Hogan solos to victory at Prospect Road

Wells remains in overall lead

Full Results
1Joanne Hogan40pts
2Kimberley Wells35 
3Sarah Roy30 
4Amy Cure25 
5Nicole Whitburn20 
6Carla Ryan18 
7Jessica Mundy16 
8Kate Finegan14 
9Amy Bradley12 
10Jenny MacPherson10 
11Nicole McNamara5 
12Lauretta Hanson5 
13Rebecca Werner5 
14Joanna Wall5 
15Cassandra Dodd5 
16Emma Mackie5 
17Lucy Barker5 
18Jasmin Hurikino5 
19Carly Williams5 
20Hannah Geelan5 
21Brittany Lindores5 
22Phillipa Read5 
23Carla Franson5 
24Claire Homsey5 
25Stephanie Ives5 
DNSTanya Matthewson  
DNSAshlee Ankudinoff  
DNSRebecca Domanage  
DNSIsabella King  
DNSRochelle Gilmore  
Overall standings after stage 2
1Kimberley Wells75pts
2Sarah Roy46 
3Joanne Hogan45 
4Amy Cure45 
5Jessica Mundy41 
6Jenny MacPherson40 
7Nicole Whitburn38 
8Rochelle Gilmore35 
9Kate Finegan28 
10Carla Ryan23 
11Amy Bradley22 
12Tanya Matthewson12 
13Lauretta Hanson10 
14Joanna Wall10 
15Cassandra Dodd10 
16Carly Williams10 
17Emma Mackie10 
18Nicole McNamara10 
19Lucy Barker10 
20Jasmin Hurikino10 
21Hannah Geelan10 
22Brittany Lindores10 
23Phillipa Read10 
24Carla Franson10 
25Claire Homsey10 
26Stephanie Ives10 
27Rebecca Werner10 
28Rebecca Domanage5 
29Ashlee Ankudinoff5 
30Isabella King5 

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