Powers regains USICX lead

Wyman unbeaten on US soil to take women's lead

Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) recorded a pair of wins (Gateway Cross Cup and the second day of the Gran Prix of Gloucester) along with second and third-place finishes over the last two weeks to re-take the lead in the United States International Cyclo-cross Calendar (USICX) men's standings. Powers has a 57-point cushion on the previous leader Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles), who earned a win at Nor'Easter Cross as well as a second and third-place result in the previous two weeks.

Bart Wellens (Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team), who sits in third place, 93 points behind Powers, won the second round of the Exergy USGP of Cyclocross in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Tom Van den Bosch (Team AA Drink-Leontien.nl) dropped to fourth place after finishing second at Nor'Easter 'Cross and third at Rohrbach's Ellison Park Cyclocross in Rochester, NY. Nicolas Bazin (Big-Mat Auber 93) won in Rochester last week to move into fifth place.

On the women's side, British 'cross champion Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Team) won four times in the previous two weeks, including bothdays of the Gran Prix of Gloucester, to assume sole possession of first overall. The previous co-leader, Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) registered wins at both days of Sun Prairie to hold onto second place, 120 points behind Wyman.

Laura van Gilder (C3 p/b Mellow Mushroom) finished third at Nor'Easter 'Cross, sixth on the first day in Gloucester and 10th in Sunday's race to move into third while Joyce Vanderbeken (Vermeeren) dropped one place into fourth after registering a second-place finish at Rohrbach's Ellison Park Cyclocross.

Gabriella Day (Renner Custom Cyclocross Team) rounds out the top five having notched four top-six placings in the previous two weeks.

Elite men - Overall standings
1Jeremy Powers (USA) Team Rapha-Focus327pts
2Ian Field (GBr) Hargroves Cycles270 
3Bart Wellens (Bel) Telenet-Fidea234 
4Tom Van Den Bosch (Bel) Team AA Drink-Leontien.nl195 
5Nicolas Bazin (Fra) Team Big Mat-Auber 93184 
6Ryan Trebon (USA) LTS-Felt175 
7Ben Berden (Bel) Ops Ale-Stoemper164 
8Christian Heule (Swi) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld159 
9James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld145 
10Jonathan Page (USA) Planet Bike-Blue Bicycles140 
10Rob Peeters (Bel) Telenet-Fidea140 
12Justin Lindine (USA) Bikereg.com-Joe's Garage117 
13Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld84 
14Mike Garrigan (Can) Lapierre Canada83 
15Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Racing76 
16Fabio Ursi (Ita) C.S.Esercito66 
17Zach McDonald (USA) Team Rapha-Focus60 
17Lars van der Haar (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Off-Road Team60 
19Dylan McNicholas (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com52 
20Luke Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross46 
21Tim Van Nuffel (Bel) DCM-GB Vorselaar45 
22Bryan Fawley (USA) Orbea Factory-Dallas Bike Works42 
23Craig Richey (Can) Renner Custom - Raleigh40 
24Jeremy Durrin (USA) J.A.M. Fund - NCC38 
25Joachim Parbo (Den) Challenge Tires36 
25Tristan Schouten (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com p/b Blue Bicycles36 
27Ryan Knapp (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross32 
28Joshua Dillon (USA) RGM Watches-Richard Sachs30 
28Geoff Kabush (Can) Maxxis-Rocky Mountain30 
28Weston Schempf (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes30 
31Barry Wicks (USA) Kona29 
32Travis Livermon (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley28 
32Greg Wittwer (USA) Alan North America Cycling Team28 
32Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes28 
35Eric Brungger (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School26 
36Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles-Shimano24 
37Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar22 
38Jake Wells (USA) Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team21 
39Wayne Bray (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal20 
39Edward King (USA) Liquigas-Cannondale-iamtedking.com20 
39Lukas Müller (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School20 
42Bart Aernouts (Bel) Rabobank-Giant Off-Road Team18 
43Daniel Chabanov (USA) RGM Watches-Richard Sachs16 
43Brian Matter (USA) Gear Grinder - Clif Bar16 
45Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block15 
46Cory Burns (USA) Full Moon Vista14 
46Adam Myerson (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley14 
46Jared Nieters (USA) XO Communications - Battley Harley-Davidson14 
49Lukas Winterberg (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School13 
50Evan Guthrie (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team12 
50Johannes Huseby (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com12 
50Jacob Lasley (USA) Team Soundpony12 
50Tristan Schouten (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com p/b Blue Bicycles12 
54Tim Allen (USA) Feedback Sports10 
54Nathan Chown (Can) Team CF10 
54Alec Donahue (USA) Joe's Garage10 
54Christian Favata (USA) RGM Watches - Richard Sachs10 
54Donny Green (USA) Cycle-Smart10 
59Kevin Fish (USA) KCCX-Fuji p/b Challenge Tires8 
59Matthew O'Keefe (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com8 
61Yannick Eckmann (Ger) Pearlizumi-Shimano-Focus6 
61Noah Niwinski (USA) Carroll Composites Factory6 
61Conor O'Brien (Can) EMD Serono Specialized6 
61Johnny Sundt (USA)6 
61Greg Whitney (USA) Ride Studio Café6 
66Mark Batty (Can) SpiderTech Powered By C104 
66Ryan Dewald (USA) XO - Battley Harley-Davidson4 
66Thierry Laliberté (Can) Xprezo - Borsao4 
66Michael Mihalik (USA) Freddie Fu Cycling Team4 
66Peter Morse (Can) JetFuel Coffee-LaBicicletta4 
66Jonathan Schottler (USA)4 
66David Wilcox (USA) Cycle-Smart4 
73Nicholas Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross3 
74Shawn Adams (USA) Cycle-Smart2 
74Devin Clark (USA)2 
74Josh Johnson (USA) BikeReg.com2 
74Robert Marion (USA) American Classic - Blue2 
74Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Geargrinder2 
74Kevin Noiles (Can) Sportique2 
74Jerome Townsend (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley2 
74Nicholas Weighall (USA) California Giant-Specialized2 
82Shaun Adamson (Can) Cycle-Smart1 
82Stephen Cummings (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes1 
82Ryan Fawley (USA) Trek1 
82Mitchell Hoke (USA) Team Clif Bar1 
82Josh Johnson (USA) BikeReg.com1 
82Kevin Sweeney (USA) crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles1 
82Zoltan Tisza (Hun) Champion System Racing1 
Elite women - Overall standings
1Helen Wyman (GBr) Kona Factory Racing420pts
2Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team300 
3Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 p/b Mellow Mushroom168 
4Joyce Vanderbeken (Bel) Cycling Team Vermeeren152 
5Gabriella Day (GBr) Renner Custom Cyclocross Team149 
6Andrea Smith (USA) LadiesFirst Racing133 
7Caroline Mani (Fra) CC Etupes132 
8Nicole Duke (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld124 
9Amy Dombroski (USA) Crankbrothers Race Club114 
10Meredith Miller (USA) California Giant-Specialized111 
11Nicole Thiemann (USA) Team CF101 
12Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team100 
13Teal Stetson-Lee (USA) California Giant-Specialized92 
14Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Bob's Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles91 
15Carolyn Popovic (USA) Team CF88 
16Arley Kemmerer (USA) C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes86 
17Sally Annis (USA) crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles84 
18Katherine Sherwin (USA) Stans's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross Team80 
19Susan Butler (USA) River City Bicyles-Ridley77 
20Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld72 
21Pepper Harlton (Can) Juventus Cycling Club70 
22Mical Dyck (Can) Pro City Racing66 
23Lea Davison (USA) Specialized Racing58 
24Kristin Gavin (USA) Team Cystic Fibrosis46 
25Crystal Anthony (USA) LadiesFirst Racing45 
26Chloe Forsman (USA) Momentum Endurance41 
27Devon Gorry (USA) Rambuski Law40 
28Kelsy Bingham (USA) Roosters-Bikers Edge36 
29Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (USA) Embrocationcycling.com33 
30Stacey Barbossa (USA) Elite Endurance Training Systems32 
30Elle Anderson (USA) LadiesFirst Racing32 
32Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Bicycles30 
32Patricia Buerkle (USA) VA Asset Group p/b Artemis - Trek30 
34Rebecca Wellons (USA) Quad Cycles28 
35Carrie Cash Wootten (USA) Pedal the Cause25 
36Catherine Sterling (USA) Bikeman.com24 
36Alice Pennington (USA) Team S&M24 
38Sunny Gilbert (USA) Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing22 
39Vicki Thomas (Can) Ottawa.cx20 
39Jennifer Gaertner (USA) Raleigh America20 
39Rebecca Blatt (USA) Team Kenda Tire p/b Geargrinder20 
42Julie Lafrenière (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery18 
43Erin Silliman (USA) Alan North America Cycling Team17 
43Linnea Koons (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal17 
45Emily Batty (Can) Subaru-Trek16 
45Annajean Dallaire (USA) Alderfer Bergen16 
45Sheila Vibert (USA) Sunapee Racing Team16 
48Ashley James (USA) KCCX Elite15 
50Allyson Tufano (USA) WHCC-Sportif Coaching Group14 
50Anna Barensfeld (USA) Sterling CX p/b Sendmail14 
51Katrina Dowidchuk (USA) Team TBB-Deep Blue12 
51Linda Sone (USA) Cycle-Smart/Flanders12 
51Kelly Benjamin (USA) KCCX-Fuji Elite p/b Challenge Tires12 
51Courtenay McFadden (USA) Cycling Northwest12 
51Emily Shields (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley12 
56Anna Young (USA) MVP Health Care Cycling10 
57Katy Curtis (Can) Cyclemeisters9 
58Kari Studley (USA) Team Redline8 
58Sarah Krzysiak (USA) nycross.com8 
58Corrie Osborne (USA) ISCorp8 
61Frances Morrison (USA) J.A.M. Fund-NCC7 
62Molly Hurford (USA) Team Rockstar Games-Signature Cycles6 
62Sarah Lukas (USA) Lindenwood University6 
62Nancy Labbe-Giguere (Can) LadiesFirst Racing6 
65Katheryn Curi-Mattis (USA) Bikes To Rwanda4 
65Ann D'Ambruoso (USA) LadiesFirst Racing4 
67Jayne McLaughlin (GBr) Zuster2 
67Kristen Lasasso (USA) Mellow Mushroom2 
67Kristi Berg (USA) Cycle U-PopCap2 
67Brittlee Bowman (USA) crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles2 
67Katherine Shields (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley2 
67Sophie Matte (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery2 
73Marne Smiley (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross1 
73Meghan Korol (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross1 
73Kathleen Lysakowski (USA) Cycle Lodge1 

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