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Bold solo ride pays off for Kaess at Bike Four Peaks

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Jochen Kaess (Centurion Vaude) wins stage 3 at the Bike Four Peaks

Jochen Kaess (Centurion Vaude) wins stage 3 at the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Stephan Ortwein / Bike Four Peaks)
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Scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Race leaders lined up for the start of stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Race leaders lined up for the start of stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Top racers roll out for stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Top racers roll out for stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Stage 3 winner Jochen Kaess spent most of the stage alone off the front

Stage 3 winner Jochen Kaess spent most of the stage alone off the front (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Riders during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Riders during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Racers roll along during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Racers roll along during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Riders walk up a steep ski slope during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Riders walk up a steep ski slope during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Riders walk up a steep ski slope during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Riders walk up a steep ski slope during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Racers near the top of a gravel climb in stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Racers near the top of a gravel climb in stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Bike Four Peaks Race leader Christoph Sauser during stage 3

Bike Four Peaks Race leader Christoph Sauser during stage 3 (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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A rider nears the summit of a gravel climb in stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

A rider nears the summit of a gravel climb in stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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A rider powers up a tough gravel climb during the Bike Four Peaks

A rider powers up a tough gravel climb during the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Spectacular scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Spectacular scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Spectacular scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks

Spectacular scenery during stage 3 of the Bike Four Peaks (Image credit: Bike Four Peaks)
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Stage 3 podium at the Bike Four Peaks: Christoph Sauser, Jochen Kaess, Alban Lakata

Stage 3 podium at the Bike Four Peaks: Christoph Sauser, Jochen Kaess, Alban Lakata (Image credit: Stephan Ortwein / Bike Four Peaks)

Three-time German National Champion Jochen Kaess clinched the third stage of the Bike Four Peaks. The 32-year-old Centurion-Vaude racer won after a long solo ride in the 82km stage from Kirchberg to Kaprun. Finishing in a time of 3:33:15, Kaess missed moving into the top 3 of the GC by just two seconds.

Swiss race leader Christoph Sauser (Specialized) finished as the runner-up (3:36:58) with Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon) coming in third (3:37:20). The Austrian racer also took over the lead in the best climber classification, having accumulated 61 points by now.

Prior to the start, no one in the star-studded field would have guessed that Kaess would be able to attack the top three on the day. Everyone underestimated him, but he was extra motivated after he had not only taken a wrong turn yesterday but also lost still more time due to a flat tire.

Kaess attacked in the first climb to Stangenjoch and managed to break away before some snow fields forced everyone to walk the last metres up to the Zweitausender. He then extended his lead during the 20km long bike path through the Pinzgau between feed zones one and two from two minutes to 5:20.

When Kaess arrived at the final climb atop Maiskogel, he was still holding a comfortable advantage on his pursuers, and everything was set for his first stage win.

"Yesterday, I was very frustrated. So I tried to reduce the deficit again," said Kaess. "That worked out fine. I was a little bit afraid of the flat section but managed to keep my own pace. I'm very pleased with the outcome."

"Jochen was riding super strong today," said overall leader Sauser. We worked well together in the chasing group, but my main focus was on the overall ranking. I prefered to take second and extend the lead on Alban (Lakata) than going all or nothing on the stage win."

Prior to tomorrow's final stage from Kaprun to Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, Sauser has a lead of 1:50 on his biggest rival for the title, Lakata.

"It's about controlling the race from the front," said Sauser of his tactic for the last leg.

Loevset takes third stage win

On the women's side, Borghild Loevset claimed her third consecutive stage win in 4:22:48. The Norwegian already has a lead of some 39 minutes over second ranked and today's runner-up Anja Gradl of Team Bulls.

However, the women's leader, who seemed to be very exhausted today, won't take it easy. "It was very tough. I lost my group on the first downhill and was all alone in the flat, which isn't my terrain at all. I hope that I can recover. If not, my lead has to be big enough," said Loevset.

Bettina Uhlig (Wheeler iXS) finished in third position (3:55:08) thus bettering her chances for a top-three result in the women's category.


Carsten Bresser was able to improve his lead in the masters 40+ classification over Andreas Strobel. The Craft-Rocky Mountain racer crossed the finish line after 3:47:30 and thus 2:20 earlier than his rival of Centurion-Vaude (3:49:47). Reini Woisetschlaeger reinforced his aspirations of third place in the overall ranking for the 40+ racers by coming in as third (3:55:08).

In the masters 50+ category, it's still Heinz Zoerweg rocking the show. The Austrian riding for Arboe Wienenergie Roehsler took his third consecutive stage win and leads the overall. Henrik Cohen (4:18:32) and Werner Hoepperger (4:28:32) rounded out the podium as second and third.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jochen Käss (Team Centurion Vaude)3:33:15
2Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing)0:03:42
3Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:04:05
4Markus Kaufmann (Team Centurion Vaude)0:05:32
5Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:06:32
6Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:07:24
7Daniel Geismayr (Team Centurion Vaude)0:07:43
8Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:07:44
9Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:08:45
10Daniel Gathof (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:09:41
11Massimo Debertolis0:10:33
12Andreas Kleiber0:10:40
13Matthias Bettinger0:10:40
14Darren Lill (Team Cannondale Blend)0:11:05
15Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:12:02
16Manuel Pliem (Team Rad.Sport.Szene Ausseerland Men)0:12:12
17Calle Friberg0:16:34
18Wolfgang Mayer (Team Texpa Simplon)0:16:34
19Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa Simplon)0:17:14
20Barry Wicks (Kona)0:17:17
21Lukas Buchli0:18:36
22Guido Thaler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:18:59
23Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa Simplon)0:19:39
24Cory Wallace (Kona)0:19:46
25Bernhard Eisl (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:20:48
26Torsten Mützlitz (Fi`Zi:K Freaky Scott Friends)0:20:51
27Philipp Pangerl (Blacktusk Racing By Tomotion)0:20:54
28Kristofor Sneddon (Kona)0:21:49
29Manuel Weissenbacher (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:21:49
30Martin Feichtegger (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:21:49
31Spencer Paxson0:23:44
32Roman Dietrich0:23:59
33Stefan Inauen0:23:59
34Stefan Wagener0:24:12
35Thomas Weschta (Sirius X Ice Team)0:25:22
36Renay Groustra (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:25:23
37Andreas Hartmann (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:27:06
38Sven Pieper (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:27:54
39Charles Keey0:28:06
40Thomas Forer0:29:14
41Robert Mennen (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:30:46
42Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texpa Simplon)0:32:42
43Martin Kamml0:33:09
44Andreas Deutschendorf (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)0:34:09
45Alexander Warthmann (Team Centurion Vaude)0:34:12
46Ulrich Rose (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:34:32
47Christian Hofer0:34:35
48Philipp Häuber (Team Schaltwerk)0:35:16
49Philip Spanier0:36:34
50Christoph Listmann0:36:36
51Geert Wellens0:37:40
52Tobias Eisenberger (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)0:38:08
53Kristian Tokle0:38:08
54Michael Höglauer (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)0:38:26
55Colin Osborn0:39:45
56Jordy Billast0:40:41
57Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:41:03
57Tim-Christopher Stahnke (Focus Rapiro Racing)
59Philipp Amhof0:41:09
60Bart Wellens0:41:19
61Hannes Wörgötter (Team Saalachtal)0:41:21
62Marco Intravaia (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)0:42:32
63Werner Portugall0:43:23
64Paolo Paci (Team Marche)0:43:52
65Sebastian Lachmayr0:44:07
66Manuel Unterwainig0:44:22
67Andrea Borgogno0:44:42
68Gerard Barnolas0:45:17
69Marcell Voithofer0:46:34
70Vincent Günther0:47:09
71Daniele Sassaroli (Team Marche)0:47:29
72Markus Biersack0:48:34
73Remco van Bekkum (Peerkes)0:49:13
74Andre Paschke (Bonsai Bikes)0:51:18
75Mike Männer (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)0:51:36
76Sebastian Golz (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:51:56
77Christian Amdahl0:52:33
78Pierpaolo Pascucci (Team Marche)0:52:45
79Martin Rudolph (Fi`Zi:K Freaky Scott Friends)0:54:15
80Thomas Schiffer (Scr Schnaittach / Team Sherpa)0:54:23
81Grant Kier0:56:32
82Holger Bülow0:56:50
83Joost Nuyens (Atbbikers Racing Team)0:56:51
84Christian Schmit (Team Toproad)0:57:05
85Pierre-André Lerch0:58:15
86Sebastian Wintringer0:59:01
87Peter Viehauser0:59:29
88Keith Heylen1:03:28
89Bernd Den Hollander (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)1:03:29
90Sander Vonk1:03:30
91Kasper Lundegaard1:03:36
92Marcel Teilich1:04:01
93Peter Mühl1:04:06
94Stefan Hüsler (Bellevue Cycles)1:05:15
95Gali Ronen (Team Tilapia)1:05:37
96Tobias Zähringer (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)1:06:34
97Ivan Vila Oziel1:07:11
98Michael Teutschmann1:07:32
99Anders Clemmensen1:09:24
100Alexandre Bellera1:09:35
101Corne van de Voort (Peerkes)1:09:36
102Vojtech Kacena1:09:52
103Rasmus Studsgaard1:10:48
104Homme Rodenhuis (Sport Fysio Leiden)1:11:07
105Markus Finger1:11:15
106Marco Bernsdorf1:11:31
107Daniel Morrogh1:11:35
108Rene Larsen (Dmk Sram)1:11:36
109Richard Laimer1:13:30
110Markus Beck1:13:32
111Marc Pericas Casals1:13:34
112Lieven Van Riet (Team Waas)1:13:35
113Florian Ries (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)1:13:37
114Christian Nebel1:14:18
115Alexander Bietz (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:14:26
116Mikhail Foos (Velokontor.De Racing Team)1:14:35
117Jasper Lub (Atbbikers Racing Team)1:15:18
118Markus Bader (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)1:15:19
119Jan Dostalek1:15:25
120Florian Nothdurfter1:15:35
121Ewout Aman (Peerkes)1:16:06
122Jonathan Wallace1:16:12
123Christoph Zimmermann (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)1:17:17
124Georges Valentiny1:20:39
125Mark Cosijn1:21:22
126Florian Neumann (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:22:46
127Bram van Rijt (Atbbikers Racing Team)1:23:00
128Simon Schmölz (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)1:23:39
129Thomas Rückel (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)1:24:38
130Joost Hagendoorn (Atbbikers Racing Team)1:24:55
131Werner Ertl1:26:16
132Jolon van der Schuit1:27:19
133Manuel Hetzl1:27:30
134David Bures (Merida Biking Team)1:27:31
135Thomas Geditz1:27:52
136Stefan Eckinger1:28:04
137David Comellas1:28:06
138Moritz Widmann (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)1:28:29
139Stephan Krieger1:29:06
140Henrik Markvardsen1:29:20
141Yannic Weyland1:30:44
142Andreas Helfenberger (Revoran)1:32:23
143Philipp Zippe1:33:43
144Alexander Philipp1:34:53
145Oliver Ilgner (Mtb Team Wolfsburg)1:35:19
146Joost Kooi (Atbbikers Racing Team)1:36:16
147Jonathan Sandrieser1:39:04
148Niels Ros (Sport Fysio Leiden)1:39:22
149Sebastian Einsle (Team Toproad)1:39:49
150Markus Binderszewsky1:40:24
151Bernhard Müllauer1:40:43
152Christian Braun1:41:28
153Marco Umbreit1:42:13
154Sven Lattermann1:42:21
155Jürg Meier1:42:28
156Rasmus Damsgaard1:44:55
157Bjorn Rietbroek1:45:09
158Markus Schwab1:47:15
159Markus Durst1:47:19
160Dirk Edinger (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:48:05
161Laurent Frieden (Cranks N' Chains)1:48:44
162Thorsten Rietze (Mtb-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)1:49:03
163Peter Höreth1:49:38
164Christian Parger1:50:39
165Günter Drach1:51:32
166Michael Grossegger1:51:42
167Jens Völker (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)1:51:51
168Tom Van Mieghem (Team Waas)1:54:36
169Koch Lie Vegar1:55:43
170Dan Hurst1:56:44
171Ingo Blankenstein (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Men)1:57:00
172Gil Rusiñol Feu1:57:29
173Matthias Rauhut1:58:24
174Matthias Lysk1:58:51
175Björn Kafka1:58:57
176Georg Hartmann1:59:25
177Alexander Neumann2:00:22
178Daniel Voetmann2:01:43
179Urban Majcen2:01:54
180Alexander Schmidt2:02:12
181Ingo Roth (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Men)2:02:22
182Daan Wenners2:04:15
183Jan Hvedstrup2:04:19
184Sebastian Nitsche2:04:23
185Mario Salzer2:04:39
186Daniel Spiess2:04:51
187Michael Cadisch2:05:04
188Jens Bang2:05:15
189David Hegner2:06:44
190Thomas Schuierer (Orgasmus United)2:07:47
191Morten Jensen2:08:26
192Fritz Vötter2:08:41
193Michael Loendersloot2:08:44
194Jan Kleeberg2:09:00
195Silas Benedix2:09:02
196Valentin Pasa2:09:47
197Mathias Zacherl2:09:57
198Marcelo Peixoto2:10:34
199Thomas Lambregts (Peerkes)2:11:17
200Robert Becvar (Merida Biking Team)2:11:50
201Richard De Boer2:12:39
202Werner Helvensteijn (Sport Fysio Leiden)2:13:01
203Stephan Meier (Trailkings)2:13:05
204Melvin Witteveen2:13:55
205Christophe Jentgen2:14:34
206Luc Weiler2:14:41
207Marc Schneider (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)2:14:53
208Rolf Andersen2:14:57
209Sebastiaan Valenteijn (Rabbit Riders)2:15:03
210Jimi Bader2:15:26
211Lau Johannsen2:16:03
212Milan Lunák2:16:21
213Jakob Rohmer2:18:46
214Manuel Lauwers2:18:49
215Sascha Schumann2:19:20
216Sven Gaidies2:20:39
217Sven Timmer2:20:49
218Michael Unkelbach (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)2:20:55
219Franz Höchtl2:21:06
220Ben Morrogh2:22:19
221Casper Friis2:24:47
222Johannes Hochwarter2:28:05
223Jeffrey van Vulpen2:29:54
224Ferran Serrallonga Bosch2:30:17
225Lund Pedersen Soren2:30:45
226Benjamin Futschik2:32:02
227Arne Schöne2:32:11
228Andrew Kjaerulff Maddock2:32:54
229Rodger van Leeuwen2:34:07
230Philipp Mühlberger2:34:45
231Alexander Grieser2:34:59
232René Poppe2:36:26
233Markus Klein2:38:21
234Patrik Rummel2:43:34
235Rico Ergenzinger2:45:50
236Ebbe Skals (Teamlir.Dk)2:46:19
237Martin Esslinger2:46:52
238Florian Fischer (Orgasmus United)2:47:46
239Frank Horneff2:50:03
240Den Hutmacher (Team Toproad)2:52:26
241Sven Wilhelm2:55:15
242Robert Gading2:56:07
243Dee Staunton (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)2:56:40
244Mario Leuchter3:00:56
245Christopher Smith3:05:16
246Roderick Zwijns3:08:39
247Aziz Essayah3:13:51
248Hildo Kolen3:14:44
249Emil Hartmann3:16:03
250Pavel Ambroz3:22:09
251Oliver Berbuer (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)3:22:19
252Karl Weingärtner (Orgasmus United)3:34:28
253Alexander Marsch3:39:50
254Christian Planer3:44:21
255Florian Kammerlander3:44:26
256Tobias Guggemos3:44:46
257Miroslav Peterka (It Champions)3:46:44
258Peter Küstner (Killertal Rider)3:50:54
259Marius Braun3:55:15
260Matthias Wasserzier3:57:23
261Edmondo Eschbacher3:57:54
262Bernd Hart4:02:13
263Thomas Feigl (Bayerische Staatsforsten)4:02:37
264Marcus Dähn4:10:08
265Stefan Keutgen4:10:15
266Alexander Koczorowski4:13:29
267Steven Dumoulin4:33:35
268Mirko Lorenz4:39:39
269Octavian Popescu Codrut6:23:55
270Martin Carlsen6:24:01

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Borghild Loevset4:22:48
2Anja Gradl (Team Bulls)0:15:29
3Bettina Uhlig0:22:22
4Regina Genser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:29:12
5Andrea Scharrer0:30:48
6Christiane Cohsmann (Team Centurion Vaude)0:33:51
7Daniela Storch (Bayerische Staatsforsten/ Fizik/ Scott)0:41:04
8Stefanie Neulinger (Mosa-Biker)0:42:50
9Alexandra Wollner0:46:33
10Christa Klausmann0:53:37
11Natascha Binder (R2-Bike.Com Mtb-Racing)0:54:20
12Isabelle Klein0:55:46
13Sophia Panzer1:01:54
14Susanne Rathgeb (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)1:02:23
15Nicole Kuttruff (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)1:06:21
16Sabine Schneider (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)1:13:17
17Jasmin Erhardt (Sirius X Ice Team)1:21:58
18Sara-Diane Gorges (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)1:23:57
19Sandra Pertl (Www.Racebiker.At)1:28:07
20Maeve O'Grady1:32:05
21Monika Reker1:35:17
22Verena Klug1:41:33
23Petra Prins1:44:29
24Simone Schubert1:45:28
25Ellen Aamodt (Team Norges Bank)1:45:57
26Marit Owre-Johnsen (Team Norges Bank)1:45:58
27Barbara Lebutsch1:46:07
28Yvette Roberts1:48:04
29Laura van Leeuwen1:57:52
30Rasa Giesen (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)1:58:09
31Eva Walter1:58:55
32Ute Claus2:01:27
33Tanja Bastiaansen2:03:36
34Ulrike Wagner2:05:12
35Daniela Rebhan2:13:02
36Karin Haegler2:15:51
37Inge Dall2:16:44
38Tinne Dorfelt2:19:49
39Alexandra Galonska (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)2:20:17
40Stefanie Memmel2:25:11
41Birgit Richner2:31:58
42Sigrid Poullie2:34:44
43Annette Wax2:44:00
44Marion Hemmerling2:45:41
45Anja Nette3:08:10
46Iris Auerbach (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)3:17:10
47Gabbi Vogely-Kisters3:28:16
48Nele Cools3:43:56
49Daniela Aschoff4:11:24

Masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carsten Bresser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)3:47:30
2Andreas Strobel (Team Centurion Vaude)0:02:17
3Reini Woisetschläger0:07:39
4Klaus Reinisch (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:12:21
5Raimund Stanger (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)0:15:03
6Hermann Dagn0:25:46
7Veit Susallek0:29:34
8Michael Anthes0:29:48
9Wolfgang Unterer (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:30:27
10Rolf Vetter0:35:13
11Peter Lehrer (Bike Team Borbet)0:36:59
12Gerold Keil0:38:21
13Marek Kavan0:38:30
14Hansjürg Gerber0:39:19
15Alberto Vitali (Team Marche)0:41:03
16Per Arne Helgesen (Team Foss)0:41:03
17Jan Jeschke0:46:22
18Patrick Baumann0:47:38
19André Dodier (Biketeam Sonthofen)0:51:00
20Andreas Guignard0:52:02
21Reinier Treur0:52:20
22Martin Hönigsberger0:55:18
23Andreas Kuehl0:55:30
24Michael Joos0:55:31
25Henrik Albæk0:55:34
26Peter Wouters (Peerkes)0:56:58
27Thomas Bay0:56:59
28Thomas Häußinger (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)0:57:01
29Martin Steiert0:57:33
30Gerlof Haanraadts0:59:17
31Andreas Kreichgauer0:59:18
32Hamish Morrin0:59:18
33Bernd Rink0:59:19
34Hans-Jorgen Engen0:59:53
35Jan Lindholt Nielsen1:01:10
36Mark Kleinloog (Atbbikers Racing Team)1:01:37
37Andy Rohner1:01:39
38Norbert Geisler (Mittwochsbiker)1:02:00
39Jürgen Henkel1:03:02
40Werner Wagner (Team Acros)1:06:08
41Walter Fritschi1:06:23
42Günter Sandmann (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:06:23
43Arjan Smit (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:07:13
44Heinz Posch1:07:34
45Martin Öhlschuster1:07:50
46Hans-Jürgen Stauber (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)1:08:44
47Michael Weicker (Team Salzburger Saalachtal)1:09:16
48Mathias Herrmann1:09:50
49Matthias Bernhart1:10:13
50Thomas Krüse1:11:17
51Marcus Rascher (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)1:11:32
52Michael Wogg1:11:48
53Jörg Riedl (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)1:12:17
54Jörg Fiedler1:12:22
55Bent Hagen1:12:30
56Thomas Pettersen1:12:47
57Alvin Jones (Mtb Wales)1:12:52
58Jeroen Spijkerman1:13:38
59Martijn Klein Lenderink1:13:57
60Wim Kwakkel (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:14:55
61Bernhard Eberhard1:15:03
62Norbert Hamminger (Bike Team Borbet)1:15:25
63Rainer Böck (Team Fit & Squash Bad Wörishofen)1:16:42
64Thomas Häberli (Fehr-Velos.Ch)1:16:55
65Brian Holm1:17:25
66Jörg Heinze1:17:34
67Frank Lubatsch1:17:41
68Thomas Michaelsen (Mosa-Biker)1:18:09
69Volker Dinkelmeyer (Revoran)1:18:10
70Bo Hansen1:18:33
71Ron Mourik1:18:34
72Roger Hanemann (Laktatexpress.De)1:18:43
73Peter Budzisch1:19:24
74Thomas Saxil Otte1:20:22
75Kenneth Davidsen1:20:36
76Robert Hofmann (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)1:21:03
77Reto Kühne1:21:19
78Thorolf Hieronymus (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:22:35
79Mike Schramm (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)1:23:06
80Marius Nikolaus1:23:46
81Sjack Schellekens (Peerkes)1:24:25
82Marcus Werf1:24:51
83Stefan Kaiser (Fitline Monheim/Msv Essen-Stelle 2011)1:25:14
84Jurgen Groenwals (Team Mountain Bike Plus Magazine)1:26:10
85Markus Rainisch (Trailkings)1:26:30
86Jens Stoll1:26:48
87Markus Angstwurm1:27:08
88Björn Krause1:27:13
89Hansjörg Bosler1:27:14
90Thorsten Burdinski1:27:32
91Marco Jacobs1:27:44
92Robert Blumenstein (Velokontor.De Racing Team)1:27:55
93Mario Rembold1:29:09
94Denny van Arkel1:29:32
95Michael Scherrer1:31:59
96Edwin Koch1:33:43
97Lars Duus (Pingel Race And Fun)1:34:57
98Per Strandvig Soerensen1:35:02
99Markus Stille (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)1:35:40
100Manfred Ersing (Team Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)1:35:44
101Stefan Hiemer (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)1:35:50
102Tony Carter (Mtb Wales)1:35:55
103Robert Dorroch1:36:11
104Ulrich Doll1:36:37
105Karsten Wege (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig)1:37:37
106Thomas Schierle1:40:03
107Ronald Vogely1:40:44
108David Woodley1:42:24
109Wolfgang Braig (Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)1:42:28
110Freddy Kristensen1:43:15
111Karsten Kristensen1:43:17
112Dieter Schulzki1:44:14
113Andreas Köhler1:44:38
114Mario Keller1:46:59
115Frank Wilhelm1:47:19
116Michael Herzberg (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)1:47:45
117Wolfgang Reichert1:47:58
118Bas De Bruin (Team Mountain Bike Plus Magazine)1:48:14
119Lars Jensen (Dmk Sram)1:48:30
120Lars Jorgensen (Pingel Race And Fun)1:49:10
121Eckhardt Münch1:49:13
122Monny Krant1:49:57
123André Bräuer (Velokontor.De Racing Team)1:50:13
124Gregor Kurth1:52:07
125Manfred Stechele (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)1:53:02
126Arnold Pacher1:53:21
127Simon Lodewijks (Team Salzburger Saalachtal)1:53:38
128Bjarne Larsen (Pingel Race And Fun)1:55:24
129Fred Sip (Sport Fysio Leiden)1:55:47
130Jason Peisl1:56:37
131Volker Rohrmoser (Sg Airbus Ham 1)1:56:49
132Martin Schmölz (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)1:56:49
133Werner Schellenbauer (Www.Racebiker.At)1:58:28
134Bart Fortkamp1:59:36
135Bjoern Stoebbauer (Homosapiens)2:00:01
136Guido Blankenstein (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Masters)2:00:04
137Michael Bründl (Trailkings)2:00:30
138Jorn Lyford2:00:48
139René van de Logt (Rabbit Riders)2:00:52
140Udo Laber2:01:08
141Robert Sturbej2:01:10
142Georg Schulte-Holtey2:01:36
143Jürgen Hoffmann (Killertal Rider)2:02:22
144Christian Höchst (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)2:02:31
145Magchiel Schiebroek2:02:41
146De Stefan Kruijf2:02:45
147Andreas Ryser2:03:04
148Barry van den Bergh (Peerkes)2:03:13
149Joachim Gauss (Killertal Rider)2:04:00
150Christian Reinike2:04:13
151Backer De Backer2:04:23
152Roelof Jonkers2:05:17
153Christophe Crombez2:05:33
154Ard Dechent2:05:48
155Claus Matthiesen2:06:31
156Hans-Christian Keller Rix2:06:35
157van den Peter Oetelaar (Atbbikers Racing Team)2:06:36
158Andreas Bluska2:06:45
159Rainer Helfenberger (Revoran)2:06:49
160Michael Alt2:06:54
161Atle Reitan2:07:02
162Truls Kronberg2:07:04
163Bert Groenestege2:07:19
164Peter Uhland2:07:24
165Hendrik Tesche2:08:17
166Lars Henneberg Jensen2:08:51
167Christoph Jacobs2:09:13
168Daniel Franke2:11:33
169Michael Mannes2:11:33
170Theo Mulder (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)2:11:40
171Gustav Juul2:12:25
172Martin Jensen2:12:34
173Liron Gasul (Team Tilapia)2:13:02
174Thomas Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)2:13:03
175Frank Greco2:13:31
176Martin Ottendorfer2:13:50
177Jesper Roth2:15:12
178Christian Pellerin2:15:13
179Han Kempenaar2:15:48
180Andreas Görtler2:16:20
181Milan Lunák2:17:53
182Oleg Naumov2:17:53
183Michael Hoffmann2:17:53
184Michael Jensen2:18:03
185Carsten Clausen2:18:05
186Aurelian-Mihail Raducanu2:19:14
187Markus Trimmel2:19:56
188Ervin Kozole2:20:36
189Jan Huyse2:21:38
190Steffen Blattert2:21:44
191Geert Cailliau (Peerkes)2:21:56
192Holger Kraft (Landliebe)2:22:00
193Dieter Holztrattner2:22:19
194Hubertus V. Mullekom (Team Waas)2:22:26
195Manuel Pardo Rodriguez2:23:11
196Marcos Vazquez Rivera2:23:13
197Bernd Fleischmann2:23:49
198Thomas Baron2:24:00
199Roland Essler (Team Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)2:24:50
200Mathias Rusch2:25:06
201André Döring2:25:10
202Armin Amann (Killertal Rider)2:26:01
203Bernd Wernicke2:26:40
204Tilo Eichinger (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)2:26:56
205Niklas Hnatnicky2:29:20
206Frank Kunold (Mtb Team Zierenberg)2:31:12
207Frank Noack (Dratht Binder Racing Team)2:32:19
208Fabien Loschi2:33:07
209Stefan Thiel (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)2:33:14
210Martien Meeuwesen (Peerkes)2:33:49
211Matthias Schumacher2:36:28
212Michael Brunner (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)2:36:31
213Mikael Merlin Thomsen2:38:20
214Roland Menthel2:38:26
215Mark Stein2:38:54
216Mario Fellner2:39:14
217Ryan Mendes2:41:19
218Guy Weber2:41:27
219Lars Klitgaard Pedersen2:43:07
220Carsten Selbach2:47:23
221Marco Jochmann (Glocken)2:47:31
222Frank Rautenberg2:47:34
223Carsten Jensen2:50:15
224Marc Wischmann (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)2:50:43
225Nils Gieskes2:53:38
226Armand Bloem2:54:19
227René Appeldoorn2:54:36
228Martin Scholz2:54:47
229Hagai Offeck (Team Tilapia)2:54:53
230Camille Reding2:56:28
231Niels Mayer2:57:09
232Patrick Faust2:58:15
233Mike Branescu (Glocken)2:58:24
234Pepino Saska (Itchampions)3:00:14
235Bronislav Skovajsa (Itchampions)3:00:49
236Lasse Hartmann3:01:26
237Michael Winslow3:01:42
238Thomas Frohmuth3:02:10
239Jeroen van Leeuwen3:07:37
240Gijsbert Wielders3:07:38
241Erik Schwulera3:12:51
242Stephan Groll3:16:51
243Volker Zaborowski3:17:03
244Christian Albrecht (Orgasmus United)3:17:05
245Wilms Larsen Bent3:20:11
246Andreas Korhummel3:22:50
247Jens Falk-Adamsen (Eskadrille 722, Rdaf)3:23:39
248Michael Lenze3:23:43
249Daan De Bruijne3:27:10
250Marcel Den Ouden3:27:11
251Soren Haugaard (Pingel Race And Fun)3:28:05
252Tomer Fridman (Team Tilapia)3:29:57
253Tomer Neuner3:44:26
254Burkhard Meyer3:47:42
255René Schantz3:54:06
256Nenad Tripkovic3:59:08
257Matthias Wolf4:00:50
258Matthias Frank4:02:55
259Uwe Gross4:03:28
260Lars Karstens4:14:19
261Andreas Müller (Ibc Dimb Reacing Team)4:20:48
262Peter Ohlssen4:25:45
263Clarkson Teixeira4:26:24
264Ron Dagan4:28:12
265André Walter (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)4:33:42
266Volker Heiland4:46:04
267Robert Dienersberger4:46:12
268Thomas Hartmann4:46:42

Grand masters men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heinz Zörweg4:05:58
2Henrik Cohen0:12:34
3Werner Hoepperger0:22:34
4Reinhard Braun0:27:32
5Paul Scheffauer (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)0:29:26
6Hans Dielacher0:37:04
7Hanspeter Aeberli0:40:55
8Paul Heylen0:41:26
9Rolf Schmitt0:43:26
10Pino Ferrari0:47:35
11Josef Huber0:48:32
12Detlef Buser0:50:07
13Ales Kilnar (Itchampions)0:51:59
14Josef Löffler0:54:30
15Tobias Huep0:54:57
16Frank Heifort0:55:25
17Hannes Schierle0:56:33
18Drew Geer0:57:42
19Sepp Gschwendtner (Redheads Team)1:01:46
20Karl Koller (Sk Rueckenwind Triathlon)1:02:06
21Arnold Haas1:06:12
22Jan Horst Dyrvig1:06:15
23Jaroslav Senk1:06:27
24Stefan Bangert (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)1:07:58
25Tomas Pribyl1:08:02
26Roland Lützelschwab1:08:13
27Andreas Hahn1:08:28
28Hubert Benezeder (Bike Team Borbet)1:08:30
29Albert Rundel (Killertal Rider)1:08:31
30Jos Pennartz (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)1:08:54
31Ewald Clavadetscher1:10:10
32Martin Staiger1:11:14
33Michael Sauer (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)1:12:25
34Heinz Puschacher1:13:11
35Max Lippert (Cbs Race Team)1:14:07
36Johannes Larsen1:15:03
37Erik Scheflo1:17:22
38Otta Matousek (Itchampions)1:17:31
39Hermann Hinterseer1:17:45
40Helmut Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:17:59
41Gerald Tretter1:19:04
42Leo Pfaffenbichler (Speichengemsen)1:19:19
43Gottfried Rier1:19:19
44Steffen Allert (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)1:23:07
45Erich Hager (K&L Bike Team)1:25:48
46Rene Wild (Revoran)1:26:48
47Roland Wank1:29:11
48Peter Santner1:29:31
49Josef Happach (Biketeam Sonthofen)1:33:43
50Uli Hauenstein1:36:14
51Leigh Durham1:39:08
52Wolfgang Walek (Bike Team Borbet)1:40:50
53Ron Janbroers1:42:09
54Walter Pütz1:42:13
55Jos Kerkhofs1:46:26
56Frank Raschke1:46:41
57Kurt Poullie1:47:13
58Peter Lehn Petersen1:47:48
59Jack Buddingh (Flachlanders Pro)1:49:48
60Robert Rieger (Orgasmus United)1:50:50
61Ludo Lauwers1:50:52
62Herbert Aigner (Bike Team Borbet)1:53:46
63Rolf Graf1:58:52
64Max Richner1:59:05
65Günter Hilger1:59:45
66Christoph Kemmer2:01:57
67Horst Wolff2:02:19
68Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk2:03:59
69Peter Bundschuh2:07:18
70Richard Panzer2:07:48
71Günther Rosenkranz2:13:15
72Jan-Peter Rudolf2:13:26
73Peter van Tuyn2:14:12
74Dieter Hermann2:14:59
75Eduard Hetzl2:15:53
76David Hackshaw2:22:51
77Marc Weber2:23:23
78Erik Christensen Knud2:24:07
79Horst Schwarz (Mtb-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)2:27:32
80Dieter Zier2:31:40
81Albert Houben2:32:10
82Eberhard Steiner2:32:53
83Claude Moser2:33:05
84Klaus-Dieter Hanisch2:33:59
85Wolfgang Wetzel (Killertal Rider)2:36:40
86Walter van Ark2:38:06
87Martin van Musscher2:40:01
88Piet Van de Wiel (Peerkes)2:40:50
89Predrag Tripkovic2:41:30
90Hartmut Vagts (Sg Airbus Ham 1)2:41:53
91Carsten Carnett2:44:43
92Heinz Gaidzik (Biketeam Sonthofen)2:50:17
93Lennart Lehr-Blank2:56:02
94Erwin Leppmeier2:58:22
95Thomas Speyer3:01:21
96Günter Meinschien (Sg Airbus Ham 1)3:01:27
97Algis Bartaska3:07:06
98Martin Grafmüller3:09:32
99Uwe Lich (Sg Airbus Ham 1)3:10:01
100Thomas Lining3:15:34
101Ralf Poppe (Sg Airbus Ham 1)3:17:57
102Robert Langer3:21:18
103Thomas Schneider3:29:14
104Jürgen Fischer3:34:08
105Peter Bietz (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)3:37:37
106Siegfried Tautschnig3:45:23
107Franz Kohlhofer4:01:33
108Nigel Marlin4:03:03

Men general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing)9:28:21
2Alban Lakata (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:01:48
3Markus Kaufmann (Team Centurion Vaude)0:04:08
4Jochen Käss (Team Centurion Vaude)0:04:10
5Daniel Geismayr (Team Centurion Vaude)0:08:41
6Tim Böhme (Team Bulls)0:15:29
7Matthias Leisling (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:18:12
8Darren Lill (Team Cannondale Blend)0:18:40
9Calle Friberg0:20:47
10Massimo Debertolis0:23:01
11Torsten Marx (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)0:23:48
12Matthias Bettinger0:24:45
13Lukas Buchli0:28:08
14Daniel Gathof (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:29:51
15Thomas Dietsch (Team Bulls)0:30:14
16Andreas Kleiber0:30:30
17Karl Platt (Team Bulls)0:31:12
18Christian Schneidawind (Team Texpa Simplon)0:31:19
19Barry Wicks (Kona)0:32:01
20Manuel Pliem (Team Rad.Sport.Szene Ausseerland Men)0:34:02
21Wolfgang Mayer (Team Texpa Simplon)0:34:44
22Robert Mennen (Topeak Ergon Racing Team)0:40:31
23Cory Wallace (Kona)0:42:04
24Charles Keey0:43:14
25Michael Schuchardt (Team Texpa Simplon)0:43:28
26Kristofor Sneddon (Kona)0:44:56
27Spencer Paxson0:48:30
28Philipp Pangerl (Blacktusk Racing By Tomotion)0:51:14
29Bernhard Eisl (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:52:25
30Manuel Weissenbacher (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:53:49
31Renay Groustra (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)0:58:40
32Martin Feichtegger (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)0:59:31
33Torsten Mützlitz (Fi`Zi:K Freaky Scott Friends)1:02:54
34Sven Pieper (Focus Rapiro Racing)1:06:41
35Stefan Inauen1:07:18
36Roman Dietrich1:07:22
37Thomas Weschta (Sirius X Ice Team)1:07:44
38Oliver Vonhausen (Team Texpa Simplon)1:08:01
39Guido Thaler (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)1:08:14
40Thomas Forer1:08:54
41Stefan Wagener1:09:58
42Bart Wellens1:21:02
43Ulrich Rose (Focus Rapiro Racing)1:23:23
44Alexander Warthmann (Team Centurion Vaude)1:29:05
45Christian Hofer1:29:54
46Colin Osborn1:31:12
47Philip Spanier1:31:14
48Kristian Tokle1:32:28
49Philipp Häuber (Team Schaltwerk)1:34:20
50Geert Wellens1:34:30
51Christian Amdahl1:37:37
52Tobias Eisenberger (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)1:38:45
53Philipp Amhof1:39:02
54Christoph Listmann1:39:14
55Andreas Hartmann (Orthomol-Kaiser Racing)1:39:19
56Marco Intravaia (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)1:40:39
57Michael Höglauer (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)1:42:19
58Andrea Borgogno1:42:52
59Tim-Christopher Stahnke (Focus Rapiro Racing)1:43:00
60Martin Kamml1:46:04
61Alexander Rebs (Focus Rapiro Racing)1:48:21
62Manuel Unterwainig1:51:42
63Jordy Billast1:53:41
64Sebastian Lachmayr1:58:56
65Werner Portugall2:01:54
66Sebastian Golz (Focus Rapiro Racing)2:02:53
67Daniele Sassaroli (Team Marche)2:03:13
68Hannes Wörgötter (Team Saalachtal)2:03:28
69Gerard Barnolas2:03:44
70Andreas Deutschendorf (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)2:04:56
71Paolo Paci (Team Marche)2:05:15
72Remco van Bekkum (Peerkes)2:05:42
73Mike Männer (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)2:06:59
74Markus Biersack2:11:00
75Pierpaolo Pascucci (Team Marche)2:11:03
76Pierre-André Lerch2:11:39
77Holger Bülow2:13:14
78Andre Paschke (Bonsai Bikes)2:13:57
79Martin Rudolph (Fi`Zi:K Freaky Scott Friends)2:15:51
80Marcell Voithofer2:18:26
81Vincent Günther2:18:36
82Grant Kier2:19:40
83Stefan Hüsler (Bellevue Cycles)2:20:21
84Joost Nuyens (Atbbikers Racing Team)2:21:46
85Peter Viehauser2:25:08
86Keith Heylen2:31:23
87Sander Vonk2:31:33
88Christian Schmit (Team Toproad)2:32:54
89Thomas Schiffer (Scr Schnaittach / Team Sherpa)2:33:01
90Marcel Teilich2:34:41
91Sebastian Wintringer2:34:43
92Ivan Vila Oziel2:35:28
93Peter Mühl2:37:56
94Corne van de Voort (Peerkes)2:39:35
95Bernd Den Hollander (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)2:43:05
96Michael Teutschmann2:43:50
97Markus Beck2:44:47
98Kasper Lundegaard2:50:07
99Alexandre Bellera2:50:24
100Markus Bader (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)2:52:20
101Mikhail Foos (Velokontor.De Racing Team)2:53:53
102Vojtech Kacena2:54:16
103Tobias Zähringer (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)2:58:00
104Florian Ries (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)2:59:15
105Ewout Aman (Peerkes)2:59:17
106Daniel Morrogh2:59:21
107Anders Clemmensen2:59:31
108Rene Larsen (Dmk Sram)2:59:49
109Christian Nebel3:00:18
110Marc Pericas Casals3:00:54
111Jasper Lub (Atbbikers Racing Team)3:03:08
112Lieven Van Riet (Team Waas)3:04:33
113Jonathan Wallace3:04:58
114Georges Valentiny3:07:59
115Markus Finger3:08:26
116Homme Rodenhuis (Sport Fysio Leiden)3:10:32
117Richard Laimer3:10:37
118Marco Bernsdorf3:14:29
119Gali Ronen (Team Tilapia)3:14:52
120Sebastian Einsle (Team Toproad)3:15:04
121Jan Dostalek3:17:32
122Mark Cosijn3:18:13
123Florian Nothdurfter3:18:18
124Bram van Rijt (Atbbikers Racing Team)3:18:18
125Florian Neumann (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)3:20:51
126Alexander Bietz (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)3:22:26
127Christoph Zimmermann (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)3:22:53
128Manuel Hetzl3:31:24
129Werner Ertl3:34:21
130Niels Ros (Sport Fysio Leiden)3:36:57
131Rasmus Studsgaard3:37:34
132Thomas Geditz3:39:44
133Joost Hagendoorn (Atbbikers Racing Team)3:41:16
134Simon Schmölz (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)3:45:14
135Yannic Weyland3:47:50
136Thomas Rückel (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)3:50:12
137Jolon van der Schuit3:51:44
138Henrik Markvardsen3:53:26
139Alexander Philipp3:57:58
140Stephan Krieger3:59:01
141Moritz Widmann (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)3:59:23
142Philipp Zippe4:06:05
143Sven Lattermann4:08:13
144Andreas Helfenberger (Revoran)4:09:50
145Bjorn Rietbroek4:12:51
146Christian Braun4:15:24
147Marco Umbreit4:18:28
148Jonathan Sandrieser4:20:47
149Oliver Ilgner (Mtb Team Wolfsburg)4:22:48
150Jürg Meier4:25:10
151Markus Schwab4:25:49
152Laurent Frieden (Cranks N' Chains)4:27:05
153David Comellas4:30:33
154David Bures (Merida Biking Team)4:31:03
155Günter Drach4:31:21
156Stefan Eckinger4:32:10
157Dirk Edinger (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)4:33:33
158Peter Höreth4:34:55
159Michael Grossegger4:36:27
160Matthias Lysk4:36:28
161Markus Durst4:39:18
162Bernhard Müllauer4:40:55
163Jens Völker (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)4:41:23
164Rasmus Damsgaard4:44:59
165Ingo Roth (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Men)4:46:16
166Joost Kooi (Atbbikers Racing Team)4:48:34
167Markus Binderszewsky4:49:34
168Tom Van Mieghem (Team Waas)4:49:49
169Georg Hartmann4:52:08
170Werner Helvensteijn (Sport Fysio Leiden)4:52:15
171Christian Parger4:52:19
172David Hegner4:53:37
173Koch Lie Vegar4:54:08
174Ingo Blankenstein (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Men)4:59:20
175Melvin Witteveen5:04:40
176Thorsten Rietze (Mtb-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)5:04:48
177Alexander Neumann5:05:45
178Marc Schneider (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)5:06:43
179Michael Loendersloot5:08:09
180Sebastian Nitsche5:13:02
181Michael Cadisch5:13:18
182Gil Rusiñol Feu5:14:34
183Lau Johannsen5:17:15
184Jens Bang5:20:01
185Daniel Spiess5:20:12
186Dan Hurst5:20:18
187Björn Kafka5:22:28
188Valentin Pasa5:22:44
189Christophe Jentgen5:24:40
190Matthias Rauhut5:25:32
191Richard De Boer5:26:31
192Jan Hvedstrup5:27:13
193Urban Majcen5:28:08
194Alexander Schmidt5:28:27
195Marcelo Peixoto5:28:32
196Sebastiaan Valenteijn (Rabbit Riders)5:31:20
197Mario Salzer5:31:43
198Daniel Voetmann5:33:45
199Mathias Zacherl5:34:24
200Rolf Andersen5:34:36
201Robert Becvar (Merida Biking Team)5:35:47
202Daan Wenners5:36:07
203Thomas Lambregts (Peerkes)5:38:00
204Michael Unkelbach (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)5:38:46
205Sascha Schumann5:42:36
206Andrew Kjaerulff Maddock5:44:54
207Silas Benedix5:47:01
208Jimi Bader5:51:26
209Franz Höchtl5:51:55
210Jan Kleeberg5:52:00
211Luc Weiler5:52:38
212Sven Gaidies5:53:17
213Jakob Rohmer5:55:10
214Manuel Lauwers5:55:47
215Fritz Vötter5:56:49
216Morten Jensen5:58:21
217Lund Pedersen Soren6:00:22
218Thomas Schuierer (Orgasmus United)6:01:58
219Ben Morrogh6:07:25
220Milan Lunák6:11:57
221Sven Timmer6:14:35
222Markus Klein6:16:46
223Arne Schöne6:17:21
224Casper Friis6:17:54
225Benjamin Futschik6:22:06
226Rodger van Leeuwen6:23:47
227Stephan Meier (Trailkings)6:26:09
228Jeffrey van Vulpen6:28:41
229Frank Horneff6:35:49
230Martin Esslinger6:36:36
231Ferran Serrallonga Bosch6:40:48
232Rico Ergenzinger6:43:02
233René Poppe6:55:01
234Johannes Hochwarter7:03:24
235Philipp Mühlberger7:12:20
236Alexander Grieser7:12:44
237Patrik Rummel7:19:43
238Florian Fischer (Orgasmus United)7:22:00
239Den Hutmacher (Team Toproad)7:27:49
240Ebbe Skals (Teamlir.Dk)7:30:13
241Robert Gading7:38:01
242Roderick Zwijns7:41:37
243Christopher Smith7:49:12
244Sven Wilhelm7:54:37
245Mario Leuchter7:58:53
246Dee Staunton (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)7:59:55
247Pavel Ambroz8:03:55
248Emil Hartmann8:04:14
249Aziz Essayah8:09:22
250Hildo Kolen8:28:29
251Tobias Guggemos8:46:52
252Christian Planer9:03:48
253Florian Kammerlander9:03:51
254Miroslav Peterka (It Champions)9:20:16
255Alexander Marsch9:20:23
256Peter Küstner (Killertal Rider)9:22:54
257Karl Weingärtner (Orgasmus United)9:25:58
258Marius Braun9:36:55
259Oliver Berbuer (Ibc Dimb Racing Team)9:39:53
260Steven Dumoulin10:03:18
261Matthias Wasserzier10:18:16
262Mirko Lorenz10:26:03
263Stefan Keutgen10:27:50
264Thomas Feigl (Bayerische Staatsforsten)10:41:50
265Edmondo Eschbacher10:42:09
266Marcus Dähn11:22:30
267Bernd Hart11:23:28
268Alexander Koczorowski11:29:23
269Martin Carlsen16:36:23
270Octavian Popescu Codrut

Women general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Borghild Loevset11:21:40
2Anja Gradl (Team Bulls)0:38:38
3Bettina Uhlig0:59:09
4Christiane Cohsmann (Team Centurion Vaude)1:27:15
5Isabelle Klein1:33:58
6Andrea Scharrer1:37:40
7Regina Genser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)1:38:51
8Daniela Storch (Bayerische Staatsforsten/ Fizik/ Scott)1:39:18
9Alexandra Wollner2:13:59
10Stefanie Neulinger (Mosa-Biker)2:19:08
11Natascha Binder (R2-Bike.Com Mtb-Racing)2:22:10
12Christa Klausmann2:28:08
13Sophia Panzer3:02:02
14Sabine Schneider (Team Ruhpolding / Chiemgau Edv)3:02:09
15Nicole Kuttruff (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)3:05:30
16Susanne Rathgeb (Craft - Rocky Mountain Experts)3:11:15
17Jasmin Erhardt (Sirius X Ice Team)3:24:57
18Sandra Pertl (Www.Racebiker.At)3:46:14
19Maeve O'Grady3:59:10
20Sara-Diane Gorges (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)4:05:40
21Monika Reker4:11:55
22Petra Prins4:34:09
23Yvette Roberts4:46:37
24Laura van Leeuwen4:50:16
25Barbara Lebutsch4:54:05
26Simone Schubert4:59:25
27Marit Owre-Johnsen (Team Norges Bank)5:17:04
28Ellen Aamodt (Team Norges Bank)5:17:04
29Rasa Giesen (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)5:23:04
30Eva Walter5:32:07
31Ute Claus5:32:34
32Ulrike Wagner5:33:53
33Alexandra Galonska (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)5:48:50
34Verena Klug5:53:20
35Stefanie Memmel5:55:15
36Tanja Bastiaansen5:58:51
37Sigrid Poullie6:07:37
38Tinne Dorfelt6:19:48
39Inge Dall6:24:58
40Daniela Rebhan6:38:11
41Birgit Richner6:50:28
42Marion Hemmerling7:12:14
43Annette Wax7:26:22
44Anja Nette8:25:47
45Iris Auerbach (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)9:01:35
46Karin Haegler9:01:38
47Gabbi Vogely-Kisters9:02:52
48Daniela Aschoff9:44:56
49Nele Cools9:46:34

Masters men general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carsten Bresser (Craft - Rocky Mountain Pros)9:59:58
2Andreas Strobel (Team Centurion Vaude)0:09:41
3Reini Woisetschläger0:23:56
4Raimund Stanger (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)0:33:10
5Klaus Reinisch (Focus Rapiro Racing)0:39:18
6Hansjürg Gerber0:57:32
7Hermann Dagn1:13:36
8Veit Susallek1:18:52
9Michael Anthes1:20:32
10Wolfgang Unterer (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)1:27:12
11Rolf Vetter1:28:28
12Alberto Vitali (Team Marche)1:36:15
13Gerold Keil1:38:35
14Peter Lehrer (Bike Team Borbet)1:38:50
15Marek Kavan1:45:32
16Werner Wagner (Team Acros)1:54:00
17Thomas Bay1:57:12
18Per Arne Helgesen (Team Foss)2:09:20
19Jan Jeschke2:10:01
20Martin Steiert2:10:52
21Patrick Baumann2:12:27
22Jeroen Spijkerman2:15:16
23Andreas Guignard2:20:55
24Henrik Albæk2:21:16
25Michael Joos2:22:00
26Hamish Morrin2:22:35
27Andreas Kuehl2:25:29
28Thomas Häußinger (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)2:25:48
29Martin Hönigsberger2:28:03
30Günter Sandmann (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)2:29:19
31Reinier Treur2:30:09
32Gerlof Haanraadts2:31:20
33Hans-Jorgen Engen2:32:53
34Bernd Rink2:32:58
35Peter Wouters (Peerkes)2:40:33
36Jürgen Henkel2:41:15
37Jan Lindholt Nielsen2:41:57
38Thomas Krüse2:42:46
39Michael Weicker (Team Salzburger Saalachtal)2:43:34
40Andreas Kreichgauer2:44:05
41Andy Rohner2:44:20
42Norbert Geisler (Mittwochsbiker)2:45:26
43Mathias Herrmann2:54:37
44Rainer Böck (Team Fit & Squash Bad Wörishofen)2:55:56
45Mark Kleinloog (Atbbikers Racing Team)2:56:14
46Walter Fritschi2:57:51
47Jörg Riedl (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)2:58:39
48Arjan Smit (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)2:59:02
49Marcus Rascher (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)2:59:22
50Michael Wogg3:00:21
51Jörg Fiedler3:00:58
52Martin Öhlschuster3:03:14
53André Dodier (Biketeam Sonthofen)3:05:21
54Alvin Jones (Mtb Wales)3:07:40
55Robert Hofmann (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)3:10:13
56Thomas Pettersen3:14:58
57Hans-Jürgen Stauber (Rsc Auto Brosch Kempten)3:15:08
58Kenneth Davidsen3:17:29
59Ron Mourik3:18:08
60Marcus Werf3:18:11
61Martijn Klein Lenderink3:18:35
62Jörg Heinze3:19:57
63Bo Hansen3:20:23
64Jens Stoll3:20:43
65Mike Schramm (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)3:21:04
66Bernhard Eberhard3:21:47
67Norbert Hamminger (Bike Team Borbet)3:25:03
68Bent Hagen3:25:45
69Marius Nikolaus3:25:46
70Heinz Posch3:26:03
71Reto Kühne3:26:38
72Sjack Schellekens (Peerkes)3:26:50
73Thorolf Hieronymus (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)3:27:21
74Mario Rembold3:29:08
75Frank Lubatsch3:34:35
76Matthias Bernhart3:34:51
77Peter Budzisch3:34:55
78Thomas Häberli (Fehr-Velos.Ch)3:35:43
79Edwin Koch3:37:20
80Thomas Saxil Otte3:39:54
81Thomas Michaelsen (Mosa-Biker)3:40:52
82Jurgen Groenwals (Team Mountain Bike Plus Magazine)3:42:37
83Markus Angstwurm3:43:46
84Thorsten Burdinski3:44:02
85Volker Dinkelmeyer (Revoran)3:44:50
86Markus Rainisch (Trailkings)3:45:30
87Björn Krause3:46:36
88Denny van Arkel3:47:40
89Roger Hanemann (Laktatexpress.De)3:48:19
90Stefan Hiemer (R.C. Radlexpress Feucht)3:50:49
91Marco Jacobs3:51:22
92Stefan Kaiser (Fitline Monheim/Msv Essen-Stelle 2011)3:51:34
93Hansjörg Bosler3:53:03
94Brian Holm3:54:10
95Ulrich Doll3:54:53
96Karsten Wege (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig)3:55:57
97Thomas Schierle4:01:14
98Wim Kwakkel (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)4:01:16
99Lars Duus (Pingel Race And Fun)4:02:21
100Manfred Ersing (Team Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)4:05:45
101Per Strandvig Soerensen4:05:48
102Fred Sip (Sport Fysio Leiden)4:06:27
103Tony Carter (Mtb Wales)4:10:30
104Freddy Kristensen4:11:15
105Karsten Kristensen4:11:16
106Robert Dorroch4:13:13
107Markus Stille (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)4:15:18
108Andreas Köhler4:15:37
109Eckhardt Münch4:16:13
110Mario Keller4:17:40
111Frank Wilhelm4:20:57
112Robert Blumenstein (Velokontor.De Racing Team)4:26:58
113Guido Blankenstein (Mtb Erndtebrück Am Rothaarsteig Masters)4:28:05
114Bas De Bruin (Team Mountain Bike Plus Magazine)4:28:09
115Ronald Vogely4:28:33
116Jason Peisl4:31:00
117Michael Scherrer4:32:14
118Dieter Schulzki4:34:58
119Arnold Pacher4:36:49
120Michael Herzberg (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)4:39:10
121Manuel Pardo Rodriguez4:40:49
122Udo Laber4:41:21
123Bart Fortkamp4:41:41
124Lars Jensen (Dmk Sram)4:43:52
125Magchiel Schiebroek4:45:13
126Lars Jorgensen (Pingel Race And Fun)4:45:30
127Robert Sturbej4:46:01
128David Woodley4:48:35
129Bjarne Larsen (Pingel Race And Fun)4:48:38
130Marcos Vazquez Rivera4:49:33
131Manfred Stechele (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)4:49:49
132Simon Lodewijks (Team Salzburger Saalachtal)4:50:15
133André Bräuer (Velokontor.De Racing Team)4:50:41
134Volker Rohrmoser (Sg Airbus Ham 1)4:50:45
135Wolfgang Braig (Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)4:51:29
136Andreas Bluska4:52:10
137Gregor Kurth4:54:03
138Bjoern Stoebbauer (Homosapiens)4:55:54
139Wolfgang Reichert4:56:36
140Oleg Naumov4:59:48
141René van de Logt (Rabbit Riders)4:59:52
142De Stefan Kruijf5:00:26
143Jürgen Hoffmann (Killertal Rider)5:01:30
144Werner Schellenbauer (Www.Racebiker.At)5:02:58
145Monny Krant5:04:01
146Martin Schmölz (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)5:04:38
147Andreas Ryser5:05:02
148Jorn Lyford5:05:35
149Ard Dechent5:08:10
150Michael Hoffmann5:09:35
151Atle Reitan5:12:44
152Joachim Gauss (Killertal Rider)5:15:10
153Backer De Backer5:18:17
154Barry van den Bergh (Peerkes)5:21:59
155Roelof Jonkers5:22:09
156Bert Groenestege5:22:21
157Armin Amann (Killertal Rider)5:23:09
158Georg Schulte-Holtey5:24:40
159Michael Bründl (Trailkings)5:26:57
160Truls Kronberg5:27:59
161Christian Reinike5:29:40
162van den Peter Oetelaar (Atbbikers Racing Team)5:29:58
163Michael Alt5:30:20
164Rainer Helfenberger (Revoran)5:32:10
165Christian Höchst (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)5:34:15
166Hubertus V. Mullekom (Team Waas)5:36:03
167Geert Cailliau (Peerkes)5:37:01
168Steffen Blattert5:37:04
169Peter Uhland5:37:25
170Liron Gasul (Team Tilapia)5:37:56
171Jesper Roth5:38:23
172Gustav Juul5:39:09
173Christian Pellerin5:40:31
174Hans-Christian Keller Rix5:41:22
175Christophe Crombez5:42:20
176Frank Greco5:42:59
177Carsten Clausen5:43:40
178Frank Noack (Dratht Binder Racing Team)5:45:08
179Hendrik Tesche5:45:39
180Theo Mulder (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)5:46:00
181Dieter Holztrattner5:46:33
182Andreas Görtler5:46:35
183Aurelian-Mihail Raducanu5:50:13
184Claus Matthiesen5:58:13
185Milan Lunák5:58:55
186Thomas Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)6:03:16
187Holger Kraft (Landliebe)6:03:29
188Mathias Rusch6:03:32
189Jan Huyse6:04:07
190Thomas Baron6:06:14
191Marc Wischmann (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)6:07:32
192Mikael Merlin Thomsen6:09:03
193Christoph Jacobs6:09:52
194André Döring6:10:06
195Michael Jensen6:11:03
196Lars Henneberg Jensen6:12:21
197Michael Mannes6:12:38
198Michael Brunner (Bike-Team-E.H.P.)6:15:01
199Bronislav Skovajsa (Itchampions)6:19:40
200Mario Fellner6:20:51
201Ervin Kozole6:22:15
202Bernd Wernicke6:26:01
203Mark Stein6:26:28
204Frank Kunold (Mtb Team Zierenberg)6:26:53
205Martin Jensen6:27:55
206Martien Meeuwesen (Peerkes)6:31:20
207Martin Ottendorfer6:31:47
208Han Kempenaar6:32:39
209Tilo Eichinger (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)6:34:03
210Daniel Franke6:37:00
211Roland Essler (Team Rad+Sport Ersing Ehingen)6:37:31
212Stefan Thiel (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 2)6:44:30
213Niklas Hnatnicky6:48:03
214Ryan Mendes6:48:56
215Roland Menthel6:49:04
216Fabien Loschi6:49:48
217Matthias Schumacher6:54:29
218Markus Trimmel6:54:51
219Guy Weber6:55:25
220Carsten Jensen6:57:13
221Niels Mayer7:10:24
222Armand Bloem7:16:13
223Michael Winslow7:16:26
224Bernd Fleischmann7:22:57
225Frank Rautenberg7:26:39
226Marco Jochmann (Glocken)7:30:39
227Lasse Hartmann7:32:17
228René Appeldoorn7:32:56
229Pepino Saska (Itchampions)7:36:43
230Gijsbert Wielders7:39:00
231Jeroen van Leeuwen7:39:01
232Martin Scholz7:40:29
233Nils Gieskes7:42:33
234Hagai Offeck (Team Tilapia)7:46:33
235Lars Klitgaard Pedersen7:50:34
236Camille Reding7:56:09
237Carsten Selbach7:57:35
238Thomas Frohmuth7:58:08
239Stephan Groll8:04:04
240Patrick Faust8:07:27
241Mike Branescu (Glocken)8:09:41
242Tomer Fridman (Team Tilapia)8:23:56
243Daan De Bruijne8:32:24
244Marcel Den Ouden8:32:27
245Volker Zaborowski8:36:51
246Wilms Larsen Bent8:43:02
247Christian Albrecht (Orgasmus United)8:47:03
248Jens Falk-Adamsen (Eskadrille 722, Rdaf)8:51:26
249Andreas Korhummel8:57:40
250Erik Schwulera9:13:05
251Michael Lenze9:13:29
252René Schantz9:19:55
253Soren Haugaard (Pingel Race And Fun)9:26:17
254Tomer Neuner9:31:34
255Burkhard Meyer9:33:49
256Andreas Müller (Ibc Dimb Reacing Team)9:36:20
257Matthias Wolf10:16:20
258Matthias Frank10:22:48
259Lars Karstens10:26:58
260Thomas Hartmann11:06:36
261André Walter (Tretmühle Wischmann Racing)11:10:17
262Uwe Gross11:28:12
263Ron Dagan11:29:52
264Peter Ohlssen11:43:35
265Clarkson Teixeira11:46:50
266Robert Dienersberger11:51:51
267Volker Heiland12:13:33
268Nenad Tripkovic13:10:55

Grand masters men general classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heinz Zörweg10:42:51
2Henrik Cohen0:37:25
3Paul Scheffauer (Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel)1:02:03
4Werner Hoepperger1:14:37
5Hanspeter Aeberli1:25:27
6Reinhard Braun1:31:41
7Hans Dielacher1:37:29
8Paul Heylen1:37:30
9Josef Huber1:55:49
10Detlef Buser1:57:24
11Rolf Schmitt2:03:22
12Josef Löffler2:06:06
13Pino Ferrari2:14:10
14Hannes Schierle2:14:12
15Drew Geer2:23:33
16Ales Kilnar (Itchampions)2:24:17
17Tobias Huep2:26:19
18Frank Heifort2:33:06
19Arnold Haas2:42:38
20Hubert Benezeder (Bike Team Borbet)2:43:33
21Roland Lützelschwab2:46:59
22Karl Koller (Sk Rueckenwind Triathlon)2:48:04
23Andreas Hahn2:55:54
24Michael Sauer (Rsg Würzburg / Eibe Team Grenzbereich)2:56:27
25Albert Rundel (Killertal Rider)2:58:19
26Jos Pennartz (Mulder_Smit Cycling Team)3:01:21
27Ewald Clavadetscher3:03:02
28Jan Horst Dyrvig3:06:12
29Stefan Bangert (Urlaubsarchitekten Racing Team)3:06:16
30Jaroslav Senk3:06:54
31Helmut Maier (Biketeam Sonthofen)3:07:25
32Max Lippert (Cbs Race Team)3:13:02
33Johannes Larsen3:13:04
34Gerald Tretter3:13:09
35Gottfried Rier3:16:51
36Leo Pfaffenbichler (Speichengemsen)3:16:53
37Tomas Pribyl3:20:28
38Otta Matousek (Itchampions)3:22:26
39Martin Staiger3:24:06
40Sepp Gschwendtner (Redheads Team)3:24:25
41Hermann Hinterseer3:29:06
42Roland Wank3:29:59
43Erich Hager (K&L Bike Team)3:30:10
44Peter Santner3:35:10
45Steffen Allert (Craft - Rocky Mountain Friends 1)3:35:13
46Erik Scheflo3:37:52
47Heinz Puschacher3:47:30
48Josef Happach (Biketeam Sonthofen)3:48:24
49Jack Buddingh (Flachlanders Pro)3:56:27
50Rene Wild (Revoran)4:04:28
51Ron Janbroers4:04:32
52Walter Pütz4:26:48
53Kurt Poullie4:26:55
54Wolfgang Walek (Bike Team Borbet)4:27:07
55Jos Kerkhofs4:27:58
56Leigh Durham4:31:32
57Uli Hauenstein4:32:33
58Peter Lehn Petersen4:47:09
59Robert Rieger (Orgasmus United)4:56:02
60Ludo Lauwers5:02:56
61Klaus-Dieter Hanisch5:04:01
62Herbert Aigner (Bike Team Borbet)5:05:25
63Frank Raschke5:07:02
64Richard Panzer5:08:31
65Christoph Kemmer5:13:23
66Max Richner5:14:54
67Horst Wolff5:23:03
68Rolf Graf5:23:29
69Günter Hilger5:24:12
70Günther Rosenkranz5:25:00
71Peter Bundschuh5:26:37
72Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk5:34:04
73Peter van Tuyn5:34:49
74Jan-Peter Rudolf5:44:39
75Dieter Hermann5:46:19
76Eduard Hetzl5:47:29
77Wolfgang Wetzel (Killertal Rider)5:58:48
78David Hackshaw6:02:11
79Marc Weber6:13:06
80Albert Houben6:22:18
81Horst Schwarz (Mtb-Verein Zierenberg E.V.)6:25:17
82Eberhard Steiner6:27:10
83Piet Van de Wiel (Peerkes)6:30:40
84Claude Moser6:31:22
85Carsten Carnett6:36:03
86Predrag Tripkovic6:42:49
87Erik Christensen Knud6:48:11
88Walter van Ark6:53:05
89Martin van Musscher6:53:48
90Dieter Zier6:55:52
91Hartmut Vagts (Sg Airbus Ham 1)7:09:50
92Heinz Gaidzik (Biketeam Sonthofen)7:22:21
93Erwin Leppmeier7:25:46
94Günter Meinschien (Sg Airbus Ham 1)7:54:28
95Algis Bartaska8:05:48
96Uwe Lich (Sg Airbus Ham 1)8:11:12
97Martin Grafmüller8:12:56
98Lennart Lehr-Blank8:36:20
99Thomas Lining8:44:09
100Thomas Schneider8:44:53
101Robert Langer8:45:39
102Thomas Speyer8:46:08
103Ralf Poppe (Sg Airbus Ham 1)8:48:43
104Peter Bietz (Black Tusk Racing By Tomotion)9:07:34
105Franz Kohlhofer9:07:49
106Siegfried Tautschnig9:15:42
107Jürgen Fischer9:18:06
108Nigel Marlin9:53:08
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