27:29
217Gregory Torres (men)0:27:40
218Nico Prudencio (men)0:27:44
219Anthony André (men)0:27:47
220Olivier Desmaison (men)0:27:54
221Pierre Roux (men)0:28:24
222Eric Bourdonnec (master)0:28:36
223Adrien Chauvineau (men)0:29:26
224Jerome Leroux (men)0:29:41
225Philippe Mouillet (master)0:29:57
226Hanna Jonsson (women)0:30:11
227Florian Lemaitre (master)0:30:16
228Albert Valls (master)0:30:30
229Sebastien Grisende (men)0:31:07
230Eric Lecourt (master)0:33:09
231Jean-Marie Colange (master)0:35:37
232Gael Mahe (master)0:35:53
233Mathieu Thurin (junior)0:36:38
234Marie Kunst (women)0:37:33
235Quentin Cheneval (men)0:38:01
236Gerard Trocello (master)0:38:32
237Jerome Reviron (men)0:39:29
238Jean Yves Martinez (men)0:41:13
239Greg Pottier (men)0:42:47
240Antoine Baylot (men)0:43:35
241Pascal Lefrancois (master)0:47:28
242Patrick Pelenc (master)0:48:48
243Alexis Roche (men)0:49:34
244Adrian Testa (men)0:50:47
245Carla Farinella (women)0:54:10
246Laetitia Boubis (women)1:13:30

Men's EWS standings after two rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jared Graves970pts
2Jerome Clementz740
3Nicolas Vouilloz726

Women's EWS standings after two rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley1200pts
2Cecile Ravanel920
3Anneke Beerten780

Junior men's EWS standings after two rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Maes1200pts
2Sebastien Claquin720
3Jacopo Orbassano680

Team EWS standings after two rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trek Factory Racing1820pts
2GT Factory Racing1638
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