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Klausmann speeds to downhill victory in Chatel

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Marcus Klasmann descends the fastest

Marcus Klasmann descends the fastest (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)
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Markus Pekoll would ride fast enough to take the overall series

Markus Pekoll would ride fast enough to take the overall series (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)
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Elite women's podium with Emilie Siegenthaler on top

Elite women's podium with Emilie Siegenthaler on top (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)
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Markus Pekoll and Miriam Ruchti win the 2011 iXS European Downhill Cup overall

Markus Pekoll and Miriam Ruchti win the 2011 iXS European Downhill Cup overall (Image credit: Thomas Dietze)

Just as last year, Châtel, France was the venue for the iXS European Downhill Cup finale. A total of 301 riders from 20 countries took this last opportunity to gain points for the overall ranking, with Markus Pekoll and Miriam Ruchti the winners.

The last European series racing weekend kicked off on Friday with fantastic weather for the free training session. The "Bike Petrol" course had been only slightly changed from the previous year, however had everything anyone could wish for in such a top notch race.

On Saturday morning, the first rains began to fall, resulting in significant changes in the conditions for riders. By the time the seeding run came around, it was dry again, however this didn't change the fact that the course was still wet. Marcus Klausmann (Ghost ATG) coped with the conditions best, underlining his ambition to achieve third place in the series rankings - still a realistic option - with a best time of 2:48.

On Sunday the weather forecasts turned out to be right and it rained again - continuously. There was even snow as the race began. In some places, the riders could have used a rubber boat instead of a downhill bike. Many competitors however confirmed that it was still possible to achieve a fast time, so it turned out to be just a race under extreme wet and cold conditions.

In the overall rankings, it was already clear before the race that Markus Pekoll (MS Evil) in the elite men's category had an excellent starting position to win the series if he achieved two safe runs. He should actually have been competing against Josh Button (SC-Intense) for the title. Button, however, was forced to call a premature end to his season because of an injury sustained at the world championships, thus finishing second in the overall rankings.

In the elite women's category it was already clear following the penultimate race that Miriam Ruchti (SC-Nukeproof) would be taking the title for the fourth time in succession.

Florent Payet (SC-Intense) grabbed the hot seat in the elite men's class with the initial best time. The end of the day saw the winner from the Pila, Italy round finishing fourth. Pekoll was first to beat Payet's time and was visibly pleased, since his third place meant that he had gained overall victory. The previous year's overall winner, Nick Beer (Scott 11), took second place at Châtel, once again demonstrating his talent. Marcus Klausmann (Ghost ATG Pro Team) was the last to ride the course and already had a five-second lead at the interim time check. He was able to maintain this lead until crossing the finishing line; a clear winner with a time of 2:49. This meant that he was able to achieve his goal of third place in the EDC overall rankings, the same as last year.

Emilie Siegenthaler (Scott 11) took victory in the elite women's class with a time 3:26, ahead of Miriam Ruchti. Junior Sandra Reynier (C&K Racing) took third place, meaning that she finished just behind Ruchti, Siegenthaler and Harriet Rücknagel (OnTheEdge) in the overall rankings.

A time of 3:35 made Tahnée Seagrave (Fox/Intense) the winner in the U17 category, ahead of Lisa Kreuzer (RC Kreuzer). It would also have been good enough to get her third place in the elite category, which she will be starting in from next year. Kreuzer was, however, able to secure first place in the overall rankings.

The fastest U17 male rider was again Gianluca Vernassa (Argentina Bike), also the winner of the overall rankings. He was followed by Marcel Etheve and Jan Berkenkopf (Young Guns Racing).

In the masters, Heinz Hostettler ( managed to beat the rest of the pack, winning ahead of Javier Santiago (Moser Sport) and Marcel Waldmann (Fatwork). The overall victory, however, went to Wilfred van de Haterd (Specialized) with Waldmann finishing in second place ahead of Santiago.

The placings in the overall rankings were not only rewarded with total prize money of - 6000, but also with very watches for Ruchti and Pekoll from timing partner TAG Heuer.

The fourth season of the Series is now history, but it will be continuing next year, again under the iXS banner. Dates will be announced at the end of the year.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marcus Klausmann (Ger)0:02:49.676
2Nick Beer (Swi)0:00:04.464
3Markus Pekoll (Aut)0:00:07.702
4Florent Payet (Fra)0:00:07.880
5Marco Milivinti (Ita)0:00:08.109
6Adam Vagner (Cze)0:00:08.577
7Marcel Beer (Swi)0:00:09.466
8Dominik Gspan (Swi)0:00:09.520
9Benny Strasser (Ger)0:00:10.321
10Josua Hein (Ger)0:00:12.072
11Mathieu Gallean (Fra)0:00:13.589
12Seanan O'riordan (Irl)0:00:14.834
13Ludovic May (Swi)0:00:15.188
14Petr Tresnak (Cze)0:00:16.249
15Oscar Harnstrom (Swe)0:00:16.848
16Yannick Colomb (Fra)0:00:16.919
17Ziga Pandur (Slo)0:00:16.960
18Ian Schaad (Swi)0:00:17.743
19Alexandre Lohner (Fra)0:00:17.873
20Benjamin Verrier (Fra)0:00:18.192
21Lars Peyer (Swi)0:00:18.910
22David Trummer (Aut)0:00:19.030
23Samuel Zbinden (Swi)0:00:19.630
24Kevin Bessi (Fra)0:00:20.038
25Alexandre Claudin (Fra)0:00:20.041
26Samuel Baumann (Swi)0:00:20.055
27Lutz Weber (Swi)0:00:20.956
28Simon Brum (Fra)0:00:21.224
29Fabian Heim (Ger)0:00:21.476
30Gael Pecoul (Fra)0:00:21.849
31Freddy Hunziker (Swi)0:00:22.271
32Johann Potgieter (RSA)0:00:22.699
33Colin Favre (Swi)0:00:22.811
34Carlo Caire (Ita)0:00:22.980
35Gregory Brunache (Fra)0:00:23.311
36Daniel Critchlow (GBr)0:00:23.791
37Basil Weber (Swi)0:00:23.977
38Kristof Lenssens (Bel)0:00:24.600
39Markus Planitzer (Aut)0:00:24.732
40Rene Schmidt (Ger)0:00:25.211
41Lee Huskinson (GBr)0:00:25.669
42Janick Lieberherr (Swi)0:00:25.906
43Cyril Briquez (Fra)0:00:26.063
44Jérémie Sevrain (Fra)0:00:26.129
45Nicolas Walser (Swi)0:00:26.886
46Alex Florian (GBr)0:00:27.136
47Damien Desbrosses (Fra)0:00:28.310
48Oliver Morris (GBr)0:00:29.214
49Andreas Schafer (Swi)0:00:29.264
50Quentin Chanudet (Fra)0:00:30.274
51Pascal Tinner (Swi)0:00:30.424
52Jonathan Jones (GBr)0:00:32.545
53Fabian Pfister (Swi)0:00:33.862
54Mehdi Contaux (Fra)0:00:34.483
55Janik Weber (Ger)0:00:34.715
56Goel Wirz0:00:35.020
57Maxime Chapuis (Swi)0:00:35.963
58Benoit Lasson Sancesari (Fra)0:00:36.718
59Christian Vogt (Ger)0:00:36.812
60Alec Montanier (Swi)0:00:37.215
61Brandon Love (GBr)0:00:37.532
62Fabian Fader (Ger)0:00:38.487
63Loic Burri0:00:40.145
64Jarno Veerhoek (Ned)0:00:41.701
65Johannes Mueller (Ger)0:00:43.004
66Tim Kaelin (Swi)0:00:43.931
67Jordi Junyent Traserra (Spa)0:00:44.717
68Daniel Vogt (Ger)0:00:46.436
69Fabian Kuttel (Swi)0:00:46.864
70Vincent Koller (Fra)0:00:47.836
71Felix Herdzina (Ger)0:00:48.466
72Nicolas Mathieu (Bel)0:00:48.975
73Florian Müller (Swi)0:00:48.976
74Patrik Deuss (Swi)0:00:49.218
75Ken Zimmermann (Swi)0:00:49.865
76Julian Lemme (Ger)0:00:50.551
77Kevin Anton (Fra)0:00:50.894
78Jonathan Anaya Carmona (Spa)0:00:51.208
79Kevin Frisch (Aut)0:00:51.362
80Zan Jurca (Slo)0:00:51.660
81Lukas Pfiffner (Swi)0:00:52.128
82Stefan Garlicki (RSA)0:00:54.830
83George Simons (GBr)0:00:54.881
84Max Reeb (Fra)0:00:56.161
85Beda Berchtold (Swi)0:00:57.549
86Xavier Lescure (Fra)0:01:01.099
87Florian Kulike (Ger)0:01:04.833
88Willi Lutzeler (Ger)0:01:10.101
89Henrik Karppinen (Fin)0:01:14.303
90Lars Veenstra (Ned)0:01:16.469
91Gregory Gstalter (Fra)0:01:18.421
92Thomas Couette (Fra)0:01:20.754
93Anthony Avrillon (Fra)0:01:23.740
94Marcel Elsasser (Ger)0:01:24.812
95Thomas Kolb (Ger)0:01:27.644
96Edmunds Grostins (Lat)0:01:32.635
97Elias Vonier (Aut)0:01:36.100
98Philipp Bünnemann (Ger)0:02:16.721
99Dave Goris (Bel)0:02:19.323
100Johannes Sutter (Ger)0:02:22.008
101Jonathon Ross (NZl)0:02:57.164
102Cyrille Kurtz (Fra)0:03:45.640

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi)0:03:26.492
2Miriam Ruchti (Swi)0:00:06.425
3Sandra Reynier (Fra)0:00:13.217
4Harriet Rucknagel (Ger)0:00:35.778
5Sandra Rubesam (Ger)0:00:39.722
6Laura Lohner (Fra)0:01:08.017
7Caro Gehrig (Swi)0:01:17.204
8Anita Gehrig (Swi)0:01:22.039
9Špela Horvat (Slo)0:01:54.013


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