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Quarq power meters are now cheaper

Quarq power meters
You can now have a Quarq power meter for less (Image credit: Quarq)

Quarq has repositioned the pricing for its 10- and 11-speed power meters. Whether you are out on the road or riding virtually in Zwift on a turbo trainer in your living room, no contemporary training programme is complete without the presence of a power meter.

Having accurate power statistics to track your progress and ensure you are within the correct peak of training intensity, is crucial. Quarq’s power meters self-calibrate, making them essentially fit-and-forget digital bike components.

If you are riding the new DUB standard, Quarq has a diversity of power meters available, retailing at discounted prices. These 10- and 110-speed SRAM DUB convergent power meters allow you to swap chainrings without influencing the power metering accuracy, thanks to Quarq’s OmniCal technology.

Each Quarq power meter also has 10,000 points for data harvesting, which eliminates the issue of temperature interference. Powered by a CR2032 battery, the Quarq DUB-standard power meters are good for 200-hours of usage and easily removable without requiring any propriety tools.

The range of Quarq 10- and 11-speed power meters which have now been repositioned regarding price, are all easily convergent to interacting with SRAM’s AXS Web app, after a simple firmware upgrade. This makes viewing your power meter metrics a breeze.

With a revised pricing structure for Quarq’s 10- and 11-speed DUB-standard power meters, chainrings are now between £39-£139. The SRAM Dub bottom brackets vary between £34-£46 and crankarms are now £199.

Quarq’s DZero DUB/DFour DUB power meter spiders are now priced at £355. There is also a DZero for Specialized power meter spiders, which play nice with S-Works crankarms from 2013 onwards, also pricing at £355.