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Suarez wins Tour do Rio

Juan Suarez has topped a week of domination for his EPM-UNE team, holding on to claim overall honours at the second Tour do Rio. The fifth and final stage of the event, 183.9km from Rio dos Ostras to Rio de Janeiro, was won by Jamis-Sutter Home's Eric Schildge from a five-man break with the peloton crossing the finish line more than two minutes after the American.

Suarez's maintained his 27-second advantage over teammate Jaime Castaneda to win overall. EPM-UNE swept the GC podium with Edward Beltran finishing third overall, 37 seconds behind Suarez.

Suarez told reporters beside the podium that his victory was due to the hard work he had put in with his team firstly on Stage 3 where he escaped for a 22-second win, and then backed up with a solid performance on Saturday, where he finished sixth, 10 seconds off the stage pace.

"This is an important win for me," the Colombian said. "The team has done an excellent job and I thank them for all the work they've done here. This race was won in the mountains."

Suarez and his EPM-UNE teammates received strong competition from the local Brazilian teams, with Antonio Nascimento (Funvic / Pindamonhangaba) the only rider to break up the Colombian domination at the top of the general classification - the team claiming the top four places, with Nascimento fifth, 57 seconds back.

"Congratulations to the Brazilians, they worked really hard this week and pushed us all the way," Suarez said.

Coledan ejected from race

The day got started under a cloud with Trevigiani's Marco Coledan barred from starting the race after it was deemed that he had persistently racially vilified other riders within the peloton. Cyclingnews understands several riders were labelled as "monkeys" by Coledan. The move followed constant aggression within the peloton over the opening stages of the race. While UCI officials would not comment, race organiser Luisa Jucá was very unhappy with the behaviour of the Italian.

"I hate racism," she told Cyclingnews.

Coledan was fined under UCI article 12.1.040 following Saturday's stage with officials meeting yesterday evening to discuss disciplinary action, with Jucá saying there was no choice but to ensure the Italian did not start on Sunday.

"How can we leave a guy like that in the race?" she said. "He's a visitor to our country and it's a criminal offence to say things like that here. He could not stay; he had to be made an example of. It doesn't matter which team he rides for. If he wants to come to Brazil, he must abide by our rules. Next year, Trevigiani will not be invited."

Early break goes long

With Coledan confined to the team car for the day, Stage 5 got underway from the beachside town of Rio dos Ostras. Only 18 kilometres down the coast the day's break of Schildge, Walter Ribiero Jr (Caloi), Breno Sidoti, Magno Nazaret (Funvic / Pindamonhangaba) and Mirko Tedeschi (Petroli Firenze) formed with a 10-second gap on the peloton. The escapees steadily moved out of sight on the long, flat stretch of highway, assisted by a strong tailwind, for a maximum advantage of 5:10.

"At the start line, Ani (Anibal Borrajo) said: ‘Eric, this will be a good day for you to go in the break,'" Schildge told Cyclingnews following his win. "And I said: ‘Ani, I'm a little tired man, yesterday was really hard. And he said: 'okay, if you want to just stay in the field then you can just help me in the finish'.

"There's something about it now in my brain, to be a breakaway guy, so when that break went, I just hit it. Oh my god were we going fast! In that first 15 – 20 km we were going about 55 km/h on the flat and I had to tell the guys to slow down a bit."

Nazaret began the day 14 points behind points classification leader Edgardo Simon (Caloi) and in 6th position in the race for the green jersey and so began to chip away at the margin, claiming third in the first intermediate sprint, before going on to be first over the line in the remaining three primes.

As the 20 kilometres to go sign loomed, so did the Rio-Niterói Bridge, which crosses Guanabara Bay to the north of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

"That was my most nervous moment," explained Schildge. "When we hit the bridge I was like please let it be flat. But I think by 180 kilometres nobody had the legs to put in a really big attack."

Despite what many had predicted for the stage, the breakaway was not going to get caught and the five escapees would be left to fight it out at the finish within the grounds of the old imperial family's home in the city's north, Quinta da Boa Visa.

The picturesque parklands were packed with locals young and old and Schildge had his eyes firmly fixed on the slight rise to the line.

"That's my kind of finish," the beaming 23-year-old said. "It was very long and I knew if I could get any kind of gap on those guys that they would never come around me. The people in America don't know that about me yet but hopefully they'll know now."

It was Schildge's first win of the season, and the biggest of his career. Having toiled away in breakaways over the last three stages, the Dartmouth-educated rider was especially pleased to come away with the win.

"My fiancée asked me: ‘Why do you always go in the breakaways? You're a sprinter,'" Schildge said. "And I said: ‘Every once in a while one's going to stick.' I've been in maybe a dozen or more breakaways this year and this is the first one to make it to the line and it's a good one."

Nazaret's fifth placing earned him the green jersey, by five points over Simon and fellow Brazilian Rafael Andriato (Petroli Firenze). As there were no King of the Mountains points on offer, Antonio Nascimento (Funvic / Pindamonhangaba) was unchallenged on 26 points, 14 ahead of his nearest rival for the polka dot jersey Ibon Zugasti (MMR).

It was unsurprising that EPM-UNE cleaned up the teams classification while their rider Edward Beltran finished as best young rider.

Full Results
1Eric Schildge (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling3:49:23
2Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
3Mirko Tedeschi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
4Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos
5Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:00:04
6Filippo Fortin (Ita) Trevigiani0:02:05
7Rafael Andriato (Bra) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
8Andrea Dal Col (Ita) Trevigiani
9Edoardo Costanzi (Ita) Trevigiani
10Roberto Pinheiro (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
11Simone Fruini (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
12Rodrigo Melo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu
13Guido Palma (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling
14Ibon Zugasti (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
15Geovane Andriatto (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant
16Tiago Nardin (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto
17Pedro Milan (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
18Raphael Serpa (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
19Lauro Chaman (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant
20Juan Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE
21Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling
22Jaime Castaneda (Col) EPM-UNE
23Antonio Nascimento (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
24Javier Gomez (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:12
25Josep Constantino (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
26Nicodem Habiyambere (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation
27Edward Beltran (Col) EPM-UNE
28Fabiele Mota (Bra) FW Engenharia-Amazonas Bike-Três Rios
29David Leite (Bra) FW Engenharia-Amazonas Bike-Três Rios
30Alcides Vieira (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu
31Adélio Silva (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
32Luis Nova (Chi) R2-Bianchi
33Robigzon Oyola (Col) EPM-UNE
34Ruben Menendez (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
35Gasore Hategeka (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation
36Mauricio Frazer (Arg) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
37Wagner Alves (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto
38Cristian Rosa (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu
39Renan Maia (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant
40James Driscoll (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling
41Bruno Tabanez (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
42Edgardo Simon (Arg) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos
43Douglas Bueno (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
44Nathan Byukusenge (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation
45Daniel Rogelin (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale
46Rafael Abreu (Col) EPM-UNE
47Geraldo Silva Jr (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
48Flávio Reblin (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant
49Marcos Novello (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant
50Kléber Silva (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos
51José Eriberto Medeiros (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos
52Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling
53Edgar Nohales (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling
54Andrei Nechita (Rom) Trevigiani
55William Chiarello (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro0:02:23
56Flávio Santos (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:02:25
57Jean Silva (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
58Armando Camargo (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale
59Jonathan Guzman (Chi) R2-Bianchi
60Antoelson Bruno (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto
61Tiago Fiorilli (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba
62Felipe Delai (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:02:31
63Maurício Morandi (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale
64Emmanuel Rudahunga (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation
65Jean Uwimana (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation
66Murilo Affonso (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:02:40
67Ricardo Picoli (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro0:02:43
68Bruno Petroucic (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro
69Willian Solera (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
70Gonzalo Gonzalez (Chi) R2-Bianchi
71André Pulini (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana
72Adriano Martins (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:02:45
73Gregolry Panizo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:02:47
74Renato Santos (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:02:49
75Alessandro Mazzi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:02:51
76Marco Prodigioso (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
77Gustavo Costa (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:02:59
78Dario Mantelle (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
79Eugert Zhupa (Alb) Trevigiani
DNFAlex Diniz (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos
DNSMarco Coledan (Ita) Trevigiani

Sprint 1
1Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba5pts
2Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos3
3Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba2

Sprint 2
1Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba5pts
2Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos3
3Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba2

Sprint 3
1Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba5pts
2Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos3
3Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba2

Sprint 4
1Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba5pts
2Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos3
3Mirko Tedeschi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team2

2Petroli Firenze - Cycling Team0:02:01
3Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling
4Padaria Real/Caloi/Ceu Azul/Alimentos0:02:15
6MMR - Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:04:13
8GRCE Memorial/Pref. De Santos/Giant
9Clube Dataro De Ciclismo/Foz Do Iguaçu0:04:20
10São Lucas/Giant/Cic.Ravena/Americana
11Rwanda Cycling Federation0:04:27
12São Francisco Saúde/Ribeirão Preto0:04:33
13Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos/Cannondale0:04:59
14R2 - Bianchi0:05:11
15Velo/Seme Rio Claro0:05:40

Final general classification
1Juan Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE18:42:24
2Jaime Castaneda (Col) EPM-UNE0:00:27
3Edward Beltran (Col) EPM-UNE0:00:37
4Javier Gomez (Col) EPM-UNE0:00:50
5Antonio Nascimento (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:00:57
6Robigzon Oyola (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:08
7Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:02:33
8James Driscoll (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:02:44
9Ibon Zugasti (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:02:54
10Rafael Abreu (Col) EPM-UNE0:02:56
11Josep Constantino (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:04:13
12Flávio Reblin (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant0:06:02
13Adélio Silva (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:09:36
14Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:10:23
15Rafael Andriato (Bra) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:11:27
16Andrei Nechita (Rom) Trevigiani0:13:20
17Edgardo Simon (Arg) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:14:49
18Wagner Alves (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto0:15:48
19Douglas Bueno (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:16:06
20Raphael Serpa (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana0:17:05
21Tiago Nardin (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto
22Simone Fruini (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team
23Gregolry Panizo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:17:47
24Dario Mantelle (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:18:39
25Mirko Tedeschi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:18:54
26Alcides Vieira (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:20:46
27Daniel Rogelin (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale0:20:48
28Roberto Pinheiro (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:20:57
29Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:22:24
30Renato Santos (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:23:19
31Marco Prodigioso (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:23:22
32Filippo Fortin (Ita) Trevigiani0:23:31
33Kléber Silva (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:25:19
34William Chiarello (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro0:26:39
35Edoardo Costanzi (Ita) Trevigiani0:27:52
36Renan Maia (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant0:27:59
37Tiago Fiorilli (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:28:16
38Nicodem Habiyambere (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation0:28:41
39Nathan Byukusenge (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation0:28:50
40Ruben Menendez (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:29:02
41Gonzalo Gonzalez (Chi) R2-Bianchi0:29:36
42Eric Schildge (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:30:16
43Cristian Rosa (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:30:17
44Alessandro Mazzi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team0:31:15
45Edgar Nohales (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:31:36
46Andrea Dal Col (Ita) Trevigiani0:31:40
47Murilo Affonso (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:32:04
48Geraldo Silva Jr (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana0:32:39
49José Eriberto Medeiros (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:33:02
50Flávio Santos (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:34:10
51Fabiele Mota (Bra) FW Engenharia-Amazonas Bike-Três Rios0:34:45
52Gasore Hategeka (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation0:36:06
53Felipe Delai (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:39:05
54Jonathan Guzman (Chi) R2-Bianchi0:39:43
55Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba0:41:37
56Bruno Petroucic (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro0:42:47
57Eugert Zhupa (Alb) Trevigiani0:43:58
58Emmanuel Rudahunga (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation0:46:01
59Willian Solera (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana0:48:15
60Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos0:48:16
61Guido Palma (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:50:26
62Maurício Morandi (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale0:52:21
63Antoelson Bruno (Bra) São Francisco Saúde-Ribeirão Preto0:56:19
64Marcos Novello (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant0:57:28
65Rodrigo Melo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu0:59:38
66David Leite (Bra) FW Engenharia-Amazonas Bike-Três Rios0:59:45
67André Pulini (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana1:04:59
68Armando Camargo (Bra) Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos-Cannondale1:06:38
69Adriano Martins (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos1:08:06
70Gustavo Costa (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos1:11:14
71Jean Silva (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana1:15:24
72Lauro Chaman (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant1:15:29
73Pedro Milan (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling1:16:29
74Jean Uwimana (Rwa) Rwanda Cycling Federation1:16:59
75Geovane Andriatto (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant1:19:39
76Ricardo Picoli (Bra) Velo-Seme Rio Claro1:25:09
77Bruno Tabanez (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana1:25:39
78Mauricio Frazer (Arg) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling1:25:54
79Luis Nova (Chi) R2-Bianchi1:29:43

Points classification
1Magno Nazaret (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba29pts
2Edgardo Simon (Arg) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos24
3Rafael Andriato (Bra) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team19
4Breno Sidoti (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba16
5Jaime Castaneda (Col) EPM-UNE15
6Walter Ribeiro Jr (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos15
7Antonio Nascimento (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba14
8Juan Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE13
9Eric Schildge (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling13
10Mauricio Frazer (Arg) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling10
11Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling8
12Mirko Tedeschi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team7
13Jean Silva (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana6
14Renato Santos (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu5
15Alessandro Mazzi (Ita) Petroli Firenze-Cycling Team5
16Edward Beltran (Col) EPM-UNE5
17Javier Gomez (Col) EPM-UNE5
18Roberto Pinheiro (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba5
19Robigzon Oyola (Col) EPM-UNE3
20Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling3
21José Eriberto Medeiros (Bra) Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul-Alimentos3
22James Driscoll (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling2
23Andrei Nechita (Rom) Trevigiani2
24Filippo Fortin (Ita) Trevigiani2
25Geraldo Silva Jr (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana2
26Rodrigo Melo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu2
27Lauro Chaman (Bra) Grce Memorial-Pref. de Santos-Giant2

Mountains classification
1Antonio Nascimento (Bra) Funvic-Pindamonhangaba26pts
2Ibon Zugasti (Spa) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling12
3Juan Suarez (Col) EPM-UNE10
4Rafael Abreu (Col) EPM-UNE8
5Edward Beltran (Col) EPM-UNE7
6Jaime Castaneda (Col) EPM-UNE6
7Andrei Nechita (Rom) Trevigiani6
8Jean Silva (Bra) São Lucas-Giant-Cic.Ravena-Americana6
9Renato Santos (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu5
10Mauricio Frazer (Arg) MMR-Spiuk P/B Start Cycling4
11Javier Gomez (Col) EPM-UNE2
12Gregolry Panizo (Bra) Clube Dataro de Ciclismo/Foz do Iguaçu2

Teams classification
3Jamis-Sutter Home Pro Cycling0:23:59
4MMR - Spiuk P/B Start Cycling0:34:20
5Petroli Firenze - Cycling Team0:41:09
7Clube Dataro De Ciclismo/Foz Do Iguaçu0:49:11
8Padaria Real/Caloi/Ceu Azul/Alimentos0:56:37
9GRCE Memorial/Pref. De Santos/Giant1:22:53
10São Francisco Saúde/Ribeirão Preto1:27:45
11Rwanda Cycling Federation1:27:48
12São Lucas/Giant/Cic.Ravena/Americana1:36:02
13Clube Cic. S.J. Dos Campos/Cannondale2:17:06
14Velo/Seme Rio Claro2:21:50
15R2 - Bianchi2:37:15

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As a sports journalist and producer since 1997, Jane has covered Olympic and Commonwealth Games, rugby league, motorsport, cricket, surfing, triathlon, rugby union, and golf for print, radio, television and online. However her enduring passion has been cycling.


Jane is a former Australian Editor of Cyclingnews from 2011 to 2013 and continues to freelance within the cycling industry.


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