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Wallace and Williamson take stage 1 in Mongolia

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Stage 1 of the Mongolia Bike Challenge was a 120-kilometer loop from the Genghis Khan Statue in Tuv Province with 3,000 meters of climbing. The heat of the Mongolian sun combined with the seemingly endless short steep climbing sections challenged the pros and age-groupers alike.

Defending champion Cory Wallace continues his dominance in Mongolia regaining the pink jersey which has held since stage 1 of 2012. He did so in impressive fashion, leaving a talented group of riders at the 90km mark solo-ing to a seven-minute victory over his nearest competitors Mark Frendo, a former Australian U23 cross country champion, and Antonio Ortiz (Selle SMP) of Spain.

In the elite women's field, 2013 Cape Epic Winner Catherine Williamson (Bizhub-Energas) of the UK put in an strong first stage giving her a commanding lead of 30 minutes on her nearest rivals American Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon) and Erin Greene (Endura NZ) of New Zealand.

Stage 2 will take racers 125km to the Khan Khentii area on the bank of the Tuul River via the Zamt Hills to Jalman Camp.

Click here to watch a video from today's stage.

Full Stage 1 Results and general classification after stage 1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cory Wallace (Khan)4:57:20
2Antonio Ortiz Barranco (Khan)0:08:36
3Mark Frendo (Khan)0:08:50
4Pau Zamora (Khan)0:10:12
5Kyosuke Takei (Khan)0:14:03
6Jason Sager (Khan)0:18:00
7Mike Blewitt (Khan)0:25:25
8Matt Page (Khan)0:28:32
9Joao Marinho (Khan)0:28:56
10Maral-erdene Batmunkh (Khan)0:35:43
11Catherine Williamson (Women)0:35:58
12Thomas Turner (Khan)0:40:23
13Nathan Versey (Sportman)0:40:57
14Peter Watson (Khan)
15Vandendaele Thomas (Sportman)0:46:52
16Marcel Zamora (Khan)0:47:33
17Altanzul Altansukh (Khan)0:48:10
18Todd Nowack (Khan)0:51:10
19Tom Smets (Master1)0:53:38
20Yung-Yi Fan (Khan)0:54:05
21Hao Hu (Khan)0:59:42
22Timothy Goulding (Master2)1:10:39
23Sonya Looney (Women)1:12:12
24Munkhtulga Erdenesuren (Khan)1:12:49
25Matthew Moroney (Master1)1:14:50
26Erin Greene (Women)1:15:44
27John Woodrow (Master1)1:15:46
28Robert Bleeker (Veterans)1:16:00
29Erich Wegscheider (Khan)1:17:10
30Daris Benz (Sportman)1:20:56
31Sebastien Dunne (Sportman)1:28:15
32Ulziibaatar Jamsran (Khan)1:28:42
33Razif Saleh (Khan)1:30:25
34Stephen Ushy (Khan)1:34:22
35Mijid Batmunkh (Veterans)1:38:02
36Lee Rodgers (Khan)1:38:33
37Ivan Vella (Master1)1:39:14
38Jessica Douglas (Women)1:39:18
39Rutger Van Herpen (Sportman)1:41:04
40Leon Van Den Schoor (Veterans)1:44:21
41Erik Bakke (Master1)1:44:25
42Matt Ewonous (Master1)1:45:56
43David Schlenker (Sportman)1:45:59
44David Beattie (Sportman)1:55:17
45Joan Cortes (Master1)1:57:29
46Cameron Darragh (Master1)1:59:20
47Stephen Hammer (Master1)
48Fabio Negretto (Master1)2:02:33
49Peter McUtchen (Master1)2:04:26
50Giuliana Massarotto (Women)2:04:56
51Munkhchuluun Tsogtoo (Sportman)2:05:55
52Daniel Shepansky (Veterans)2:06:12
53Ignasi Riera (Master2)2:08:24
54Altansukh Naranbaatar (Sportman)2:09:17
55Rob Wijnbergen (Master2)2:11:40
56James White (Veterans)2:13:35
57Jennifer Schulz (Women)2:21:21
58Wei-Hsin Lin (Khan)2:21:44
59John (Jack) Funk (Veterans)2:21:48
60Justin Carey (Master2)2:33:27
61Sjoerd Tilstra (Master1)2:36:15
62Batmunkh Batsaikhan (Sportman)2:38:58
63Daniel Carruthers (Master1)2:48:15
64Nuo Zhang (Sportman)
65Robert Scott Biddinger (Master2)2:51:07
66Bethany Thompson (Women)2:53:32
67Daniel Jesus (Master1)2:58:15
68Cas Brentjens (Master1)3:01:57
69Caterina Capdevila Barredo (Women)3:06:58
70Carles Puig (Master2)
71Francisco Bataller (Master1)
72Carles Alberto Font Ucle (Master1)3:10:12
73Ricardo Garcia Reis (Sportman)
74Batbayar Ikhamjanjin (Master2)3:14:35
75Jason Mayne (Master1)3:33:41
76Bob Faulkner (Veterans)3:35:42
77Richard Dustan (Veterans)
78Andre Deplechin (Veterans)3:38:24
79Richard Tustin (Veterans)3:40:54
80Irina Kukueva (Women)3:48:30
81Valery Evgrafov (Master2)
82Marina Polita (Women)4:01:23
83Carim Zogbi (Master1)4:08:48
84Giuseppe/Milena Salerno/Bettocchi (Tandem)4:20:29
85John Da Costa (Master2)4:35:02
86Jenny Anderson (Women)4:53:39
87Ming Hay Lee (Master1)7:19:58
88Robyn Orchard (Master2)
89George Paterson (Veterans)
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