Page goes solo on Friday night Jingle 1 Cross race

Dillman and Krughoff complete the men's podium

Jonathan Page (Fuji) beat the cyclo-cross grinch and his rivals in the first of three Jungle Cross races on Friday, winning alone under the lights.

Page finished 33 seconds ahead of Andre Dillman (Cyclocross Network Racing), with Allen Krughoff (Noosa Pro Cyclocross Team) third at 45 seconds.  


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jonathan Page (USA)59:38:00 
2Andrew Dillman (USA)1:00:11 
3Allen Krughoff (USA)1:00:23 
4Troy Wells (USA)1:00:32 
5Tobin Ortenblad (USA)1:00:38 
6Todd Wells (USA)1:00:41 
7Kerry Werner (USA)1:01:14 
8Adam Craig (USA)1:01:40 
9Dan Timmerman (USA)1:02:14 
10Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)1:02:30 
11Lance Haidet (USA)1:02:46 
12Brian Matter (USA)1:04:24 
13Casey Hildebrandt (USA)1:04:46 
14Robert Marion (USA)1:04:47 
15Cody Kaiser (USA)1:05:27 
16Jake Wells (USA)1:05:30 
17Brannan Fix (USA)1:05:57 
18Spencer Whittier (USA)1:06:00 
19Steve Tilford (USA)1:06:19 
20Brandon Feehery (USA)1:07:28 
21Carl Decker (USA)1:08:05 
22Connor Dilger (USA)-2 
23Tom Burke (USA)  
24Braden Kappius (USA)  
25Kevin Mcconnell (USA)  
26Alexander Martin (USA)  
27Abe Goorskey (USA)  
28Michael Dutczak (USA)-3 
29John Thompson (USA)-4 
30Mathew Allen (USA)  

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