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Cancellara wins a record seventh time trial national championship

Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack-Nissan) finished second

Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack-Nissan) finished second (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Fabian Cancellara put the disappointment of his second-place finish at last week’s Tour de Suisse by blitzing the course nearly two minutes faster than his closest rival, Thomas Frei (Christina Watches-Onfone) at the Swiss national time trial championships. It was Cancellara's seventh national time trial title. The small but select field saw Martin Elimiger (AG2R La Mondiale) round out the final  podium spot.

Defending champion Martin Kohler (BMC Racing Team) was unable to repeat his success of last year and came in fourth place, nearly three-minutes behind the reigning Olympic and former world champion.

The national title was Cancellara’s first win since his return from injury during this year’s Tour of Flanders.

"It’s an honour to wear to the colours of your country" he said.

Cancellara will no doubt be looking to wear his national championship "colours" to another Tour de France prologue win.

There was extra motivation for the Swiss champion to win at ‘home’ as the course was held close to his residence.

"The race was only twenty kilometers from my home so this win is extra special" he said.


Elite Men 50km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabian Cancellara (Swi) RadioShack - Nissan1:00:39.34
2Thomas Frei (Swi) Christina Watches-Onfone1:02:33.73
3Martin Elmiger (Swi) Ag2r La Mondiale1:02:39.44
4Martin Kohler (Swi) BMC Racing Team1:03:35.93
5Marcel Wyss (Swi) Team NetApp1:03:48.06
6Daniel Henggeler (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO1:05:41.57
DNSNicolas Winter (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO
DNSMichael Albasini (Swi) Orica-GreenEdge Cycling Team
DNSBernhard Oberholzer (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO

Elite Women 25km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patricia Schwager (Swi) Team GSD-Gestion0:35:10.09
2Jutta Stienen (Swi)0:35:57.90
3Andrea Wolfer (Swi)0:36:18.21
4Désirée Ehrler (Swi) bigla cycling team0:36:21.45
5Doris Schweizer (Swi) Fassa Bortolo Servetto0:36:23.71
6Larissa Brühwiler (Swi) bigla cycling team0:37:05.14
7Emilie Aubry (Swi) Team GSD-Gestion0:37:05.65
8Nicole Hanselmann (Swi) bigla cycling team0:37:11.07
9Cathrine Lohri (Swi)0:37:17.41
10Diana Rast (Swi)0:37:35.87
11Rita Imstepf (Swi) bigla cycling team0:37:46.65
12Jessica Uebelhart (Swi) Forno d'Asolo - Colavita0:38:17.40
13Ricarda Mazzotta (Swi)0:38:30.77
14Jennifer Sägesser (Swi)0:38:34.04
15Paupe Boillat (Swi)0:38:46.57
16Sonja Reusser (Swi) Team Pissei Italia0:38:55.28
17Jessica Schneeberger (Swi)0:39:07.56
18Esther Schmidmeister (Swi)0:39:14.19
19Mirjam Marzohl (Swi) GD Cycling Sports0:39:18.97
20Martina Weiss (Swi) bigla cycling team0:39:22.49
21Aurore Brahier (Swi)0:39:27.76
22Angelika Meier (Swi) Team Hobi Bau AG - M.F. Hügler - Wetzikon0:39:38.30
23Sandra Weiss (Swi) bigla cycling team0:39:39.10
24Stefanie Bergmann (Swi)0:39:39.89
25Astrid Gruskovnjak (Swi)0:40:09.23
26Lise- Henzelin (Swi)0:40:09.45
27Marietta Knitsch (Swi)0:40:14.10
28Desirée Schriber (Swi)0:40:31.86
29Marcelle Moser (Swi)0:40:45.18
DNSSara Tretola (Swi)
DNSNadège Matthey (Swi)
DNSJennifer Hohl (Swi) Team Faren Honda

U23 Men 25km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Silvan Dillier (Swi) EKZ Racing Team0:31:37.37
2Schelling Patrick Schelling (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO0:31:41.68
3Chavanne Gabriel Chavanne (Swi) Chambéry Cyclisme Formation0:31:43.60
4Stefan Küng (Swi) Pro Ter Focus Track Team0:31:45.46
5Cyrille Thièry (Swi) Charvieu Chavagneux Isère Cyclisme0:31:49.76
6Tizian Rausch (Swi) RRZ Nordwest0:32:23.50
7Loic Aubert (Swi) VC Mendrisio - PL Valli SA0:32:29.31
8Reto Stäuble (Swi) BH-Cycling-Team0:32:39.19
9Thèry Schir (Swi) Roth Echafaudage Cycling Team0:32:46.40
10Lukas Müller (Swi) GD Cycling Sports0:32:59.05
11Olivier Beer (Swi) VC Mendrisio - PL Valli SA0:32:59.86
12Livio Waldispühl (Swi) Team Hörmann0:33:25.35
13Jonas Elmiger (Swi) Team Hörmann0:33:38.39
14Adrien Chenaux (Swi) MACA LOCA SCOTT Cycling Team0:33:43.69
15Jan Freuler (Swi) GD Cycling Sports0:33:47.40
16David Tschan (Swi)0:33:55.04
17Patrick Luternauer (Swi) MACA LOCA SCOTT Cycling Team0:33:56.50
18Colin Stüssi (Swi) MACA LOCA SCOTT Cycling Team0:34:12.41
19Dominik Fuchs (Swi) EKZ Racing Team0:34:16.77
20Silvan Dietrich (Swi) Team Hobi Bau AG - M.F. Hügler0:34:17.02
21Lukas Jaun (Swi) MACA LOCA SCOTT Cycling Team0:34:31.01
22Gael Suter (Swi) Centre Mondial du Cyclisme0:34:49.25
23Dimitri Woerner (Swi) RRZ Nordwest0:34:54.21
24Vincent Kälin (Swi)0:34:54.75
25Gian Gasser (Swi) Team Hörmann0:36:04.00
26Marco Guidi (Swi)0:36:12.86
27Daniele Bossi (Swi) VC Mendrisio - PL Valli SA0:36:14.16
28Arend Keller (Swi) Team Hobi Bau AG - M.F. Hügler0:36:14.46
29Andrea Costi (Swi) VC Mendrisio - PL Valli SA0:36:27.71
30Fabian Graf (Swi) BH-Cycling-Team0:36:59.97
31Patrick Obrist (Swi)0:39:20.77
DNSJan Heldstab (Swi)
DNSDiego Castelli (Swi)
DNSJan Keller (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO
DNSClaudio Imhof (Swi) Team Vorarlberg
DNSMarcel Aregger (Swi) Team ATLAS Personal - JAKROO
DNSLorenzo Rossi (Swi) MACA LOCA SCOTT Cycling Team

U19 Men 25km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tom Bohli (Swi) VC Eschenbach0:32:26.05
2Fabian Kiser (Swi) RMV Cham Hagendorn0:33:50.13
3Lukas Spengler (Swi) RRC Diessenhofen0:33:50.93
4Andreas Nef (Swi) RMV Elgg0:34:06.30
5Gianluca Ocanha (Swi) Velo Club Bellinzona0:34:10.54
6Michael Harnisch (Swi) RC Olympia Biel0:34:23.83
7David Trachsel (Swi) VC Basilisk0:34:30.79
8Niels Knipp (Swi) RC Olympia Biel0:34:33.87
9Simon Brühlmann (Swi) RV Wetzikon0:34:34.85
10Noah Köppel (Swi) RV Hemmental0:35:29.61
11Aurel Schär (Swi) VC Kerzers0:35:48.02
12Maxime Froidevaux (Swi) VC Kerzers0:36:29.16
13Dominic von (Swi) RRC Nordwest0:36:34.52
14Luca Cairoli (Swi) Velo Club Bellinzona0:36:48.05
15Simone Balestra (Swi) Velo Club Bellinzona0:36:48.66
16Jean-François Ponzetta (Swi) Les Cyclos du GSA Ajoie0:37:00.83
17Lorenzo Delco (Swi) VC Mendrisio0:37:04.55
18Rico Zaugg (Swi) RC Olympia Biel0:37:19.39
19Gabriel Turtschi (Swi) Pro Cycling Uttigen0:38:16.97
20Michael Hadorn (Swi) RRC Nordwest0:38:40.28
21Cédéric Stähli (Swi) VC Basilisk0:39:26.60
22Nico Garcia (Swi) RSC Aaretal Münsingen0:40:11.69
23Marco Marchetti (Swi) VMC Aarwangen0:40:17.59
DNSStephan Nef (Swi) RMV Elgg
DNSSteeve Pannatier (Swi) Cyclophile Sédunois
DNSJan Beyeler (Swi) RRC Magglingen
DNSSamuele Deluigi (Swi) Velo Club Bellinzona
DNSSteve Hays (Swi) Cyclophile Sédunois

U19 Women 15.8km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caroline Baur (Swi) RMV Elgg0:24:04.13
2Ramona Forchini (Swi) RMC Bütschwil0:24:07.81
3Stefanie Bochsler (Swi) VC Sursee0:24:17.46
4Deborah Inauen (Swi) RMV Appenzell0:24:28.90
5Desirée Winterberg (Swi) VC Pfaffnau - Roggliswil0:25:49.65
6Sabrina Lüscher (Swi) VC Born Bonningen0:26:38.73
7Laura Mäder (Swi) VC Wiedlisbach0:26:44.03
8Ramona Bärlocher (Swi) RV Wetzikon0:27:09.18


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