Tour of Oman 2016

February 16-21, 2016, Oman Exhibition Center, Oman, Road - 2.HC

Stage 1February 16, 2016Oman Exhibition Center - Al Bustan145.5 kmresults
Stage 2February 17, 2016Omantel Head Office - Quriyat162 kmresults
Stage 3February 18, 2016Al Sawadi Beach - Naseem Park176.5 kmresults
Stage 4February 19, 2016Knowledge Oasis Muscat - Jabal Al Akhdhar (Green Mountain)177 kmresults
Stage 5February 20, 2016Yiti (Al Sifah) - Ministry of Tourism119.5 kmresults
Stage 6February 21, 2016The Wave Muscat - Matrah Corniche130.5 kmresults
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