Caron wins Catamount Pro XCT

Sprint finish decides race with Werner in second

Antoine Caron (Specialized Racing Canada) won the elite men's cross country race at the US Pro XCT finale at the Catamount Classic in Vermont on Saturday.  Caron outsprinted Kerry Werner (BMC Project Dirt), who was fresh off his second place finish at the US nationals last weekend.  Cameron Dodge (Pure Energy Scott MTB Team) earned third place, just three seconds behind the top two.

How it happened

With most of the big names of the sport missing today, the front row took on a much younger look. Kerry Werner (BMC Project), who finished second in last week’s US National Championships, was considered the pre-race favorite. A crash at the start caused some confusion, but most of the main contenders sailed free.

The course at the Catamount Center offered a bit of everything to the riders. It started with a long rolling section on grass before entering the woods. Riders were then treated to buff singletrack complete with man-made berms, whoops, and wooden bridge crossings. Uphill singletrack featured many short steep climbs that occasionally forced riders off their bikes, mostly due to mis-shifts. The climb to the top of the Catamount hill was broken up into so many sections that the pure climbers had no advantage.

Towards the middle of the course, racers faced three A/B lines. The first was a double rock drop, the second a gap jump, and the third a very steep rock drop. All the main contenders took the A-lines as the B lines were much longer. At the top of the course, riders had to contend with a man-made rock garden about 60 feet long.

Spencer Paxson (Kona) took the hole-shot and led much of the first lap with Werner, Antoine Caron (Specialized), Mitch Hoke (Pro’s Closet), and Cameron Dodge (Pure Energy-Scott) in hot pursuit. Casey Williams (Whole Athlete) got gapped early but did not let up chasing the leaders from sixth position.

Paxson was unable to hold off the young guns who all got around him by the second lap. Werner seemed to be in charge, but Caron took the lead mid-race and put the hammer down. Only Hoke and Werner were able to stay close as clearly each thought they could win.

Sometime during the final lap, Dodge joined the leaders and Hoke was dropped. The race concluded with Caron winning his first Pro XCT race by slightly over a bike length ahead of Werner. The long final straightaway on grass was the scene of many sprint finishes during the day. Dodge took third only a few bike lengths behind the leaders.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Antoine Caron (Specialized Racing Canada)1:39:45 
2Kerry Werner Jr. (BMC Project Dirt Presented By KMC)  
3Cameron Dodge (Pure Energy Scott MTB  Team)0:00:03 
4Spencer Paxson (Kona Bicycles)0:00:46 
5Mitchell Hoke (The Pro's Closet - Stan's NoTubes)0:01:43 
6Casey Williams (Whole Athlete/Specialized)0:02:21 
7Mathew Waghorn (New Zealand)0:02:55 
8Cole Oberman (Rarediseasecycling.Org)0:02:56 
9Billy Melone (Riverside Racing)0:03:17 
10Ryan Woodall (The Pro's Closet / Stan's Notubes Mtb Team)0:03:40 
11Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus)0:03:46 
12Cypress Gorry (Whole Athlete/Specialized)0:03:47 
13Luke Vrouwenvelder (Champion-System/Cannondale)0:05:00 
14Patrick Chartrand (Rocky Mountain Factory)0:05:01 
15Bradford Perley (Champion System/Cannondale)0:05:54 
16Ryan Standish0:06:21 
17Tom Sampson (Adigga Racing)0:06:33 
18Emmanuel Boily (Cyclone D'alma / Equipe Du Quebec)0:06:35 
19Tj Woodruff (Backcountry.Com)0:07:03 
20Aaron Oakes (Bicycle Express Racing)0:07:11 
21Payson Mcelveen (Richard's Rainwater Mtb Racing)0:07:25 
22Christopher Hamlin (Bicycle Express Racing)0:07:38 
23Jorge Brito (Techocyclo)0:07:44 
24Vincent Belhumeur (Lessard Bicycles\Equipe Quebec)0:08:33 
25Elliot Reinecke (Focus Bikes/Velo Hangar)0:08:39 
26Matthew Turcotte (Lessard Bicycles)0:08:49 
27Gered Dunne (Mason Racing)0:09:08 
28Vincent Lessard0:09:20 
29Joseph Clemenzi (Sports Garage Cycling)0:09:46 
30Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express Racing)0:09:48 
31Corey Brioschi (Realdeal/Gears P/B Waspcam)0:09:54 
32Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing)  
33Michael Sampson (Adigga Racing)0:10:33 
34Daniel Sturm (Black Bear Cycling)0:10:52 
35Madison Matthews (Toasted Head Racing / Gu Energy)0:11:00 
36Samuel Tremblay (Equipe Du Quebec / Rocky Mountain Procycle)0:11:30 
37Mike Montalbano (Toasted Head Racing)0:12:07 
38Jean-Daniel Boily (Cyclone D'alma / Equipe Du Quebec)0:12:12 
39Andy Bishop (Team Specialized)0:12:29 
40John Burns (Burns Racing)0:13:10 
41Levi Kurlander (Durango High School)0:13:59 
42Forrest Conrad (Toasted Head)0:14:28 
43John Brown (Go)0:15:12 
44Trent Meyers (Realdeal/Gears P/B Waspcam)0:16:22 
45Alex Meucci (Team Bents)0:17:06 
-2lapsChristopher Ziegler  
-2lapsLuke Hlavenka (Realdeal/Gears P/B Waspcam)  
-2lapsDavid Flaten (Giant North East Off Road)  
-2lapsMathew Katz (Bicycle Express)  
-2lapsNick Thomas (Az Devo)  
DNFAdrian Retief  
DNFSepp Kuss (Bmc Project Dirt Presented By Kmc)  
DNFTrevor Deruise (Audi/Specialized)  
DNFPete Macleod (Barfly)  
DNFMatthew Okeefe (Ata Cycles Concord)  
Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc-Andre Fortier (Team Quebec)1:07:36 
2Jose Gerardo Ulloa (Mexico National)  
3Neilson Powless (Whole Athlete / Specialized)  
4Egan Bernel0:00:01 
5Felix Burke (Opus-Ogc)0:00:15 
6Sean Bennett (Whole Athlete / Specialized)0:00:57 
7Carson Beckett (Wood-N-Wave)0:01:40 
8Felix Belhumeur (Pivot-Ote)0:02:03 
9Liam Mulcahy (Team Ontario/ Cycle Solutions Angry Johnny's Cc P/B Norbrooklin)  
10Juan Jose Rincon (Sevilla)0:02:04 
11Christian Caivinagua (Santana)0:02:53 
12Jose Alfred Rodriguez (Mexico National)0:03:12 
13Landen Beckner (Rad Racing/Kona)0:03:27 
14Guillaume Larose-Gingras (Pivot Cycles-Ote)0:03:56 
15Liam Earl (Byrds)0:04:08 
16Grant Ellwood (Tokyo Joe's Jr)0:04:57 
17Silas Blunk (Whole Athlete/Specialized)  
18Zach Peterson (Whole Athlete / Specialized)0:06:46 
19Owen Flood (Team Ontario - Arrow Racing)0:07:05 
20Braedyn Kozman (Team Ontario/ Tuf Rack Racing)0:07:37 
21Garrett Gerchar (Clif Bar Mtb And Cyclocross Team)0:08:18 
22Christian Panozzo (Giant-Southwest-Racing)0:09:00 
23Thomas Gauthier (Pivot Cycle-Ote)  
24Charles Faucher Robert (Pivot-Ote)0:10:08 
25Ryan Berliner (Giant Northeast Off Road)0:10:19 
26Luis Rivera-Cruz (Puerto Rico National Team)0:11:52 
27Maduro Gabriel (Puerto Rico National Team)0:14:19 
28Alewxander Mercado (Puerto Rico National Team)0:14:20 


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