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South Australians shine on day one of Omnium track nationals

South Australia's Luke Davison narrowly leads the men's omnium over SASI teammate and world champion Glen O'Shea while Annette Edmondson (SA) leads the women's standings after three rounds of the 2013 Cycling Australia Omnium National Championships at Melbourne's DISC Velodrome.

Davison (4pts) leads O'Shea (5pts) by one point after the 21-year-old claimed the opening round's flying lap and round three's elimination. West Australian Stephen Hall currently sits in third position on 14 points.

Despite a personal best time of 13.028 seconds for O'Shea, Davison managed to pip his rival for the win being the only rider to break the 13-second barrier in the flying lap, recording 12.937 for the 500m distance.

However the champion showed his class in round two's points race finishing on 49 points over Davison (39 points) and Alex Morgan (VIC) on 34 points.

A mid-race break of four established including Stephen Hall (WA), Peter Loft (TAS) and Alex Morgan (VIC) with O'Shea seeing the benefit of being involved.

The South Australian put in a huge effort to close the gap while Hall claimed the sprint lap.

Davison wouldn't be left behind and once the National Road Series champion joined the group, it wasn't long before the break lapped the main field and earned 20 bonus points each, ensuring O'Shea was well out of reach from the main field.

"In the points race Glen showed he is very capable and a very classy rider - he is the best omnium rider in the world and is showing some very good form so I will need to recover well and come out firing for tomorrow's races," Davison explained.

O'Shea wasn't deterred by being behind after three rounds saying he was enjoying the inter-team rivalry.

"I have been working really hard for the points race and I was really determined to come out and have a red hot crack at it," O'Shea said following his round two win.

"I think I showed a bit of dominance after that round which I was really happy with.

"Luke and I are going head to head which is goof fun actually. It's good to have someone to really push you to your limits," O'Shea remarked.

Similarly Davison said despite the pair preparing to contest the Madison together on Saturday night, the SASI teammates did not train together.

"We respect each other and I think that rivalry makes things interesting," Davison said.

In the women's omnium it was South Australia's Annette Edmondson who continued her recent sizzling form, claiming all three events on day one of the championships.

Edmondson leads the standing after three rounds on 3 points to Isabella King (WA) on 7 and Amy Cure (TAS) 10 points.

Edmondson recorded a personal best time for round ones flying lap posting the only sub 14-second ride of the day in the women's event with 13.965. The 2012 omnium world silver and Olympic bronze medallist finish half a second ahead of West Australia's Isabella King (14.458) with fellow London Olympian Amy Cure (14.623), in third.

Edmondson also claimed the second and third rounds, finishing the points race with 35 points, 10 ahead of ACT's Rebecca Wiasak (25 points) and 15 over West Australia's Isabella King (20 points).

Wiasak challenged the reigning Oceania champion, lapping the field after winning the third sprint, allowing the 28-year-old to claim a bonus 20 points.

However it was not enough to hold off 21-year-old Edmondson, the South Australian dominating all other sprints to seal the win.

Edmondson clinched the elimination win over Isabella King, second and Amy Cure third.

"I was lucky I didn't get pipped with about five riders to go and I really switched on for the rest of the race," Edmondson said following her round three win.

"I have got some great competition here with Bella King who is hot on my heels and Amy Cure and a few juniors performing well so I really want to cement another win here like I did at the Oceania champs.

"The challenge going into tomorrow will be to keep switched on heading into the final three races," Edmondson concluded.

In the under 19 omniums, Victoria's Zac Shaw was on equal points to 16 year-old Jack Edwards (NSW) in the men's event, both riders on three points heading into round three's elimination.

Earlier in the day, Shaw had won round one's flying lap in 13.164 seconds over Edwards on 13.504 and Josh Harrison (SA) on 13.720.

Edwards took it to the junior world time trial champion winning the points race after securing three sprints, finishing with 19 points over Shaw on 10 and Sam Welsford (WA) on 7.

However the Victorian failed to fire when it came to the crunch, being eliminated first in round three's elimination, allowing Edwards to claim victory over Theodore Yates (WA) and Josh Harrison (SA).

Josie Talbot (NSW) leads the under 19 women's omnium after round three following her win in round two's points race.

Talbot convincingly took out the points race with 13 points over South Australia's Alex Manly (7 points) and Tasmania's Lauren Perry (7 points).

West Australia's Emily McRedmond (14.888) took out round one's flying lap with Talbot finishing second (14.960) and West Australia's Elissa Wundersitz (15.050) while Wundersitz clinched round three's elimination over Alex Manly (SA) and Talbot.

The final three events of the omnium - pursuit, scratch and time trial - will be held on Friday.


Junior women under 19 - Points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josie Talbot13pts
2Alexandra Manly7
3Lauren Perry7
4Emily McRedmond5
5Stacey Riedel5
6Elissa Wundersitz3
7Ruby Greig-Hurtig2
8Macey Stewart2
9Lara Batkin
10Grace Fryer
11Holly Heffernan

Junior women under 19 - Elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elissa Wundersitz0:09:33.120
2Alexandra Manly
3Josie Talbot
4Lara Batkin
5Lauren Perry
6Ruby Greig-Hurtig
7Macey Stewart
8Stacey Riedel
9Emily McRedmond
10Holly Heffernan
11Grace Fryer

Junior women under 19 - Standings after Elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josie Talbot6pts
2Elissa Wundersitz10
3Lauren Perry12
4Alexandra Manly12
5Emily McRedmond14
6Ruby Greig-Hurtig18
7Lara Batkin20
8Macey Stewart21
9Stacey Riedel22
10Holly Heffernan31
11Grace Fryer32

Junior men under 19 - Points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Edwards19pts
2Zac Shaw10
3Sam Welsford7
4Mathew Ross6
5Tom Kaesler5
6Hugo Tolliday3
7Joshua Harrison3
8Alexander Porter3
9Blake Smith3
10Theodore Yates2
11Gerald Evans2
12Mitchell Barry1
13Alistair Donohoe
14Harrison Carter
15Owen Gillott
16Nathan Bradshaw
17Jack Hogan
18Daniel Fitter
19Jordan Stannus
20Matthew Holmes
21Michael Rice-38
22Callum Scotson-40
23Bradley Heffernan-60

Junior men under 19 - Points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Edwards0:13:40.570
2Theodore Yates
3Joshua Harrison
4Mathew Ross
5Tom Kaesler
6Blake Smith
7Hugo Tolliday
8Mitchell Barry
9Alistair Donohoe
10Jordan Stannus
11Callum Scotson
12Bradley Heffernan
13Daniel Fitter
14Matthew Holmes
15Owen Gillott
16Sam Welsford
17Michael Rice
18Gerald Evans
19Jack Hogan
20Nathan Bradshaw
21Zac Shaw
22Alexander Porter
23Harrison Carter

Junior men under 19 - Elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Edwards4pts
2Joshua Harrison13
3Mathew Ross17
4Zac Shaw24
5Sam Welsford24
6Hugo Tolliday24
7Tom Kaesler26
8Blake Smith30
9Theodore Yates31
10Alexander Porter36
11Bradley Heffernan39
12Daniel Fitter39
13Alistair Donohoe39
14Gerald Evans41
15Mitchell Barry41
16Jordan Stannus42
17Callum Scotson43
18Michael Rice45
19Harrison Carter51
20Matthew Holmes52
21Owen Gillott52
22Jack Hogan56
23Nathan Bradshaw59

Women - Points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson35pts
2Rebecca Wiasak25
3Isabella King20
4Amy Cure16
5Georgia Baker8
6Jupha Somnet4
7Alexandra O'Dea
8Grace Phang-20

Women - Elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson0:04:26.980
2Isabella King
3Amy Cure
4Georgia Baker
5Rebecca Wiasak
6Alexandra O'Dea
7Jupha Somnet
8Grace Phang

Women - Standings after elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annette Edmondson3pts
2Isabella King7
3Amy Cure10
4Georgia Baker14
5Rebecca Wiasak14
6Alexandra O'Dea17
7Jupha Somnet19
8Grace Phang24

Men - Points race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn O'Shea49pts
2Luke Davison39
3Alexander Morgan34
4Stephen Hall34
5Peter Loft32
6George Tansley13
7Brent Nelson10
8Miles Scotson8
9Sofian Nabil6
10Luke Parker3
11Benjamin Harvey1
12Tyler Spurrell-18
13Jack Cummings-60
DNFHamdan Hamidun-39

Men - Elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Davison0:08:22.200
2Glenn O'Shea
3Miles Scotson
4George Tansley
5Stephen Hall
6Alexander Morgan
7Peter Loft
8Luke Parker
9Brent Nelson
10Hamdan Hamidun
11Tyler Spurrell
12Sofian Nabil
13Benjamin Harvey
14Jack Cummings

Men - Standings after elimination
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Davison4pts
2Glenn O'Shea5
3Stephen Hall14
4Alexander Morgan16
5Brent Nelson19
6Miles Scotson19
7George Tansley20
8Peter Loft21
9Luke Parker22
10Jack Cummings33
11Sofian Nabil35
12Benjamin Harvey36
13Tyler Spurrell36
14Hamdan Hamidun49

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