Hoke wins Catamount Classic short track

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Mitch Hoke (Pro's Closet) won the Catamount Classic short track race on Sunday in Vermont. He finished ahead of Sepp Kuss (BMC Project Dirt) and Cole Oberman (Rare Disease Cycling).

"I knew I would have a shot if I could last to the finish with those guys," said Hoke. "I just tried to keep suffering. Short track is so hard, you just want to give up the whole time. It's so brutal. You just have to hang in there, but those guys Sepp and Cole were so awesome."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Hoke (The Pro's Closet - Stan's NoTubes)0:26:16 
2Sepp Kuss (BMC project Dirt presented by KMC)0:00:01 
3Cole Oberman (RareDiseaseCycling.org)0:00:02 
4Neilson Powless0:00:08 
5Antoine Caron (Specialized Racing Canada)0:00:15 
6Patrick Chartrand (Rocky Mountain Factory)0:00:20 
7Kerry Werner Jr. (BMC project Dirt presented by KMC)0:00:37 
8Spencer Paxson (Kona Bicycles)0:00:43 
9Ryan Woodall (The Pro's Closet / Stan's NoTubes)0:01:09 
10Luke Vrouwenvelder (Champion-System/Cannondale)0:01:10 
11Cypress Gorry (Whole Athlete/Specialized)0:01:11 
12Marc-Andre Fortier (Team Quebec)0:01:12 
13Mathew Waghorn (New Zealand)0:01:14 
14Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/Specialized)0:01:36 
15Billy Melone (Riverside Racing)0:01:37 
-3lapsRyan Standish  
-3lapsMichael Sampson (Adigga Racing)  
-3lapsTJ Woodruff (backcountry.com)  
-3lapsLevi Kurlander (Durango High School)  
-3lapsChristopher Hamlin (Bicycle Express Racing)  
-3lapsDavid Flaten (Giant North East Off Road)  
-5lapsFelix Belhumeur (pivot cycles/ote)  
-5lapstom Sampson (adigga racing)  
-5lapsMadison Matthews (Toasted Head Racing / GU Energy)  
-5lapsBradford Perley (Champion system/cannondale)  
-5lapsAdrian Retief  
-6lapsMatthew Turcotte (Lessard Bicycles)  
-6lapsVincent Lessard  
-6lapsAaron Oakes (Bicycle Express Racing)  
-6lapsJake Hollenbach  
-6lapsAlex Meucci (Team Bents)  
-6lapsChristopher Ziegler  
-7lapsThomas Gauthier (Pivot cycle-OTE)  
-7lapsNick Thomas (AZ Devo)  
DNFFelix Burke (Opus-OGC)  
DNFFaucher Robe Charles (Pivot cycle-ote)  
DNFJoseph Clemenzi (Sports Garage Cycling)  
DNFGered Dunne (Mason Racing)  
DNFNoah Tautfest (Bicycle Express Racing)  
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