Duchesne wins Canadian Road Championship title in Saguenay

Perry second, Ellsay third

Antoine Duchesne (Groupama-FDJ) won the road race title at the 2018 Global Relay Canadian Road Championships in Saturday in Saguenay. Duchesne sprinted for the victory ahead of his breakaway rivals Benjamin Perry (Israel Cycling Academy) in second and Nigel Ellsay (Rally Cycling) in third. Adam De Vos (Rally Cycling) sprinted in for fourth place 14 seconds after the winning breakaway, just ahead of Svein Tuft (Mitchelton-Scott) in fifth.

The men's race included several European-based pros Duchesne, plus strong North American teams Silber Pro Cycling and Rally Cycling. Duchesne and Perry were part of an early move that split the field in the chase.

The front of the race saw multiple riders join and get dropped, with only Duchesne and Perry consistently there. With the race down to less than 30 riders from the 128 starters, Duchesne, Perry and Nigel Ellsay (Rally Cycling) finally broke clear of the chasers with less than 40 kilometres remaining. In the sprint, Duchesne went to the front early and held off Perry for the win, with Ellsay taking third. Edward Walsh (T-Palm PCW) was the Under-23 champion, finishing tenth overall.

"I really believed it this time; I felt really strong coming out of Dauphine," said Duchesne. "I felt confident, but stressed and nervous, since I knew I could win it. I tried to put myself at the front so I wouldn't have to worry about chasing stuff down. I was in every move all day long and still managed to have a little left for the sprint."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Antoine Duchesne (Can) Groupama-FDJ4:17:18 
2Benjamin Perry (Can) Israel Cycling Academy  
3Nigel Ellsay (Can) RALLY Cycling  
4Adam De Vos (Can) RALLY Cycling0:00:14 
5Svein Tuft (Can) Michelton-Scott  
6Bruno Langlois (Can) Vélo Cartel0:00:18 
7Ryan Roth (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
8James Piccoli (Can) Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling0:00:21 
9Jack Burke (Can) Jelly belly pro cycling0:00:23 
10Edward Walsh (Can) T-Palm PCW0:06:43 
11Noah Simms (Can) Toronto Hustle0:06:51 
12Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac/Devinci0:06:55 
13Nickolas Zukowsky (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling0:08:01 
14Bruce Bird (Can) Wheels of Bloor/AutoStyle Collision0:08:36 
15Jure Rupnik (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team0:12:49 
16Trevor O'donnell (Can) Toronto Hustle0:12:51 
17Derek Gee (Can) Team RaceClean  
18Alexander Amiri (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling  
19Gaelen Merritt (Can) Wheels of Bloor/AutoStyle Collision0:12:59 
20Ryan Anderson (Can) RALLY Cycling  
21Danick Vandale (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
22Felix Belhumeur (Can) Indépendant0:17:41 
23Pier Andre Cote (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling0:18:25 
24Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team0:22:02 
25Kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic  
26Francis Izquierdo Bernier (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
27Jerome Mcnicoll (Can) Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii  
28Martin Rupes (Can) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC  
29Nicholas Diniz (Can) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC  
DNFMatteo Dal-Cin (Can) RALLY Cycling  
DNFMarc-Antoine Soucy (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
DNFConor O'brien (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
DNFOlivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFEmile Jean (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
DNFElliot Doyle (Can) Vélo Cartel  
DNFAnton Varabei (Can) Toronto Hustle  
DNFGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (Can) Ascent Cycling p/b Neworld Cycle  
DNFNavarro Fong Roy (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFGabriel Audet Boucher (Can) Vélo Cartel  
DNFGuillaume Lévesque (Can) Vélo Cartel  
DNFJordan Cheyne (Can) Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling  
DNFDavid Sylvestre-Williams (Can) Independant  
DNFAmiel Flett-Brown (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling  
DNFAlexis Cartier (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
DNFMarc-Antoine Nadon (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team  
DNFPierrebernard Thiffault (Can) MEL Hedrick Racing  
DNFRémi Fagnan (Can) Indépendant  
DNFShawn Litster (Can) Mac Cycling LLC  
DNFTrevor Connor (Can) Morning Glory Cycling Club  
DNFDavid Barry (Can) Premier Tech p/b Argon  
DNFSamuel Blanchette (Can) Premier Tech p/b Argon  
DNFMathieu Gabriel (Can) Premier Tech p/b Argon  
DNFAndré Tremblay (Can) Premier Tech p/b Argon  
DNFJules Cusson Fradet (Can) Premier Tech p/b Argon18  
DNFGuillaume Fiset (Can) PremierTech P/B Argon18  
DNFJulien Gagne (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFStephen Keeping (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFHendrik Pineda (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFRobert Britton (Can) RALLY Cycling  
DNFCharles Kent (Can) REALDEAL | AQUILA  
DNFJustin Purificati (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme  
DNFNicolas Masbourian (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
DNFTravis Samuel (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
DNFTommy Waldeck (Can) St. Catharines Cycling Club  
DNFLeandre Bouchard (Can) Team KMC Ekoï Sr Suntour  
DNFWarren Muir (Can) The lead out project  
DNFJay Lamoureux (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic  
DNFCedrick Bourgeois (Can) Ultraviolet/skippet  
DNFJason Cote (Can) Ultraviolet/skippet  
DNFAlexander Cataford (Can) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling  
DNFWilliam Blackburn (Can) Vélo 2000-RhinoRack  
DNFMichael Dalterio (Can) VéloSelect-Apogee  
DNFRyan Primeau (Can) VéloSelect-Apogee  
DNFGuillaume Walsh (Can) VéloSelect-Apogee  
DNFRobert Gutgesell (Can) Wheels of Bloor/AutoStyle Collision  
DNFMichel Jean (Can) Quebexico  
DNFWilliam Goodfellow (Can) VéloSelect-Apogee  
DNFThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (Can) Équidu Québec  
DNFAdam Roberge (Can) SILBER Pro Cycling  
DNFJordann Jones (Can) NCCH Elite pb MGCC  
DNFMitchell Ketler (Can) MB Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFOlivier Peloquin (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFLaurent Gervais (Can) Aevolo cycling  
DNFJean Gabriel Dumais (Can) Apogee RBC-Valeurs Mobilières  
DNFLukas Conly (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFJake Cullen (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFJoshua Kropf (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFGraham Lock (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFKellen Viznaugh (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy+  
DNFEvan Bennewies (Can) CCF Racing  
DNFAndré Boudreau (Can) Craftsman Construction  
DNFTitus Chan (Can) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle  
DNFFélix Boutin (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFJonathan Cassivi (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFGuillaume Davidson (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFGabriel Guay (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFAntoine Ippersiel (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFFélix Pelletier (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell  
DNFTristan Guillemette (Can) Équidu Québec  
DNFOlivier Beaulieu (Can) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo  
DNFPhilip Guimond (Can) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo  
DNFRobert Starrs (Can) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC  
DNFAdam Wolfe (Can) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC  
DNFThomas Pevalin (Can) NCCH Elite pb MGCC  
DNFÉdouard Beaudoin (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFFelix Dolbec (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFMax Rubarth (Can) Probaclac/Devinci  
DNFRyan Rudderham (Can) REALDEAL | AQUILA  

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