Colorado Classic: Dygert-Owen completes hat-trick on stage 3

Chloe Dygert-Owen (Sho-Air Twenty20) stunned the Colorado Classic peloton once again with an unanswerable solo attack in the final lap of the Golden circuit during stage 3. Already in the race lead, the American put further distance between herself and the rest of the field, finishing five seconds ahead of teammate Jennifer Valente and Rebecca Wiasak (Fearless Femme) to take her third consecutive stage win in as many days.

It appeared that Dygert-Owen was simply sprinting for the final QOM points at the start of the final lap, but when the chasing field eased up, she put her head down and continued to power through to open up, at one point, a 35-second gap. Despite visibly suffering in the final kilometre, Dygert-Owen dug deep to hold off the chase group and extend her overall race lead.

"It was kind of an on-the-fly decision," Dygert-Owen said of her attack. "I had that gap and I looked back and saw some heads hanging, so I was thinking I would keep it going as long as I could. I knew Jen [Valente] was back there getting ready for the sprint, so I knew either way we were going to have a solid sprint. It just really worked out well for us."

Dygert-Owen's advantage fell down to less than 10 seconds in the final 5km, but the three-time track team pursuit world champion bore down once more and had enough left to hold off the field.

How it unfolded

At 102.5km, stage 3 in Golden was the longest of the four-day race. The stage started in downtown, went past – and under, via a tunnel – the Coors brewery.

The stage featured three intermediate sprints across the start/finish line and one QOM was on offer at 88.2km.

Large crowds filled the streets of Golden for the race, with the 14.6km circuit providing plenty of spots for viewing. The stage started quickly as riders got used to the circuit they’d spend the next several hours on.

Rachel Langdon (Fearless Femme) took maximum points at the first sprint at the end of lap 1, but the field quickly reeled the rider back in as they made their way over the climb directly following the finish line.

Attacks came more frequently on lap 2, with multiple groups of three trying to get away but failing to get anything to stick. The peloton was clearly not feeling in the mood to let any escapees get some leash, and the constant attacking and chasing saw the peloton cover 40km in the first hour.

Three riders finally broke free on lap 5, with Langdon joining Swapit-Agolico’s Maria Jose Vargas and Andrea Ramirez off the front. Eight riders bridged up to the move to form a lead group of 11.

The peloton was obviously not happy with the size of the group, however, and the leaders were back in the fold before the end of the lap.

Silvia Valsecchi (BePink) and Rebecca Wiasak (Fearless Femme) took advantage of a lull in the pace after the catch and jumped away. The two-rider move was more agreeable to the bunch, and the lead duo quickly has 25 seconds.

Wiasak took maximum points at the final sprint ahead of the day in front of Valsecchi, while overall runner-up Brodie Chapman (Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank) jumped out of the field to claim one point and one bonus second.

With 23km to go, the gap was at 40 seconds as attacks from the peloton cut into the leaders’ advantage. The gap went back up as the attacks stopped, and with 18.5km remaining the leaders had 55 seconds.

As the remaining kilometres ticked down, so did the leaders’ advantage, and with 15km to go the duo up front had 20 seconds on the bunch.

The leaders took the bell for the final lap with the peloton biting at their heels, and they were soon back in the fold on the climb after the finish.

Overall race leader Dygert-Owen attacked on the climb with 14km to go and opened up a gap. The rest of the peloton hesitated, and the seven-time world champion had 30 seconds with 10.5km to go.

The peloton eventually woke up to the danger, and a concerted chase from Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank and Canyon-SRAM had the gap down top 10 seconds with 4km remaining, but it was not enough.

Stage Results

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Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Dygert (USA) Sho-Air Twenty202:27:45
2Jennifer Valente (USA) Sho-Air Twenty210:00:05
3Rebecca Wiasak (Aus) Fearless FemmeRow 2 - Cell 2
4Tanja Erath (Ger) Canyon-Sram RacingRow 3 - Cell 2
5Brodie Chapman (Aus) Tibco-Silicon Valley BankRow 4 - Cell 2
6Lily Williams (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:00:06
7Heather Fischer (USA) DNA Pro CyclingRow 6 - Cell 2
8Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) BePinkRow 7 - Cell 2
9Janelle Cole (USA) Lux-Flexential0:00:07
10Rachel Langdon (GBr) Fearless FemmeRow 9 - Cell 2
11Holly Breck (USA) Fearless FemmeRow 10 - Cell 2
12Edwige Pitel (Fra) Cogeas Mettler LookRow 11 - Cell 2
13Katia Ragusa (Ita) BePinkRow 12 - Cell 2
14Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Canyon-Sram RacingRow 13 - Cell 2
15Lauren Stephens (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley BankRow 14 - Cell 2
16Flavia Oliveira (Bra) Fearless FemmeRow 15 - Cell 2
17Katharine Hall (USA) Team USA0:00:08
18Ana Hernandez (Mex) Durango-Specialized IEDRow 17 - Cell 2
19Krista Doebel-hickok (USA) Rally UHC CyclingRow 18 - Cell 2
20Ella Harris (NZl) Canyon-Sram RacingRow 19 - Cell 2
21Maddy Ward (USA) Amy D Foundation0:00:09
22Natalia Franco (Col) Point S Auto p/b Nokian TiresRow 21 - Cell 2
23Emma White (USA) Rally UHC CyclingRow 22 - Cell 2
24Cara O'Neill (USA) Team USARow 23 - Cell 2
25Philippa Sutton (NZl) Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tires0:00:10
26Clara Honsinger (USA) Lux-Flexential0:00:11
27Madeline Bemis (USA) Team USARow 26 - Cell 2
28Jessica Cerra (USA) Hagens Berman-SupermintRow 27 - Cell 2
29Emma Grant (GBr) Sho-Air Twenty20 Sho-Air Twenty23Row 28 - Cell 2
30Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzb) Cogeas Mettler LookRow 29 - Cell 2
31Mariana Urrea (Mex) Durango-Specialized IED0:00:12
32Omer Shapira (Isr) Canyon-Sram RacingRow 31 - Cell 2
33Hannah Ludwig (Ger) Canyon-Sram RacingRow 32 - Cell 2
34Karina Kasenova (Rus) Cogeas Mettler LookRow 33 - Cell 2
35Justine Barrow (Aus) Lux-FlexentialRow 34 - Cell 2
36Andrea Buttine (USA) ALP Cycles RacingRow 35 - Cell 2
37Jessica Parra (Col) Durango-Specialized IED0:00:13
38Lex Albrecht (Can) Tibco-Silicon Valley BankRow 37 - Cell 2
39Ariadna Gutierrez Arzaluz (Mex) Swapit AgolicoRow 38 - Cell 2
40Andrea Ramírez Fregoso (Mex) Swapit AgolicoRow 39 - Cell 2
41Amy Charity (USA) DNA Pro CyclingRow 40 - Cell 2
42Emma Edwards (USA) Team USA0:00:14
43Whitney Allison (USA) Hagens Berman-SupermintRow 42 - Cell 2
44Emily Newsom (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley BankRow 43 - Cell 2
45Catherine Colyn (RSA) Amy D Foundation0:00:15
46Ayesha Mcgowan (USA) ALP Cycles RacingRow 45 - Cell 2
47Maria Jose Vargas Barrientos (CRc) Swapit AgolicoRow 46 - Cell 2
48Caroline Mani (Fra) Point S Auto p/b Nokian TiresRow 47 - Cell 2
49Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally UHC CyclingRow 48 - Cell 2
50Allie Legg (USA) Sho-Air Twenty22Row 49 - Cell 2
51Anet Barrera Esparza (Mex) Swapit AgolicoRow 50 - Cell 2
52Lindsay Goldman (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:00:16
53Jennifer Luebke (USA) Sho-Air Twenty25Row 52 - Cell 2
54Olivia Baril (Can) Fearless FemmeRow 53 - Cell 2
55Gabrielle Lehnert (USA) Lux-FlexentialRow 54 - Cell 2
56Erica Clevenger (USA) Sho-Air Twenty240:00:17
57Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) BePink0:00:19
58Chiara Perini (Ita) BePinkRow 57 - Cell 2
59Miryam Nuñez (Ecu) Swapit Agolico0:01:21
60Anna Dorovskikh (USA) Amy D FoundationRow 59 - Cell 2
61Abigail Mickey (USA) Rally UHC CyclingRow 60 - Cell 2
62Charlotte Culver (Aus) Fearless FemmeRow 61 - Cell 2
63Charlotte Backus (USA) Lux-FlexentialRow 62 - Cell 2
64Rachel Plessing (USA) ALP Cycles RacingRow 63 - Cell 2
65Emma Langley (USA) Point S Auto p/b Nokian TiresRow 64 - Cell 2
66Leigh ann Ganzar (USA) Hagens Berman-SupermintRow 65 - Cell 2
67Veronica Leal (Mex) Durango-Specialized IEDRow 66 - Cell 2
68Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:01:22
69Kristina Vrouwenvelder (USA) ALP Cycles Racing0:03:31
70Brenna Wrye-simpson (USA) DNA Pro Cycling0:05:07
71Amber Neben (USA) Cogeas Mettler Look0:08:49
DNFSamantha Runnels (USA) Team USARow 71 - Cell 2
DNFEmily Marcolini (Can) Tibco-Silicon Valley BankRow 72 - Cell 2
DNFVania Canvelli (Ita) BePinkRow 73 - Cell 2
DNFIsabella Bertold (Can) Point S Auto p/b Nokian TiresRow 74 - Cell 2
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General Classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Dygert (USA) Sho-Air Twenty206:54:13
2Brodie Chapman (Aus) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:36
3Omer Shapira (Isr) Canyon-Sram Racing0:01:53
4Ella Harris (NZl) Canyon-Sram Racing0:02:24
5Krista Doebel-hickok (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:02:25
6Lauren Stephens (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:02:51
7Flavia Oliveira (Bra) Fearless FemmeRow 6 - Cell 2
8Katharine Hall (USA) Team USA0:02:52
9Edwige Pitel (Fra) Cogeas Mettler Look0:03:11
10Whitney Allison (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:03:39
11Clara Honsinger (USA) Lux-Flexential0:03:43
12Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzb) Cogeas Mettler Look0:05:11
13Hannah Ludwig (Ger) Canyon-Sram Racing0:06:00
14Justine Barrow (Aus) Lux-Flexential0:06:28
15Jessica Cerra (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:06:34
16Emma Grant (GBr) Sho-Air Twenty20 Sho-Air Twenty230:06:43
17Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally UHC Cycling0:07:03
18Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) BePink0:07:18
19Maddy Ward (USA) Amy D Foundation0:07:48
20Anet Barrera Esparza (Mex) Swapit Agolico0:07:53
21Katia Ragusa (Ita) BePink0:08:07
22Natalia Franco (Col) Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tires0:08:08
23Ariadna Gutierrez Arzaluz (Mex) Swapit Agolico0:08:38
24Janelle Cole (USA) Lux-Flexential0:10:40
25Madeline Bemis (USA) Team USA0:10:45
26Emma Langley (USA) Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tires0:11:19
27Jennifer Valente (USA) Sho-Air Twenty210:11:36
28Abigail Mickey (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:11:38
29Amy Charity (USA) DNA Pro Cycling0:12:17
30Erica Clevenger (USA) Sho-Air Twenty240:12:39
31Catherine Colyn (RSA) Amy D Foundation0:12:48
32Emma White (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:13:20
33Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:13:27
34Chiara Perini (Ita) BePink0:13:39
35Cara O'Neill (USA) Team USA0:14:30
36Lindsay Goldman (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:14:35
37Anna Dorovskikh (USA) Amy D Foundation0:15:11
38Tanja Erath (Ger) Canyon-Sram Racing0:15:25
39Leigh ann Ganzar (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:15:46
40Jennifer Luebke (USA) Sho-Air Twenty250:15:50
41Emily Newsom (USA) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:16:41
42Lex Albrecht (Can) Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:16:52
43Caroline Mani (Fra) Point S Auto p/b Nokian TiresRow 42 - Cell 2
44Karina Kasenova (Rus) Cogeas Mettler Look0:16:53
45Holly Breck (USA) Fearless Femme0:17:39
46Andrea Buttine (USA) ALP Cycles Racing0:17:56
47Emma Edwards (USA) Team USA0:18:33
48Olivia Baril (Can) Fearless Femme0:18:38
49Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Canyon-Sram Racing0:18:49
50Charlotte Backus (USA) Lux-Flexential0:19:01
51Amber Neben (USA) Cogeas Mettler Look0:19:08
52Andrea Ramírez Fregoso (Mex) Swapit Agolico0:19:26
53Rachel Langdon (GBr) Fearless Femme0:19:31
54Allie Legg (USA) Sho-Air Twenty220:19:42
55Rebecca Wiasak (Aus) Fearless Femme0:20:07
56Miryam Nuñez (Ecu) Swapit Agolico0:20:09
57Veronica Leal (Mex) Durango-Specialized IED0:20:54
58Philippa Sutton (NZl) Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tires0:20:57
59Lily Williams (USA) Hagens Berman-Supermint0:21:42
60Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) BePink0:21:54
61Ayesha Mcgowan (USA) ALP Cycles Racing0:22:25
62Maria Jose Vargas Barrientos (CRc) Swapit Agolico0:22:46
63Charlotte Culver (Aus) Fearless Femme0:23:30
64Kristina Vrouwenvelder (USA) ALP Cycles Racing0:24:32
65Heather Fischer (USA) DNA Pro Cycling0:24:44
66Mariana Urrea (Mex) Durango-Specialized IED0:25:09
67Gabrielle Lehnert (USA) Lux-Flexential0:25:40
68Ana Hernandez (Mex) Durango-Specialized IED0:27:41
69Jessica Parra (Col) Durango-Specialized IED0:28:30
70Rachel Plessing (USA) ALP Cycles Racing0:30:13
71Brenna Wrye-simpson (USA) DNA Pro Cycling0:32:41

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