Harry Carpenter victorious in U23 men's TT

Campbell Flakemore and Oscar Stevenson round out podium


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harry Carpenter (SA)0:45:38 
2Campbell Flakemore (TAS)0:00:30 
3Oscar Stevenson (VIC)0:01:08 
4Ryan Cavanagh (QLD)0:01:31 
5Alexander Morgan (VIC)0:01:34 
6Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT)0:02:07 
7Tom Kaesler (SA)0:02:09 
8Robert Power (WA)  
9Julian Hamill (NSW)0:03:25 
10Ayden Toovey (NSW)0:03:26 
11Oliver Martin (TAS)0:03:55 
12Thomas Hamilton (VIC)0:03:59 
13Kristian Juel (QLD)0:04:16 
14Jack Beckinsale (NSW)0:04:26 
15Luke Williams (NSW)0:04:34 
16Matthew Slee (NSW)0:05:10 
17Alex Grunke (QLD)0:05:16 
18James Orchard (QLD)0:05:17 
19Jordan Payne (NSW)0:05:19 
20Alex Quirk (QLD)0:05:22 
21Luke Vitler (WA)0:05:33 
22Leslie Masters (QLD)0:05:42 
23Dylan Newbery (QLD)0:06:01 
24Trent Derecourt (WA)0:06:32 
25Alexander Clements (TAS)0:07:16 
26Elliot Kippen (QLD)0:08:29 
27Peter Dunlop (QLD)0:12:35 
dnsDarcy Ellerm-Norton (NZL)  
dnsJack Haig (VIC)  
dnsDimitry Makeev (VIC)  

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