Connor Swift wins British national road championships

Blythe and Doull complete podium

Connor Swift (Madison-Genesis) took the British national road race title after a solo attack on the final lap of the race. Two-time champion Adam Blythe (Aqua Blue Sport) took second after a chase in the final kilometres, while Owain Doull (Team Sky) took the sprint for third from a small chase group.

Having made the early break along with 16 other riders, including several from WorldTour teams, 22-year-old Swift took his chance to go it alone 15km from the line with the peloton out of picture. His sustained effort put off attacks from behind, with only Blythe able to put in a solo chase effort in the closing kilometres.

"It's like a dream come true," said Swift after the finish. "It's amazing to do it for Madison-Genesis - a Continental team and one of the underdogs for the race. I can’t remember the last time a Continental team won the national championships. [Ed: It was Kristian House in 2009]

"I felt so good on the last lap and I could tell everyone else was struggling," Swift added. "I rode off the front and thought, 'I'll go as hard as I can.' I took a big risk and it paid off and I won the race. It's mad!"

How it happened

The race took place in Stamfordham, in the north-east of England, and took in 185.6km of largely flat roads. Four laps of a 35.4km circuit and two of a shorter 22km circuit were punctuated by four ascents up Ryal hill (1.8km at 5.4 per cent), the last of which came 32km from the finish line.

Given the nature of the route, a sprint finish seemed likely, but that didn't stop a large breakaway getting up the road early on. The group comprised 16 riders, and it was a strong one, including Doull, Swift, Blythe, Mark Christian (Aqua Blue Sport), and Gabriel Cullaigh (Team Wiggins).

The break quickly built a three-minute lead, with the small group of chasers hanging just 30 seconds ahead of the peloton. That would be the status quo for much of the race, with no major drama occuring besides a brief split in the peloton on the third ascent of Ryal.

Heading into the final 50km, with only the final ascent of Ryal remaining, the gap was 1:40 to a three-man chase group including Ian Stannard (Team Sky). The peloton, which held Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) among others, lay 2:30 back.

The final 30km saw attacks start among the break, with the peloton out of contention at over five minutes down. A move including the two Aqua Blue men was eventually brought back after a big turn by Doull, while Stannard's group still chipped away a minute back.

An attack by Swift 15km from the line drew out a small group including Doull and Blythe, who hung around 15 seconds behind. He powered along, barely ceding any time to the chasers over the closing kilometres. Blythe made his move 3km out but couldn’t bridge the gap, leaving Swift to take the plaudits solo.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Swift (GBr) Madison Genesis4:19:06 
2Adam Blythe (GBr) Aqua Blue Sport0:00:22 
3Owain Doull (GBr) Team Sky0:00:25 
4Robert Scott (GBr) Team Wiggins0:00:26 
5Fred Wright (GBr)  
6Ben Hetherington (GBr) Memil Ccn Pro Cycling0:00:27 
7Gabriel Cullaigh (GBr) Team Wiggins0:00:34 
8Ben Swift (GBr) UAE Team Emirates0:00:59 
9Joey Walker (GBr) Team Wiggins0:01:00 
10Dexter Gardias (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
11Mark Christian (GBr) Aqua Blue Sport  
12Alistair Slater (GBr) JLT Condor  
13George Pym (GBr) Madison Genesis  
14Daniel Bigham (GBr)0:01:03 
15Matthew Holmes (GBr) Madison Genesis0:01:13 
16Charlie Tanfield (GBr) Canyon Eisberg0:04:24 
17Thomas Stewart (GBr) JLT Condor  
18Mark Donovan (GBr) Team Wiggins  
19Ian Stannard (GBr) Team Sky0:04:27 
20Alexandar Richardson (GBr) One Pro Cycling0:07:52 
21Andrew Tennant (GBr) Canyon Eisberg0:08:16 
22Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (GBr) Team Wiggins  
23Peter Williams (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
24Matthew Bostock (GBr)0:08:17 
25Julian Varley (GBr)0:08:18 
26Ben Turner (GBr) Corendon-Circus  
27Michael Mottram (GBr)  
28Joshua Hunt (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
29Matthew Nowell (GBr) Canyon Eisberg0:08:19 
30Christopher Latham (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
31Zeb Kyffin (GBr)  
32Max Stedman (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
33Mark McNally (GBr) Wanty-Groupe Gobert0:08:20 
34Thomas Moses (GBr) JLT Condor0:08:22 
35James Shaw (GBr) Lotto Soudal0:08:25 
36Richard Handley (GBr) Madison Genesis0:08:36 
37Thomas Baylis (GBr) One Pro Cycling0:08:40 
38Thomas Pidcock (GBr) Team Wiggins0:08:44 
DNFMark Cavendish (GBr) Dimension Data  
DNFRhys Britton (GBr)  
DNFEthan Hayter (GBr)  
DNFJoe Holt (GBr)  
DNFJake Stewart (GBr)  
DNFMatthew Walls (GBr)  
DNFDaniel Pearson (GBr) Aqua Blue Sport  
DNFMark Robertson (GBr)  
DNFRichard McDonald (GBr)  
DNFCharles Page (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
DNFAlex Paton (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
DNFJack Pullar (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
DNFLouis Rose-Davies (GBr)  
DNFHarry Tanfield (GBr) Canyon Eisberg  
DNFTom Elwood (GBr)  
DNFJoseph Clark (GBr)  
DNFMorris Bacon (GBr)  
DNFGary Freeman (GBr)  
DNFRichard Taylor (GBr)  
DNFLeon Mazzone (GBr) Holdsworth Pro Racing  
DNFJake Womersley (GBr) Holdsworth Pro Racing  
DNFDominic Schils (GBr) Java Partizan  
DNFIan Bibby (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFEdmund Bradbury (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFGraham Briggs (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFEdward Clancy (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFMatthew Gibson (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFJames Gullen (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFJonathan Mould (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFOliver Wood (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNFNeil Phillips (GBr)  
DNFDavid Bolland (GBr)  
DNFKinsey McIlquham (GBr)  
DNFCharles Quarterman (GBr) Leopard Pro Cycling  
DNFGeorge Atkins (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFMichael Cuming (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFTobyn Horton (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFJonathan McEvoy (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFIsaac Mundy (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFErick Rowsell (GBr) Madison Genesis  
DNFRobert Orr (GBr) Memil CCN Pro Cycling  
DNFJacob Tipper (GBr) Memil Ccn Pro Cycling  
DNFStephen Bradbury (GBr)  
DNFJacob Scott (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
DNFRhys Howells (GBr)  
DNFJohn Archibald (GBr)  
DNFWilliam Brown (GBr)  
DNFWilliam Corbett (GBr)  
DNFDavid Hewett (GBr)  
DNFRichard Jones (GBr)  
DNFAlex Luhrs (GBr)  
DNFJacky Ruez (GBr)  
DNFMatthew Clements (GBr)  
DNFTobias Dahlhaus (GBr)  
DNFJames Jenkins (GBr)  
DNFOliver Maxwell (GBr)  
DNFThomas Power (GBr)  
DNFLuke Ryan (GBr)  
DNFGeorge Wood (GBr)  
DNFAntony Richardson (GBr)  
DNFFraser Martin (GBr)  
DNFStephen Williams (GBr) SEG Racing Academy  
DNFFrazier Carr (GBr)  
DNFDouglas Coleman (GBr)  
DNFRupert Graham (GBr)  
DNFAnthony Moye (GBr)  
DNFCharlie Passfield (GBr)  
DNFJordan Peacock (GBr)  
DNFMatthew Downie (GBr)  
DNFAndrew Nichols (GBr)  
DNFOliver W Bates (GBr)  
DNFAlex Dowsett (GBr) Katusha-Alpecin  
DNFCallum Ferguson (GBr)  
DNFWill Fox (GBr)  
DNFAndrew Turner (GBr)  
DNFDaniel Patten (GBr)  
DNFSam Brand (GBr) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFJonathan Dibben (GBr) Team Sky  
DNFTao Geoghegan Hart (GBr) Team Sky  
DNFChristopher Lawless (GBr) Team Sky  
DNFWilliam Bjergfelt (GBr)  
DNFNathan Draper (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFJacques Sauvagnargues (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFReece Wood (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFJesse Yates (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNFWilliam Perrett (GBr)  
DNFRuari Grant (GBr)  
DNFLiam Davies (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
DNFHarrison Jones (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
DNFGrant Martin (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
DNFAlex Dalton (GBr)  
DNFJack Stanton-Warren (GBr)  
DNFPaul Double (GBr)  
DNFJoseph Nally (GBr)  
DNFMarcus Burnett (GBr)  
DNFMatthew Clarke (GBr)  
DNFPeter Cocker (GBr)  
DNFFinn Crockett (GBr)  
DNFAndrew Disley (GBr)  
DNFGeorge Evans (GBr)  
DNFTim James (GBr)  
DNFMatt Langworthy (GBr)  
DNFDaniel Nieto (GBr)  
DNFDaniel Pullen (GBr)  
DNFCharlie Renshaw (GBr)  
DNFFraser Rounds (GBr)  
DNFJoseph Sutton (GBr)  
DNFBradley Symonds (GBr)  
DNSStephen Cummings (GBr) Dimension Data  
DNSScott Davies (GBr) Dimension Data  
DNSLaurence Kirby (GBr)  
DNSPeter Kennaugh (GBr) Bora-Hansgrohe  
DNSLouis Szymanski (GBr)  
DNSDaniel McLay (GBr) EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale  
DNSJames McLaughlin (GBr)  
DNSMitchell Webber (GBr)  
DNSRussell Downing (GBr) Holdsworth Pro Racing  
DNSDaniel Whitehouse (GBr) Interpro Stradalli Cycling  
DNSGermain Burton (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNSEdward Laverack (GBr) JLT Condor  
DNSJacob Vaughan (GBr)  
DNSAndy Brown (GBr)  
DNSTom Chandler (GBr)  
DNSKen Buckley (GBr)  
DNSDante Carpenter (GBr)  
DNSJake Kelly (GBr) One Pro Cycling  
DNSJames Knox (GBr) Quick-Step Floors  
DNSLawrence Carpenter (GBr)  
DNSGruffudd Lewis (GBr)  
DNSJames Rix (GBr)  
DNSWilliam Harper (GBr)  
DNSSteve Lampier (GBr)  
DNSJoe Swinnerton (GBr)  
DNSLuke Rowe (GBr) Team Sky  
DNSGeraint Thomas (GBr) Team Sky  
DNSEtienne Georgi (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNSOliver Robinson (GBr) Team Wiggins  
DNSAdam Kenway (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
DNSTimothy Torrie (GBr) Vitus Pro Cycling  
DNSJake Alderman (GBr)  
DNSCameron Jeffers (GBr)  

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