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Schachmann claims German road race title

Maximilian Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe) celebrates his stage 3 win at Pais Vasco

Maximilian Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe) celebrates his stage 3 win at Pais Vasco (Image credit: Getty Images)

Max Schachmann took the title in the German national men's road race, a race in which Bora-Hansgrohe dealt quickly and efficiently with all competition. Second and third went to his teammates Marcus Burghardt and Andreas Schillinger.

The trio were part of a lead group that formed early and quickly shrank, due to both the bad weather conditions and the high tempo. With 40km left, the trio pulled away and their full podium was never in doubt.

The 170 riders faced full sunshine and temperatures around 35° Celsius as they took to the 180.6km race around the Sachsen Ring. The conditions were bad enough that 70 riders had already abandoned after only 40km.

It developed even more into an elimination race, with the temperatures soaring up to nearly 38° Celsius. A large lead group formed and got away, but grew smaller and smaller as the race went on. Also, because of the short laps - only 12.9km - riders who were too far down were taken out of the race.

With 40km to go, the situation had evolved into a race of only 20 riders. Bora-Hansgrohe took control, with Burghardt, Schachmann and Schillinger jumping into the lead. Nils Politt (Katusha) and Georg Zimmerman (Tirol-KTM) gave chase, but going into the final lap of the large circuit and with three 2.9km laps on the Sachsenring to come, the gap had grown to 40 seconds. The remaining riders were over three minutes down.

Only 15 riders went into the final small laps, with the two chasers a minute down and the large field at around four minutes. It became obvious that the Bora riders could decide amongst themselves who would take the honours.

Politt decided that fourth would be better than fifth, and pulled away from Zimmerman in an attempt to secure that thankless position.

Schachmann led the trio into the closing kilometer. Although they were all together again with 400 meters to go, the win went to Schachmann. All three riders raised their arms in victory as they crossed the line.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maximilian Schachmann (Ger)4:24:17
2Marcus Burghardt (Ger)
3Andreas Schillinger (Ger)
4Nils Politt (Ger)0:01:32
5Georg Zimmermann (Ger)0:01:50
6Simon Geschke (Ger)0:03:23
7Philipp Walsleben (Ger)0:03:55
8Roger Kluge (Ger)
9Johannes Fröhlinger (Ger)0:04:28
10John Degenkolb (Ger)0:04:55
11Nico Denz (Ger)0:04:56
12Marcel Meisen (Ger)0:05:01
13Jonas Rutsch (Ger)
14Jonas Koch (Ger)0:05:08
15Frederik Dombrowski (Ger)0:05:12
DNFPascal Ackermann (Ger)
DNFChristoph Pfingsten (Ger)
DNFMichael Schwarzmann (Ger)
DNFRüdiger Selig (Ger)
DNFFlorian Stork (Ger)
DNFMaximilian Richard Walscheid (Ger)
DNFRick Zabel (Ger)
DNFLennard Kämna (Ger)
DNFChristian Knees (Ger)
DNFJasha Sütterlin (Ger)
DNFMarco Mathis (Ger)
DNFImmanuel Stark (Ger)
DNFJonathan Dinkler (Ger)
DNFJohn Mandrysch (Ger)
DNFDominik Röber (Ger)
DNFTobias Nolde (Ger)
DNFRobert Jägeler (Ger)
DNFFabian Schormair (Ger)
DNFMichel Aschenbrenner (Ger)
DNFJonas Sonnleitner (Ger)
DNFJoshua Huppertz (Ger)
DNFJan Hugger (Ger)
DNFDorian Lübbers (Ger)
DNFRobert William Kessler (Ger)
DNFLuca Henn (Ger)
DNFTobias Knaup (Ger)
DNFRichard Weinzheimer (Ger)
DNFJan Kuhn (Ger)
DNFKim Alexander Heiduk (Ger)
DNFFrederik Raßmann (Ger)
DNFLukas Märkl (Ger)
DNFChristopher Hatz (Ger)
DNFFlorian Obersteiner (Ger)
DNFMiguel Heidemann (Ger)
DNFFlorenz Knauer (Ger)
DNFStefan Brandlmeier (Ger)
DNFJohannes Adamietz (Ger)
DNFLeon Echtermann (Ger)
DNFLennart Jung (Ger)
DNFAlexander Tarlton (Ger)
DNFPatrick Haller (Ger)
DNFMarcel Franz (Ger)
DNFJan Tschernoster (Ger)
DNFPascal Treubel (Ger)
DNFJasper Frahm (Ger)
DNFJuri Hollmann (Ger)
DNFLeon Rohde (Ger)
DNFFelix Groß (Ger)
DNFJakob Geßner (Ger)
DNFJannis Peter (Ger)
DNFPirmin Benz (Ger)
DNFPhilipp Mamos (Ger)
DNFJulian Braun (Ger)
DNFSven Thurau (Ger)
DNFMarc Clauss (Ger)
DNFChristopher Heider (Ger)
DNFDominik Bauer (Ger)
DNFMiká Heming (Ger)
DNFKilian Steigner (Ger)
DNFChristian Maximilian Koch (Ger)
DNFNicolas Brandt (Ger)
DNFPaul Taebling (Ger)
DNFPaul Rudys (Ger)
DNFFranz Werner (Ger)
DNFLuca Bockelmann (Ger)
DNFLeon Heinschke (Ger)
DNFJohannes Hodapp (Ger)
DNFMichel Gießelmann (Ger)
DNFFelix Intra (Ger)
DNFLouis Leinau (Ger)
DNFPer Christian Münstermann (Ger)
DNFJoann Leinau (Ger)
DNFJon Knolle (Ger)
DNFJonas Härtig (Ger)
DNFChristoph Schweizer (Ger)
DNFJustin Wolf (Ger)
DNFLucas Carstensen (Ger)
DNFDaniel Bichlmann (Ger)
DNFNikodemus Holler (Ger)
DNFNiklas Märkl (Ger)
DNFMartin Alexander Salmon (Ger)
DNFLukas Meiler (Ger)
DNFMartin Meiler (Ger)
DNFJannik Steimle (Ger)
DNFKonrad Geßner (Ger)
DNFAlexander Krieger (Ger)
DNFToni Franz (Ger)
DNFLaurin Winter (Ger)
DNFJohannes Schinnagel (Ger)
DNFBjörn Thurau (Ger)
DNFYannik Achterberg (Ger)
DNFPeter Clauß (Ger)
DNFThomas Lienert (Ger)
DNFJohannes Herrmann (Ger)
DNFDominik Vollmer (Ger)
DNFRoland Rädler (Ger)
DNFMathias Wiele (Ger)
DNFDaniel Harnisch (Ger)
DNFTobias Magdeburg (Ger)
DNFMartin Bauer (Ger)
DNFMarkus Werner (Ger)
DNFPatrick Reißig (Ger)
DNFTom Mai (Ger)
DNFDominik Merseburg (Ger)
DNFRobin Fischer (Ger)
DNFJan Henrik Otto (Ger)
DNFAdrian Rips (Ger)
DNFGregor Hoops (Ger)
DNFHalvard Schommartz (Ger)
DNFBenjamin Bräuer (Ger)
DNFJan Kohnen (Ger)
DNFRobert Bolsmann (Ger)
DNFMilan Kowalewsky (Ger)
DNFAndreas Batzek (Ger)
DNFMaximilian Priewich (Ger)
DNFAlexander Steffens (Ger)
DNFTilman Steger (Ger)
DNFNathan Müller (Ger)
DNFBenjamin Schlubkowski (Ger)
DNFDaniel Müller (Ger)
DNFMoritz Henninger (Ger)
DNFLukas Marek (Ger)
DNFFabian Holbach (Ger)
DNFPascal Diemar (Ger)
DNFJakob Stenzel (Ger)
DNFNiklas Reinhardt (Ger)
DNFAnton Scheuermann (Ger)
DNFJulian Emge (Ger)
DNFGabriel Ossyra (Ger)
DNFPeter Förster (Ger)
DNFRobert Müller (Ger)
DNFYannick Mayer (Ger)
DNFBenjamin Herden (Ger)
DNFLeon Frosch (Ger)
DNFDominic Böke (Ger)
DNFSeverin Gießibl (Ger)
DNFLuke Derksen (Ger)
DNFNico Brenner (Ger)
DNFJulius Domnick (Ger)
DNFRené Otterbein (Ger)
DNFBrune Schmitz (Ger)
DNFMartin Nitzschmann (Ger)
DNFLorenz Fiege (Ger)
DNFStephan Duffner (Ger)
DNFSebastian Beyer (Ger)
DNFTobias Tetzlaff (Ger)
DNFFrederik Hähnel (Ger)
DNFOskar Gebauer (Ger)
DNFJosh Falk Mechsner (Ger)
DNFHannes Augustin (Ger)
DNFPoul Rudolph (Ger)
DNFBenjamin Ahrendt (Ger)
DNFMarkus Wille (Ger)
DNFTobias Eise (Ger)
DNFRico Brückner (Ger)
DNFRobin Wagler (Ger)
DNFRobin Rautzenberg (Ger)
DNFHenrik Hamm (Ger)
DNFPeter Richter (Ger)
DNFAnton Benedix (Ger)
DNFAxel Scheinpflug (Ger)
DNFMatthias Herrmann (Ger)
DNFMaximilian Langhans (Ger)
DNFFelix Rieckmann (Ger)
DNFMario Vogt (Ger)
DNFFelix Engelhardt (Ger)
DNFJan Dieteren (Ger)
DNFJohn André Kämna (Ger)
DNFMichael Thumann (Ger)
DNFThomas Riedel (Ger)
DNFSebastian Vogel (Ger)
DNFLukas Malgay (Ger)
DNFLukas Baldinger (Ger)
DNFTheo Reinhardt (Ger)
DNFTimon Loderer (Ger)
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