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Corset prevails in Rapid Road Race to take overall lead

Queensland's Ruth Corset holds the overall lead after the first two stages in the Velo ‘Battle on the Border,' the second event in the Subaru 2012 Women's National Road Series.

Thirty-four-year-old Corset claimed a sensational solo victory in stage two's road race and finished second in the opening time trial stage. Corset's Pensar-Hawk Racing team, who continue to impress in their debut Series, lead the team standings by almost one minute with two stages remaining.

The tour began with a bang in the individual time trial with Corset using her local knowledge and experience to cover the 7.2 kilometers in just 10mins 17sec to position herself in the hot seat with a whopping 19 second advantage.

However, as the day warmed up so did the performances, with Canberra's Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki/Trek) bettering Corset's time with an impressive 10min 08sec ride to steal the stage win. Seventeen-year-old Emily Roper (QAS/VelociSports) recorded 10min 25sec to place third.

Full of confidence after her stage one win in the Mersey Valley tour just two weeks ago, Wiasak said winning the time trial again was a priority for her team.

"I knew I was in really good form and that's been our goal this year and even in last years NRS, was to go for stage wins and see what happens," Wiasak said.

Neither Wiasak or Corset had an opportunity to ride the course before the time trial and said it was the slightly technical corners that slowed them.

"I just went hard right from the start, I probably could have taken to corners a bit better but I gave it everything," Corset said.

"We were a little bit unsure of the course but luckily my legs were still strong enough in the straights to make up for the corners," echoed Wiasak.

Stage two had riders cover 98km through the picturesque Tweed inland region, with the stage littered with spills and breakaways. After a few minor attacks early in the stage, at the 71 kilometre mark and on the steepest part of the course, Corset made a solo move.

Taylah Jennings (QAS/VelociSports) and Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling) broke away from the main bunch, with the seventeen-year-old Jennings joining Corset shortly thereafter.

The pair established a lead of over minute heading into the final few kilometres before Corset, the 2010 Australian road champion and mother of two, rode away from her teenage competitor to take the stage win and leader's jersey.

"I was hoping that someone would come with me but then I was just stuck out there so I just had to try and give it everything for the team," Corset said.

Today's event was praised by Canberra rider Wiasak, saying the professionalism was important for the sport of racing and women's racing.

"I think the atmosphere here today has been great, it's great to see a really professionally run race and the calibre of riders and quality of teams that are involved this year is fantastic," Wiasak said.

The Velo Battle on the Border continues on Sunday with Stage three, an 85 kilometre road race on Bells Boulevard at Salt Park. All eyes will be on Corset's Pensar-Hawk Racing team as they take a 51 second lead into another hilly course.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar Hawk Racing)2:42:39
2Sarah Roy (Randwick Botany CC)0:00:51
3Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS)
4Jessica Mundy (Pure Tasmania Cycling Team)
5Amber Jenkins (Sydney Cycling Club)
6Sue Forsyth (Northern Sydney Cycling Club)
7Taylah Jennings (Rockhampton Cycle Club)
8Emily Roper (Gold Coast CATS Cycling Club)
9Nicole Moerig (Balmoral Cycle Club)
10Elizabeth Phillipou (Specialized Women SA)
11Maddison Vit (Tableland Cycle Sports)
12Vanessa Mcdonald (Coffs Harbour Cycle Club)
13Allison Rice (Suzuki/Trek)
14Ashlee Ankudinoff (Team Boss Constructions/Nutrixxion)
15Katrin Garfoot (Pensar Hawk Racing)
16Jane Walker (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)
17Felicity Wardlaw (Torq/ Bicycle Superstore)
18Madeline Marshall (Suzuki/Trek)
19Jodie Willett (Pensar Hawk Racing)
20Miranda Griffiths (Holden Cycling)
21Amy Bradley (Total Rush)
22Lucy Coldwell (Holden Cycling)
23Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki/Trek)
24Claire Trembath (Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club)0:00:58
25Madeleine Pape (SKCC/Giant)
26Zoe Watters (Pensar Hawk Racing)
27Lisa Jacobs (Jayco/Apollo VIS)
28Nicola Hogan (Hunter Valley Masters Cycling Club)
29Lisa Barry (Torq/ Bicycle Superstore)
30Cassandra Dodd (Lifecycle Cycling Team)
31Stephanie Ives (Holden Cycling)
32Narelle Hards (Team Boss Constructions / Nutrixxion)
33Alexandria Nicholls (Vikings Cycling Club)0:01:01
34Lisa Keeling (Team Boss Constructions / Nutrixxion)0:01:12
35Kristy Glover (Holden Cycling)
36Marianne Westacott-Clermonts (Ffast Cycle Club)
37Megan Bagworth (Team Boss Constructions / Nutrixxion)0:02:10
38Laura Meadley (Suzuki/Trek)
39Ellen Skerritt (Lifecycle Cycling Team)0:03:06
40Amy Schramm (Ffast Cycle Club)0:03:58
41Chloe Mcintosh (Torq/ Bicycle Superstore)0:04:09
42Kate Finegan (Hunter District Cycling Club)0:04:29
43Clare Dallat (Torq/ Bicycle Superstore)0:06:56
44Susan Mcalister (Townsville Cycle Club)
45Hannah Geelan (Specialized Women SA)
46Toni Abbisogni (Jayco/Apollo VIS)0:09:49
47Georgia Baker (Pure Tasmania Cycling Team)0:09:55
48Victoria Luxton-Bain (Torq/ Bicycle Superstore)
49Alexandra O'dea (Rockhampton Cycle Club)0:13:20
50Stacey Riedel (Specialized Women SA)
51Angela Mcclure (Norwood Cycling Club)
52Hayley Jones (Balmoral Cycle Club)0:16:27
53Natalie Langer (Balmoral Cycle Club)0:18:19
54Carla Franson (Specialized Women SA)0:18:25
55Kimberley Wells (Specialized Women SA)0:21:05
56Carley Mckay (Holden Cycling)
57Klara Sedlackova (Sydney Cycling Club)0:21:07
58Brittany Lindores (Team Boss Constructions / Nutrixxion)
59Emma Viotto (Canberra Cycle Club)0:21:11
60Naomi Hansen (Vikings Cycling Club)
61Marlena Klaic (SKCC/Giant)0:25:42
62Carly Williams (Total Rush)0:30:12
63Justyna Lubkowski (SKCC/Giant)0:32:03
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