O'Shea crowned time trial champion

Belder & Morton take out women's team sprint

South Australia and Victoria claimed the honours in opening session of the 2013 Cycling Australia Track National Championships held at Sydney's Dunc Gray Velodrome on Wednesday afternoon.

London Olympian and reigning omnium world champion Glenn O’Shea (SA) took gold in the men’s kilometre time trial, fellow South Australians Stephanie Morton and Rikki Belder claimed the women’s team sprint crown, while reigning junior world champion Zac Shaw (VIC) won the U19 men’s time trial.

South Australia's Glenn O'Shea (1:02.982) once again showed his track cycling versatility by winning the men’s kilometre time trial champion with a strong ride to open his account at the Championships.

O’Shea lead at every time check over the four laps to win ahead of fellow South Australian Luke Davison (1:03.666) and New South Wales’ Timothy McMillan (1:03.901). The win gave O’Shea his twelfth career national track title, a swag which boasts green and gold jerseys in the omnium, team pursuit, scratch and points races.

"I am happy with my time, it wasn’t my best ride but I think it’s the second best time I’ve ever ridden in that event so I am pretty happy with that," said O’Shea.

"It’s pretty satisfying to tick the kilo off the list and it’s my goal over the next couple of years to have win all the endurance events. Just the IP to go."

O’Shea will now turn his attentions to the team pursuit in which he will join Luke Davison, Alex Edmondson and Miles Scotson as they attempt to defend their national title. O’Shea will also contest the points race.

"The team pursuit is a priority for us, it’s a pretty important event," O’Shea said. "And we have all been training with the national squad, so we are all well drilled at the moment so hopefully we can come away with the win."

South Australia's Stephanie Morton and Rikki Belder won the women's team sprint crown (34.221) over the New South Wales pair of Stephanie Fernando-Prieska and Kaarle McCulloch (34.408).

Belder posted a personal best time of 19.699 over the first lap, two tenths of a second faster than Fernando-Prieska. In the second lap, Morton held off the three-time world champion McCulloch to secure the title for South Australia.

"Rikki and I don’t really train that often together so it was great to get out here and do so well," said Morton, who paired with McCulloch last week to claim gold in the women’s team sprint at the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Mexico. "I don’t feel too bad after Mexico, I’ve had a few days off to taper my training and I am feeling good for these Championships."

For 19-year-old Belder, it was her second successive title after claiming the crown with Anna Meares in 2012.

"It feels so good, when-ever you go out and defend a title it is so satisfying to defend it," said Belder. "Every time whether you are defending or not you have to go out there and race as fast as you can, to try and race a PB and blow the track apart.

"I think Anna will be proud of us as well, we both did a great job," Belder remarked.

Queensland’s Taylah Jennings and Bax (35.636) won bronze over West Australia’s Allee Proud and Tian Beckett (35.761).

The first gold medal of the Championships went to Victoria's Zac Shaw (1:03.637) who eclipsed his own Championship record on the way to winning gold in the U19 men’s kilometre time trial.

It was a Victorian trifecta with Braeden Dean (1:05.791) taking silver and Hugo Tolliday (1:06.405) bronze.


Women Team Sprint Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rikki Belder (SA)0:00:34.352 
 Stephanie Morton (SA)  
2Stephanie Fernandez-Preiksa (NSW)0:00:34.649 
 Kaarle McCulloch (NSW)  
3Taylah Jennings (Qld)0:00:35.501 
 Deanna Bax (Qld)  
4Allee Proud (WA)0:00:35.774 
 Tian Beckett (WA)  
5Tennille Falappi (Qld)0:00:36.963 
 Sheridan Spark (Qld)  
6Rebecca Dunn (NSW)0:00:38.586 
 Holly Heffernan (NSW)  
Women Team Sprint Final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rikki Belder (SA)0:00:34.221 
 Stephanie Morton (SA)  
2Stephanie Fernandez-Preiksa (NSW)0:00:34.408 
 Kaarle McCulloch (NSW)  
3Taylah Jennings (Qld)0:00:35.636 
 Deanna Bax (Qld)  
4Allee Proud (WA)0:00:35.761 
 Tian Beckett (WA)  
U19 Men's Pursuit Qualifying (3,000m)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zac Shaw (Vic)0:03:20.361 
2Jack Edwards (NSW)0:03:21.711 
3Callum Scotson (SA)0:03:21.881 
4Sam Welsford (WA)0:03:25.097 
5Josh Harrison (SA)0:03:25.614 
6Bradley Heffernan (NSW)0:03:25.647 
7Mathew Ross (Vic)0:03:25.653 
8Jack Hickey (Vic)0:03:26.439 
9Gerald Evans (Tas)0:03:26.694 
10Owen Gillott (SA)0:03:26.997 
11Daniel Fitter (Qld)0:03:27.239 
12Matthew Holmes (SA)0:03:28.452 
13Jordan Payne (NSW)0:03:30.216 
14Brendon Meney (WA)0:03:31.753 
15Jordan Stannus (Vic)0:03:32.406 
16Theo Yates (WA)0:03:32.745 
17Luke Vitler (WA)0:03:33.789 
Elite Men's Pursuit Qualifying (4,000m)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Hepburn (Qld)0:04:18.180 
2Alex Morgan (Vic)0:04:21.049 
3Miles Scotson (SA)0:04:24.333 
4Alex Edmondson (SA)0:04:24.694 
5Peter Loft (Tas)0:04:28.232 
6Mitchell Mulhern (Qld)0:04:28.818 
7Caleb Ewan (NSW)0:04:29.937 
8Nicholas Yallouris (NSW)0:04:30.677 
9Jack Cummings (Vic)0:04:31.630 
10Tyler Spurrell (Vic)0:04:32.699 
11Tirian McManus (NSW)0:04:33.162 
12Trent Derecourt (WA)0:04:35.081 
13Ben Harvey (NSW)0:04:38.043 
14Jesse Kerrison (Qld)0:04:43.429 
15Alexander Hoffman (Qld)0:04:45.601 
U19 Men's Time Trial Final (1,000m)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zac Shaw (Vic)0:01:03.637 
2Braden Dean (Vic)0:01:05.791 
3Hugo Tolliday (Vic)0:01:06.405 
4Matthew Holmes (SA)0:01:07.017 
5Jerome Bechaz (Vic)0:01:08.562 
6Sean Grimes (Qld)0:01:08.707 
7Jack Ruhle (Qld)0:01:11.366 
Elite Men's Time Trial Final (1,000m)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn O'Shea (SA)0:01:02.982 
2Luke Davison (SA)0:01:03.666 
3Tim McMillan (NSW)0:01:03.901 
4Trent Derecourt (WA)0:01:06.196 
5Luke Zaccaria (WA)0:01:14.484 
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