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Shimano NEPCX - The Cycle-Smart International 2013

Date range:
November 2- 3, 2013

November 03, Sunday Men:

Milne wins day two of Cycle-Smart

Chandler Delinks
November 04, 2013, 2:26 GMT,
November 04, 2013, 4:47 GMT

Gagné in second, White in third

Shawn Milne (Keough Cyclocross p/b Felt Bicycles) made a late-race move to win day two of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross weekend, less than ten seconds ahead of day one winner Raphael Gagné (Rocky Mountain Factory) and the 18-year-old Cannondale p/b rider, Curtis White.

A slightly modified course for day two was more conducive to racing in groups, as was evidenced by a lead group of nearly 30 riders for the first two laps of racing. Canadians Gagné and Mike Garrigan (Van Dessel) seemed content to set the pace for most of the early laps and it took its toll on many as the group was down to 13 riders by the end of lap three.

Heading into the Raleigh Ride-Up/Run-Up on the fourth lap, the continued efforts of Gagné and Garrigan opened a small gap over the lead group, with only Jeremy Durrin (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) able to join the two at the front.

White, sensing the urgency of the situation, gave chase after exiting the woods and by the start of the fifth lap he made the lead group four. Shortly after White connected, Milne and Evan McNeely (Norco Factory Team) also latched on the leaders.

With two laps to go, Gagné went down hard in the hairpin turn before the entrance to pit one and White attacked. Milne narrowly avoided Gagné in the crash and immediately began chasing White with Durrin on his wheel. Further behind, Gagné and Garrigan also tried to reach the leaders.

Milne and Durrin caught White crossing the line for the last lap. While Durrin and White looked at each other, Milne attacked and opened a gap that would not be closed.

Gagné broke free of Garrigan the last time into the woods and connected with Durrin and White who were caught in a game of cat and mouse. Gagné capitalized on the two riders' hesitations and attacked heading into the final corners before the finish. Durrin bobbled in one of the loose, dirt corners which allowed both White and a hard-charging Garrigan to get by.

Gagné managed to hold off White for 2nd place, while White sprinted to line to hold off Garrigan for his first ever UCI Elite Men's podium. Durrin crossed the line for fifth place.

"When Gagné crashed, I barely made it by," said Milne. "I knew I could catch Curtis, but when I attacked at the bell I wasn't sure I could stay away until the finish. Today was tactical," he continued, "It was fun."


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Shawn Milne (USA) Keough Cyclocross P/B Felt Bicycle 0:58:56  
2 Raphael Gagne (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory 0:00:07  
3 Curtis White (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld 0:00:08  
4 Mike Garrigan (USA) Van Dessel    
5 Jeremy Durrin (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:00:15  
6 Jerome Townsend (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe'S Garage 0:00:30  
7 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Cycle-Smart 0:00:32  
8 Anthony Clark (USA) Jam Fund / Ncc    
9 Evan Mcneely (Can) Norco Factory Team 0:00:37  
10 Derrick St John (Can) Stevens P/B The Cyclery 0:00:38  
11 Weston Schempf (USA) Seavs/Haymarket Pb Van Dessel 0:00:39  
12 Adam Myerson (USA) Team Smartstop/Mountain Khakis 0:00:46  
13 Jake Wells (USA) Stan'S Notubes Elite Cx 0:00:50  
14 Joshua Dillon (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe'S Garage 0:01:08  
15 Nicholas Keough (USA) Keough Cyclocross P/B Felt Bicycle 0:01:18  
16 Craig Richey (Can) Vomax - Sponsorconnected.Com P/B Norco 0:01:19  
17 Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA)    
18 Dan Chabanov (USA) House Industries - Richard Sachs - Rgm 0:01:20  
19 Sam Okeefe (USA) C3 - Twenty20 Cycling Co. 0:01:30  
20 Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (USA) Trek Cyclocross Collective 0:01:31  
21 Jared Nieters (USA) Seavs/Haymarket Pb Van Dessel 0:01:49  
22 Marc-André Daigle (Can) Garneau-Quebec 0:01:51  
23 Brendan Rhim (USA) Kms/Start House Cycling Team 0:01:52  
24 Jake Sitler (USA) Seavs/Haymarket Pb Van Dessel 0:01:53  
25 Matt Timmerman (USA) Cannondale 0:01:55  
26 Emmanuel Goguen (USA) Race Cf | Racecf.Org @Racecf 0:02:14  
27 Adam St. Germain (USA) ENGVT 0:02:16  
28 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada 0:02:18  
29 Todd Bowden (USA) Exposition Wheelmen 0:02:19  
30 Cole Oberman (USA) Breakawaybikes.Com 0:02:25  
31 Tyler Berliner (USA) Bikereg.Com / Joe'S Garage 0:02:26  
32 Sheldon Miller (USA) Bikeman.Com 0:02:46  
33 Max Judelson (USA) Giant Cycling World Boston 0:03:07  
34 Evan Murphy (USA) Nyc Velo P/B The Cannibal 0:03:19  
35 Michael Wissell (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2 0:03:25  
36 Tom Sampson (USA) Adigga Racing 0:03:38  
37 Christopher Hamlin (USA) Bicycle Express\Kona Bikes 0:03:43  
38 Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis Hagens Berman P/B Sutter Home 0:04:01  
39 Charles Schubert (USA) Gpm Sport 0:04:33  
40 Ethan Gilmour (USA) Paradise Racing 0:04:42  
41 Chris Jackson (USA) Castex Racing P/B Felt 0:04:58  
42 Devin Wagner (USA) Nycross.Com/Rpi 0:05:18  
43 Aaron Oakes (USA) Nycross/Vomax 0:05:29  
44 Jules Goguely (USA) Rhode Island School Of Design 0:05:34  
45 Kurt Belhumeur (USA) Bcd Racing P/B Bern Unlimited/Pedros 0:05:36  
46 Jesse Quagliaroli (USA) Exposition Wheelmen    
47 John Burns (USA) Burns Racing 0:05:37  
48 Christopher Merola (USA) Laughing Dog Bicycles 0:06:06  
49 Alec Hoover (USA) Favata'S Trt P/B Stan'S Notubes 0:06:18  
50 Ryan Dromgoole (USA) Pacc/Watt Posse 0:06:46  
51 Ian Schon (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2 0:06:49  
52 Forrest Conrad (USA) Toasted Head Racing 0:06:52  
53 Joseph Near (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology / Fxdd 0:07:02  
54 Matthew Means (USA) C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. 0:07:07  
55 Evan Cooper (USA) Hudson Furniture Cyclocross 0:07:39  
56 Andrew Lysaght (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2    
57 Matthew Sousa (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2    
DNF Dan Timmerman (USA) House Industries - Richard Sachs - Rgm    
DNF Christian Favata (USA) Trt Bicycles P/B Stans No Tubes    
DNF Jeremy Martin (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory Team    
DNF Andrew Loaiza (USA) Rmrc    
DNF Adam Sullivan (USA) Embrocation / Gaulzetti Cicli    
DNF Colin Reuter (USA) Crossresults.Com    
DNF Sean Pantellere (USA) Stampede! P/B Budd Bike Works    
DNF Kevin Sweeney (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2    
DNF Jeffrey Bahnson (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team    
DNF Noah Tautfest (USA) Bicycle Express\Kona Bikes