Bassetti takes Winston-Salem Cycling Classic win

Joyce is second, Lienhard third

Samuel Bassetti (Elevate-KHS) won the tactical game in the final kilometre of the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic Monday in North Carolina, seizing victory out of a select lead group of 11 that emerged from the battle of attrition over 177.8km on the urban circuit. Rally Cycling's Colin Joyce was second on the day, followed by Holowesko-Citadel's Fabian Lienhard.

"There was a split," Bassetti said of the final kilometre. "Rally went, [Holowesko] went, I went, and then I just had one more effort there with 600-700 metres to go, and that was it."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Bassetti (USA) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling4:01:05 
2Colin Joyce (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:01 
3Fabian Lienhard (Swi) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources0:00:02 
4Diego Milan Jimenez (Dom) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
5Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team0:00:07 
6Jonathan Caicedo (Ecu) Medellin0:00:12 
7Weimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (Col) Medellin0:00:18 
8Nickolas Zukowsky (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
9Kevin Girkins (USA) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling0:00:25 
10Tyler Magner (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:03 
11Pier Andre Cote (Can)0:01:07 
12Griffin Easter (USA) 303 Project  
13Taylor (T.J.) Eisenhart (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources  
14Davide Gabburo (Ita) Amore & Vita - Prodir  
15Eder Frayre Moctezuma (Mex) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling  
16Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
17Robin Carpenter (USA) Rally Cycling0:01:08 
18John Murphy (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources0:01:09 
19Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling  
20Nicholas Torraca (USA) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling0:01:10 
21James Piccoli (Can) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling  
22Lance Haidet (USA) Aevolo0:01:14 
23Nicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:01:15 
24Robinson Eduardo Chalapud Gomez (Col) Medellin0:01:16 
25Joseph Lewis (Aus) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources0:01:19 
26Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac-Devinci  
27Oliver Flautt (USA) Cyclus Sports0:01:22 
28Colin Chris Stüssi (Swi) Amore & Vita - Prodir0:01:24 
29George Simpson (USA) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling  
30Jure Rupnik (Slo) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team0:01:32 
31Oscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (Col) Canel's - Specialized0:01:35 
32Emile Jean (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:01:52 
33Maxx Chance (USA) 303 Project  
34Olivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac-Devinci0:01:53 
35Luis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (Mex) Aevolo0:02:06 
36Corey Davis (USA) Cyclus Sports0:02:12 
37Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Probaclac-Devinci0:02:30 
38Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally Cycling0:03:06 
39Tyler Stites (USA) Aevolo0:03:15 
40Connor Sallee (USA) Cyclus Sports0:03:37 
41Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Mex) Elevate - Khs Pro Cycling  
42Stephen Keeping (Can) Probaclac / Devinci  
43Robigzon Leandro Oyola Oyola (Col) Medellin0:03:38 
44Roman Daniel Villalobos Solis (CRc) Canel's - Specialized  
45Mirko Trosino (Ita) Amore & Vita - Prodir0:03:44 
46Oscar Miguel Sevilla Rivera (Spa) Medellin  
47Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Amore & Vita - Prodir  
48Max Rubarth (Can) Probaclac / Devinci  
49Julien Gagne (Can) Probaclac / Devinci0:03:45 
50Eduardo Corte Cordero (Mex) Canel's - Specialized  
51Charles-Etienne Chretien (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
52Miguel Bryon (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources  
53Andzs Flaksis (Lat) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources  
54Charles Bradley Huff (USA) Rally Cycling0:03:51 
55Jan-André Freuler (Swi) Amore & Vita - Prodir0:05:26 
56Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
57Bernat Font Mas (Spa) 303 Project0:06:48 
58Cullen Easter (USA) 303 Project  
59Efren Santos Moreno (Mex) Canel's - Specialized0:12:18 
60Jayson Valade (Fra) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team0:14:21 
61Alexis Cartier (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team0:15:35 
OTLMarco Bernardinetti (Ita) Amore & Vita - Prodir0:20:47 
OTLNoah Granigan (USA) Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:20:56 
OTLJose Alfredo Santoyo Gonzalez (Mex) Canel's - Specialized0:24:24 
DNFAustin Stephens (USA) 303 Project  
DNFJacob Sitler (USA)  
DNFFernando Islas Lopez (Mex) Aevolo  
DNFJesse Anthony (USA) Rally Cycling  
DNFAndrew Giniat (USA) Cyclus Sports  
DNFHendrik Pineda (Can) Probaclac / Devinci  
DNFMichael Gearren Ii (USA) Cyclus Sports  
DNFJose Alfredo Aguirre Infante (Mex) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
DNFAntonio Zullo (Ita) Amore & Vita - Prodir  
DNFIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (Mex) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
DNFMichael Hernandez (USA) Aevolo  
DNFBenjamin Renkema (USA)  
DNFDenzel Stephenson (USA) Aevolo  
DNFChristopher Winn (Aus) 303 Project  
DNFWellinton Canela Capellan (Dom) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
DNFAndrew Dahlheim (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources  
DNFRoman Seliversov (USA) Ccb Foundation - Sicleri  
DNFAdam Jamieson (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFPatrick Collins (USA) Ccb Foundation - Sicleri  
DNFOliver Evans (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
DNFConor O'brien (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
DNFAdrian Santiago Nuñez Hernandez (Dom) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
DNFJonah Mead-Van Cort (USA) Ccb Foundation - Sicleri  
DNFWilliam De Jesus Guzmán Rosario (Dom) Inteja Dominican Cycling Team  
DNFLeonel Palma Dajui (Mex) Canel's - Specialized  
DNFWinston David (USA) Cyclus Sports  
DNFIsaiah Newkirk (USA) 303 Project  
DNFWyatt Goral (USA) Ccb Foundation - Sicleri  
DNFLaurent Gervais (Can) Aevolo  
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