Caleb Ewan wins in Williamstown en route to third Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic overall title

Gracie Elvin claims first women's series overall victory

The Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic came to what seemed an inevitable conclusion as Caleb Ewan (Orica-GreenEdge) won the field sprint in Williamstown on Monday. He handily held off Brenton Jones (Drapac) for the top step of the podium. Alex Edmondson, Ewan's teammates, sprinted in for third.

It is Ewan's 10th stage victory over four years and his third overall title.

"The first win was the most exciting, but they're all special," Ewan said from the podium.

The 21-year-old's first four stage wins and overall victory came before he turned professional. The subsequent results came with the support of his Australian-registered WorldTour squad.

"The team certainly makes my job easier," Ewan said. "They were amazing all weekend."

Ewan's teammates, former Australian road champion Luke Durbridge and neo-pro Jack Haig, rode the front of the 60-minute race nearly from start to finish.

A two-man breakaway, featuring sprint classification winner Robbie Hucker (Avanti IsoWhey) and Josh Taylor (State of the Matter / MAAP), went off the front early. The duo proved unable to extend their advantage beyond a handful of seconds. A solo move countered the catch of the early break, but the gap was short-lived.

By the mid-point of the race, the field was back together, and it would stay together until the race's conclusion. The yellow jersey, following his teammates' wheels, was always near but never on the front.

"Look – the boys again," Ewan said. "I always say it. They were so strong. They rode the whole race on the front. They were so impressive. Keeping me up near the front makes it a lot smoother for me, so I can save a lot of energy."

A crash on the back-end of the course decimated the field before the finish. Ultimately only 20 of the 64 starters contested the sprint.

Ewan jumped before the last corner and led the charge to the line.

"I've done the same thing a couple times before," Ewan said. "I've kicked before the corner. I think that's the way you have to do it here. I thought, 'If I can come out of the corner all right, I should have it.'"

"I thought I had braked enough going into it, but as I was through it, I was thinking: 'Oh gosh. I'm going a bit fast.' I got around it all right. I had a little gap coming out of it. It's not far from that corner to the finish, so you really have to go through it in first place to win here."

From Williamstown, Ewan heads to Ballarat. He'll race the Australian National Road Championships, contesting both the criterium and the road race. Asked how he rates his chances for next Sunday's road race, Ewan insists that he will line up without pressure.

"We've got Gerro [Simon Gerrans] there and other guys that can go well," Ewan said. "There's no pressure on me there. I'll just do my thing and see if I can get around."

Early attack nets Lizzie Williams victory on Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic final day as Gracie Elvin wins series overall

Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS) parlayed an opportunistic attack into a stage win on the final day of the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic in Williamstown on Monday. Jumping at the first of two intermediate sprints, Williams initiated a two-rider breakaway with Julie Leth (Alé Australia). The duo would pocket more than a minute over the peloton before the conclusion of the 45-minute race. Yellow jersey Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS) finished safely in the bunch to win the series overall.

"I'm just so happy to get the overall win and the first win of the season," said Williams. "It's exciting times for our team, I think.

"We were fine to come down to a sprint. We were to set up a solid lead-out for Sarah Roy and keep Gracie up there, but I also had an opportunity to take a chance.

"I could tell I was feeling good on the rollers," said Williams. "You can just tell if you're going to have a good day. I was like – I'm going to go full-gas and see what happens. And it worked."

With five minutes still to race, Williams put in a dig and rode a tiring Leth off her wheel. Coming just short of lapping the field, Williams soloed across the line to take her first win since SwissEver GP Cham-Hagendorn last year. Sixteen seconds later, Leth came to the finish.

"I was doing the easier turns," admitted Williams. "[Julie] was doing the turns in the wind. I had a good tailwind turn. We were sharing the load, working really well, but I could tell she was struggling."

"I thought: 'I'm going to take the chance. I reckon I can ride her off my wheel.' And yeah – I did."

Kajihara Yumi (Novotel Geelong/Japan) slipped away from the peloton before the finish to snag the final spot on the podium. Portarlington winner Valentina Scandolara (Alé Cipollini) proved best of the rest beating Elvin in the field sprint. Fifth place proved sufficient for Elvin, a two-time Australian road champion, to take her first Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic overall victory.

"I'm really proud of myself and the team," said Elvin. "[Winning the series is] something I wanted to do at some point in my career but probably not this year. To have done it now is awesome. I've set myself up for the rest of the year with a lot of confidence."

Elvin and her teammates will head to Buninyong as clear favourites to secure the squad's fourth Australian road title in five years. Amanda Spratt won the green and gold for the Australian-registered squad in its maiden season. Elvin was back-to-back champion in 2013-2014.

"I wanted to stay a little bit under the radar this week and just ride around for form, but I think I've got a big target on my back again," said Elvin with a laugh. "I'm really looking forward to the road race at Nationals. It's going to be a great one – especially with the live coverage."

"We've got a few options," added Williams. "We'll use our numbers to our advantage. We just want to take the jersey to Europe. It doesn't really matter who."  

Full Results

Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)1:00:07 
2Brenton Jones (Drapac Professional)  
3Alexander Edmondson (Orica GreenEdge)  
4Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sports)  
5Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Professional)  
6Samuel Spokes (Drapac Professional)  
7Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Isowhey Sports)  
8Mitch Docker (Orica GreenEdge)0:00:05 
9Jason Lowndes (Drapac Professional)  
10Leigh Howard (Chain Reaction Cycles)0:00:24 
11Aaron Gate (Chain Reaction Cycles)0:00:30 
12Steven Lampier (JLT Condor Mavic)  
13Stefan Matzner (Budget Forklifts)0:00:38 
14George Atkins (JLT Condor Mavic)  
15Mike Cumming (State Of Matter/Maap)  
16Tommy Nankervis (Budget Forklifts)  
17Kazushige Kuboki (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
18Luke Durbridge (Orica GreenEdge)0:00:53 
19Sam Crome (Avanti Isowhey Sports)0:01:12 
20Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sports)  
DNFJack Haig (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNFPeter Koning (Drapac Professional)  
DNFTravis Meyer (Drapac Professional)  
DNFEiya Hashimoto (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
DNFShogo Ichimaru (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
DNFTaisei Kobayashi (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
DNFSteele von Hoff (Avanti Isowhey Sports)  
DNFMitchell Lovelock-Fay (Avanti Isowhey Sports)  
DNFSamuel Witmitz (Budget Forklifts)  
DNFJacob Kauffmann (Budget Forklifts)  
DNFChristopher Lawless (JLT Condor Mavic)  
DNFJonathan Mould (JLT Condor Mavic)  
DNFAlex Frame (JLT Condor Mavic)  
DNFAlistair Slater (JLT Condor Mavic)  
DNFReece Robinson (Chain Reaction Cycles)  
DNFJoel Walsh (Chain Reaction Cycles)  
DNFCaiden Hull (Chain Reaction Cycles)  
DNFJoshua Taylor (State Of Matter/Maap)  
DNFHarry Sweeny (State Of Matter/Maap)  
DNFAlexander Smyth (State Of Matter/Maap)  
DNFLuke Parker (State Of Matter/Maap)  
DNFChris Harper (State Of Matter/Maap)  
DNFNathan Haas (Vtwo)  
DNFTyler Spurrell (Vtwo)  
DNFJames Cummings (Vtwo)  
DNFNathan Wood (Vtwo)  
DNFSamuel Lane (Vtwo)  
DNFCallan Douglas (Vtwo)  
DNFRussell Gill (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFAndreas Müller (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFTom Chapman (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFEvan Hull (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFZane Hunter (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFMitchell Dedman (Physiohealth Focus)  
DNFSam Evans (Pat's Veg)  
DNFPeter Johnstone (Pat's Veg)  
DNFCyrus Monk (Pat's Veg)  
DNFMichael Rice (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFSean Whitfield (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFRowan Dever (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFLachlan Glasspool (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFKarl Michelin-Beard (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFBrad Davies (Oliver's Real Food)  
DNFLiam White (Pat's Veg)  
Intermediate Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sports)3 pts
2Joshua Taylor (State Of Matter/Maap)2 
3Luke Durbridge (Orica GreenEdge)1 
Intermediate Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Crome (Avanti Isowhey Sports)3 pts
2Jack Haig (Orica GreenEdge)2 
3Luke Durbridge (Orica GreenEdge)1 
Intermediate Sprint 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Haas (Vtwo)3 pts
2Luke Durbridge (Orica GreenEdge)2 
3Jack Haig (Orica GreenEdge)1 
Final General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)43 pts
2Brenton Jones (Drapac Professional)30 
3Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sports)27 
4Samuel Spokes (Drapac Professional)16 
5Leigh Howard (Chain Reaction Cycles)16 
6Kazushige Kuboki (Novotel Geelong/Japan)13 
7Luke Parker (State Of Matter/Maap)12 
8Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Professional)10 
9Daniel Fitter (State Of Matter/Maap)10 
10Alexander Edmondson (Orica GreenEdge)8 
11Miles Scotson (Budget Forklifts)8 
12Steele von Hoff (Avanti Isowhey Sports)7 
13Christopher Lawless (JLT Condor Mavic)6 
13Alex Frame (JLT Condor Mavic)6 
15Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Isowhey Sports)4 
16Mitch Docker (Orica GreenEdge)3 
17Steven Lampier (JLT Condor Mavic)3 
18Jason Lowndes (Drapac Professional)2 
19Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sports)2 
20Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Isowhey Sports)2 
20Joshua Taylor (State Of Matter/Maap)2 
22Chris Hamilton (Avanti Isowhey Sports)1 
22Jesse Kerrison (State Of Matter/Maap)1 
Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sports)18 pts
2Miles Scotson (Budget Forklifts)6 
2Nathan Haas (Vtwo)6 
4Alexander Smyth (State Of Matter/Maap)6 
5Luke Durbridge (Orica GreenEdge)6 
6Jack Haig (Orica GreenEdge)6 
7Sam Crome (Avanti Isowhey Sports)3 
8Chris Hamilton (Avanti Isowhey Sports)3 
8Jason Lea (Physiohealth Focus)3 
10Patrick Lane (Avanti Isowhey Sports)3 
11Peter Koning (Drapac Professional)2 
11Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Isowhey Sports)2 
11Joshua Taylor (State Of Matter/Maap)2 
11Chris Harper (State Of Matter/Maap)2 
15Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)1 
16Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sports)1 
17Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Professional)1 
18Steele von Hoff (Avanti Isowhey Sports)1 
Teams Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Drapac Professional56 pts
2Orica GreenEdge54 
3Avanti Isowhey Sports43 
4State Of Matter/Maap25 
5Chain Reaction Cycles16 
6JLT Condor Mavic15 
7Novotel Geelong/Japan13 
8Budget Forklifts8 
Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS)0:44:14 
2Julie Leth (Alé Cycling)0:00:16 
3Kajihara Yumi (Novotel Geelong/Japan)0:00:58 
4Valentina Scandolara (Alé Cycling)0:01:03 
5Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS)  
6Sarah Roy (Orica-AIS)  
7Lauretta Hanson (Total Rush Hyster)  
8Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS)0:01:06 
9Julia Kalotas (Chain Reaction Womens Team)  
10Nakamura Kisato (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
11Liza Rachetto (Specialized Securitor)0:01:09 
12Jessica Mundy (High5 Dream Team)  
13Uwano Minami (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
14Esther Borg (Chain Reaction Womens Team)  
15Ruby Roseman-Gannon0:01:13 
16Chloe McConville (Orica-AIS)  
17Tsukagoshi Sakura (Novotel Geelong/Japan)  
18Tayla Evans (Bikebug-Nextgen)0:01:16 
19Nicole Whitburn (Alé Cycling)  
DNFGaby Leveridge (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFRose Osborne (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFIone Johnson (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFMikayla Harvey (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFPrudence Rothwell (Bikebug-Nextgen)  
DNFMadeleine Steele (Chain Reaction Womens Team)  
DNFVerita Stewart (Specialized Securitor)  
DNFGemma Abery  
DNFCarina Newman  
DNFErin Mitchell  
DNFJosie Aitken  
Intermediate Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie Leth (Alé Cycling)3 pts
2Julia Kalotas (Chain Reaction Womens Team)2 
3Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS)1 
Intermediate Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS)3 pts
2Julie Leth (Alé Cycling)2 
3Uwano Minami (Novotel Geelong/Japan)1 
Final General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS)38 pts
2Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS)32 
3Valentina Scandolara (Alé Cycling)32 
4Sarah Roy (Orica-AIS)26 
5Kimberley Wells (High5 Dream Team)24 
6Julie Leth (Alé Cycling)21 
7Peta Mullens14 
8Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS)11 
9Kajihara Yumi (Novotel Geelong/Japan)10 
10Lauretta Hanson (Total Rush Hyster)7 
11Tsukagoshi Sakura (Novotel Geelong/Japan)5 
12Chloe McConville (Orica-AIS)3 
13Julia Kalotas (Chain Reaction Womens Team)2 
14Nakamura Kisato (Novotel Geelong/Japan)2 
15Uwano Minami (Novotel Geelong/Japan)2 
16Kristy Glover (Bikebug-Nextgen)2 
17Nicole Whitburn (Alé Cycling)1 
Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauretta Hanson (Total Rush Hyster)13 pts
2Julie Leth (Alé Cycling)8 
3Lizzie Williams (Orica-AIS)8 
4Valentina Scandolara (Alé Cycling)6 
5Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS)3 
6Julia Kalotas (Chain Reaction Womens Team)2 
7Jessica Mundy (High5 Dream Team)2 
8Tsukagoshi Sakura (Novotel Geelong/Japan)2 
9Uwano Minami (Novotel Geelong/Japan)1 
10Kimberley Wells (High5 Dream Team)1 
10Kristy Glover (Bikebug-Nextgen)1 
10Peta Mullens1 
Teams Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Orica-AIS96 pts
2Alé Cycling54 
3High5 Dream Team24 
4Novotel Geelong/Japan19 
5Total Rush Hyster7 
7Chain Reaction Womens Team2 


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