MacDonald wins iXS European Downhill Cup in Todtnau

Huge crowds and 317 racers from 20 nations set the scene for a perfect race weekend at the iXS European Downhill Series round 2 in Todtnau, Germany. This leg of the iXS European Downhill Cup was run under ideal conditions. The weather was perfect, the 3km course with a drop of 320 metres was in excellent condition and there was a top-class field.

Marcus Klausmann (Ghost ATG) set the best time in seeding with a 3:44 on Saturday.

Then in the final on Sunday, local hero Noah Grossmann (Mag41) laid down the first benchmark time with 3:59. Because of a technical problem during the seeding run, Grossman was the first to go in the elite category and so was able to enjoy being in the hot seat for quite some time.

Of course, there was no way his time would hold up forever, and once the top 20 were underway, times started to tumble. Joshua Button (AUS - SC-Intense) was the first to go under 3:50, which was enough to give him third place in the end.

Nick Beer (Scott 11), Brook MacDonald (MS Evil) and Marcus Klausmann were considered the most likely victors. Klausmann was last to go and was really fast until one of his tyres came off its rim on one of the final bends. Beer came second and was only beaten by MacDonald, whose time of 3:45 was good enough to give him victory.

In the elite women's race, team boss Claudio Caluorie of Scott 11 was able to celebrate a double victory. First place went to Floriane Pugin (Scott 11), whose winning margin over second-placed Emilie Siegenthaler (Scott 11), the current Swiss champion, was more than 11 seconds. Miriam Ruchti (SC Nukeproof) was third.

The fastest of the Masters was Wilfred van de Haterd (Bike Service Eisenach) ahead of Samuel Aklin (Bikegarage DH Team) and Nino Antic (Giant), who has been out due to injury for a long time. The Under 17 category was won in convincing fashion by Gregoire Pazdziorko (Barracuda Company) with a winning margin of 10 seconds. He finished ahead of Julian Hibben (Rose) and Jan Freyser (Zonenschein Fly).

It was the first time Todtnau had hosted racing since 2005.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brook Macdonald (NZl) MS Evil Racing0:03:45.25
2Nick Beer (Swi) Scott 110:00:01.85
3Joshua Button (Aus) SC-Intense0:00:02.88
4Dominik Gspan (Swi) EWZ Mountainbiketeam Loop0:00:04.12
5Luke Strobel (USA) MS Evil Racing0:00:07.55
6Pierre Charles Georges (Fra)0:00:07.61
7Markus Pekoll (Aut) MS Evil Racing0:00:08.74
8Nejc Rutar (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:08.80
9Nico Vink (Bel)0:00:08.80
10Josua Hein (Ger) Ontheedge0:00:08.85
11Wyn Masters (NZl) MS Evil Racing0:00:09.03
12Lars Peyer (Swi) SC-Intense0:00:11.71
13Lutz Weber (Swi) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:12.75
14Maximilian Bender (Ger)0:00:14.03
15Noah Grossman (Ger) Mag 410:00:14.24
16Janick Lieberherr (Swi) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:14.89
17Tobias Sieber (Ger) Cosmic Sports0:00:15.74
18Kristof Lenssens (Bel) Kona/ Barracuda0:00:15.75
19Mathew ° Stuttard (GBr) Rideon/Slik Graphics0:00:15.93
20Esteban Deronzier (Fra)0:00:16.63
21Randy Van Goubergen (Bel)0:00:16.66
22Andreas Schaefer (Swi) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:17.11
23Thomas Jeandin (Swi) Mondraker Swiss - Tech Bike Ge0:00:17.48
24Rene Schmidt (Ger) Followmestore.De0:00:18.22
25Roman Roschi (Swi) SC-Nukeproof0:00:18.55
26Philipp ° Buennemann (Ger) Zonenschein Fly Factory0:00:19.03
27Rick Balbierer (Ger)0:00:19.20
28Daniel Gottschall (Ger)0:00:19.39
29Andre Wagenknecht (Ger)0:00:19.81
30Johannes Suetter (Ger)0:00:19.91
31Nicolas ° Mathieu (Bel)0:00:20.09
32Christian Mueller (Ger)0:00:20.19
33Gernot Ruppert (Ger) GT Bicycles / Two-Fast.De0:00:20.90
34Matej Charvat (Cze) Banshee Bikes Factory Team0:00:20.99
35Benjamin Herold (Ger) Rederberch Racing0:00:21.32
36Ian Schaad (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:22.56
37Antti Lampen (Fin)0:00:23.12
38Christian Vogt (Ger) Team Last International0:00:23.15
39Kevin Bessi (Fra) Uc Monaco - MTB Dh0:00:23.56
40Andreas Krieger (Ger) Propain0:00:23.57
41Willi Luetzeler (Ger) Young Guns Racing0:00:23.95
42Maxime ° Chapuis (Swi) Hot Point0:00:24.04
43Timo Pries (Ger)0:00:24.43
44Gino Schlifske (Ger) Flatout Suspension / Nicolai0:00:24.76
45Pascal Tinner (Swi) Radbar-Racing0:00:25.51
46Daniel Jahn (Ger) Conti Nicolai Team0:00:25.60
47Janik ° Weber (Ger) Young Guns Racing0:00:26.06
48Jan-Soeren Frey (Ger)0:00:26.58
49Thomas Dueber (Ger) Djk- Herdorf / Broductions0:00:26.66
50Martin Frei (Swi) GT Bikes0:00:26.72
51Orlando Sarioglou (Gre) Giant / Royal Racing0:00:26.74
52Christoph Schnettler (Ger) Amok Racing0:00:26.84
53Daniel Vogt (Ger) Team Last International0:00:27.32
54Kevin Falko Dewinski (Ger) Radioaktiv Rudolstadt0:00:27.44
55Falco Ruppert (Ger) GT Bicycles / Two-Fast.De0:00:27.70
56Miikka Lehtinen (Fin) Starless DH Team0:00:28.19
57Simon Stuttard (GBr) Rideon/Slik Graphics0:00:28.34
58Patrik Deuss (Swi) Wheelhouse0:00:28.95
59Christopher Davis Canfield (USA)0:00:29.90
60Felix Heine (Ger)0:00:30.06
61Christian Schlothauer (Ger) Wsv Oberhof/ Team Fahrrad Eber0:00:30.07
62Florian ° Mueller (Swi)0:00:30.08
63Henrik Karppinen (Fin)0:00:30.39
64Moritz Stroeer (Ger) Team Rudel0:00:31.63
65Sam ° Wakefield (GBr)0:00:31.80
66Jarno Veerhoek (Ned)0:00:31.91
67Birk Berghaeuser (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. - Team Ext0:00:32.03
68Ruben Torenbeek (Ned)0:00:33.25
69Antoine ° Bagnoud (Swi) Crans-Mountain Racing0:00:33.76
70Nicolas Cherix (Swi) Cransmountainracing Team0:00:34.84
71Victor ° Soedergren (Swe)0:00:35.20
72Sebastian Gallery (Ger) Team Last0:00:35.34
73Merlin Lotz (Ger)0:00:35.39
74Mario Reinbacher (Aut)0:00:35.92
75Marc Jersch (Ger) Team Flatex / Hofmann0:00:36.12
76Christoph Faessler (Swi) Thomyk / Vc Gersau0:00:37.23
77Matthias Jansen (Ger) Bigairmax-Racing0:00:37.24
78David Schmied (Ger) Rose0:00:37.83
79Kurtis Knowels (GBr) Rideon/Slik Graphics0:00:37.95
80Henning Schipper (Ger) Team Last0:00:38.01
81Jonas ° Bernet (Swi) Bikegarage DH Team0:00:38.32
82Ziki ° Fontana (Swi)0:00:38.83
83Felix Herdzina (Ger)0:00:38.85
84Fabian Heim (Ger) Bikework Desch0:00:39.48
85Daniel Gam (Ger)0:00:40.47
86Oscar Soedergren (Swe)0:00:40.51
87Fabian Geiser (Ita) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:40.59
88Marcel Elsaesser (Ger) Moro Bikes0:00:42.07
89Mario Steiner (Ger) Steiner-Racing.De0:00:42.36
90Mauricio Baumann (Ger) Rad-I-O Hibike Racing0:00:42.68
91Robin Schmitt (Ger) Mag41 Racing Team0:00:42.90
92Marcel ° Bergelt (Ger)0:00:43.09
93Maximilian Mittelbach (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. - Team Ext0:00:43.70
94Dominik Betschart (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:43.93
95Tim ° Kaelin (Swi) EWZ-Giant MTB-Team0:00:44.14
96Markus Hillmann (Ger) Rsv Adler Arnstadt0:00:44.31
97Andre Guenther (Ger) Heiko´S Radschuppen0:00:45.37
98Matteo Mertens (Ger) Radl - Laden / Racing Team Bay0:00:46.63
99Philipp Gerken (Ger) Canfield Brothers Europe0:00:46.92
100Thomas ° Kolb (Ger) Gravity Pilots E.V. - Team Ext0:00:47.90
101Florian ° Kulike (Ger) Canfield Brothers Europe0:00:49.63
102Marvin Steinwender (Ger) Team Kaktus0:00:50.01
103Christoff Van Driessche (Bel)0:00:52.64
104Mathieu Poirot (Fra)0:00:52.94
105Dorian Mazurier (Fra)0:00:53.00
106Jens Steinsberger (Ger)0:00:54.62
107Gian-Luca Zuest (Swi) Power-Bike DH Team0:00:56.32
108Andreas Doerry (Ger) MTB-Club Offenburg0:01:02.76
109Maximilian Fischer (Ger) Radl - Laden / Racing Team Bay0:01:04.62
110Per Tautorat (Ger) Ride-Fx0:01:05.98
111Constantin ° Lang (Ger)0:01:11.35
112Philipp Becker (Ger)0:01:13.25
113Ziga Pandur (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:01:32.92
114Robert Meyer (Ger) Wheels Over Frankfurt E.V.0:01:46.77
115Michael Jolk (Ger) Conti-Nicolai0:01:48.65
116Andre Adzigildiev (Ger) MTB-Club Offenburg0:01:57.70
117Basil Weber (Swi) Team Project0:02:52.56
118Fabian Bieli (Swi) Aendu's Bike Gallery0:03:04.74
119Andreas Sieber (Ger) Radon Factory Team0:03:15.91
120Robin Van Goubergen (Bel)0:03:59.49
121Nils Correvon (Swi) Zetacyclingclub0:04:06.55
122Fabian Fader (Ger) Team Lac Blanc Solid0:05:35.19
123Dave Goris (Bel) Giant Germany0:06:01.32
DNSJonathan Debus (Ger) Team Last InternationalRow 123 - Cell 2
DNSMaarten ° Visscher (Ned) South Side SportsbikesRow 124 - Cell 2
DNSLesley Lageweg (Ned) Bg RacingRow 125 - Cell 2
DNSArie Schindler (Ger)Row 126 - Cell 2
DNFMarcus Klausmann (Ger)Row 127 - Cell 2
DNFBenny Strasser (Ger) Mag41 Racing Team Powerde By SRow 128 - Cell 2
DNFPascal Scheer (Ger) Team RudelRow 129 - Cell 2
DNFMark Van Lankveld (Ned) South Side SportsbikesRow 130 - Cell 2
DNFJohannes ° Schorr (Ger) Soulrider E.V.Row 131 - Cell 2
DNFMaurice ° Mutschke (Ger) Heiko´S RadschuppenRow 132 - Cell 2
DNFLucas ° Paulus (Ger) Fahrvergnügen.EvRow 133 - Cell 2
DNFStefan Hofmeier (Swi) Bike-Corner BergamontRow 134 - Cell 2
DNFLukas Litz (Ger)Row 135 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Floriane Pugin (Fra) Scott 110:04:22.26
2Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) Scott 110:00:11.55
3Miriam Ruchti (Swi) SC-Nukeproof0:00:15.93
4Harriet Ruecknagel (Ger) Ontheedge0:00:17.52
5Sandra Ruebesam (Ger) Team Giant Ger0:00:18.35
6Martina Bruehlmann (Swi) Fatwork0:00:20.49
7Antje Kramer (Ger)0:00:23.66
8Carina Cappellari (Swi) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:24.33
9Diana Marggraff (Ecu)0:00:28.74
10Noemi Derron (Swi) Aendus-Bike-Gallery.Ch0:00:31.53
11Sidonie Jolidone (Swi) Crans-Mountain Team0:00:36.56
12Gabriela Williams (Cze)0:00:37.32
13Caro Gehrig (Swi) Herobikes.De0:00:38.07
14Kim ° Schwemmer (Ger) Allianz H&L Pro Team0:00:40.87
15Joanne Muoser (Swi) SC-Intense0:00:47.68
16Anita Gehrig (Swi) Herobikes.De0:00:54.56
17Liz Schwemmer (Ger) Allianz H&L Pro Team0:01:11.30
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Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gregoire Pazdziorko (Bel)0:04:10.30
2Julian Hibben (Ger) Rose, Dr-Gravity Union0:00:09.72
3Jan Feyser (Ger) Zonenschein Fly Racing0:00:16.76
4Jan Vacek (Cze)0:00:17.14
5Ferdinand Brunold (Ger) SC Korb0:00:18.88
6Myles Weber (Swi) Team Project0:00:19.41
7Mike Schaer (Swi) Stöckli Bike Geroldswil0:00:21.14
8Philippe Frey (Swi) Power-Bike DH Team0:00:26.19
9Lutz Rehr (Ger) Team Rad-I-O-Racing0:00:26.68
10Simon Geiser (Ita) IXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:29.49
11Julius Sachse (Ger) Team Bergamont0:00:29.75
12Nicola Friedli (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:30.22
13Lukas Aeschlimann (Swi) Team Project0:00:43.00
DNSColin Neurath (Ger)Row 13 - Cell 2
DNSPhilipp Paulus (Ger) Fahrvergnügen.EvRow 14 - Cell 2
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Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wilfred Van De Haterd (Ned) Bike Service Eisenach0:04:07.16
2Samuel Aklin (Swi) Bikegarage DH Team0:00:02.03
3Nino Antic (Cro) Giant0:00:02.91
4Marcel Waldmann (Swi) Fatwork0:00:02.94
5Heinz Hostettler (Swi) Banditbike.Ch0:00:03.01
6Javier Santiago (Arg) Moser Sport - Uci Pine0:00:08.17
7Marcius Scerbinins (Lat) Oks.Lv, Last-Bike.De, Velosolu0:00:19.43
8Dennis Stratmann (Ger)0:00:22.64
9Laurent Castella (Swi) Crans-Mountain Racing0:00:23.27
10Thomas Weber (Swi) Team Project0:00:25.01
11Dirk August (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:00:26.89
12Urs Sturzenegger (Swi)0:00:27.04
13Matthias Haake (Ger) Team Eqiupe Pedaliero0:00:28.58
14Josef Wenge (Ger) Gaswolke Köln0:00:29.26
15Bart Vlaanderen (Ned) Sinterklaas Racing0:00:29.64
16Henrik Meyer (Ger) Cdrei Flow Team0:00:29.78
17Timo Laubscher (Ger) No Panic Race Team0:00:30.50
18Joerg Heydt (Ger) Last0:00:35.17
19Jan Sponseil (Ger) Bergamont Schweiz0:00:35.68
20Felix Schlarmann (Ger) Honks United0:00:37.87
21Bastiaan Jansink (Ned) Scott Rc Wolf Imst0:00:39.46
22Sven Liebscher (Ger) N6P Racing / Tsv Erding 1862 E0:00:41.49
23Thomas Huber (Ger)0:00:42.89
24Manuel Klatte (Ger) Rsg Lohne-Vechta0:00:44.49
25Roy Honebeeke (Ned) Sinterklaas Racing0:00:50.78
26Harry Huschina (Ger) Hcs-Racing0:01:02.25
27Sascha Markus Bethke (Ger) Bike-Area-Cologne.Com0:01:05.40
28Matthias Felber (Ger) Radl - Laden / Racing Team Bay0:01:15.06
29Markus Ruth (Ger)0:01:23.29
30Francesco Ricco (Ita) Officine Red Bike0:01:27.65
31Patrick Neukirchen (Ger) Young Guns Racing0:01:48.95
32Norbert Riegel (Ger) MTB Club Offenburg E.V0:02:24.27
DNSChristian Wussler (Ger)Row 32 - Cell 2
DNFThomas Schaal (Ger) LastRow 33 - Cell 2
DNFMarkus Bast (Ger) Propain WerksteamRow 34 - Cell 2

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