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English, Dimozantos fastest on big day out

Riders left the Snowy Mountains for a gruelling 90km competitive stage followed by a 40km cruise into Bermagui on the NSW South Coast. Combined, the two stages made for a big day out.

The day started with a loop around the Cooma Racetrack and then a ride through the Monaro Plains to the previously unridden climb of Numeralla Mountain and on down the escarpment through the spectacular rainforest of Wadbilliga National Park.

Excitement was the order of the day, with Andy Blair leading the race stage most of the way, only to be passed by Jason English within the last 10km. English completed the 90km in 3:27:50, a minute and half ahead of Blair 3:29:25. Nicolas Menager came in third in 3:30:50.

Today's win by English extended his overall lead to nine minutes and 21 seconds with an overall time of 9:35:20. Blair has completed the 340km thus far in 9:44:41 and is six minutes and 13 seconds ahead of Andrew Fellows whose time is 9:50:54.

On a challenging day of deep river crossings and loose rock descents, Megan Dimozantos managed to draw ahead of Belinda Porter. Dimozantos took 4:27:35 to complete the race stage, with Porter over 13 minutes later. Clare Lonergan came in third eight minutes further back.

Porter is now more than 26 minutes behind Dimomzantos, whose overal time is 12:51:14. Lonergan is still in third place overall at 13:48:05, more than half an hour behind Porter.

The best effort of the day went to Greg Seaegg who late Wednesday night wasn't going to ride the race stage as he thought it was going to be too hard and he wouldn't make the cutoff. However, he completed the stage 10 minutes prior to cutoff and has every reason to be pleased with himself tonight. While Seaegg was finishing Stage 9, the front end of the pack had finished Stage 10, the cruise from Yowrie to Bermagui.

Racers will face the final day tomorrow, a 50km Surf Safari. While the results appear set, anything could happen on the race up the coast to Narooma, with river crossings, beach riding (pushing?) and tides to take into account. One small miscalculation could see riders lose valuable minutes to their closest competitors.

Full Results

Day 4: Solo open men 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason  English3:27:50
2Andy  Blair0:01:36
3Nicolas  Menager0:03:00
4Andrew  Fellows0:04:20
5Brad  Morton0:05:33
6Nick  Both0:18:04
7Dennis  Van  Mill0:19:37
8Tim  Curry0:28:12
9Adrian  Keough0:32:51
10Tremaine  Dickenson0:33:27
11Greg  Porter0:40:41
12Ian  Heddle0:40:42
13Jason  Mcavoy0:40:43
14Mark  Shephard0:41:46
15Craig  Armour0:42:04
16Aaron  Wood0:42:06
17Steven  Timbrell
18Grantley  Butterfield0:42:22
19Scott  Pomroy0:50:58
20Anthony  Breen0:59:17
21Ron  Whitehead1:00:14
22David  Evenden1:04:26
23David  Reid1:05:49
24Matthew  Norton1:07:56
25Lloyd Newell1:14:57
26Kieran  Macdonell1:16:44
27Paul  Rutten1:22:22
28Michael  Leung1:25:38
29Adam  Mcgrath1:31:46
30Richard  Rooimans1:35:41
31Adam  Wallace1:37:40
32Chris  Ryder1:43:08
33Stuart  Bouveng1:49:38
34Rob  Parbery1:56:59
35Mark  Caulfield1:59:39
36Jason  Rutkowski2:06:11
37Chris  Wilson2:11:08
38James  Fraser2:53:54
39Matthew  Barr2:59:49
40David  Smyth3:34:54
41Dave  Jackson3:34:55
42Conor  Smyth3:34:57
43Adam  Roberts3:36:11
DNFAndrew  Thompson
DNSAndrew  Myers

Day 4: Solo master men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Garry  James3:52:32
2Richard  Peil0:06:07
3Peter  Cheesman0:24:13
4Peter  Salisnew0:27:34
5Luke  O'Brien0:27:50
6David  Cottee0:27:51
7Peter  Hinds0:36:37
8Keith  Hannan0:39:36
9Richard  Davis0:42:42
10Bill  Thomson0:42:47
11Ian  Andrews0:43:19
12Ray  Giddins0:44:36
13Trent  Moore0:53:01
14Scott  Taylor1:06:02
15Simon  Thompson1:08:56
16Simon  O'Brien1:13:30
17Bill  Taylor1:13:58
18Richard  Searle1:18:07
19Mike  Ford1:18:51
20Tony  Frazer1:19:44
21Spencer  Pither1:24:12
22Nick  Marlin1:24:57
23Damian  Tice1:25:03
24Dean  Heke1:28:43
25Gerard  Knapp1:33:41
26David  Jackson1:34:48
27Rob  Sudmeyer1:39:01
28Andrew  Mierisch1:40:16
29Greg  Hatton1:44:28
30Ken  Glasco1:52:59
31Liam  Doherty2:14:58
32Mike  Aylott2:19:50
33Stephen  Cousins2:24:04
34David  Mcfeeter3:02:50
35John  Fredericks
36Matthew  Munn3:19:34
37Greg  Seaegg3:56:57

Day 4: Solo men Super masters 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul  Millington4:20:19
2Phil  Mathewson1:06:56
3Greg  Howarth1:32:04
4Richard  Poyner1:35:13
5John  Reeves1:57:53
6Menno  Zwerwer1:59:41
7Steve  Pulley2:22:35
8Phil  Ryan2:26:39
9Richard  Pinker2:35:03
10Peter  Jackson3:07:54
DNFBob  Horne

Day 4: Solo women open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan  Dimozantos4:27:35
2Belinda  Porter0:13:21
3Clare  Lonergan0:21:49
4Susan  Birtles1:06:02
5Amanda  Sanderson1:14:35
6Alisha  Houghton1:32:16
7Emily  Garland1:36:02
8Belinda  Ingram1:36:42
9Karen  Field1:43:19
10Poppy  Moore2:03:14
11Cherie  Rusbatch2:13:22

Men duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan  Hawson  &  Ben  Randall7:25:21
2Darren  Smith  &  Mark  Tupalski0:21:24
3Peter  Clayton  &  Robert  Booker1:15:20
4Ben Bailey & Jan Verbesselt1:26:23
5Dugald  Macarthur  &  Jadd  Brammall1:45:04
6Mark  Herdman  &  Peter  Naude2:07:03
7Matt  Magraith  &  Phil  Wyndham2:26:20
8Steve  Debeck  &  Andrew  Debeck2:30:52
9David  Cunningham  &  Chris  Dunton3:07:33
10Martin  Keir  &  David  Keir4:19:08
11Ashley  Staude  &  Tim  Staude5:47:50

Masters duo
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Craig  Pullen  &  Kim  Mcfadden10:12:23
2Ian  Richman  &  Marea  England0:58:47
3Helen  Jeffs  &  Shane  OBrien1:16:14
4Hilary  Smith  &  Ken  Boer2:51:10
5Stephen  Brady  &  Ciara  O'Sullivan2:57:25

Solo open men 18-39 general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason  English9:35:20
2Andy  Blair0:09:21
3Andrew  Fellows0:15:34
4Brad  Morton0:23:27
5Nicolas  Menager0:28:18
6Dennis  Van  Mill0:59:41
7Nick  Both1:20:04
8Tremaine  Dickenson1:39:28
9Tim  Curry1:47:51
10Greg  Porter1:55:20
11Ian  Heddle2:11:49
12Jason  Mcavoy2:13:19
13Craig  Armour2:18:44
14Adrian  Keough2:20:15
15Aaron  Wood2:21:28
16Steven  Timbrell2:23:47
17Mark  Shephard2:27:34
18Scott  Pomroy2:51:45
19Anthony  Breen3:20:06
20Lloyd Newell3:32:41
21David  Evenden3:39:24
22Ron  Whitehead3:41:50
23Matthew  Norton3:54:39
24David  Reid3:55:08
25Michael  Leung3:56:10
26Kieran  Macdonell4:07:57
27Paul  Rutten4:21:58
28Mark  Caulfield4:44:53
29Richard  Rooimans4:51:41
30Adam  Mcgrath4:53:24
31Grantley  Butterfield4:54:15
32Chris  Ryder5:14:05
33Adam  Wallace5:24:04
34Stuart  Bouveng5:47:38
35David  Smyth6:10:26
36Jason  Rutkowski6:26:37
37James  Fraser8:31:34
38Adam  Roberts8:34:49
39Dave  Jackson9:12:03
40Matthew  Barr9:46:53
41Conor  Smyth10:02:58

Solo master men 40-49 general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Garry  James10:58:37
2Richard  Peil0:21:00
3Peter  Cheesman1:24:05
4David  Cottee1:29:58
5Peter  Hinds1:35:12
6Luke  O'Brien1:35:38
7Ray  Giddins1:42:44
8Richard  Davis1:50:05
9Keith  Hannan1:59:42
10Trent  Moore2:08:22
11Peter  Salisnew2:09:37
12Bill  Thomson2:20:01
13Ian  Andrews2:23:50
14Tony  Frazer3:16:43
15Simon  Thompson3:21:14
16Spencer  Pither3:31:59
17Bill  Taylor3:33:45
18Gerard  Knapp3:43:13
19Mike  Ford3:45:17
20Ken  Glasco3:48:22
21Richard  Searle3:54:13
22Rob  Sudmeyer4:04:13
23Damian  Tice4:08:00
24Scott  Taylor4:08:03
25Nick  Marlin4:12:26
26David  Jackson4:33:43
27Dean  Heke4:46:10
28Andrew  Mierisch4:48:35
29Greg  Hatton4:59:57
30Simon  O'Brien5:00:07
31Liam  Doherty6:19:59
32David  Mcfeeter6:26:43
33Mike  Aylott6:33:00
34John  Fredericks6:38:23
35Stephen  Cousins6:44:21
36Matthew  Munn7:44:18

Solo men Super masters 50+ general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paul  Millington12:20:28
2Menno  Zwerwer2:59:15
3Phil  Mathewson3:38:20
4Greg  Howarth4:15:35
5Richard  Poyner4:27:36
6John  Reeves5:27:18
7Phil  Ryan6:48:38
8Steve  Pulley7:56:10
9Peter  Jackson8:45:11

Solo women open 18-39 general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Megan  Dimozantos12:51:14
2Belinda  Porter0:26:18
3Clare  Lonergan0:56:51
4Amanda  Sanderson1:58:23
5Susan  Birtles2:42:03
6Alisha  Houghton3:56:15
7Emily  Garland4:36:09
8Karen  Field4:47:31
9Belinda  Ingram5:25:50
10Poppy  Moore5:33:39
11Cherie  Rusbatch5:52:21

Men duo general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan  Hawson  &  Ben  Randall21:07:08
2Darren  Smith  &  Mark  Tupalski0:56:58
3Peter  Clayton  &  Robert  Booker3:26:00
4Ben Bailey & Jan Verbesselt4:10:02
5Dugald  Macarthur  &  Jadd  Brammall5:08:51
6Mark  Herdman  &  Peter  Naude6:19:17
7Steve  Debeck  &  Andrew  Debeck6:52:17
8Matt  Magraith  &  Phil  Wyndham8:24:50
9Martin  Keir  &  David  Keir9:44:57
10Ashley  Staude  &  Tim  Staude12:04:20

Masters duo general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Craig  Pullen  &  Kim  Mcfadden27:48:04
2Ian  Richman  &  Marea  England3:24:41
3Helen  Jeffs  &  Shane  OBrien4:17:07
4Hilary  Smith  &  Ken  Boer9:35:36
5Stephen  Brady  &  Ciara  O'Sullivan9:46:49

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