Stephenson wins day two at KMC CrossFest

Junior riders repeats opening-day win

The UCI Elite Junior win went to Denzel Stephenson for the second day in a row Sunday at the KMC CrossFest, with Stephenson winning the sprint to the line with second and third placed riders Lane Maher and Gunnar Holmgren.

“The last lap I realized it was going to be a sprint," Stephenson said. "We got a little gap over Gunner over the barriers, because I hopped and he’s really fast running, and it was a two-up sprint for the end and I was able to get him.”


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Denzel Stephenson (USA)0:43:48 
2Lane Maher (USA)  
3Gunnar Holmgren (Can)0:00:01 
4Brody Sanderson (Can)0:00:07 
5Sam Noel (USA)0:00:11 
6Kevin Goguen (USA)0:00:30 
7Ross Ellwood (USA)0:00:43 
8George Schulz (USA)  
9Scott Funston (USA)0:01:01 
10Calder Wood (USA)0:01:02 
11Nicholas Beirne (USA)0:01:03 
12Tyler Clark (Can)0:01:15 
13Caleb Swartz (USA)0:01:20 
14Vivien Rindisbacher (Can)0:01:45 
15Gregory Gunsalus (USA)0:01:57 
16Benjamin Gomezvillafane (USA)0:02:16 
17Alex Mccormack (USA)0:02:36 
18Sebastian Logue (USA)0:02:37 
19Philippe Saint-Laurent (Can)0:02:48 
20Ryan Aittaniemi (USA)0:02:56 
21Camden Brooks (USA)  
22Gentry Jefferson (USA)0:03:21 
23Donald Seib (USA)0:03:57 
24Alexander Chrystall (USA)0:04:08 
25Daniel Vaughn (USA)0:04:41 
26Zachary Young (USA)0:04:44 
27Dylan Rockwood (USA)0:04:45 
28Scott Leonard (Can)0:05:18 
29Finnegan O'connor (USA)0:05:38 
30Alexander Christian (USA)0:05:42 
31Jackson Heath (USA)0:06:36 
32Owen Busch (USA)0:07:09 
33Leo Kirkpatrick Baird (USA)  
34Thomas Hulton (Can)  
35Matthew Johnson (USA)  


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