Kisseberth wins Silver Goose Saturday

Smith and St John round out podium


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Kisseberth (USA)1:02:20 
2Scott Smith (USA)0:00:09 
3Derrick St John (Can)0:00:10 
4Brody Sanderson (Can)0:00:29 
5Trevor O'donnell (Can)0:00:38 
6Craig Richey (Can) Garneau-Easton P/B Transitions Lifecare0:00:57 
7Michael Owens (USA)0:01:17 
8Mark Mcconnell (Can)0:01:43 
9Nicholas Diniz (Can)0:01:44 
10Quinton Disera (Can)0:02:05 
11Sjaan Gerth (Can)0:02:38 
12Andrew Watson (Can)0:03:19 
13Parker Bloom (Can)0:03:33 
14Kale Wenczel (USA)0:03:38 
15Alec Donahue (USA)0:03:43 
16Christian Ricci (Can)0:04:03 
17Gunnar Holmgren (Can) Garneau-Easton P/B Transitions Lifecare0:04:20 
18Ian Gielar (USA)0:04:59 
19Christopher Niesen (USA)0:05:14 
20Christopher Mitchell (Can)0:05:48 
21David Mccaig (Can)0:06:10 
22James Fedosov (Can)0:06:18 
23Connor Gregory (Can)0:06:41 
24Brendan Matheson (Can)0:07:07 
25Chris Barson (Can)0:07:16 
26Peter Morse (Can)0:07:30 
27Stephen Kirby (Can)0:07:31 
-1 LapScott Fitzgerald (Irl)  
-2 LapsJacques Cormier (Can)  
-2 LapsTim Mcclure (Can)  
-2 LapsMitch Kaiser (Can)  
-3 LapsBryan Tyers (Can)  
-3 LapsAnderson Reid (Can)  
-3 LapsBret Waghorne (Can)  
DNFAnton Varabei (Can)  
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