Sauser claims second consecutive Trans Germany title

Christoph Sauser (Specialized racing) clinched the fifth edition of the Trans Germany on Saturday. The Swiss rider mastered the total distance of 325 kilometers from Sonthofen, Germany to Maurach/Achensee, Austria in 11:04:57 and thus earned his second consecutive overall title. The reigning marathon world champion Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon Racing) placed second - just like last year - with a deficit of 1:13. Centurion-Vaude racer Markus Kaufmann, who took the first spot in the best climber classification, rounded out the podium as third.

Kaufmann's teammate Matthias Bettinger celebrated victory on the final stage 4, which covered 100km and had 1,630m of climbing from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany to Maurach. Bettinger finished in 1:15:02.

"I said to myself now or never!" said Bettinger, who outsprinted Kaufmann and Lakata in second and third respectively. Sauser was fifth, just after South Africa's David George.

"I wanted to win again," said Sauser, who added that "there was no way for me to be satisfied with second after my last year's triumph." Due to a strong performance on the queen stage, Sauser had laid foundation to a successful title defense on day one.

"It's just incredible. I love stage races. Winning an event which lasts longer than just one day is worth much more," said Sauser. "In addition, it's more fun, except for yesterday."

Sauser's win didn't come easily as Lakata pushed him the entire way, including attacking again on the final stage.

"I never gave up," said Lakata. "So many things can happen all the time. So, I wanted to make sure that I would have nothing to complain about. And as I tried everything, I'm ok with the result."

Kaufmann said something similar. "I gave in everything I had to claim the best climber classification. That this worked out and I also placed on the podium is insane. It's just a very good season for me so far. Everything else that happens now is a plus," said the 29-year-old.

First title for Sundstedt

On the women's side, Pia Sundstedt (Craft - Rocky Mountain) took an even more imposing triumph after she won three of the four stages en route to collecting the overall title. Sundstedt did not win the final stage. Instead, that honor went to Sally Bingham (Topeak Ergon), who finished in 1:23:54 for the day, five seconds ahead of Sundstedt. Milena Landtwing (Centurion-Vaude) was third in 1:26:20.

The 36-year-old Sundstedt finished with an overall time of 12:57:42. She was 16 minutes faster than runner up Sally Bingham (Topeak Ergon Racing).

"I'm very happy about this win. This race is very important to me," said Sundstedt. "But I had to fight really hard for this victory."

Bresser best master racer

In the masters 40+ category, Carsten Bresser (Craft Rocky Mountain) triumphed in 11:52:36, dethroning the winner of the last two editions, Johann Grasegger of Team Garmisch-Partenkirchen, who finished as runner-up (1:58:00).

"It wasn't easy at all," Bresser said. "But in the end, it worked out. It's a nice win, the second at an event lasting several days after I triumphed at the Cape Epic with Udo Bölts this spring."

Lars van der Sloot took the third podium spot in the overall ranking (12:00:25) as well as today (1:19:47). The win on the final stage went to Arild Christophersen (1:18:33) who came in ahead of Grasegger (1:19:44).

Spolc earns victory on final stage

Performing an impressive true feat, Milan Spolc not only secured victory in the senior master category on the final stage (1:23:03) but also scored his title hattrick. The Czech of TBR-Bikes-JH Sachsen mastered the total distance in 12:58:07 hours and therefore was 2:12 faster than Austria's Werner Höpperger (Team Tiroler Zugspitze), the so far bearer of the green leader's jersey.

"Two weeks ago, I was racing in South Africa. According to this, it was pretty hard for me over the course of the last four days. But I got better and better each day. It's fantastic that it did work out," Spolc said, who had turned a deficit of almost nine minutes in a lead over Höpperger.

The second in the overall ranking missed today's podium by finishing fourth ahead after second placed Ferdinand Ganser (Craft - Rocky Mountain) and third placed Olav Tronnes.

Stage 4 Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon)1:23:54
2Pia Sundstedt (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:00:05
3Milena Landtwing (Centurion-Vaude)0:02:22
4Andrea Kuster0:06:11
5Hanne Troennes0:06:18
6Rikke Kornvig0:08:19
7Verena Krenslehner (Conway Racing Team)0:09:19
8Linda Wibe Larsen (Team Merida/Grimstad Sk)0:10:38
9Ann-Dorthe Lisbygd (Team Eleven/Radon)0:10:56
10Martina Miessgang (Mountain Heroes)0:11:14
11Natascha Binder (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic)0:11:15
12Kristin Aamodt (Frikransen/ Statoil)0:11:22
13Andrea Scharrer (Rsc88 Regensburg)0:11:55
14Heather Holmes0:12:25
15Martina Stoiber (Rsc88 Regensburg)0:12:56
16Sabine Halkes0:13:56
17Andrea Tasser0:14:43
18Veronika Weiß0:15:00
19Konny Fabian (Mountainbike Bergstrasse)0:16:10
20Monika Rüther (Team Burn Baby)0:16:30
21Sonja Wimmer (Craft-Nora Racing Team)0:16:56
22Claudia Potratz (Moooove Racingteam)0:17:53
23Ilona Meter0:18:01
24Sandra Wöhning0:18:27
25Nancy Gasperini (Vv Tooltime Preizerdaul)0:19:54
26Nicole Marcec (Velociped)0:20:14
27Susanne Rathgeb (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:21:58
28Elisabeth Opp (Scott / Light-Lounge MTB Racing Team)0:22:01
29Susanne Füßinger (Team Wsb)0:22:18
30Eva Hupfauer (Raceteam Tonis Radleck)0:22:20
31Silke Pokrop (Craft And Friends)0:22:34
32Bettina Bubeck (Sg Stern Stuttgart Competition)0:22:48
33Heike Warmuth (Moooove Racingteam)0:23:37
34Sara-Diane Gorges (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:23:56
35Margit Schütz (Nora Racing Team)0:24:00
36Nelia Fuchs (Team Burn Baby)0:24:05
37Ellen Blome (Craft And Friends)0:24:25
38Eline Romundgard Inger (If Froy)0:25:06
39Simone Schubert (Veloteam Landshut)0:26:09
40Marie Skofteland Birte0:26:14
41Cornelia Mainka (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)0:27:38
42Susanne Jährling (Team Riival)0:28:17
43Christine Braun0:29:09
44Therese Svarte (Varanger Sportsklubb)0:29:12
45Raquel Walty (Joao From Hell (Wow))0:29:29
46Katja Schmidt (Team Fahrrad Xxl)0:29:50
47Sheena Wallace (Pronghorn Racing-Team)0:29:56
48Brit Brustveit (Sandnes Sk)0:31:30
49Lise Kronborg (Team Anneberg)0:31:45
50Barbara Lebutsch0:32:29
51Marion Hemmerling (Team Energysource)0:32:48
52Ira Korsten0:33:30
53Sissel Pedersen (Stovnerkameratene)0:33:37
54Bea Frass (Craft And Friends)0:33:57
55Kerstin Kindler (Garmin & Friends)0:34:28
56Claudia Langer (Craft And Friends)0:34:45
57Jennifer Stratmann (Turnbeutelvergesser)0:34:50
58Katja Weishaupt (Rsc88 Regensburg)0:35:01
59Marlène Suter0:35:11
60Sigrid Poullie (Velofreunde Großwelzheim O5)0:35:24
61Béatrice Friedli (Kraftwerk # Rockthisbike.Ch)0:36:52
62Angela Wendler0:37:11
63Michaela Salzgeber (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:38:00
64Anja Peters0:39:00
65Annette Roschke0:40:34
66Pascal van Eerden (Team Axpas)0:40:40
67Tanja Oswald0:41:05
68Petra Prins (Mbc Bar End)0:41:33
69Kathy Rapelius0:41:34
70Gudrun Graichen0:45:30
72Emma Czekay Frauke0:47:07
73Lea Tochtermann (Mountainbike Bergstrasse)0:47:27
74Iris Mandelid0:49:42
75Claudia Schalk0:50:19
76Raffaela Hoffmann (Team Burn Baby)0:51:20
77Simone Springer (Fuhneschnucken)0:53:06
78Simone Hawlik0:54:18
79Kathrin Kortenbach (Turnbeutelvergesser)0:54:40
80Susanne Gutjahr1:00:20
81Rosi Selbeck-Räber (Rosi)1:00:42
82Marianne Wigers Larsen (Hafrsfjord 1)1:05:17
83Jill Janz (Craft - Rocky Mountain)1:05:52
84Tanja Kettermann1:06:59
85Sandra Mösner (Team Tooltime Preizerdaul - Cis Amberg)1:17:26
86Cornelia Saalfrank (Esv Bad Bayersoien)1:17:27
87Mila Kusmenko (BlaCK Cat)1:20:38
88Claudia Schulte (Craft And Friends)1:20:45
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthias Bettinger (Centurion-Vaude)1:15:06
2Markus Kaufmann (Centurion-Vaude)0:00:03
3Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon)0:00:04
4David Harold George (360 Life)0:00:04
5Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing)0:00:07
6Daniel Geismayr (Centurion-Vaude)0:00:20
7Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:00:20
8Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:00:21
9Jan Jobanek (Merida Biking Team)0:00:22
10Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:00:22
11Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:00:23
12Kevin Evans (360 Life)0:00:26
13Christian Kreuchler (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:00:27
14Rupert Palmberger (Centurion-Vaude)0:01:49
15Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:01:50
16Håkon Austad (Team United Bakeries)0:01:50
17Andreas Kugler (Multivan Merida Biking Team)0:01:50
18Patrick Müller (Syncros Scott Generation)0:02:29
19Lars Ragnar Manengen (Lillehamer Ck)0:02:32
20Roland Golderer (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:02:33
21Ivan Rybarik (Merida Biking Team)0:03:27
22Sebastian Stark (TBR Bikes-Jh Sachsen)0:03:27
23Daniel Aspacher (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:03:28
24Björn Papstein0:03:32
25Erik Skovgaard Knudsen (Skandia)0:04:15
26Sven Kilander0:04:37
27Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:04:37
28Mirko Pfauth (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:04:37
29Guido Thaler (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:04:38
30Uwe Hardter (Team Texpa-Simplon)0:04:38
31Steffen Greger (Radwerk Racing Team)0:04:39
32Daniel Gathof (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:06:45
33Robert Wittmann (Rsc Auto-Brosch Kempten)0:06:47
34Laurin Waldmann (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:06:58
35Atze Dijkhuis (Bejan-Ghost)0:07:00
36Christian Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)0:07:00
37Silvio Wieltschnig (Factory Team Cube)0:07:04
38Christian Haas (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:07:09
39Markus Werner (TBR Bikes-Jh Sachsen)0:07:13
40Alexander Warthmann (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:07:13
41Simon Gegenheimer (MTB Racingteam Ultrasports Rose Racingteam)0:07:44
42Wolfgang Mayer (FXX Cycles)0:07:44
43Jo Nordskar (Team United Bakeries)0:07:45
44Paul Timmer (Bejan-Ghost)0:07:46
45Richard Wolf (RSV Sonthofen)0:07:55
46Kai Kugler (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:07:59
47Alois Sebrich (Fizik Scott Ga.-Pa.)0:08:07
48Nico Muschiol (Zaboo Team29)0:08:09
49Andreas Deutschendorf0:08:21
50Christian Häner (Zwillingscraft Stevens)0:08:29
51Bastian Wauschkuhn (TBR Bikes-Jh Sachsen)0:08:35
52Guido De Jong (Peerkes Bike Team)0:08:40
53Andreas Basler (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:08:44
54Gamh-Drid Slim (Craft And Friends)0:08:45
55Marcin Piecuch (Szik)0:08:49
56Benedikt Lärch (Rslc Holzkirchen)0:08:53
57Marco Intravaia (TWR-Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)0:09:02
58Luigi Petrini (TWR-Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)0:09:04
59Michael Sollmann (Race Team Schillig)0:09:09
60Lieven Schroyen0:09:25
61Bart Damen (Peerkes Bike Team)0:09:33
62Frank van Hoof (Peerkes Bike Team)0:09:36
63Andy Leistner (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)0:09:36
64Christian Dengler (Rsc88 Regensburg)0:09:57
65Martin Kiechle (Centurion-Vaude)0:10:10
66Alexander Stark (Syncros Scott Generation)0:10:11
67Andre Kinzel (Soq.De/Speedzone)0:10:14
68Henrik Grytbakk0:10:17
69Daniel Huber (Bergamont)0:10:19
70Marco Baumann (Bike-Planet MTB Team)0:10:20
71Tobias Ohlenschläger0:10:21
72Christian Störzer0:10:24
73Dmitry Zubkov (Velopolitech)0:10:30
74Stefan Sulser0:10:31
75Hansjörg Oberkalmsteiner0:10:36
76Steffen Thum (MTB Racingteam Ultrasports Rose Racingteam)0:10:37
77Roland Danner (Craft And Friends)0:10:40
78Thorsten Kauder0:10:41
79Igor Saiz Artola (Mkl Bikes)0:10:44
80Harold Van Gerven (Peerkes Bike Team)0:10:58
81Matthias Baldauf (RSV Sonthofen)0:11:08
82Mario Schädle (Radhaus Lechaschau)0:11:28
84Rico Leistner (Team Vogtland Bike Schöneck)0:11:35
85Bernd Tröbelsperger (Bike + Run Salzburg)0:11:38
86Florian Richter (MTB Verein Zierenberg E.V.)0:11:44
87Horst Elting (Team Sv Lauertal Burglauer)0:11:48
87Stefan LoiblRow 87 - Cell 2
89Remco van Bekkum (Peerkes Bike Team)0:11:49
90Peter Reiche (Moooove Racingteam)0:11:56
91Ottar Kvernstuen Geir (Sk Rye / Team Halaas)0:11:56
92Vladimir Ivanov (Velopolitech)0:11:58
93Waldemar Fuchs (Team Burn Baby)0:12:01
94Hans Hutschenreuter0:12:13
95Jordi Sanmartin (Starbike)0:12:13
96Matthias Brenner0:12:23
97Felix Zeeb (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:12:34
98Steven Eisenschmidt0:12:34
99Marco Conter (Nora Racing Team)0:12:39
100Uli Schmittlutz (Team Oberfranken / Komdsl)0:12:52
101Stefan Koller (Craft And Friends)0:13:10
102Lars Fokdal0:13:18
103Oswald Ehrmann (BMW MTB Team)0:13:21
104Thomas Palussek (Velociped)0:13:33
105Michel Tubée (Velociped)0:13:33
106Stefan Seel (Reiter Cycle Team)0:13:35
107Fabian Stadelmann (Hansens Flodeis / Eighty Aid)0:13:37
108Stephan Hrozek (Team Energysource)0:13:38
109Markus Jäger (Bike Team Sonthofen)0:13:40
110Keke Dörnbach (C3 - Cycle Culture Company)0:13:40
111Benjamin Michael (Ghost Racing Team)0:13:46
112Robert Neiteler (Www.Hamburg-Architektur.Com)0:13:48
113Michael Pfeifer (Radhaus Ansbach)0:13:51
114Frank Marschler (Racing-Mokkasin Thüringen)0:13:53
115Mario Keller0:14:05
116Stanko Grbic (Jurabikemarathon.Ch)0:14:11
117Pascal Müller (Jurabikemarathon.Ch)0:14:11
118Alexander Gerstgraser0:14:12
119Lorenz Illmer (ARSV-Vinschgau)0:14:34
120Sjoerd van Loon (Bikefreak-Magazine Marathonteam)0:14:35
121Markus Rüttgers (Rrc Düren)0:14:40
122Harald Krause (Bike Team Sonthofen/Scott-Team Holzer)0:14:40
123Dax Jaikel (Seven Capital Ltd - Mastercard)0:14:41
124Albert Juvanteny (Starbike-Ghost)0:14:43
125Christoph Prokop (Zens And Friends Racing Team)0:14:43
126Bjarke Refslund (Skandia Adventure)0:14:44
127Patrick Rösch (Sirius Bikes)0:14:46
128Juul van Loon (Bikefreak-Magazine Marathonteam)0:14:57
129Felix Eberle0:15:02
130Matthias Röser (Paul-Lange)0:15:06
131Michael Egner0:15:06
132Ivan Vila0:15:19
133Marcus Werf0:15:28
134Tobias Gehrke (Fun Sport)0:15:29
135Markus Stephani (Tri Top Racing Team)0:15:29
136Jürgen Henninger (Team Medi Zen)0:15:30
137Patrick Wolf0:15:35
138Oliver Frei (MHW Cube Racing Team)0:15:38
139Lars Bresche (Craft And Friends)0:15:39
140Vidar Bakken (Team United Bakeries)0:15:40
141Klaus Dukek (MSC-Wiesenbach)0:15:43
142Werner Portugall (Campana-Geax-Scott)0:15:55
143Heiko Gerhart (Rogibike Baumann Inside)0:15:56
144Andreas Moll (Team Modi-Craft)0:16:02
145Tracy Michaud0:16:04
146Stefan Petersen (Höhenmeterhelden Murnau)0:16:04
147Pierre Bischoff (C3 - Cycle Culture Company)0:16:08
148Itai Birinboim (For Galilee Cycles)0:16:11
149Christopher Kragl (Puls Sport Blieskastel)0:16:12
150Riccardo Di Stefano (I Gladiatori)0:16:13
151Timo Schmitt (Team Sv Lauertal Burglauer)0:16:14
152Robert Glembro (Hansens Flodeis / Eighty Aid)0:16:20
153Reinier Treur (Team Livingston)0:16:25
154Anton Lebutsch0:16:34
155Daniel Dätwyler (Jurabikemarathon.Ch)0:16:42
157Stefan Nef (Rs Bludenz)0:16:44
158Jan Marten (Craft And Friends)0:16:48
159Bernd Den Hollander0:16:48
160Gène Rekko0:16:48
161Mario Beckert (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:16:50
162Jan Henrik Hoilund0:16:52
163Kjell Ingebret Nilsen (Apotek 1 Norge)0:16:54
164Stefan Weinknecht (Team Empower)0:16:57
165Klaus Grouleff (Team Anneberg)0:17:00
166Alex Bellera0:17:05
167Marc Kundert (Team Ebbelwei-Expreß)0:17:11
168Thomas Hebestreit0:17:12
169Stefan Mörtlitsch (Rc Bludenz)0:17:15
170Herwin Wetters (Bikefreak-Magazine Marathonteam)0:17:17
171Arno Smet (Peerkes Bike Team)0:17:21
172Remo Fankhauser (Kraftwerk # Rockthisbike.Ch)0:17:22
173Tom Schöler (Team Campana)0:17:31
174Axel Kienberger (Team Wsb)0:17:35
175Ronny Bruynseels (Mountainfighters)0:17:40
176Daniel Weihmayer (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:17:49
177Marc Kehl0:17:53
178Jeroen Schroyen (Carbonkanon)0:18:04
179Daniel Kloos (Best-Sportschule.De)0:18:16
180Markus Gresser (Rsg Meckenbeuren / Saikls)0:18:17
181Marc Böttger0:18:20
182Corne van der Voort (Peerkes Bike Team)0:18:21
183Ruben Penner (Kraft Des Fuchses)0:18:22
184Chris Pedder (Awcycles.Co.Uk)0:18:25
185Roman Posch (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:18:26
186Matthias Hüger0:18:30
187Simon Moller Grimstrup (Team Classic Poker)0:18:38
188Mark Baumeister (Team C14)0:18:38
189Marcel Geiger (Bike Team Calor)0:18:57
190Wolfgang Menhorn (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:19:18
191Davor Kisker (Team2Race)0:19:22
192Martin Voigt (Team Bischofsheim/Rhön)0:19:23
193Werner Dreger (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:19:23
194Markus Biersack0:19:24
195Christian Canstein (Craft And Friends)0:19:26
196Jonathan Wallace0:19:33
197Marco Beetz (Team Oberfranken / Komdsl)0:19:36
198Thomas Haas (Die 5 Freunde)0:19:41
199Francisco Muñoz Gonazalez0:19:49
200Wouter Peeters (26 Inch Collective)0:19:51
201Csaba Horvath (Gsk)0:20:01
202Frank Prußat (Www.Hundepfoten-In-Not.De)0:20:02
203Timo Kurth (Www.Hamburg-Architektur.Com)0:20:03
204Gerton Meijerink (Mbc Bar End)0:20:03
205Markus Beck (Team Rsk-RSV Freilassing)0:20:10
206Thomas Heinze (Team Fahrrad Xxl)0:20:11
207Heiko Bittinski (Team Fahrrad Xxl)0:20:11
208Erkan Sakallioglu (Rsc Kempten)0:20:11
209Kilian Perle (Team Perle)0:20:15
210Borut Ramsak0:20:20
211Thomas Zand (Bike + Run Salzburg)0:20:24
212Florian Göltl (Team Ebbelwei-Expreß)0:20:35
213Thomas Rieker (Team Modi-Craft)0:20:39
214Costal Zentgraf0:20:41
215Jacob Haaber0:20:45
216Björn Heigel (Team 14.30)0:20:49
217Christian Soucek0:21:03
218Alexej Schulz (Sigma Elektro Gmbh)0:21:11
219Magne Aasheim (CK Nor)0:21:17
220Ronald De Jong0:21:21
221Joar Welde0:21:26
222Lars-Peter Ellekilde (Team Anneberg)0:21:29
224Matthias Günther (Quadzilla)0:21:43
225René Freystedt (Höhenmeterhelden Murnau)0:21:49
226Chris Mannel0:21:53
227Henry Schmechta (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:21:58
229Luka Mom0:22:01
230Michael Adams0:22:13
231Thomas Kneubühler (Kraftwerk # Rockthisbike.Ch)0:22:15
232Valentin Zasypkin (Pressenter)0:22:22
233Steffen Zander (Team Vinschbike Hannover)0:22:27
234Christian Wolz (Oxbike / Chillmaster)0:22:33
235Micha Bähr0:22:37
236Chris Schmidts (Tri Top Racing Team)0:22:38
237Thorsten Birk0:22:39
238Thomas Röttele (Www.Xc-Riders.De)0:22:41
239Allan Lyngholm (Team Anneberg)0:22:49
240Alexander Hoffmann (Www.Xc-Riders.De)0:22:51
240Simon Potzkai (Www.Xc-Riders.De)Row 240 - Cell 2
242Marcel Ender0:22:54
243Artur Wall (Kraft Des Fuchses)0:22:55
244Markus Annasenz (Team2Race)0:22:59
245Manfred Berktold (Team Bad Hindelang)0:23:12
246Benedikt Bächtold0:23:16
247Helmut Dederichs (Team2Race)0:23:22
248Göte De Pillecyn (Filthy Lucre)0:23:30
249Moritz Schlösser0:23:34
250Marc Lesch (Dr. Dragon Racing)0:23:39
251Thomas Fretz (Team Modi-Craft)0:23:49
252Cristian Santucci0:23:57
253Albert Preinesberger (Craft And Friends)0:23:59
254Gabriel Moniz (Joao From Hell (Wow))0:23:59
255Stefan van den Bos (Mbc Bar End)0:24:13
256Florian Sergl (O-Town Racing-Team)0:24:28
257Martin Husted (Team Classic Poker)0:24:29
258Alexander Weith (Team Oberfranken / Komdsl)0:24:32
259Peter Ahnert (MTB-Racing Zschopau)0:24:34
260Karim Bohn0:24:45
261Jörg Färber0:24:46
262Wouter van Keulen (Last Gear Easyriders)0:24:48
263Morten Christensen (Svendborg Mountainbike Klub)0:24:50
264Lieven van Riet (Team Waas)0:24:51
265Daniel Franke (Team Energysource)0:24:55
266Stefan Meggendorfer (Team Free Wheels)0:25:05
267Julian Knapp (Mountainbike Bergstrasse)0:25:09
268Michael Schwarz (Mb Team Hopfen)0:25:10
269Sven Gaidies0:25:14
270Ralf Gehrmann (Team Rewe)0:25:21
271Alessandro Borgarelli0:25:51
272Marino van Buren (Mountain Fighters)0:25:53
273Markus Schwab0:25:54
274Johan Kilander0:25:55
275Peter Degn0:25:55
276Gerhard Bernegger (Bike + Run Salzburg)0:25:57
277Herbert Sopracolle (Die 5 Freunde)0:26:03
278Holm Hofmann0:26:06
279Marco Reiter (Die 5 Freunde)0:26:11
280Peter Bixe (Hansens Icecream)0:26:26
281Guido Cabak (Bad Bikers MTB Sport)0:26:45
281Michael Festerling (Bad Bikers)Row 281 - Cell 2
283Mirko Conrad0:26:48
284Aniello Bove0:26:49
285Javier Diaz0:26:49
286Reiner Naak (Running Wheels Göppingen)0:26:53
287Hamish Bingley (Ben Hayward Cycles, Cambridge)0:27:01
288Daniel Spiess (Tssc 07)0:27:10
289Richard Dyer0:27:14
290Thorsten Rietze (MTB Verein Zierenberg E.V.)0:27:16
291Markus Weinknecht (Team Empower)0:27:30
292Tobias Hoffmann (Craft And Friends)0:27:30
293Richard Kelt (Foursquare Racing)0:27:35
294Mathew Williams (Foursquare Racing)0:27:37
295Juergen Jansen (Team Jj)0:27:40
296Alexander Metzger (Energie Südbayern Race Team)0:27:42
297Christoph Falger (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:27:44
298Simon Green (Foursquare Racing)0:27:46
299Manuel Neher0:27:49
300Benjamin Menche (Team Skoda Pabst)0:27:49
301Philipp Arnold (MTB-Racing Zschopau)0:27:59
302Marc Jansen (Limar)0:28:06
303Sven Berghmans (Limar)0:28:06
304Vaclav Aubrecht0:28:18
305Frank Spierings0:28:20
306Matthias Höfer0:28:21
307David Glez Fdez-Polanco0:28:55
308Pierre Kluge0:28:58
309Patrick Jahnke (Nuernbike)0:29:00
310Daniel Seipp (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:29:03
311Michael Schön (Kesselreiter)0:29:04
312Nils Friedrich (Kesselreiter)0:29:05
313Franz Wassermann (MSC Wiesenbach)0:29:06
314Harold Tijssen (Last Gear Easyriders)0:29:18
315Yves Desmet (26 Inch Collective)0:29:21
316Dieter Roman0:29:28
317Fabian Schönenberger0:29:30
318Thorsten Müller (MTB Verein Zierenberg E.V.)0:29:31
319Sebastian Ickler (Bike Team Thüringen)0:29:33
320Lars Johansen (Johansen)0:29:35
321Axel Horner0:29:52
322Giel Muller0:29:58
323Bram Enkels0:30:27
324Patrick Schärer (Jurabikemarathon.Ch)0:30:29
325Dennie Rombouts0:30:36
326Andreas Walter (MSC Wiesenbach)0:30:47
327Andre Forster (Radhaus Ansbach)0:30:51
328Sven Lattermann (Tssc 07)0:31:27
329Michael Horn (Team Sport Manhard Pfronten)0:31:34
330Michael Dodl (Team Sport Manhard Pfronten)0:31:35
331Jens König (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)0:31:44
332Urs Pietsch (Team Felt Ötztal X-Bionic)0:31:51
333Patrick Kötschau (Moooove Racingteam)0:32:01
334Anders Drivsholm (Åmk)0:32:14
335Thomas Esser (Rrc Düren)0:32:26
336Pavel Rozanov (Pressenter)0:32:29
337Arnold Leidner (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)0:32:30
338Stefano De Marchi (Mx World Championship Veneto 2011)0:32:34
339Thomas Bleibaum0:32:37
340Felix Schweckendiek0:32:37
341Gerhard Pickl0:32:39
342Tim Gasseling (MTBvd)0:32:45
343Kai Ander (Team Fahrrad Xxl)0:32:48
344Henrik Mühlbradt (Boc)0:32:57
345Peter Schlichting (Team2Race)0:33:13
346Rico Ergenzinger0:33:34
347Mario Herpich (Team Oberfranken / Komdsl)0:33:43
348Roel Bakker (Team Flatland)0:33:45
349Christian Trummer (Bikecenter Schager)0:33:46
350Niels Kossen (Team Flatland)0:33:46
351Daniel Werhahn0:33:50
352Raymon Heythuysen (Velociped)0:33:53
353Arnold Asmussen (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:34:06
354Ralf Martin0:34:06
355Christian Ruhs0:34:22
356Martin Paffenholz0:34:22
357Thomas Thum0:34:28
358Anton Hansen (Team Classic Poker)0:34:38
359Anders Eibye (Hansens Flodeis / Eighty Aid)0:34:38
360Matthias Knoll (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:34:47
361Anton Steinhart (Raceteam RadleCK Mering)0:34:47
362Christian Treugut (Zens And Friends Racing Team)0:34:48
363Kai Dosdall0:34:50
364Christian Warken0:35:00
365Maarten Broek0:35:30
366Claus Rosenlund Christensen (Åmk)0:35:51
367Markus Stille (TWR-Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)0:36:00
368Tobias Dorsch0:36:14
368Mathias GuggRow 368 - Cell 2
370Carsten Gucinski (Kesselreiter)0:36:27
371Ronnie Obermüller (Team Modi-Craft)0:36:33
372Manuel Giudici (Team Modi-Craft)0:36:35
373Oliver Bergmann0:36:44
374Tom Kuiper0:36:58
375Richard Spierings0:37:01
376John De Baets0:37:13
377Christian Schmidt (Www.Hundepfoten-In-Not.De)0:37:26
378Reto Arnold (Team Ryton Station)0:37:29
379Marc Richter (Team Ryton Station)0:37:30
380Nico Bonanni0:37:52
381Stefan De Greiff0:38:10
382Thomas Freissler0:38:14
383Per Anders Ifarness0:38:18
384Sascha Brand (Kraftwerk # Rockthisbike.Ch)0:38:29
385Gasbjerg Torbjorn (Pronghorn Racing-Team)0:38:44
386Lorendz Boom (Team Flatland)0:38:59
387Santiago Diaz Bueno0:39:07
389Mikael Dalum (Team Gedved)0:39:55
390Peter Müller (Schneider Bike Team)0:39:59
391Thomaspeter Hillebrand0:40:38
392Remo Kirpeit0:40:41
393Allan Broholm (Team Anneberg)0:41:03
394Frank Kjaerhus (Team Anneberg)0:41:06
395Yuri Rombouts0:41:17
396Hans Geubbelmans0:41:43
397Jef Leysen0:41:43
398Markus Neese (Oxbike / Chillmaster)0:42:29
399Georg Keutzer0:42:52
400Daniel Sinner0:42:57
401Phillip Johnson (RSV Seeheim)0:43:29
402Ronald Kontek (Turnbeutelvergesser)0:43:35
403Kim Prehn-Jakobsen (Team Kildemoes)0:43:37
404Henrik Lonsmann (Team Kildemoes)0:43:38
405Niels Mayer (Asses Of Fire)0:43:39
406Kendy Melchior (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)0:43:56
407Tom Häckel (Ferienpark Oberwiesenthal)0:43:57
408Tom Baker0:44:20
409Torsten Lickfeld0:44:21
410Mike Bandke0:44:29
411Henrik Nielsen0:45:02
412Christian Fung (Riding For Hope)0:45:07
413Benjamin Freygang (Oxbike / Chillmaster)0:45:24
414Andreas Suttner0:45:52
415Michael Wittmann (Zens And Friends Racing Team)0:46:38
416Peter van Rees (Team Flatland)0:46:39
417Karsten Kraechter0:46:44
418Abraham Parga Garcia0:47:38
418Marco Seibel (X-Sport Kastellaun)Row 418 - Cell 2
420Jacco Zoer (Bbb Team)0:48:10
421Tim Lorkowski (Die 5 Freunde)0:48:56
422Filip Bohlin (Los Degos Congregados)0:49:04
423Torsten Krüger (Www.Teuto-MTB.De)0:49:11
424Jasper Lub0:49:38
425Joost Hagendoorn0:49:39
426Pierre van Veldhove0:49:41
427Melvin Witteveen (Mbc Bar End)0:50:24
428Ralph Grube0:51:11
429Michael Muschik (Tune)0:51:18
430Johannes Wichert0:52:08
431Christian Schädtler (Team Wsb)0:52:26
432Martin Hougs0:54:04
433Jesus Velazquez Lojo0:54:25
434Alex Perez0:54:26
435Thomas Spreitzer (Nora Racing Team)0:55:44
436David Abad Siguero (Bikepobla)0:55:47
437Peter Nejsig0:56:03
438Peter Tochtermann (Mountainbike Bergstrasse)0:56:14
439Alexander Diehl (Mountainbike Bergstrasse)0:56:15
440Troels Risom (Air Alsie)0:56:55
441Christian Burdess (Foursquare Racing)0:57:38
442Peter Stilling (Air Alsie)0:59:29
443Robert van Woerkum0:59:51
444Matthias Schumacher1:00:47
445Georg Schulte-Holtey1:00:47
446Jörg Altemeier1:01:03
447Matthias Hemberger (Lokomotive Verbier)1:01:03
448Daniel Waschkowski (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)1:01:14
449Alexander Marsch1:03:00
450Nico Leppmeier1:03:33
451Roel De Cleen (Team Waas)1:07:04
452Hubertus van Mullekom (Team Waas)1:07:05
453Tom van Mieghem (Team Waas)1:07:05
454Mark Förster1:08:04
455Michael Mannes1:09:24
456Martin Conzelmann (Www.Xalps.De)1:10:12
457Olle Gerdtman1:11:22
458Mirko Lorenz1:13:12
459Stefan Laubscher (Mbc Hannover)1:14:06
460Kristofer Håkansson (Los Degos Congregados)1:15:27
461Martin Savelkoel (Last Gear Easyriders)1:16:52
462Tobias Kramer (Fahrrad Xxl - Craft)1:19:38
463Marcel van der Broek (Team Holland)1:28:25
464Nico Kubitz1:34:03
466Bjorn Kaldenberg (Team Holland)1:41:58
467Ignacio Osses1:47:03
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Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Arild Christophersen (Team United Bakeries)1:18:33
2Hans Grasegger (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)0:01:11
3Lars van der Sloot0:01:14
4Carsten Bresser (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:01:15
5Hans Planckaert (Smart Cycling Team)0:03:34
6Bernd Demmeler (Craft - Rocky Mountain)0:03:40
7Andreas Pircher (Tiroler Zugspitz Arena)0:04:40
8Ole Kristian Sorland0:05:24