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Brosnan upstages Hill with sub-two minute time

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Troy Brosnan showed plenty of class to take the men's title.

Troy Brosnan showed plenty of class to take the men's title. (Image credit: Russ Baker)
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Connor Fearon is a promising youngster and picked up the under 19 title.

Connor Fearon is a promising youngster and picked up the under 19 title. (Image credit: Russ Baker)
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Sam Hill was unable to match Brosnan today.

Sam Hill was unable to match Brosnan today. (Image credit: Russ Baker)

After a week of searing temperatures, weather at Adelaide’s Eagle Park resulted in a dusty looser track for the U19 male and female riders with light rain moving in to introduce the Elite to a faster smoother course.

Local Brosnan, the reigning dual Junior World Champion, and was competing in his first championship-level race in the Elite field. He’s been dominating the elite field during the National season races, and today was almost business-as-usual for the young professional.

Speaking on how it feels to win his first Australian Championship, Brosnan said:

"I’ve always wanted to win it in elite and to do it in my rookie year, it’s pretty amazing. It's massive that my friends & family are here as well, it’s the icing on cake."

With only one rider on track at all times, Brosnan could hear the information from the start about all who went down the track in front of him.

"It was a bit daunting to hear Sam [Hill]’s time, I knew I needed to have the perfect fun. I tried to stay calm and hung it all out there”.

Brosnan’s transition from Junior to Senior has been astonishing. He spoke now of enormous but yet completely realistic goals for his first year in the elite international field. "This win is a huge confidence builder going into the World Cups, I’m now heading to the first World Cup in South Africa aiming for the win."

Second-placed Sam Hill has been steadily progressing from an injury-affected year in 2011 and came away from the Championships happy with his form.

"My race was good in the loose and dusty conditions, a good weekend overall," said a positive Hill. He also brushed off any talk of his injuries "I’m feeling pretty good, my shoulders aren’t giving me any real trouble, I’m feeling healthy, now I'm just looking forward to the international season."

Hill, when asked about the challenges being laid down by his team-mate and friend Brosnan, said "There’s no stress, it’s been good battling in the National Season, and I’m looking forward to racing at Awaba again next weekend."

The podium was rounded out by Rhys Willemse (QLD) in a time of 2:01.92.

Under 19 men

As the clouds closed in so did Connor Fearon speeding through to defend his under 19 title and taking his 4th championship win (since under 17’s) in 2:02.15.

"In defending my title I definitely felt more pressure but each win the win feels so much better after all the training."

Connors’ family have been supportive throughout and key to the overall running of such a successful event.

"Now I’m competing along with the elites in the World Championships, I really hope my training places me into the top 30."

Connor finished a notable fourth outright on the day and surely has a promising future ahead.

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan0:01:59
2Sam Hill0:00:02
3Rhys Willemse0:00:03
4Chris Kovarik0:00:05
5Bryn Atkinson0:00:05
6Jared Graves0:00:05
7Mitchell Delfs0:00:05
8Rhys Atkinson0:00:07
9Will Rischbieth0:00:09
10Luke Ball0:00:09
11Ben Power0:00:09
12Timothy Eaton0:00:09
13Mathew Dodd0:00:09
14Angus Maddern0:00:10
15Jesse Beare0:00:10
16Marcus Fairbanks0:00:11
17Graeme Mudd0:00:11
18Daniel Paine0:00:11
19Jared Rando0:00:12
20Brendan Moon0:00:12
21Liam Paiaro0:00:13
22Simon Buzacott0:00:13
23Steven Gebert0:00:14
24Brodie Sturgess0:00:14
25Nathan Newell0:00:15
26Alex Swann0:00:16
27Tyson Obst0:00:16
28Lachlan McKillop0:00:16
29Ian Jones0:00:18
30Todd Madsen0:00:18
31Ngari Jenkins0:00:18
32Shane Wode0:00:18
33Lewis Winton0:00:18
34Shaun Thomlinson0:00:19
35Sam Brownlie0:00:20
36Nick Norton0:00:20
37Kieran Jenkins0:00:21
38Adam Leonardi0:00:27
39Chris Barlin0:00:32
40Brad McDonnell0:00:23
41Tyson Schmidt0:00:31
42Matt Everett0:00:48
43Cameron Bradbury0:01:30

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Fearon0:02:02
2Dean Lucas0:00:01
3Thomas Crimmins0:00:03
4Peter Knott0:00:03
5Brent Smith0:00:04
6Joe Vejvoda0:00:04
7David McMillan0:00:04
8Henry Blake0:00:05
9Luke Ellison0:00:05
10Trent Piribauer0:00:07
11James Kelly0:00:07
12Lachlan McLaren0:00:07
13Cameron Ryan0:00:08
14Jacob Parker0:00:08
15Liam Towers0:00:09
16Jordan Prochyra0:00:09
17Zac Moss0:00:11
18Brent Capel0:00:11
19Oliver Zwar0:00:12
20Conor Bullard0:00:12
21Daniel Bender0:00:13
22Bryce Wing0:00:13
23Stephen Mills0:00:13
24Nicolas Bohle0:00:14
25Hayden Poptie0:00:15
26Angus Jackson0:00:15
27Elijah Marinov0:00:16
28Kenny Mills0:00:16
29Connor Read0:00:17
30Joshua Bairstow0:00:18
31Charles Martindale0:00:19
32Eugene Smith0:00:20
33Sam Keogh0:00:21
34Jai Motherwell0:00:25
35Max Coleman0:00:26
36Shane Curtis0:00:27
37Kian Esmaili0:00:27
38Samuel Beck0:00:32
39Tate Milner0:00:35
40Jack Moir
41Bradley Trembath


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