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Vouillez wins stage 5

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Jerome Clementz leads the race

Jerome Clementz leads the race (Image credit: Irmo Keizer)
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There were plenty more good views on stage 5

There were plenty more good views on stage 5 (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)
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A rider hikes his bike

A rider hikes his bike (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)
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A racer in the Trans Provence

A racer in the Trans Provence (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)
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Robert Patterso

Robert Patterso (Image credit: Irmo Keizer)
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Guy Shingler

Guy Shingler (Image credit: Irmo Keizer)

Day five over 39km from Guillames to St-Sauveur-sur-Tinée, regardless of what old timers at the Trans-Provence may think, turned out to be the favourite by some degree with riders so far. The combination of technical trails and the majority of climbing on roads gave the riders a little relief from the standard hike-a-bike and fireroad climbs to the top.

The first trail of the day on special stage 15 definitely dropped a long way but also had some hard pedalling sections combined with technical moves. To quote Chris Porter from Mojo "You need the trials skills of Danny Macaskill and the lungs of Indurain."

A long road climb with opportunities for coffee and cake at the top (which most seemed to take ) led the riders in to special stage 16 a woodland epic that finally saw them fire through arable fields before reaching the feed station.

Another long road col gradually wound the riders to special stage 17 - a fast dusty trail that cut along the edge of ravine and out and along a old road that lead to them through tiny villages and finally into a deep ravine which demanded the only carry of the day.

Finally the Village of Roure was reached and another of the classic Trans-Provence trails. zig zagging across open hill side with an enormous sense of exposure on either your left or right depending on which way the trail was taking you held together with perfect switchback corners - faster and less technical than some of the other stages - it definitely had a bit more flow and speed to it.

A final uplift of the day saw competitors reach there camp for the night and much needed rest for day six, the only day that compares to day two in terms of duration.

Trans Provence Day 5 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

Full Results

Stage 5 results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Vouilloz0:23:00
2Jerome Clementz0:01:00
3Fabien Barel
4Marc Beaumont0:02:00
5Matt Ryan0:03:00
6Rowan Sorrell0:04:00
7Mick Kirkman
8Sven Martin
9James Richards0:05:00
10Steve Jones0:06:00
11Pascal Kienast
12Iain Mathews
13Tim Graverse
14Rob Brookes
15Tracy Moseley
16Cesar Rojo
17Mark Weir0:07:00
18Neil Mclean
19Arno De Ruyver0:08:00
20Anka Martin0:09:00
21Kevin Harper0:10:00
22Joris Zimmerman
23Matt Alder
24Ingrid Hohermut
25Johann Grognux
26Alessandro Severino
27Alun Thomas
28Guy Shingler0:12:00
29Jasper Hyde0:14:00
30Giles Fulford
31Ben Warrick0:15:00
32Dan Allen
33Jason Thomas
34Kara Boelema0:16:00
35Joost Van
36John Hyde0:17:00
37Andreas Hestler0:19:00
38Chris Porter
39Peter Verkest0:20:00
40Ales Crcek
41Daniel Bƒck0:21:00
42Matthias Van Durme
43Mark Maurissen0:22:00
44Fiona Thomson
45Lee Veliss0:23:00
46Dietbrand Van Durme0:24:00
47Bernardo Guarita
48John Couling0:28:00
49Andy Darke0:36:00
50Robert Patterso0:37:00
51Clarkson Pissuerga0:39:00

General classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jerome Clementz2:28:00
2Nicolas Vouilloz0:01:00
3Fabien Barel0:04:00
4Mark Weir0:07:00
5Matt Ryan0:08:00
6Marc Beaumont0:15:00
7Rowan Sorrell0:17:00
8James Richards0:24:00
9Steve Jones0:26:00
10Mick Kirkman0:28:00
11Sven Martin0:29:00
12Pascal Kienast0:31:00
13Iain Mathews0:32:00
14Tim Graverse0:34:00
15Neil Mclean0:37:00
16Rob Brookes
17Tracy Moseley0:39:00
18Kevin Harper
19Andreas Hestler0:42:00
20Anka Martin0:53:00
21Chris Porter
22Joris Zimmerman0:58:00
23Matt Alder
24Ingrid Hohermut1:03:00
25Johann Grognux1:05:00
26Alessandro Severino1:06:00
27Alun Thomas1:09:00
28Guy Shingler1:10:00
29Lee Veliss1:15:00
30Jasper Hyde1:16:00
31Ben Warrick1:24:00
32Arno De Ruyver1:27:00
33Giles Fulford1:34:00
34Kara Boelema1:35:00
35Daniel Bƒck1:41:00
36John Couling1:44:00
37Dan Allen1:49:00
38Jason Thomas1:58:00
39Mark Maurissen
40Joost Van2:00:00
41John Hyde2:12:00
42Fiona Thomson2:16:00
43Dietbrand Van Durme2:18:00
44Andy Darke2:24:00
45Matthias Van Durme2:34:00
46Peter Verkest2:40:00
47Ales Crcek2:56:00
48Cesar Rojo2:58:00
49Bernardo Guarita3:08:00
50Robert Patterso3:31:00
51Clarkson Pissuerga3:47:00

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