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Husband and wife team victorious in downhill

In a fairytale finale to the season, husband and wife downhill duo Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar reigned supreme at the final round of the 2009-10 Australian MTB Series in Canberra. After three rounds of thrilling action, the series came to its crescendo this weekend at Stromlo Forest Park, the home of the 2009 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.

Men's downhill

The men's elite downhill had been an enthralling contest all season and today was no exception. With five riders left to come down, Hobart and Thredbo winner Ben Cory was in the hot seat with a swift 2:37.12 ride on his home track.

Shaun O'Connor came agonisingly close with a 2:37.16 but it was the final rider and national champion Chris Kovarik who blew them all away.

The 32-year-old Queenslander tore down the course, crossing the line in 2:34.84, to secure his second win of the series.

"I'm pretty happy with that run, I made no mistakes really," said Kovarik. "I'm heading overseas shortly and the win today is great for my confidence.

"The times are always close on this track. It's no surprise today that we were all so close. These local guys are keeping us on our toes."

Young gun Troy Brosnan won the under 19 male section in 2:44.87, pipping series title winner Ayden Wyber (2:46.33) and Antony Moore (2:48.43).

Women's downhill

Demonstrating her wealth of experience, Canadian Claire Buchar easily accounted for her rivals in the women's downhill.

The Canadian national champion flew down the course, nailing the triple treat and rock garden, to stop the clock in 3:08.12 and collect her third gold medal of the series.

The next fastest was local speedster Claire Whiteman (3:18.70), followed by fellow Canadian Leigh Douglas (3:20.60)

An exhausted Buchar was in a world of pain when she crossed the line. "That was just one giant sprint," said Buchar. "It was a really tough course, nothing could prepare you for all that sprinting, no matter how hard you train."

Along with her husband Chris Kovarik, Buchar heads over to race in California in three weeks time before attacking the World Cup season.

Holly Baarspul took out the under 19 female category in 3:28.00.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Kovarik0:02:34.84
2Ben Cory (Commencal, Fox racing shox)0:00:02.28
3Shaun O'Connor0:00:02.32
4Joshua Button (Konaworld, SRAM/Rockshox)0:00:03.53
5Jared Rando (Giant Bicycles/Stromlo Forest Park)0:00:04.33
6Cillian Kennedy0:00:07.60
7Rick Boyer0:00:08.27
8Rhys Atkinson (World Trail, Specialized)0:00:08.66
9Tim Eaton0:00:09.21
10Darcy Murrell (Super Sports Tomac)0:00:12.44
11Tom Patton0:00:13.45
12Ricky Lee0:00:13.95
13Grant Jones (
14Brock Newling0:00:16.69
15Adam Smithson0:00:18.28
16Ben Morrison0:00:20.57
17Jarrah Davies0:00:20.87
18Scott Grundy0:00:24.20
19Jesse Beare0:00:28.74
20Nicholas Bailly0:00:29.09
21Bruce Moir0:00:32.99
22Matthew O'Connor0:00:53.37
23Ben Goff
DNSKaine Cannan (4 Shaw Agencies,Sprung)
DNSJames Hunt

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Claire Buchar0:03:08.12
2Claire Whiteman (Onya Bike Belconnen and Civic)0:00:10.58
3Leigh Douglas0:00:12.48
4Sarsha Huntington (Tomac, Supersports, KWT-Onza)0:00:15.09
5Emma Lewis (Cyclingo)0:00:29.27

Under 19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan (Monster Energy/Specialized SRAM)0:02:44.87
2Ayden Wyber (Fox Racing,Commencal Bikes)0:00:01.46
3Antony Moore (Venture Cycles, Trek Bikes)0:00:03.56
4Brandon Yrttiaho ( )0:00:05.27
5Graeme Mudd0:00:05.96
6Ben Barrett (Kona,Mavic, Fox, SRAM)0:00:06.25
7Ben Power (Team Banshee Australia )0:00:06.75
8Jake Newell0:00:08.65
9Daniel Smith0:00:09.11
10Grant Womersley0:00:09.93
11Ben Matthews0:00:10.23
12James Shepherd (Crime Cycles)0:00:10.38
13Dean Evans0:00:11.96
14Mark Conliffe0:00:11.99
15Aaron Oates (Cyclingo, Santacruz)0:00:12.96
16Tom Short0:00:13.08
17Justin Gray0:00:13.13
18Michael Bourne (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:00:14.16
19Blake Nielsen (Southshore Distributions)0:00:14.86
20Kristofer Zids0:00:17.16
21Tyler Ludkin (Ashgrove Cycles)0:00:20.91
22Adam Flower0:00:21.59
23Benjamin Leslie0:00:31.12
24Oscar Ottesen0:00:32.90
25Andrew Meagher (Croydon Cycle Works)0:00:35.46
26Micheal Moore0:00:36.77
27Stephen Reinhart0:00:42.59
28Rhys Shelley (SMX optics)0:00:42.98
29Ryan Connell (Cycle Logic, Rotec Cycles)
30Matt Dalton
DNFMarcus Fairbanks
DNFBen Hefferan
DNSPhillip Piazza (Mal Ajusted, Commencal Bikes,)
DNSJames Green (Downhill Direct, Imperial)
DNSStephen Matthews

Under 19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Holly Baarspul (Kona Bicycles, Mavic, Pedros)0:03:28.00
2Emily Hockey (Cove Bikes Sombrio Bicycle Express)0:00:04.92
3Katelyn Humphris (Yarravalley Cycles Victoria )
DNSChristie Batt (Onya Bikes Belconnen Civic)

Under 15 women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Tegan Molloy (South East MTB co.)

Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Fearon (Cove Sombrio Bicycle Express)0:02:45.93
2David McMillan (OnyaBike Civic DH Direct )0:00:00.98
3Thomas Crimmins (The Sacred Ride)0:00:04.11
4Joe Vejvoda0:00:05.12
5Henry Blake0:00:08.00
6Jack Moir0:00:10.16
7Conor Bullard0:00:13.83
8Mac West-moore0:00:14.12
9Dean Lucas0:00:14.15
10Liam Towers0:00:14.31
11Max Hughes (DH Direct, Bilt Bikes)0:00:15.19
12Angus McCarthy0:00:15.32
13Jeremy Johnston0:00:16.25
14Nicolas Bohle0:00:16.74
15Matthew Smith0:00:19.49
16Jasper Harness Dunne (, Adidas)0:00:21.73
17Oliver Zwar0:00:22.48
18Mitchell Kristiansen (Bike Superstore Mitchell)0:00:22.91
19Mathew Dwyer (Rock'n'Road Cycles Testel)0:00:23.91
20Jordan Higgs0:00:24.22
21Luke Ellison0:00:24.83
22Kaine Trevor0:00:24.86
23Thomas Clarke0:00:27.05
24Eugene Smith0:00:28.65
25Angus Jackson (Bike Barn Scott Goggles)0:00:28.92
26Wade Budden (Drift Bikes)0:00:34.50
27James Grafton0:00:38.93
28Josh Mitchell0:00:39.49
29Elijah Marinov0:00:40.32
30Alexander McKinlay0:00:46.09
31Jake Sanders0:00:58.68
32Angus Black0:00:59.19
33Thomas Penman0:01:06.02

Under 15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Crimmins (The Sacred Ride Jindabyne)0:02:59.81
2Darcy Reynolds (Bike Culture ACT)0:00:16.69
3Matthew McCorkell (Quattro Consulting)0:00:18.19
4David Maggs0:00:18.88
5Jack McCosker0:00:19.66
6Benjamin Dengate (Bilt Bikes,DH Direct)0:00:41.44
7Jackson Frew0:00:49.19
8Tim Black0:01:18.00
9Trent Ellison0:01:24.71
10Will Clark0:01:43.33
11Ben Hill0:01:57.84

Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brad Ahern0:03:01.12
2Max Janes0:00:07.22
3Adam Ugrinov0:00:11.30
4Steven Charnock0:00:12.58
5Tyson Schmidt0:00:24.07
6Clint White0:00:34.49

Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Hobby0:03:04.21

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bernard Shaw0:03:19.77
2Neil Davis0:00:09.45
3David Badman0:00:11.79

Junior hardtail
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joel Zuccato0:03:56.98

Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martin Brand0:03:30.86
2Cale Anderson0:00:18.95

Elite Men final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Cory225pts
2Shaun O'Connor218
3Chris Kovarik208

Elite Women final series standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Claire Buchar240pts
2Leigh Douglas223
3Sarsha Huntington204

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