Davis takes gold after aggressive race

Australian beats Roulston and Millar, Cavendish seventh

Allan Davis continued Australia’s dominance of the Commonwealth Games in India by wining gold on the men’s road race at the end of a thrilling and very aggressive race on a flat circuit in the centre of Delhi.

Davis managed to jump across the decisive attack in the final kilometres and then used his sprinting speed to beat New Zealand’s Hayden Roulston and Scotland’s David Millar.

Fellow Australian Chris Sutton was fourth at four seconds, Northern Ireland’s David McCann was fifth at 11 seconds and Canadian Dominique Rollin was sixth at 22 seconds.

Mark Cavendish finished seventh, 59 seconds behind Davis, after being distanced during the final attacks. He made the decisive selection with three laps to go but with no Isle of Man teammates to help against the barrage of attacks from the Australians and Kiwi, he was worked over and eventually cracked after making several huge efforts to close gaps.

Surprisingly it was Davis’ first win of the 2010 season and went a long way to making up for finishing third in the world road race championships in Australia last Sunday.

Davis hugged teammate Chris Sutton after the finish, knowing that his contribution had been fundamental. Sutton was in the front move but then worked for Davis when they came together. Sutton jumped after Millar when the Scott made a late attack and then helped set up the sprint finish.

Davis’ victory means Australia has now won 14 of the 15 cycling medals so far contested at the Commonwealth games. Earlier on Sunday Rochelle Gilmore won gold in the women’s race.

The other nations have only the men’s and women’s time trial events on Wednesday to stop an Australian gold rush.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allan Davis (Australia)3:49:48 
2Hayden Roulston (New Zealand)  
3David Millar (Scotland)  
4Christopher Sutton (Australia)0:00:04 
5David Mccann (Northern Ireland)0:00:11 
6Dominique Rollin (Canada)0:00:22 
7Mark Simon Cavendish (Isle of Man)0:00:59 
8Gordon Mccauley (New Zealand)0:01:09 
9Luke Rowe (Wales)0:02:49 
10Jack Bauer (New Zealand)  
11Zach Bell (Canada)0:02:54 
12Dan Craven (Namibia)0:04:20 
13Andrew Fenn (Scotland)  
14Alex Dowsett (England)  
15Adam Armstrong (Northern Ireland)  
16Erik Hoffmann (Namibia)  
17Johann Rabie (South Africa)  
18Paul Esposti (Wales)  
19Will Routley (Canada)0:04:23 
20James Mclaughlin (Guernsey)  
21Evan Oliphant (Scotland)0:04:48 
22Arnaud Papillon (Canada)  
23Rhys Lloyd (Wales)  
24Philip Lavery (Northern Ireland)0:04:58 
25Ryan Roth (Canada)0:05:17 
26Gregory Lovell (Belize)0:05:24 
27Tobyn Horton (Guernsey)  
28Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius)  
29Christian Spence (Jersey)0:05:27 
30Jay Robert Thomson (South Africa)  
31Geron Oliver Williams (Guyana)0:07:22 
32Darren Matthews (Barbados)  
33Nathan Byukusenge (Rwanda)  
34Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin (Malaysia)  
35Emile Abraham (Trinidad and Tobago)  
36Mohd Harrif Salleh (Malaysia)  
37Andrew Brian Roche (Isle of Man)  
38Erick Rowsell (England)  
39Sean Downey (Northern Ireland)  
40Robert Hunter (South Africa)  
41Daryl Impey (South Africa)  
42Amir Mustafa Rusli (Malaysia)  
43Dale Appleby (Wales)  
44Chris Froome (England)  
45Simon Yates (England)0:07:26 
46Edgar Nissani Arana (Belize)0:16:26 
47Josh Gosselin (Guernsey)  
48Sandeep Kumar (India)  
49Atul Kumar Singh (India)  
50Robin Ovenden (Jersey)  
51Abraham Ruhumuriza (Rwanda)  
52Laxmen Wijerathna (Sri Lanka)  
DNFClinton Avery (New Zealand)  
DNFMark Peter Christian (Isle of Man)  
DNFMichael Matthews (Australia)  
DNFLuke Durbridge (Australia)  
DNFRohan Dennis (Australia)  
DNFChristopher Whorrall (Isle of Man)  
DNFDanny Laud (AIA)  
DNFJanaka Hermantha Kumara (Sri Lanka)  
DNFHillary Kiprotich (Kenya)  
DNFPaul Ngasike Agorir (Kenya)  
DNFYolain Mathieu Calypso (Mauritius)  
DNFChristoff Van Heerden (South Africa)  
DNFAnuar Manan (Malaysia)  
DNFAmandeep Singh (India)  
DNFYusrizal Usoff (Malaysia)  
DNFOneil Anthony Samuels (Jamaica)  
DNFJairo Campos (Belize)  
DNFClaude Richardson (Anguilla)  
DNFDavid Lines (Scotland)  
DNFRoss Creber (Scotland)  
DNFJonathan Mould (Wales)  
DNFLouis Desire Hugo Caetane (Mauritius)  
DNFByron Pope (Belize)  
DNFDominic Stephen Ollivierre (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)  
DNFDavid Matovu (Uganda)  
DNFTom Black (Isle of Man)  
DNFDarren Lill (South Africa)  
DNFMuhamad Adiq Husainie Othman (Malaysia)  
DNFJames Mccallum (Scotland)  
DNFGraeme Hatcher (Isle of Man)  
DNFSam Bewley (New Zealand)  
DNFMarlon Eustace Williams (Guyana)  
DNFNicodem Habiyambere (Rwanda)  
DNFAlanzo Nicholas Greaves (Guyana)  
DNFRajesh Chandrashekhar (India)  
DNFJustin Mario Hodge (Anguilla)  
DNFAdrier Niynshuti (Rwanda)  
DNFMarvin Augustine Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda)  
DNFHarpreet Singh (India)  
DNFArchirese Katumba (Uganda)  
DNFSombir (India)  
DNFLaurence Jupp (Bahamas)  
DNFLeon Matovu (Uganda)  
DNFGasore Hategeka (Rwanda)  
DNFBrandon Raymond Cattouse (Belize)  
DNFChristopher Michael Walker (Gibraltar)  
DNFMoses Sesay (Sierra Leone)  
DNFLeonard Tsoyo (Malawi)  
DNFCameron Meyer (Australia)  
DNFSamwel Ekiru (Kenya)  
DNFOmarie King (Antigua and Barbuda)  
DNFMarc Ryan (New Zealand)  
DNFRichard Tanguy (Jersey)  
DNFJyme Rodriguez Terry Bridges (Antigua and Barbuda)  
DNFZakayo Nderi Mwai (Kenya)  
DNFKen Jackson Jackson (Antigua and Barbuda)  
DNFIsmael Chelang`A Maiyo (Kenya)  
DNFJean Charles Pascal Ladaub (Mauritius)  
DNFMarloe Craig Rodman (Jamaica)  
DNFMissi Kathumba (Malawi)  
DNFKris Pradel (Anguilla)  
DNFHansel Orano Andrews (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)  
DNFShimano Trevor Bailey (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)  
DNFSemakula Kigongo (Uganda)  
DNFAugustine Sesay (Sierra Leone)  
DNFDavid Magezi (Uganda)  
DNFSam Harrison (Wales)  
DNFMartyn Irvine (Northern Ireland)  
DNFRowshan Jones (Bahamas)  
DNFJohn Njenga Kibunja (Kenya)  
DNFKurt Maraj (Saint Lucia)  
DNFAndy Rose (Seychelles)  
DNFIshan Sanda Kelum (Sri Lanka)  
DNFRonnie Bryan (Anguilla)  
DNFPhillip Clotaire Benjamin (Anguilla)  
DNFFrancis Louis (Seychelles)  
DNFDane Nugera (Sri Lanka)  
DNFGeorge William Kisenyi (Uganda)  

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