Bahati tops Sacramento field

Carling and Williams outsprinted by former Rock Racing rider

Full Results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rahsaan Bahati (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)  
2Joshua Carling (Michael David Winery Cycling T)  
3Justin Williams (Major Motion Cycling)  
4Charles Hutcheson (McGuire Cycling Team)  
5Andrew Bosco (Full Circle Sports)  
6David McCook (McGuire Cycling Team)  
7Robert Scheffler (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
8Randy Bramblett (Pactimo Racing)  
9Michael Jasinski (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
10Nathan Freed (Marc Pro - Strava)  
11Neil Bartley (Squadra Ovest Cycling)  
12Daniel Farinha (Firefighters Racing p/b Advoca)  
13John Bergmann (Team Clif Bar)  
14Stephen Pelaez (Bell Lap Racing)  
15Michael Charleton (Red Peloton)  
16Nicholas Oliver (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
17Diego GOROBIT  
18Mark Wisecup (Red Peloton)  
19Maxim Jenkins (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)  
20William Myers (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
21Mark Marquez (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
22Judd Van Sickle (Mercedes Benz/Folsom Bike)  
23Torey Philipp (Team Specialized Racing Junior)  
24Ryan Ramos  
26Peter Graf (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
27Collin Samaan (UCI CT: Wonderful Pistachios C)  
28Sergei Badeka (McGuire Cycling Team)  
29Andre Tenthorey (Sacramento Golden Wheelman)  
31Chris Espy (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Sp)  
32Keven Bricknell (Team Mike's Bikes)  
33Dean LaBerge (Team Specialized Racing Master)  
34Richard Steele (Sacramento Golden Wheelmen)  
35Kenny Strickland (SJBC)  
36Todd Stone (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)  
37Sterling Magnell (McGuire Cycling Team)  
38Michael Jacques (Team Clif Bar)  
39Toby Long (Squadra Ovest Cycling)  
40Ricky ESCUELA (Full Circle Sports)  
41Scott Peifer (Mercedes Benz/Folsom Bike)  
42Jason Steele (unatached)  
43Sam Bassetti (Firefighters Racing p/b Advoca)  
44Alton Dunnigan (Bicycle Planet)  
45Dave HOLBERT (KBS)  
46Rainier Schaefer (Team Mike's Bikes)  
47Eric Riggs (Yahoo Cycling Team)  
48Brett Park  
49Patrick McClurg (Mercedes Benz/Folsom Bike)  
50David Albrecht (Chico Corsa Cycling Team)  
51Robert Sorenson (Millcreek Bicycles)  
52Daniel Ramsey (Full Circle Sports)  
53Mark Walsh (Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC))  
54Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized Racing Junior)  
55Cody Tapley (Whole Athlete/Specialized)  
56Cory Williams (Major Motion)  
57Mark Duroy (Team Toms Shoes / Kind Human S)  
58Nathanael Christensen (Michael David Winery Cycling T)  
59Forrest Koenig  
60Andres Gil (Michel David Winery Cycling Te)  
61Jason Snovel (Mercedes Benz/Folsom Bike)  
62Philip Roberts (Cycles FANATIC)  
63Joe Dickerson (McGuire Cycling Team)  
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