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Taberlay moves into lead on a hot day 2

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Grant Brow from Scotland has a close encounter with an ancient Tasmanian stone between Tullah and Rosebery.

Grant Brow from Scotland has a close encounter with an ancient Tasmanian stone between Tullah and Rosebery. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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With temperatures reaching into the 30s, many Wildside riders took to the Rosebery Memorial Swimming Pool on their day 2 lunch break.

With temperatures reaching into the 30s, many Wildside riders took to the Rosebery Memorial Swimming Pool on their day 2 lunch break. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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Stephen Scharapow and Ian Donelly (both from Tasmania) navigate at ground and eye-level through Sterling Valley.

Stephen Scharapow and Ian Donelly (both from Tasmania) navigate at ground and eye-level through Sterling Valley. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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Stuart Brown negotiates the one time pack-horse track through Sterling Valley, near Rosebery.

Stuart Brown negotiates the one time pack-horse track through Sterling Valley, near Rosebery. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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Victorian Rohin Adams lets it roll on the Sterling Valley Downhill on Day 2 at the Wildside MTB.

Victorian Rohin Adams lets it roll on the Sterling Valley Downhill on Day 2 at the Wildside MTB. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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Open women's competitor Jody Bush flies through the rainforest in the Sterling Valley.

Open women's competitor Jody Bush flies through the rainforest in the Sterling Valley. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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Mt Murchison towers above Tullah where Wildsiders today embarked on one of the hottest rides in the race's history.

Mt Murchison towers above Tullah where Wildsiders today embarked on one of the hottest rides in the race's history. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /
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A perfect morning at Tullah for Wildsiders.

A perfect morning at Tullah for Wildsiders. (Image credit: Rick Eaves /

Sid Taberlay left the field in his dust during the morning race stage of Wildside MTB race. Taberlay set a new record for the Stirling Valley leg, completing the rainforest ride in 38 minutes 41 seconds, a full minute ahead of race leader Paul van der Ploeg.

Paul van der Ploeg suffered a dislocated shoulder during a fall on the steep descent; however he went on to finish second ahead of Adrian Jackson who was third in a time of 40:40.

Thanks to his technical skills, Taberlay led the field throughout the stage, with dry conditions helping him set the record.

Jenni King was unchallenged in the women's category, finishing Stirling Valley in a time of 50:43, five minutes ahead of Amity McSwan.

The afternoon stage showed that this will be the closest ever competition in the history of Wildside, with the fisrt three men all finishing within three seconds of each other and reshuffling the the overall placing once again.

Canadian Champion, Max Plaxton, set a course record in winning the longer Monetzuma Falls stage in a time of 1:24:40, just one second ahead Paul van der Ploeg in 1:24:43 and Taberlay third in 1:24:43.

King easily won this stage again in a time of 1:43:10, well clear of any women rival and ahead of many male riders.

In the overall standings at the end of the day, Taberlay took over the lead, with time of 3:38.33, with Paul van der Ploeg now in second on 3:39:22 and Jackson third in 3:40:33.

With three more racing stages still to go, through vastly different terrain, the competition remains wide open and might come down to final stage.

The heat wave conditions, with temperatures well above 30 degrees (Celsius), left many competitors moving slowly towards the finish; however all were praising the high quality of the trails and riding.

Full Results

Men open stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sid Taberlay0:38:41
2Adrian Jackson0:01:59
3Neil van der Ploeg0:02:06
4Max Plaxton0:03:07
5Andrew Fellows0:03:19
6Sam Chancellor0:04:31
7Josh Carlson0:06:40
8Andrew Mock0:08:00
9Nicholas Morgan0:08:21
10Jarrod Quinn0:09:54
11Matthew Patten0:10:03
12Hayden Kerr0:10:11
13Matthew Callow0:11:47
14John Groves0:11:51
15James Maebus0:13:40
16Mick Ross0:14:37
17Samuel Gadient0:14:54
18James Reid0:16:12
19Anthony Edler0:16:43
20Seb Dunne0:17:04
21Sam Robertson0:17:37
22Daniel Van der Ploeg0:18:16
23Evan Jones0:18:28
24Simon Brown0:19:29
25Leigh Kemp0:20:12
26Christopher Crocker0:20:23
27Bryan Powell0:21:39
28Jordan Andrews0:22:55
29Joel Thorby0:25:47
30Brendan Murphy0:27:01
31Wes Heckendorf0:28:41
32Tilden Eldridge Bassett0:29:41
33Emlyn Jones0:33:45
34Timothy Doman0:35:13
35James Kelly0:39:43
36Peter Glorie0:41:40
37Cole Reid0:49:14
38James Bowler0:50:54
DNSRyan Kimberley

Women open stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenni King0:50:43
2Jody Bush0:05:21
3Niki Fisher0:07:34
4Edwina Hughes0:08:54
5Hanny Allston0:13:03
6Crystal Callaghan0:18:28
7Bethany Thompson0:25:51
8Amy Fletcher0:27:25
9Rosemarie Donnelly0:51:20
DNSRowena Fry

Under 23 men stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul van der Ploeg0:39:52
2Jacob Langham0:13:41
3Ben Bradley0:15:15
4Nicholas Perillo0:18:20
5Theodore Adcock0:18:57
6Christopher Finlay0:22:24
7Josef Kloser0:24:58
8Patrick Ryan0:27:44
9Sean Kinder0:34:09
10Ashby Cooper0:35:01
11Huw Apted0:35:11

Under 23 women stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eliza Eldridge Bassett1:12:45
2Sophie Kelly0:16:26

Veteran men 30-39 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair0:41:41
2Scott Needham0:02:09
3Ashley Bleeker0:03:31
4Ross Farrell0:03:35
5Ken Allen0:03:46
6Rohin Adams0:03:53
7Duncan Murray0:04:36
8Stuart Brown0:04:55
9Ben May0:04:57
10Richard Wilkinson0:06:31
11Dion Shaw0:06:34
12Luke Rapley0:07:29
13Luke Beuchat0:07:40
14Chris Carter0:08:05
15Jason Mennitz0:08:16
16Simon Easy0:08:31
17Adrian Flood0:08:45
18Grant Lebbink0:08:49
19Ben Osborne0:09:11
20Aaron Long0:09:28
21Anthony Lardner0:09:34
22Grant Brow0:09:43
23Justin Woolford0:10:04
24Phil Leslie0:10:06
25Con Mavroudakis0:10:14
26Jason Andersch0:10:36
27Jorge Baron0:10:54
28Dave Bingley0:10:58
29Jamie Lechte0:11:06
30Tim King0:11:10
31Todd Stanton0:11:23
32Adam Kelly0:11:48
33Matt Davis0:11:56
34Matthias Schwarze0:12:19
35Andrew Low0:12:23
36Mike Back0:12:41
37Aaron Lindsay0:13:10
38Scott Lohrey0:13:45
39Vaughan Kemsley0:14:10
40Clinton Dean0:14:12
41Steve Burns0:14:21
42Ben Szczesny0:14:29
43Mark McClure0:14:40
44Karl Pavey
45Brendan Scarborough0:14:45
46Nathan Jackson0:15:00
47Tim Storer0:15:12
48Alex Stone0:15:50
49John Corbett0:16:16
50Jonathon Woods0:16:33
51Andrew Spencer0:16:34
52Simon Coffin0:16:47
53Richard Carroll0:16:53
54Luke Roberts0:16:55
55Shannon Rademaker0:16:58
56Ben English
57Brad Fitzgerald0:17:08
58Thomas Hansen0:17:12
59Chris Smith0:17:54
60Joel Brewer0:18:15
61Steven Scharapow0:18:22
62Ian Donnelly0:18:38
63Piers Dunstan0:18:53
64Courtenay Lee Shoy0:19:33
65Jeremy Grey0:19:54
66Dylan Coulson0:19:55
67Sam Duncan0:20:02
68Aaron Davies0:20:23
69John Atkinson0:20:24
70Tim Chadd0:20:32
71Gary Mueller
72William Sargent0:20:58
73James Taylor0:21:19
74Benn Clayton0:21:38
75Roger Shepherd0:21:49
76George Thomas0:21:51
77Adam Gourlay0:21:54
78Matt Limbrick0:22:04
79Tim Bigarelli0:22:15
80Jacob Reus0:22:24
81Alex Schwetz0:22:50
82Rick Southwell0:23:14
83Brett Stewart0:23:23
84Nathan Fellows0:24:06
85Michael Norman
86Mathew Yarrow0:24:34
87Nicholas Eagle0:24:53
88Chris Browne0:25:05
89Peter Gill0:25:06
90Gregor Urquhart0:25:08
91Hugh Pederson
92Darren Harvey0:25:10
93Adam Hyland0:25:19
94Nigel Adcock0:25:24
95Rupert Elkington-Cole0:25:54
96Jarlath Leyden0:25:56
97Jamie Hunter0:26:04
98Leigh Fitzgerald0:26:41
99Dallas Hewett0:26:46
100Jamie Webster0:26:53
101Richard Jupe0:27:45
102Brett Dennison0:28:17
103Richard Alberthsen0:28:24
104Tristan Edis0:28:41
105James Blair0:29:12
106Martyn Sweet0:29:37
107Simon Mann0:29:46
108David Kamprad0:30:28
109Michael Sumner0:31:00
110Kevin Stephens0:31:14
111Andrew Blaney0:31:32
112Jon Gourlay0:31:44
113Troy Melrose0:32:14
114Grant Austin0:32:16
115Stephen Geason0:32:22
116Mark Mollenhagen0:33:46
117William Yuncken0:34:08
118Brendon Hyland0:34:13
119Russell Goslin0:34:28
120Michael Carey0:35:01
121Ross Alexander0:37:41
122Mark Dobbin0:39:34
123Benjamin Thomson0:39:57
124Matthew Barr0:40:25
125Frans Cronje0:41:24
126Alexander Bibby0:42:17
127Liam Barry0:42:52
128James Sprott0:43:43
129Abe Francis0:45:40
130Benedict Coyne0:47:12
131Ben McDermott0:48:27
132Steve Annis-Brown0:53:01
133Duan Davies0:57:59
134Jason Unwin0:59:35
135Joe Wheadon
DNSIan Warren
DNSDavid Votava
DNSTroy Bunney

Veteran women 30-39 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Douglas0:59:03
2Bronwyn Sax0:02:35
3Jo Williams0:03:53
4Josie Simpson0:06:55
5Jade Forsyth0:09:52
6Nikola Terry0:10:09
7Andrea Heron0:11:23
8Rachael Alderman0:11:44
9Marcelle Ottaway0:13:58
10Rishi Fox0:20:14
11Megan Farebrother0:22:07
12Monica Campi0:22:37
13Louisa Hay0:22:46
14Edith O'Shea0:22:52
15Angela Miller0:22:56
16Turi Berg0:23:21
17Nikki Stanley0:23:47
18Julia Anders0:26:34
19Melissa Kruger0:27:35
20Rebecca Hill0:29:27
21Jane Weatherley0:35:58
22Jane Neasey0:36:10
23Corinne Alberthsen0:36:16
24Jacqui Knee0:40:08
25Nicole Anderson0:41:06

Master men 40-49 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damien Jones0:46:43
2Mark Fenner0:00:18
3Rob Eva0:00:22
4Steven Brown0:00:32
5Jonathan Pitt0:03:54
6Scott Smith0:04:54
7Duncan Rose0:05:03
8Jonathan McComb0:05:19
9Craig Cummings0:06:03
10Michael Berry0:06:06
11Richard Peil0:07:02
12Scott Murchison0:07:44
13John Whittington0:07:53
14Geoff Clark0:07:54
15Rod Johnson0:08:34
16Adam Smith0:08:39
17Paul Black0:09:00
18Willem Van den Bosch0:09:29
19Steven Banbury0:09:46
20Anthony Caffery0:09:51
21Scott Dransfield0:09:58
22Duncan McGlashan0:10:07
23Shane Jenkin0:10:09
24Win Mahar0:10:29
25Jamin Davies0:10:33
26Rod Barnard0:11:05
27Jules Evans0:11:14
28Adam Potito0:12:15
29Marcus Morse0:13:21
30Rob King0:13:23
31Brian Heazlewood0:13:42
32Jay Heather0:13:43
33Ron Whitehead0:13:53
34Rodney Barrett
35Shane Kerrison0:14:02
36Maurice De Jersey0:14:27
37Tim Robertson0:14:38
38Jonathan Stark0:15:10
39Troy Hands0:15:15
40Steve Campbell0:15:25
41Maurice Williams0:15:28
42Adam Clayton0:15:29
43Jonty Barnett0:15:32
44Toby Cook0:15:34
45Andrew Hollole0:15:35
46Steven Lane0:15:37
47Marcus Anstey0:15:47
48Ollie Klein0:15:56
49Tim Gardner0:16:07
50Matt Carlsson0:16:08
51Anthony Binns0:16:52
52Graham Hammond0:17:04
53Anthony Loone0:17:16
54Adam Guilmartin0:17:19
55Jason Amsters0:17:32
56Nigel Bridgeman0:17:57
57Duane Pitt0:18:24
58Steven Watchorn0:18:38
59Michael Jones0:18:57
60Christian Haidacher
61Ben Davidson0:19:32
62Nick Lawrence0:19:37
63Peter Millar0:19:39
64Dale Weston0:19:45
65Stephen Costar0:20:46
66Steven Woolcock0:21:09
67Michael Logan
68James Foster0:21:34
69James Ashmore0:21:44
70Gordon Taylor0:22:13
71Paul Plank0:22:16
72Gordon Scrim0:22:30
73Craig Hoey0:22:32
74Gary Farebrother0:22:43
75Ken Glasco0:22:50
76James Fordyce0:23:18
77Darren Saunders0:23:22
78Thomas Blazevic0:23:29
79Damien Geason0:23:34
80Anthony Chisholm0:23:50
81Greg Norden0:24:04
82Richard Fricke0:24:21
83Andrew Ottaway0:24:27
84Jorn Rudloff0:24:44
85Adam Mason0:25:29
86Mark Spearing0:25:35
87Keith Murfet0:25:43
88James Spargo0:26:02
89Rory Ford0:26:10
90Paul Fulton0:26:33
91Gavin Spinks0:26:35
92Peter Zielony0:26:37
93Geoff Johnstone0:26:51
94John Klein0:26:54
95David Walker0:27:41
96Stephen Down0:28:08
97James Down0:28:09
98Andrew Bird0:28:10
99Cameron Morgan0:28:16
100Matthew Cordell0:28:18
101Andrew Kidd0:28:57
102David Edis0:29:41
103Andrew Maticka0:29:49
104Robert Casey0:29:53
105Simon Trewin0:31:42
106Bryan Larkins0:32:00
107Scott Macdonald0:32:12
108Scott McGilchrist0:32:27
109Lukas Reitsema0:32:40
110Jeff Westmore0:33:31
111Robert Stevenson0:34:18
112Greg Pearsall0:34:45
113Ian Humphries0:36:45
114Scott Wilson-Haffenden0:37:52
115Fraser White0:38:09
116Tony Murdoch0:38:25
117Greg Foster0:41:18
118Damien White0:42:10
119Michael Bremner0:42:15
120Rob Bryson0:43:27
121Malcolm Barrett0:45:51
122Simon Thiessen0:48:16
123Edward King0:48:55
124Wayne Gipters0:49:10
125John Wakeford0:54:29
126Ludovic Pichonneau1:11:01
127Josh Slattery
DNSJason Richards
DNSAndrew Lane
DNSBrad Johnson
DNSMark Hitchins
DNSDave Dare
DNSNoel Higgs
DNSAndrew Harmer
DNSScott Steedman

Master women 40-49 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amity McSwan0:55:55
2Traci Lonergan0:04:23
3Jo Riley0:10:13
4Juliet Plumb0:10:24
5Su Sprott0:10:41
6Sue Thompson0:13:11
7Julia Jago0:14:30
8Robyn Simionato0:16:43
9Pip Morse0:16:58
10Cath MacKay0:20:11
11Sally Fenner0:20:16
12Janice March0:21:44
13Becky Herridge0:23:25
14Sue Donoghoe0:35:32
15Toni Spinks0:38:13
16Fay Cunningham0:38:36
17Elizabeth Story0:39:05
18Ally Roche0:41:31
19Kerrie Jesiolowski0:42:52
20Janelle Jones0:53:10
21Karen Ward0:57:31
DNSCathe Macpherson

Super master men 50-59 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Olle0:56:08
2Darryl Smith0:02:24
3Gary Hitches0:02:34
4Marcus Langham0:03:05
5John Travers0:04:04
6Nick Tilbrook0:04:30
7Paul Strong0:04:41
8James Eldridge0:05:21
9Robert Rhodes0:05:51
10Bernard Walker0:06:25
11Roger Butorac0:06:59
12Robert Bleeker0:07:14
13Lynton Stretton0:07:39
14Andrew Lloyd0:07:48
15Rudy Kloser0:07:51
16Ian Biddell0:08:21
17Paul Saxer-Tidswell0:08:45
18Rodney Clark0:10:05
19Leslie Paton0:10:48
20Wayne Chapman0:11:55
21John Pearce0:12:39
22Mark Scarborough0:13:15
23Mordy Bromberg0:13:19
24Steve Bence0:13:58
25Tim Evans0:14:08
26Ian Smith0:14:35
27Paul Scarfe0:14:42
28Brett Richardson0:15:29
29Ross Hazelwood0:16:43
30Bernard Murphy0:16:48
31Robert Furmston0:17:04
32Peter Muller0:17:06
33Roger Simionato0:17:14
34Patrick Murphy0:17:19
35John Breen0:18:02
36Peter Macartney0:18:19
37Bill Butler0:18:54
38Andrew March0:19:33
39Richard Roffe0:19:39
40Eric Riegler0:20:03
41Ian McGuffie0:20:07
42Leigh Onions0:20:54
43John Forbes0:21:18
44Michael Bigarelli0:21:23
45Jim Phillipson0:21:37
46David Fidler0:21:53
47Chris Morley0:21:57
48Alan McDowell0:23:16
49Wayne Bristow0:26:04
50Bill Vandendool0:26:49
51Kevin Joy0:27:39
52Phillip Tuck0:27:48
53Dale McKee0:28:57
54Russell Hoffman0:29:29
55Richard De Waal0:31:05
56John Geddes0:32:35
57Arthur Apted0:33:44
58Mike Yanko0:33:59
59John Dalco0:35:50
60Clive Tilsley0:37:20
61John Brown0:42:36
62Kevin Hall0:47:34
63David Hockey0:51:30
64Peter Volker0:58:03
DNFPeter Macgill
DNSBrett Best

Super master women 50-59 stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alison Forbes1:10:30
2Carolyn Jackson0:02:33
3Leah Dent0:05:17
DNFPenny Yanko

Grand master men 60+ stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Phillip Dent0:56:05
2Bruce Dickey0:01:26
3Brian Scarborough0:02:19
4Kerry Ryan0:04:07
5Raymond Land0:14:43
6Michael Poppell0:17:26
7David Blair0:18:50
8Wayne Strong0:22:41
9Bruno Wicki0:22:49
10Richard Pearson0:24:36
11Neil Kinder0:29:54
12Christopher Howe0:31:11
13Peter Crocker0:36:27
DNSGerry Van der Ploeg

Singlespeed stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Calkins0:52:42
2Craig Pullen0:02:09
3Aaron Mattison0:03:53
4Nicholas Yaxley0:04:41
5Rob Parbery0:05:52
6David Procter0:06:16
7Andrew Ling0:08:40
8Jason Johnson0:08:59
9Al Gribble0:09:43
10Mark Lunn0:11:00
11Michael Brill0:12:58
12Trudy Nicholas0:15:02
13Kim McFadden0:15:16
14Adrian Whittaker0:19:05
15Jody Dennison0:26:35
16Richard Douglas0:33:09
17Michael Kornacki0:40:48
18Wayne Keygan0:51:00
DNSDarrylle Jones
DNSOrion Riggs
DNSGreg Hogan

Men open stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Plaxton1:24:40
2Sid Taberlay0:00:03
3Adrian Jackson0:00:04
4Neil van der Ploeg0:00:06
5Andrew Fellows0:05:12
6Josh Carlson0:05:43
7Sam Chancellor0:06:47
8Andrew Mock0:07:13
9Nicholas Morgan0:09:45
10Jarrod Quinn0:13:10
11Matthew Callow0:14:06
12Hayden Kerr0:14:18
13Matthew Patten0:15:05
14Samuel Gadient0:17:36
15John Groves0:17:54
16James Maebus0:19:10
17Timothy Doman0:19:33
18Sam Robertson0:23:16
19Mick Ross0:23:23
20James Reid0:23:43
21Daniel Van der Ploeg0:25:31
22Seb Dunne0:25:32
23Anthony Edler0:26:05
24Christopher Crocker0:27:09
25Leigh Kemp0:28:40
26Bryan Powell0:32:05
27Wes Heckendorf0:32:09
28Tilden Eldridge Bassett0:42:36
29Simon Brown0:42:46
30Brendan Murphy0:43:35
31Jordan Andrews0:45:33
32Peter Glorie0:50:46
33Evan Jones0:57:31
34James Kelly0:57:42
35Joel Thorby0:59:10
36Emlyn Jones1:20:18
37James Bowler1:27:53
38Cole Reid1:55:52
DNSRyan Kimberley

Women open stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenni King1:43:10
2Niki Fisher0:08:30
3Jody Bush0:10:18
4Hanny Allston0:13:30
5Edwina Hughes0:18:38
6Crystal Callaghan0:28:41
7Bethany Thompson0:34:34
8Amy Fletcher0:46:23
9Rosemarie Donnelly1:43:20
DNSRowena Fry

Under 23 men stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul van der Ploeg1:24:41
2Ben Bradley0:04:03
3Jacob Langham0:21:44
4Theodore Adcock0:28:03
5Patrick Ryan0:34:01
6Nicholas Perillo0:42:17
7Josef Kloser0:52:26
8Christopher Finlay1:00:28
9Sean Kinder1:07:58
10Ashby Cooper1:08:39
11Huw Apted1:12:11

Under 23 women stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eliza Eldridge Bassett2:24:09
2Sophie Kelly0:17:36

Veteran men 30-39 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair1:24:44
2Stuart Brown0:06:43
3Ken Allen0:06:56
4Duncan Murray0:06:59
5Ross Farrell0:08:03
6Ben May0:10:51
7Luke Beuchat0:11:39
8Rohin Adams0:12:03
9Grant Lebbink0:12:10
10Aaron Long0:13:13
11Scott Needham0:13:16
12Richard Wilkinson0:13:27
13Dion Shaw0:13:28
14Phil Leslie0:14:39
15Adrian Flood0:15:18
16Chris Carter0:15:23
17Jamie Lechte0:15:57
18Jason Andersch0:16:08
19Justin Woolford0:16:29
20Tim King0:17:48
21Ben Osborne0:17:58
22Todd Stanton0:19:00
23Grant Brow0:19:02
24Anthony Lardner0:19:50
25Mike Back0:20:11
26Karl Pavey0:20:54
27Con Mavroudakis0:21:04
28Jorge Baron0:21:07
29Andrew Low0:21:09
30Ben Szczesny0:21:25
31Ashley Bleeker0:22:02
32Matt Davis0:22:15
33Jonathon Woods0:23:09
34Simon Easy0:23:10
35Nathan Jackson0:23:13
36Vaughan Kemsley0:23:31
37Ian Donnelly
38Luke Rapley0:23:33
39Mark McClure0:23:38
40Chris Smith0:24:57
41Adam Kelly0:25:28
42John Corbett0:26:08
43Ben English0:26:45
44Gregor Urquhart0:27:21
45Aaron Lindsay0:27:28
46Steve Burns0:27:51
47Jason Mennitz0:27:55
48Andrew Spencer0:28:38
49Jeremy Grey0:29:22
50Luke Roberts0:29:54
51Scott Lohrey0:30:12
52John Atkinson0:30:38
53Clinton Dean0:30:56
54George Thomas0:31:41
55Brendan Scarborough0:31:53
56Brad Fitzgerald0:32:10
57Richard Carroll0:32:35
58Tim Chadd0:32:45
59Alex Stone0:32:48
60Steven Scharapow0:32:54
61Simon Coffin0:34:14
62Tim Storer0:34:17
63Courtenay Lee Shoy0:34:23
64Thomas Hansen0:34:48
65Piers Dunstan0:35:29
66Jamie Webster0:35:37
67Nicholas Eagle0:36:38
68Dave Bingley0:36:56
69Gary Mueller0:37:16
70Rupert Elkington-Cole0:37:29
71Roger Shepherd0:38:14
72Matt Limbrick0:38:55
73Jacob Reus0:39:54
74Joel Brewer0:39:59
75Matthias Schwarze0:41:14
76Sam Duncan0:41:37
77Grant Austin0:42:06
78Aaron Davies0:42:57
79Benn Clayton0:43:43
80James Taylor0:43:45
81Peter Gill0:44:21
82Chris Browne0:44:22
83Leigh Fitzgerald0:44:29
84William Sargent0:44:57
85Mathew Yarrow0:45:32
86Dallas Hewett0:47:09
87Dylan Coulson0:47:21
88Brett Dennison0:49:46
89Jamie Hunter0:50:04
90Alex Schwetz0:50:43
91Simon Mann0:51:41
92Shannon Rademaker0:52:50
93Rick Southwell0:54:15
94Tim Bigarelli0:54:49
95Michael Norman0:54:58
96James Blair0:55:29
97Nigel Adcock0:56:45
98Richard Jupe0:56:47
99Nathan Fellows0:56:48
100Darren Harvey0:57:32
101Hugh Pederson0:57:56
102Adam Hyland0:58:22
103David Kamprad0:59:35
104Richard Alberthsen1:04:05
105Jarlath Leyden1:04:09
106Benedict Coyne1:05:21
107Brett Stewart1:06:22
108Kevin Stephens1:06:41
109Mark Mollenhagen1:11:24
110Martyn Sweet1:12:06
111Tristan Edis1:13:25
112Abe Francis1:14:01
113William Yuncken1:14:02
114Alexander Bibby1:15:32
115Brendon Hyland1:16:07
116James Sprott1:16:20
117Andrew Blaney1:17:55
118Mark Dobbin
119Ross Alexander1:20:18
120Michael Sumner1:21:10
121Jon Gourlay1:21:40
122Troy Melrose1:23:32
123Russell Goslin1:24:16
124Stephen Geason1:24:27
125Jason Unwin1:28:33
126Michael Carey1:29:48
127Frans Cronje1:33:13
128Liam Barry1:33:30
129Benjamin Thomson1:38:34
130Matthew Barr1:40:54
131Steve Annis-Brown1:56:32
DNFDuan Davies
DNSBen McDermott
DNSDavid Votava
DNSAdam Gourlay
DNSJoe Wheadon
DNSTroy Bunney
DNSIan Warren

Veteran women 30-39 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Douglas1:44:57
2Bronwyn Sax0:13:01
3Jo Williams0:16:50
4Josie Simpson0:17:49
5Nikola Terry0:26:55
6Andrea Heron0:28:37
7Marcelle Ottaway0:29:12
8Turi Berg0:37:19
9Rachael Alderman0:42:27
10Jade Forsyth0:46:59
11Megan Farebrother0:50:34
12Nikki Stanley0:58:05
13Angela Miller0:58:38
14Louisa Hay0:59:36
15Edith O'Shea1:03:57
16Monica Campi1:07:25
17Rishi Fox1:08:34
18Melissa Kruger1:15:07
19Julia Anders1:16:31
20Nicole Anderson1:19:04
21Rebecca Hill1:23:54
22Jane Neasey1:35:50
23Corinne Alberthsen
24Jane Weatherley1:37:03
25Jacqui Knee1:41:31

Master men 40-49 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damien Jones1:31:44
2Steven Brown0:01:46
3Ollie Klein0:02:49
4Mark Fenner0:03:18
5Rob Eva0:03:38
6Scott Smith0:06:58
7Jonathan Pitt0:08:36
8Michael Berry0:08:57
9Craig Cummings0:09:57
10Paul Black0:12:45
11Richard Peil0:13:09
12Jay Heather0:13:54
13Anthony Caffery0:14:12
14Geoff Clark0:14:13
15Jamin Davies0:14:41
16Jonathan McComb0:15:15
17Scott Murchison0:15:56
18Steven Banbury0:16:36
19Maurice De Jersey
20Marcus Morse0:16:39
21Rod Barnard0:18:23
22Adam Smith0:18:36
23Shane Jenkin0:18:38
24Scott Dransfield0:18:45
25Duncan McGlashan0:18:53
26Willem Van den Bosch0:19:28
27Win Mahar0:21:53
28Gordon Taylor0:24:30
29Ron Whitehead0:24:33
30Jules Evans
31Graham Hammond0:24:58
32Troy Hands0:25:13
33Andrew Hollole0:25:36
34John Whittington0:26:11
35Steve Campbell0:26:18
36Toby Cook0:26:47
37Duane Pitt0:27:20
38Jonathan Stark0:27:49
39Adam Guilmartin0:28:22
40Jason Amsters0:28:29
41Ian Humphries0:28:40
42Marcus Anstey0:28:48
43Greg Norden0:29:06
44Shane Kerrison0:29:10
45Steven Lane0:29:57
46Adam Potito0:30:18
47Tim Robertson0:30:29
48James Spargo0:30:39
49Matt Carlsson0:30:47
50Ben Davidson0:31:08
51Brian Heazlewood0:32:00
52Rodney Barrett0:32:19
53Adam Clayton0:32:20
54Rod Johnson0:33:37
55Michael Jones0:33:52
56Jorn Rudloff0:35:19
57Nick Lawrence0:35:43
58Steven Watchorn0:35:48
59Rob King0:36:08
60Craig Hoey0:36:28
61Thomas Blazevic0:36:32
62Tim Gardner0:37:10
63Nigel Bridgeman0:37:17
64David Edis0:39:34
65Anthony Binns0:39:56
66Ludovic Pichonneau0:40:09
67James Foster0:40:43
68Paul Fulton0:40:57
69Maurice Williams
70Jonty Barnett0:41:44
71Anthony Loone0:42:20
72Gary Farebrother0:42:48
73Peter Millar0:43:46
74Christian Haidacher0:44:43
75Michael Bremner0:45:08
76James Fordyce0:45:16
77Geoff Johnstone0:45:17
78Adam Mason0:45:27
79Stephen Costar0:47:05
80Damien Geason0:48:40
81Anthony Chisholm0:49:25
82Andrew Ottaway0:49:44
83Michael Logan0:49:51
84Steven Woolcock0:49:52
85Cameron Morgan0:50:17
86James Ashmore0:51:04
87Dale Weston0:51:05
88Matthew Cordell0:52:03
89Gavin Spinks0:52:44
90Paul Plank0:52:55
91Ken Glasco0:53:57
92Darren Saunders0:57:05
93Richard Fricke0:57:14
94Gordon Scrim0:58:09
95Keith Murfet1:01:08
96Andrew Bird1:02:27
97James Down1:02:35
98Stephen Down
99Mark Spearing1:03:19
100Scott Macdonald1:04:57
101David Walker1:05:14
102John Klein1:08:31
103Simon Trewin1:08:55
104Andrew Kidd1:09:27
105Malcolm Barrett1:10:02
106Robert Casey1:10:08
107Bryan Larkins1:12:32
108Scott Wilson-Haffenden1:14:30
109Lukas Reitsema1:15:48
110Peter Zielony1:16:02
111Fraser White1:16:05
112Greg Foster1:16:34
113Dave Dare1:18:45
114Greg Pearsall1:20:39
115John Wakeford1:21:37
116Rob Bryson1:26:25
117Tony Murdoch1:28:20
118Scott McGilchrist
119Robert Stevenson1:28:24
120Wayne Gipters1:35:36
121Jeff Westmore1:44:12
122Rory Ford1:48:23
123Simon Thiessen1:54:41
124Damien White2:10:22
125Edward King
DNFDuncan Rose
DNSAndrew Lane
DNSJosh Slattery
DNSBrad Johnson
DNSScott Steedman
DNSAndrew Maticka
DNSJason Richards
DNSNoel Higgs
DNSMark Hitchins
DNSAndrew Harmer

Master women 40-49 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amity McSwan1:53:15
2Traci Lonergan0:06:19
3Jo Riley0:10:32
4Sue Thompson0:15:17
5Juliet Plumb0:15:24
6Su Sprott0:16:51
7Pip Morse0:20:17
8Julia Jago0:22:13
9Robyn Simionato0:32:48
10Sally Fenner0:33:00
11Becky Herridge0:39:32
12Janice March0:42:09
13Cath MacKay0:46:12
14Toni Spinks0:49:52
15Fay Cunningham1:10:41
16Sue Donoghoe1:14:25
17Elizabeth Story1:30:51
18Karen Ward1:33:36
19Janelle Jones1:43:51
20Ally Roche1:48:51
21Kerrie Jesiolowski
DNSCathe Macpherson

Super master men 50-59 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Olle1:45:56
2Darryl Smith0:00:59
3James Eldridge0:02:35
4Gary Hitches0:03:07
5Robert Bleeker0:05:03
6Robert Rhodes0:07:21
7Paul Strong0:09:49
8Roger Butorac0:09:53
9Bernard Walker0:11:14
10Andrew Lloyd0:11:26
11Marcus Langham0:12:48
12John Travers0:14:01
13Nick Tilbrook0:16:11
14Ian Biddell0:16:12
15Lynton Stretton0:16:18
16Rudy Kloser0:16:34
17Wayne Chapman0:18:47
18Rodney Clark0:20:33
19Mark Scarborough0:20:41
20Leslie Paton0:24:47
21Paul Saxer-Tidswell0:25:50
22Paul Scarfe0:26:42
23Peter Macartney0:28:04
24John Pearce0:28:46
25Tim Evans0:31:03
26Mordy Bromberg0:32:23
27Jim Phillipson0:34:35
28Peter Muller0:38:06
29John Forbes0:38:15
30Robert Furmston0:38:21
31Roger Simionato0:38:57
32Ross Hazelwood0:39:26
33John Breen0:40:29
34Brett Richardson0:40:42
35Phillip Tuck0:42:01
36Chris Morley0:44:57
37STEVE BENCE0:45:38
38Ian Smith0:46:15
39Alan McDowell0:49:39
40Leigh Onions0:51:18
41Dale McKee0:51:39
42Andrew March0:53:18
43Michael Bigarelli0:54:37
44David Fidler0:55:05
45Eric Riegler0:55:10
46Bill Butler0:57:33
47Bill Vandendool0:58:24
48Ian McGuffie1:06:17
49Russell Hoffman1:07:46
50Kevin Joy1:08:29
51Bernard Murphy1:08:36
52Patrick Murphy1:08:37
53Wayne Bristow1:10:43
54John Dalco1:19:29
55Arthur Apted1:19:43
56Richard De Waal1:21:04
57John Geddes1:24:08
58Mike Yanko1:28:28
59Clive Tilsley1:31:17
60John Brown1:34:05
61David Hockey1:43:31
62Peter Volker1:56:10
63Kevin Hall
DNFRichard Roffe
DNSPeter Macgill
DNSBrett Best

Super master women 50-59 stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson2:26:00
2Alison Forbes0:07:04
3Leah Dent0:17:00
DNSPenny Yanko

Grand master men 60+ stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bruce Dickey1:49:30
2Brian Scarborough0:01:49
3Phillip Dent0:04:39
4Kerry Ryan0:06:03
5Raymond Land0:25:30
6Bruno Wicki0:35:33
7Michael Poppell0:39:00
8Wayne Strong0:45:42
9David Blair0:47:18
10Richard Pearson0:58:10
11Neil Kinder0:58:55
12Christopher Howe1:12:21
13Peter Crocker1:15:31
DNSGerry Van der Ploeg

Singlespeed stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Brill1:41:08
2Tim Calkins0:00:34
3Nicholas Yaxley0:02:24
4David Procter0:08:24
5Aaron Mattison0:09:46
6Rob Parbery0:11:34
7Craig Pullen0:14:52
8Al Gribble0:17:00
9Mark Lunn0:21:57
10Andrew Ling0:23:57
11Kim McFadden0:27:12
12Jason Johnson0:30:13
13Trudy Nicholas0:41:49
14Adrian Whittaker0:53:51
15Jody Dennison1:02:08
16Richard Douglas1:20:57
17Michael Kornacki1:32:49
18Wayne Keygan1:47:50
DNSDarrylle Jones
DNSGreg Hogan
DNSOrion Riggs

Men open general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sid Taberlay3:38:33
2Adrian Jackson0:02:00
3Neil van der Ploeg0:02:21
4Max Plaxton0:03:11
5Josh Carlson0:16:23
6Andrew Fellows0:17:21
7Sam Chancellor0:20:28
8Andrew Mock0:24:16
9Nicholas Morgan0:28:19
10Jarrod Quinn0:38:19
11John Groves0:39:55
12Hayden Kerr0:40:55
13Matthew Patten0:42:20
14Matthew Callow0:45:31
15Samuel Gadient0:53:15
16James Maebus1:00:04
17Seb Dunne1:01:03
18Daniel Van der Ploeg1:03:03
19James Reid1:04:43
20Mick Ross1:06:03
21Anthony Edler1:10:16
22Sam Robertson1:11:13
23Christopher Crocker1:12:11
24Timothy Doman1:20:11
25Leigh Kemp1:20:53
26Bryan Powell1:26:01
27Wes Heckendorf1:30:28
28Simon Brown1:34:13
29Jordan Andrews1:47:35
30Tilden Eldridge Bassett1:49:47
31Evan Jones1:55:40
32Brendan Murphy1:56:30
33Peter Glorie2:15:47
34Joel Thorby2:18:19
35James Kelly2:30:34
36Emlyn Jones2:46:44
37James Bowler3:20:18
38Cole Reid5:02:22

Women open general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenni King4:30:25
2Jody Bush0:28:04
3Niki Fisher0:28:06
4Edwina Hughes0:41:04
5Hanny Allston0:48:33
6Crystal Callaghan1:08:28
7Bethany Thompson1:23:27
8Amy Fletcher1:46:51
9Rosemarie Donnelly3:57:50

Under 23 men general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul van der Ploeg3:39:22
2Ben Bradley0:23:35
3Jacob Langham0:59:55
4Theodore Adcock1:22:02
5Nicholas Perillo1:33:54
6Patrick Ryan1:41:59
7Josef Kloser2:02:11
8Christopher Finlay2:12:25
9Sean Kinder2:40:19
10Ashby Cooper2:49:34
11Huw Apted2:53:11

Under 23 women general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eliza Eldridge Bassett6:03:27
2Sophie Kelly0:45:10

Veteran men 30-39 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair3:41:17
2Stuart Brown0:19:08
3Scott Needham0:22:16
4Rohin Adams0:22:41
5Ken Allen0:23:06
6Ross Farrell0:25:35
7Ben May0:27:16
8Duncan Murray0:29:00
9Ashley Bleeker0:33:18
10Dion Shaw0:34:08
11Grant Lebbink0:36:33
12Richard Wilkinson0:37:46
13Aaron Long0:39:26
14Luke Beuchat0:41:07
15Chris Carter0:41:14
16Phil Leslie0:43:57
17Justin Woolford0:44:00
18Adrian Flood0:44:56
19Ben Osborne0:45:47
20Jamie Lechte0:47:49
21Anthony Lardner
22Jason Andersch0:48:47
23Con Mavroudakis0:50:31
24Tim King0:50:32
25Luke Rapley0:50:39
26Grant Brow0:52:27
27Todd Stanton0:52:50
28Mike Back0:54:46
29Jason Mennitz0:58:21
30Andrew Low0:58:57
31Matt Davis0:59:36
32Mark McClure0:59:44
33Simon Easy1:00:01
34Nathan Jackson1:02:51
35Ben Szczesny1:03:17
36Karl Pavey1:03:27
37Adam Kelly1:04:26
38Dave Bingley1:05:24
39Jorge Baron1:06:26
40Vaughan Kemsley1:07:46
41Chris Smith1:09:22
42Aaron Lindsay1:09:33
43Ben English1:10:41
44Ian Donnelly1:10:59
45Steve Burns1:12:52
46John Atkinson1:14:52
47Jonathon Woods1:15:20
48John Corbett1:15:23
49Brendan Scarborough1:16:27
50Alex Stone1:16:43
51Clinton Dean1:17:10
52Andrew Spencer1:17:43
53Scott Lohrey1:17:51
54Simon Coffin1:21:09
55Luke Roberts1:21:20
56George Thomas1:21:27
57Brad Fitzgerald1:23:21
58Tim Storer1:23:25
59Richard Carroll1:24:16
60Thomas Hansen1:24:35
61Jeremy Grey1:24:36
62Steven Scharapow1:25:22
63Courtenay Lee Shoy1:25:32
64Gary Mueller1:27:38
65Tim Chadd1:29:45
66Piers Dunstan1:30:09
67Matthias Schwarze1:30:26
68Rupert Elkington-Cole1:33:31
69Gregor Urquhart1:34:27
70Joel Brewer1:37:49
71Sam Duncan1:38:56
72Aaron Davies1:39:22
73Jacob Reus1:39:36
74Matt Limbrick1:39:46
75Jamie Webster1:40:11
76Roger Shepherd1:40:38
77Nicholas Eagle1:42:14
78James Taylor1:47:10
79Dylan Coulson1:50:13
80Peter Gill1:51:26
81Chris Browne
82Mathew Yarrow1:52:31
83Grant Austin1:52:45
84Leigh Fitzgerald1:53:48
85Shannon Rademaker1:53:49
86Dallas Hewett1:54:41
87William Sargent1:54:53
88Tim Bigarelli1:57:38
89Benn Clayton2:00:56
90Jamie Hunter2:01:51
91Rick Southwell2:02:04
92Alex Schwetz2:03:01
93Nigel Adcock2:03:20
94Michael Norman2:03:28
95Brett Dennison2:05:14
96James Blair2:06:43
97Simon Mann2:08:47
98Richard Jupe2:11:02
99Hugh Pederson2:11:59
100Nathan Fellows2:12:18
101Brett Stewart2:14:20
102Adam Hyland2:15:47
103Darren Harvey2:16:50
104Richard Alberthsen2:22:54
105Jarlath Leyden2:26:24
106David Kamprad2:27:32
107Kevin Stephens2:31:15
108Tristan Edis2:39:28
109Martyn Sweet2:43:01
110William Yuncken2:46:11
111Mark Mollenhagen2:47:34
112Andrew Blaney2:47:49
113Troy Melrose2:49:02
114Jon Gourlay2:51:01
115Brendon Hyland2:52:21
116Benedict Coyne2:52:27
117Abe Francis2:58:27
118Alexander Bibby2:59:38
119Mark Dobbin2:59:39
120Ross Alexander3:03:45
121Stephen Geason3:05:19
122James Sprott3:05:48
123Russell Goslin3:12:12
124Michael Carey3:13:28
125Michael Sumner3:14:02
126Liam Barry3:25:42
127Frans Cronje3:27:02
128Benjamin Thomson3:30:32
129Jason Unwin3:37:38
130Matthew Barr3:41:37
131Steve Annis-Brown4:24:57

Veteran women 30-39 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Douglas4:47:02
2Bronwyn Sax0:23:45
3Jo Williams0:28:16
4Josie Simpson0:39:55
5Nikola Terry0:53:18
6Andrea Heron0:59:51
7Marcelle Ottaway1:01:01
8Rachael Alderman1:19:45
9Jade Forsyth1:20:14
10Turi Berg1:22:04
11Megan Farebrother1:46:19
12Louisa Hay1:55:20
13Nikki Stanley1:59:55
14Angela Miller2:02:08
15Monica Campi2:03:59
16Edith O'Shea2:06:43
17Rishi Fox2:10:23
18Melissa Kruger2:25:44
19Julia Anders2:30:11
20Nicole Anderson2:54:10
21Rebecca Hill3:13:29
22Jane Neasey3:20:10
23Corinne Alberthsen3:20:11
24Jane Weatherley3:21:02
25Jacqui Knee3:29:11

Master men 40-49 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damien Jones4:03:51
2Rob Eva0:04:43
3Steven Brown0:05:51
4Mark Fenner0:09:28
5Scott Smith0:18:31
6Jonathan Pitt0:20:20
7Ollie Klein0:22:15
8Michael Berry0:26:34
9Richard Peil0:26:57
10Craig Cummings0:32:59
11Geoff Clark0:35:44
12Anthony Caffery0:36:07
13Paul Black0:36:19
14Jonathan McComb0:37:35
15Scott Murchison0:38:12
16Jay Heather0:40:40
17Adam Smith0:41:08
18Steven Banbury0:42:51
19Willem Van den Bosch0:45:36
20Jamin Davies0:46:13
21Scott Dransfield0:46:26
22Shane Jenkin0:47:22
23John Whittington0:49:44
24Marcus Morse0:50:04
25Rod Barnard0:50:51
26Duncan McGlashan0:51:09
27Win Mahar0:51:33
28Maurice De Jersey0:51:49
29Rod Johnson0:59:16
30Steve Campbell1:00:29
31Ron Whitehead1:02:10
32Troy Hands1:02:39
33Toby Cook1:04:58
34Jules Evans1:05:58
35Gordon Taylor1:06:39
36Andrew Hollole1:08:29
37Duane Pitt
38Adam Potito1:08:47
39Adam Guilmartin1:10:44
40Shane Kerrison1:11:34
41Jonathan Stark1:11:35
42Tim Robertson1:12:13
43Steven Lane1:13:17
44Jason Amsters1:13:48
45Brian Heazlewood1:14:23
46Graham Hammond1:14:42
47Rodney Barrett1:15:42
48Marcus Anstey1:16:07
49Greg Norden1:18:40
50Matt Carlsson1:19:10
51Steven Watchorn1:20:45
52Ben Davidson1:22:07
53Maurice Williams1:24:04
54Anthony Binns1:24:38
55Adam Clayton1:24:58
56James Spargo1:25:03
57Michael Jones1:26:59
58Nigel Bridgeman1:27:39
59Nick Lawrence1:28:56
60Thomas Blazevic1:30:35
61Craig Hoey1:30:41
62Jonty Barnett1:31:03
63Tim Gardner1:32:22
64Ian Humphries1:32:45
65Jorn Rudloff1:33:50
66James Foster1:35:51
67Peter Millar1:36:27
68Paul Fulton1:37:22
69Christian Haidacher1:39:38
70Gary Farebrother1:41:27
71Geoff Johnstone1:46:28
72Adam Mason1:47:06
73Stephen Costar1:47:11
74James Fordyce1:47:32
75Rob King1:48:10
76Damien Geason1:48:37
77Ken Glasco1:48:50
78Dale Weston1:49:11
79David Edis1:50:45
80Andrew Ottaway1:54:35
81Anthony Chisholm1:55:19
82Paul Plank1:56:00
83James Ashmore1:57:26
84Matthew Cordell1:58:40
85Darren Saunders2:00:25
86Michael Bremner2:01:00
87Richard Fricke2:03:13
88Keith Murfet2:05:07
89Gavin Spinks2:05:51
90Michael Logan2:08:46
91Steven Woolcock
92Andrew Bird2:12:11
93Cameron Morgan2:16:58
94Stephen Down2:17:58
95James Down
96John Klein2:23:43
97Ludovic Pichonneau2:25:07
98Mark Spearing2:26:11
99Scott Macdonald2:26:47
100David Walker2:28:12
101Robert Casey2:29:56
102Bryan Larkins2:30:33
103Andrew Kidd2:32:00
104Lukas Reitsema2:38:59
105Scott Wilson-Haffenden2:39:04
106Malcolm Barrett2:39:45
107Greg Pearsall2:42:47
108Simon Trewin2:44:40
109Gordon Scrim2:50:36
110Greg Foster2:51:24
111Fraser White2:54:13
112Rory Ford2:59:58
113Rob Bryson3:01:03
114Tony Murdoch3:02:33
115Robert Stevenson3:04:16
116Scott McGilchrist3:13:43
117John Wakeford3:15:09
118Wayne Gipters3:28:10
119Jeff Westmore3:46:32
120Damien White3:47:58
121Simon Thiessen5:16:25

Master women 40-49 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amity McSwan4:52:45
2Traci Lonergan0:18:29
3Jo Riley0:29:52
4Su Sprott0:44:09
5Sue Thompson0:44:20
6Juliet Plumb0:44:41
7Pip Morse0:54:40
8Julia Jago1:05:25
9Robyn Simionato1:10:45
10Sally Fenner1:18:26
11Becky Herridge1:31:13
12Cath MacKay1:42:01
13Janice March1:45:23
14Toni Spinks2:03:27
15Fay Cunningham2:39:07
16Sue Donoghoe2:42:55
17Elizabeth Story3:15:27
18Ally Roche3:25:08
19Kerrie Jesiolowski3:31:16
20Karen Ward3:38:20
21Janelle Jones3:46:45

Super master men 50-59 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Olle4:40:40
2Darryl Smith0:06:25
3Gary Hitches0:08:57
4James Eldridge0:15:58
5Robert Bleeker0:22:37
6Roger Butorac0:23:37
7Robert Rhodes0:26:03
8Andrew Lloyd0:27:34
9Marcus Langham0:29:47
10Bernard Walker0:30:39
11John Travers0:31:02
12Paul Strong0:31:10
13Nick Tilbrook0:37:56
14Ian Biddell0:41:00
15Rudy Kloser0:42:08
16Rodney Clark0:49:12
17Wayne Chapman0:50:12
18Lynton Stretton0:54:18
19Paul Saxer-Tidswell0:55:36
20Leslie Paton0:56:22
21Mark Scarborough1:00:57
22Paul Scarfe1:01:27
23Mordy Bromberg1:06:55
24John Pearce1:08:34
25Tim Evans1:09:09
26Peter Macartney1:09:12
27Jim Phillipson1:19:55
28Ross Hazelwood1:23:05
29Peter Muller1:24:31
30John Breen1:24:32
31Roger Simionato1:25:46
32John Forbes1:28:35
33Ian Smith1:29:11
34Robert Furmston1:30:02
35Brett Richardson1:33:35
36Steve Bence1:33:51
37Chris Morley1:41:12
38Eric Riegler1:47:37
39Bill Butler1:53:07
40Phillip Tuck1:53:43
41Andrew March1:54:11
42Leigh Onions1:55:11
43Dale McKee1:58:29
44Alan McDowell1:58:53
45Michael Bigarelli1:59:11
46Patrick Murphy1:59:52
47Bill Vandendool2:04:11
48David Fidler2:07:36
49Bernard Murphy2:16:24
50Ian McGuffie2:17:22
51Wayne Bristow2:22:03
52Russell Hoffman2:24:11
53Kevin Joy2:34:39
54Arthur Apted2:44:16
55John Geddes2:48:28
56John Dalco2:50:30
57Richard De Waal2:58:17
58Clive Tilsley3:01:32
59John Brown3:24:53
60Mike Yanko3:47:12
61Kevin Hall4:01:35
62David Hockey4:09:12
63Peter Volker4:11:43

Super master women 50-59 general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson6:05:48
2Alison Forbes0:08:00
3Leah Dent0:26:33

Grand master men 60+ general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bruce Dickey4:54:34
2Brian Scarborough0:01:57
3Kerry Ryan0:03:49
4Phillip Dent0:04:15
5Raymond Land0:46:06
6Bruno Wicki1:15:50
7Michael Poppell1:19:14
8David Blair1:25:40
9Wayne Strong1:28:58
10Richard Pearson1:50:47
11Christopher Howe2:16:52
12Neil Kinder2:22:10
13Peter Crocker2:37:28

Singlespeed general classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Calkins4:29:20
2Nicholas Yaxley0:06:25
3Michael Brill0:11:53
4Aaron Mattison0:25:29
5David Procter0:26:16
6Craig Pullen0:27:19
7Rob Parbery0:32:26
8Al Gribble0:36:50
9Mark Lunn0:52:04
10Andrew Ling0:54:42
11Jason Johnson0:58:54
12Kim McFadden1:07:52
13Trudy Nicholas1:26:35
14Adrian Whittaker1:54:01
15Jody Dennison2:09:59
16Richard Douglas2:43:10
17Michael Kornacki3:17:37
18Wayne Keygan4:26:26

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