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SRAM's AXS Web app brings advanced training metrics to your smartphone

AXS Web will help you develop incredibly accurate insight to your gearing (Image credit: SRAM)

AXS Web is a new SRAM digital tool, giving riders even more data to analyse than before.

Harvesting data was once the preserve of pro team riders, but with the preponderance of digital interfaces and power meters present on bikes, even keen amateurs can graph their progress.

With SRAM’s AXS Web tool, riders using one of the brand’s electronic shifting drivetrains will be served an abundance of data to analyse. If you have a SRAM AXS or Red eTap groupset, the new application will deliver a rich source of data about gear use.

SRAM’s AXS Web tool aims to enable riders to tune their bike's setup and better understand gearing under exact conditions. The AXS Web tool will allow riders to see where their best power zones are on a popular training segment and which gears are being used most often.

A superior understanding of gear use will enable riders to select the most appropriate chainring size and cassette ratio spread for their particular requirements.

The SRAM AXS application displays traditional digital ride data such as distance, speed and elevation, but its appeal is in the nuanced insights it can provide regarding drivetrain dynamics.

If you are using Quarq’s TyreWiz, the AXS Web application can also show you how tyre pressure varies over the duration of a ride – or act as an early warning system in the case of a slow puncture.

For gravel bike riders there is an interesting additional feature if you are running an AXS dropper seatpost, which can also be data tapped. This will show how often you drop your seatpost when descending, on technical gravel riding sections.

Installed power meters are required to access the full gambit of AXS Web tool features, but for those riders who love drowning in data, SRAM’s latest digital product release will be a very welcome addition.

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Lance Branquinho is a Namibian born media professional, with 15-years of experience in technology and engineering journalism covering anything with wheels. Being from Namibia, he knows a good gravel road when he sees one, and he has raced some of Africa’s best-known mountain bike stage races, such as Wines2Wales and Berg&Bush.