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Six gold medals awarded on first day of racing

Junior men 10-12 - 20km
1Gage Hecht (Iccc)0:36:47
2Grant Mcelroy (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
3Daniel Willett (Unattached)
4Ethan Reynolds (Byrds)
5Ian Mcshane (Red Zone Cycling)
6Matteo Jorgenson (Byrds)
7Jonathan Brown (Tristar Cycling Team)
8Thomas Lucas (Unattached)
9Robbie Farrens (Rocket Sports - Trek)0:00:07
10Karch Miller (Unattached)
11James Todd (Unattached)0:00:13
12Broderick Hartley (Frazier Cycling)
13Michael Hocking (Byrds)0:00:23
14Samuel Rosenberg (Unattached)0:00:29
15Logan Feasline (Unattached)0:00:33
16Adrien Costa (Unattached)0:00:57
17Prithvi Gummadi (Unattached)0:02:19
18Stephen Haas (Unattached)
19Anselm Teather (Colavita)0:02:42
20Jonathan Christensen (Rocket Sports Racing)0:02:52
21Cade Bickmore (Unattached)0:03:19
22Duncan Reid (Peninsula Cycle Club)0:04:05
23Nicholas Castellano (Southern California Velo)0:05:24
24Joseph Tarrant (Southern California Velo)
25Kyle Hudson (Unattached)0:06:00
26Evan Geary (Asc/redline)0:06:24
27Cy Ott (Unattached)
28Jacob Drummond (Unattached)0:06:50
29Alexander West (Cycle Tuesday)0:07:03
30Gianni Kennard (Unattached)0:07:22
31Robert Terra (Rocket Sports- Trek)0:07:34
32Aditya Gummadi (Unattached)0:07:43
33Rishi Teja Mocherla (Frazier Cycling)
34Nathan Goldberg (Gp Velotek)
35Massimo Larsen
36Angel Lopez (Unattached)
37Alexander Wexler (Frazier Cycling)
38Ethan Cadenhead (Unattached)0:12:32
39Ryan Madis (One Call Now)
40Harry Brelsford (Classic Cycles)
41Henry Geary (Asc/redline)0:14:12
42Tyler O'donnell (Unattached)0:14:28
43Jeremy Lopez (Sc Velo)

Junior women 10-12 - 20km
1Ciara Hopkins
2Abigail Aldridge (Frazier Cycling)
3Emma White
4Rachel Cross (Sho-air/Sonance)
5Amelia Tanner (Jetcycling)

Junior men 13-14 - 40km
1Michael Dessau (5280)1:05:48
2Jordan Cullen (Mbrc/flanders)
3Logan Owen (Hagens Berman)0:00:09
4Jonathon Schilling (Mesa)0:00:28
5Austin Clevenger (Rad Racing Nw/hagens Berman)
6Jay Major (5280)
7Andrew Macrae (Frazier Cycling)
8Max O'neal (Wines Of Wa/
9Stephen Bassett (East Tn Junior Cycling)0:02:29
10Miguel Bryon (Team Velocity)0:02:51
11Philip O'donnell (Frazier Cycling)0:04:03
12Noah Williams (Unattached)0:04:10
13Zack Gould (Vic's Espresso Cycling Team -)0:05:23
14Max Cronyn (Unattached)
15Imari Miller (Unattached)
16Curtis White (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
17Danny Parks (Unattached)
18Nate Morse (C.l. Noonan/kam/coast To Coast)0:05:53
19Pedro Zaragosa (Unattached)
20Jr., David Kirske (Rad Racing/hagens Berman)
21Dylan Drummond (Tieni Duro)
22Taylor White (East Tn Junior Cycling)
23Noah Granigan (Team Somerset)
24Stanley Goto (All Sport Team Swift)
25Nathan Pherigo (Unattached)
26Teddy Kozlowski (Unattached)
27William Barta (Byrds)0:06:06
28Jaxon Suttlemyre (Vertical Earth)0:06:11
29Christopher Worden (Unattached)0:06:20
30Luke Broadwell (Unattached)0:07:21
31Casey Braga (Colavita Racing)0:08:25
32Max Toeldte (Byrds)0:08:43
33Fletcher Lydick (Frazier Cycling)
34Cameron Carrick (Unattached)0:20:14
35Christian Teather (Colavita)
36Nathan Hocking (Byrds)
37Matthew Valencia (Sugarcrm/lgbrc)
38Ryan Grant (All Sport - Team Swift)
39Tyler Spence (Sun Summit)
40Nils Boberg (Ridley Factory Team)
41Andrew Biscardi (Sjbc/sugarcrm)
42Kristopher Maile (Las Vegas Racing)
43Phillip Kinney (All Sport-Team Swift)
44Marcelo Cleveland (Unattached)
45Ryan Shaw (Unattached)
46Max Gander (Tristar Cycling Team)
47Colin Dunlap (Unattached)
48Liam Earl (Byrds)
49Nathan Rico (Sho Air/sonance)
50Daniel Svedberg (Unattached)
51Zane Torre (Unattached)
52Anders Nystrom (Unattached)
53Erick Madis (One Call Now)
54Samuel Caroca (Unattached)
55Harrison Devine (Unattached)
56Tony Comer (Unattached)
DNFJacob King (Unattached)
DNFZeke Mostov (Unattached)
DNFLuke Bateman (Unattached)
DNFRudy Peterson (Little Ceazars Kalamazoo Bike)

Junior women 13-14 - 30km
1Zoe Frazier (Frazier Cycling)1:00:06
2Sarah Huang (NOVA IS Corp)
3Katrina Howard (Vapor Racing)
4Hannah Mossman (Unattached)
5Sara Youmans (BYRDS)
6Bailey Semian (Team Vortex Cycling Club)
7Ashley St. Pierre (Byrds)
8Melissa Goodman (Frazier Cycling)
9Dominique Shore (Unattached)0:00:10
10Eryn Maris (Unattached)0:00:29
11Colleen Cross (Sho-air/sonance)0:01:27
12Andrea Casebolt (Unattached)0:01:31
13Claire Jensen (Proman Hit Squad)0:03:33
14Payton Thomas (Metro Vw)0:03:38
15Dominique Van Den Dries (Proman Hit Squad)0:03:52
16Zoey Grenier (Kaladi)0:04:23
17Michelle Blake (Colavita Central Florida)0:04:38
18Savvy Blake (Unattached)0:04:44
19Lucia Careno (Unattached)0:10:39
20Cheryl Wells (Unattached)0:13:15

Junior men 15-16 - 75km
1David Kessler (5280)1:58:39
2Yannick Eckmann (5280)
3Paul Lynch (Mystic Velo Club)0:00:11
4Christopher Flanagan (All Sport-team Swift)0:02:18
5Shannon Maris (ASC Racing/Redline)0:02:22
6Yuma Koishi (Sjbc\sugar Crm)0:02:26
7Benjamin Wolfe (Unattached)0:03:56
8Kristo Jorgenson (Byrds)
9Matthew Baranoski (Alliance Environmental)
10Scott Carlyle (First Rate Mortgage)
11Ben Gabardi (Hot Tubes)
12James Laberge (Team Specialized Racing Junior)
13Aasin Taylor (Major Motion)
14Darrell Kohli (Unattached)
15Steven Kendall (Ncvc/inova Health Systems)
16Alexander Kusztyk (Southern California Velo)
17Matt Lipscomb (Unattached)
18John Piasta (All Sport-team Swift)
19Zachary Semian (Team Alliance Environmental)
20Willy Zellmer (Hammer Nutrition/mjcf)
21Marcus Smith (Team Specialzied Racing Junior)
22Cory Williams (Major Motion)0:04:07
23Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)0:09:01
24Erik Volotzky (Major Motion)0:10:06
25Dean Haas (5280 Magazine)0:10:57
26Thomas Wrona (Raleigh Allstars Cycling Team)
27Rhys Rathbun -5280
28Gregory Daniel (Unattached)
29Bjorn Fox (Above Category Racing)
30Michael Pincus (Pearland Cycles Racing Pb Mshc)
31William Rader (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)
32Torey Philipp (Davis Bike Club)
33Ben Barthel (Eschlon)
34Jack Funk (Team Power Train)0:11:21
35Colin Krebsbach (Asc Racing/redline)
36Joseph Christensen (Rocket Sports Racing)0:11:29
DNFDavid Benkoski (Team Specialized Racing)
DNFDrew Bercaw (One Call Now)
DNFBen Bertiger (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)
DNFDaniel Bush (Unattached)
DNFJos Chalmers (Unattached)
DNFAlex Dayton (Unattached)
DNFRuben Del Cristo (Unattached)
DNFAlistair Eeckman (Team Specialized Racing Junior)
DNFTaylor Eisenhart (Ffkr/sbo P/b Tour Of Utah)
DNFMacky Franks (Unattached)
DNFAlexander Freund (Davis Bike Club)
DNFRyan Gadow (Tieni Duro)
DNFDominic Galenti (Unattached)
DNFDavid Goodman (Frazier Cycling)
DNFTyler Hanson (Tieni Duro)
DNFLogan Haskew (Unattached)
DNFSpencer Jordan (Tyson Racing)
DNFCameron Kennington (Unattached)
DNFEvan Kirk (Unattached)
DNFConor Klupar (Unattached)
DNFGento Kusano (Sjbc/sugarcrm)
DNFChris Laberge (Team Specialized Racing Junior)
DNFAndrew Lanier Jr. (Team Specialized Racing Junior)
DNFBrian Lark (Unattached)
DNFCesar Lopez (Unattached)
DNFStephen Marcucci (Team Dna)
DNFAmir Merali (Laser Es)
DNFAustin Oliver (Cullman Cycling Club)
DNFJeff Perrin (Unattached)
DNFJoe Prettyman (Beaverton Bicycling Club)
DNFMichael Reidenbach (Unattached)
DNFErnesto Santiesteban (Unattached)
DNFAaron Shaw (Mnjrc)
DNFNeal Shepherd (Orlando Road Club)
DNFCesar Simmons (Unattached)
DNFMatthew Spinks (Team Metra/ Wendy's P/b Cycles)
DNFAndy Su (Unattached)
DNFNicholas Tarrant (Southern California Velo)
DNFTaylor Tongate (Sho-air/sonance)
DNFKyle Torres (Sho-air/sonance)
DNFEvan Wynn (Asheville Youth Cycling)

Junior women 15-16 - 55km
1Ruth Winder (Proman Hit Squad)1:42:55
2Somersby Jenkins (Echelon Of Santa Barbara)
3Grace Alexander (Byrds)
4Kaitlyn Lawrence (Team Vortex Cycling Club)
5Ashlyn Gerber (All Sport-Team Swift)
6Alexis Ryan (Major Motion Development)
7Jacqueline Denny (Gp Velotek)
8Karla Lopez (Unattached)
9Hannah Hayduk (Team Alliance Environmental)
10Katherine Shields (Unattached)0:00:05
11Larisa Wade (Valley (cbc Racing))0:00:42
12Briana Mommer (CVC)0:00:50
13Toni Esposto (Unattached)0:01:50
14Emily Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)0:05:20
15Brittney Hartley (Frazier Cycling)0:07:33
16Nora Bengel (Mnjrc)
17Sophie Wilson (Unattached)0:11:26
18Nina Gummadi (Unattached)0:14:05
19Kennedy Bizer (Black Sheep Cycling)

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