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American Tanner Putt takes stage 8a

American Tanner Putt won the eighth stage of the Vuelta Independencia in the Dominican Republic, which took place between La Vega and Santo Domingo.

The eighth day on paper was expected to be quiet, but became a flight of 4 riders one of the most emotional of return on its thirty-third edition, Colombians Eduard Beltran and Isaac Bolivar (EPM-UNE), Stiven Suarez Calderon (Soacha) and Putt (USA).

The leaders jumped at 40 kilometres into the stage and were able to take an advantage of over a minute on the peloton, including overall leader Sanchez, who was easily able to keep the gap within control, partly thanks to the work of the other local teams.

As the escape reached the final kilometres they still held a small advantage that allowed them to fight out the stage in the comfort that there would be no comeback from the group behind them.

Putt proved to be the fastest in the sprint, easily taking the stage in the end ahead of Ecuadorian Jose Bone Leon.

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tanner Putt (USA) USA National Team2:30:17
2Jose Bone Leon (Ecu) Ecuador0:00:01
3Eduard Alexander Beltran Suarez (Col) Epm-Une
4Diego Milan Jimenez (Spa) Aro & Pedal-Inteja
5Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling
6Rafael German Meran (Dom) Club Arco Iris
7Alejandro Guzmán (Dom) San Pedro De Macoris
8César Alberto Marte (Dom) Club Arco Iris
9Bruno Langlois (Can) 1% Por El Planeta
10David Van Eerd (Ned) Global Cycling
11Marcos Delgado (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia
12Isaac Bolivar Hernandez (Col) Epm-Une
13Florian Smits (Ned) Global Cycling
14Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador
15Jorge Camilo Castiblanco Cubides (Col) Epm-Une
16Mickael Clarico (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver
17Kelvyn Pujols (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago
18Manuel Andres Sanchez Cuevas (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.
19Navarro Ayala (Mex) Firefighters R.T.
20Lars Pria (Rom) ARBO-Oberndorfer-KTM
21Wilfrid Camelia (AHo) Curazao
22Alain Van Der Velde (Ned) Global Cycling
23Erizon Peña (Dom) San Pedro De Macoris
24Steven Calderón (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico
25Anthony Hall (USA) 1% Por El Planeta
26Nelson Ismael Sanchez Jimenez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia
27Etienne Samson (Can) 1% Por El Planeta
28Gavriel Epstein (Can) 1% Por El Planeta
29Carlos Lorenzo (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.
30Segundo Navarrete (Ecu) Ecuador
31Coulton Hartrich (USA) Firefighters R.T.
32Kerry Werner (USA) USA National Team
33Jorge Luis Martínez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia
34Erik Castanos (Ecu) Ecuador
35Ruiggeri Pinedoe (AHo) Curazao
36Russell Finsterwald (USA) USA National Team
37Wendy Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago
38Efren Ortega (PuR) Soacha-Puerto Rico
39Spencer Gaddy (USA) 1% Por El Planeta
40Ismael Collado (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago
41Hector Patarroyo (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico
42Rafael Moreta (Dom) Fenix
43Jos Chalmers (USA) USA National Team
44Anthony Rodríguez (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca
45William Guzmán (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca
46Norlandis Taveras (Dom) Club Arco Iris
47Euris Vidal (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia
48Rene Bauer (Aut) ARBO-Oberndorfer-KTM
49Quinten Winkel (AHo) Curazao
50Ramón Checo (Dom) Club Arco Iris
51Roeland Dijkshoorn (Ned) Global Cycling
52Jorge Gallegos (Ecu) Ecuador0:00:15
53Martijn Knol (Ned) Global Cycling
54Augusto Sanchez Beriguete (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:00:01
55Claudio De Jesús (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:00:15
56Kelian Lankester (Ned) Curazao
57Gremmy Arias (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca
58Jonnathan Toussaint (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico0:00:18
59Wilmi Gil (Dom) Aro & Pedal-Inteja
60Carlos Eduardo Quisphe (Ecu) Ecuador
61Robert Pérez (Dom) Aro & Pedal-Inteja0:00:26
62Franck Sartori (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver0:00:27
63Elvis Rodríguez (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:00:38
64Adellyn Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:00:01
65Juan José Cueto (Dom) Club Arco Iris
66Silverio Mejia (Dom) Team Romana
67Javier Eduardo Gomez Pineda (Col) Epm-Une0:01:23
68Robigzon Leandro Oyola Oyola (Col) Epm-Une0:00:01
69Jaime Vergara (Col) Epm-Une0:01:33
70Grant Potter (USA) 1% Por El Planeta0:01:37
71Jorge Perez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:01:51
72Jonatan Reynoso (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.0:04:32
73Charlihoo Hernández (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca0:04:35
74Gregorio Alfonseca (Dom) Fenix0:07:31
75Christian Parrett (USA) Firefighters R.T.0:14:08
76George Winterdal (Aru) Curazao0:15:33
77Jonathan Encarnación (Dom) Miderec-Bicicentro
78Benigno De La Cruz (Dom) Miderec-Bicicentro0:15:40
79Leo Frayre (USA) Firefighters R.T.0:20:04
80Jacques Serna (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver0:20:09
81Emmanuel Fernandez (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver
DNFRoss Shane Bradley (USA) Firefighters R.T.
DNFRodny Minier (Dom) Aro & Pedal-Inteja
DNFYordalis Hernández (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca

General classification after stage 8a
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nelson Ismael Sanchez Jimenez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia24:56:10
2Eduard Alexander Beltran Suarez (Col) Epm-Une0:01:24
3Robigzon Leandro Oyola Oyola (Col) Epm-Une0:01:25
4Isaac Bolivar Hernandez (Col) Epm-Une0:01:52
5Rafael German Meran (Dom) Club Arco Iris0:02:01
6Diego Milan Jimenez (Spa) Aro & Pedal-Inteja0:02:28
7Efren Ortega (PuR) Soacha-Puerto Rico0:02:42
8Bruno Langlois (Can) 1% Por El Planeta0:03:30
9Coulton Hartrich (USA) Firefighters R.T.0:03:37
10Wendy Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:03:41
11Segundo Navarrete (Ecu) Ecuador0:03:55
12Augusto Sanchez Beriguete (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:04:18
13Javier Eduardo Gomez Pineda (Col) Epm-Une0:05:33
14Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador0:05:36
15Jaime Vergara (Col) Epm-Une0:05:48
16Kerry Werner (USA) USA National Team0:07:30
17Florian Smits (Ned) Global Cycling0:10:02
18Steven Calderón (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico0:12:04
19Jorge Camilo Castiblanco Cubides (Col) Epm-Une0:12:07
20Erik Castanos (Ecu) Ecuador0:12:45
21Anthony Hall (USA) 1% Por El Planeta0:14:25
22William Guzmán (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca0:14:54
23Tanner Putt (USA) USA National Team0:15:48
24Adellyn Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:16:07
25Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling0:16:59
26Marcos Delgado (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:17:35
27Elvis Rodríguez (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:18:30
28Jorge Perez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:21:26
29Jose Bone Leon (Ecu) Ecuador0:23:20
30Jorge Luis Martínez (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:25:24
31Mickael Clarico (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver0:25:36
32Alain Van Der Velde (Ned) Global Cycling0:26:03
33Kelvyn Pujols (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:29:44
34Claudio De Jesús (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:30:47
35Carlos Eduardo Quisphe (Ecu) Ecuador0:30:49
36Manuel Andres Sanchez Cuevas (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.0:31:16
37Alejandro Guzmán (Dom) San Pedro De Macoris0:31:57
38Anthony Rodríguez (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca0:32:02
39Kelian Lankester (Ned) Curazao0:33:39
40Russell Finsterwald (USA) USA National Team0:36:02
41Martijn Knol (Ned) Global Cycling0:37:23
42Jorge Gallegos (Ecu) Ecuador0:37:27
43Jonnathan Toussaint (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico0:40:21
44Rene Bauer (Aut) ARBO-Oberndorfer-KTM0:41:12
45Euris Vidal (Dom) La Vega-Com.Nal.Energia0:43:39
46Rafael Moreta (Dom) Fenix0:43:47
47Robert Pérez (Dom) Aro & Pedal-Inteja0:47:08
48Gremmy Arias (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca0:48:08
49Spencer Gaddy (USA) 1% Por El Planeta0:48:33
50Carlos Lorenzo (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.0:48:57
51Christian Parrett (USA) Firefighters R.T.0:49:26
52Quinten Winkel (AHo) Curazao0:49:55
53Gavriel Epstein (Can) 1% Por El Planeta0:49:58
54Jos Chalmers (USA) USA National Team0:51:10
55Ismael Collado (Dom) Ochoa Finauto-Santiago0:51:56
56Grant Potter (USA) 1% Por El Planeta0:53:55
57Erizon Peña (Dom) San Pedro De Macoris0:55:32
58David Van Eerd (Ned) Global Cycling0:55:58
59Lars Pria (Rom) ARBO-Oberndorfer-KTM0:56:28
60Juan José Cueto (Dom) Club Arco Iris0:57:49
61Etienne Samson (Can) 1% Por El Planeta1:03:40
62Ramón Checo (Dom) Club Arco Iris1:03:50
63Norlandis Taveras (Dom) Club Arco Iris1:05:37
64César Alberto Marte (Dom) Club Arco Iris1:06:19
65Navarro Ayala (Mex) Firefighters R.T.1:09:09
66Hector Patarroyo (Col) Soacha-Puerto Rico1:13:40
67Wilmi Gil (Dom) Aro & Pedal-Inteja1:13:50
68Wilfrid Camelia (AHo) Curazao1:13:56
69George Winterdal (Aru) Curazao1:18:24
70Charlihoo Hernández (Dom) Leon Ureña-Wilse Moca1:20:14
71Franck Sartori (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver1:20:52
72Roeland Dijkshoorn (Ned) Global Cycling1:22:51
73Gregorio Alfonseca (Dom) Fenix1:23:32
74Ruiggeri Pinedoe (AHo) Curazao1:29:07
75Leo Frayre (USA) Firefighters R.T.1:35:50
76Jacques Serna (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver1:37:09
77Jonatan Reynoso (Dom) San Cristobal-V.Alt.1:43:16
78Silverio Mejia (Dom) Team Romana1:45:27
79Emmanuel Fernandez (Fra) A.S.C. Vetiver2:06:05
80Benigno De La Cruz (Dom) Miderec-Bicicentro2:35:29
81Jonathan Encarnación (Dom) Miderec-Bicicentro2:37:30


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