Püschel and Looney win stage 3

Weather shortens stage 3

Severe storms forced an abbreviated route for stage 4 of the Trans Andes Challenge. "Stage 3" was run as a time trial over 21km.

Javier Püschel of Chile finished in a time of 42:30 ahead of Orlando Alves from Brasil and Joan Llordella form Spain. In the women's category, Sonya Looney won while Joe Kirch and Robert Schmith of Luxembourg topped the men's duo category and Mary McConneloug and Michael Broderick won the mixed duo category.

Brief stage results (no category or GC results available)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Javier Puschel (Chi)0:42:30 
2Orlando Alves (Bra)0:00:17 
3Joan Llordella (Spa)0:01:24 
4Esteban Segura (CRc)0:02:53 
5Matthew Hadley & Benoit Simard (Can)0:02:56 
6Kevin Massicotte (Can)0:03:21 
7Eyair Astudillo (Chi)0:03:24 
8Antonio Ortiz & Pau Zamora (Spa)0:03:56 
9Ricardo Puschel (Chi)0:04:00 
10Matthias Grick (Aus)0:04:11 
11Hugo Pino (Chi)0:04:26 
12Robert Schmitt & Joe Kirch (Can)0:04:32 
13David Rovira (Spa)0:04:56 
14Roberto Fabila & David Diaz (Chi)0:05:33 
15David Carrillo (Spa)0:05:35 
16Fernando Costa (Bra)0:06:08 
17Gerrit Van Den Broek & Gert Stappenbelt (Ned)0:06:47 
18Benoit Sepult (Bel)0:06:54 
19Michael Broderick & Mary Mcconneloug (USA)0:07:37 
20Marcelo Villegas (Col)0:07:52 
21Marcio Lima (Bra)0:07:57 
22Mark Bannister (Chi)0:08:18 
23Juan Tirado (Col)0:08:54 
24Samuel De La Sotta (Chi)0:09:05 
25Daniel Roura0:09:17 
26Frederico Bisetto & Willian Lacerda (Bra)0:09:23 
27Sonya Looney (USA)0:09:45 
28Hugo Cantineau (Bel)0:09:49 
29Magnus Diaz (Bra)0:09:50 
30Eduoardo Stein  
31Denis Detinne (Bel)  
32Tim Veremans (Bel)0:10:10 
33David Arroyo & Felipe Egues (Ecu)0:10:11 
34Pablo Urzua (Chi)0:10:13 
35Zbigniew Wizner (Pol)0:10:29 
36Tomas Baeza & Angel Hinojosa (Chi)0:10:37 
37Sofia Pezzati & Aldo Zanardi (Swi)/(Ita)0:10:40 
38Elisa Garcia & Claus Plaut (Chi)0:10:41 
39Cristiano Silva & Angelo Hayashi (Bra)0:10:51 
40Corey Collier0:10:57 
41Rogelio Santiesteban & Edgar Gomez (Mex)0:11:02 
42Claudio Nova0:11:10 
43Norman Williams0:11:19 
44Benoit Dumas & Martin Simard (Can)0:11:22 
45Gabriel Toledo (Arg)0:11:36 
46Michele Bernardi (Ita)0:11:39 
47Barry Bakker (Cur)0:11:55 
48Ignacio Sopesens (Spa)0:12:06 
49Patricio Diaz & Carlos Cardemil (Chi)0:12:09 
50Mary Dannelley & Mike Dannelley (USA)0:12:10 
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