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Wahoo's new Kickr Direct Connect cable system will eradicate dropouts for good

Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect cable system
Direct Connect will make your Kickr experience even more secure (Image credit: Wahoo)

As the intensity and popularity of indoor cycling surges during harsh winter months, riders can experience connectivity frustration.

Reacting to demand from its users, Wahoo Fitness has developed the Kickr Direct Connect accessory. 

Designed to address signal loss or interruption when paired to indoor cycling apps, something which can occur with digital connections, the Kickr Direct Connect is exactly what you imagine it to be - a hardware connecting cable.

Wahoo’s product manager for Kickr, Tyler Harris, noted user behaviour and reacted. “While a wireless connection works very well for most riders, those who have connectivity challenges, or those who simply cannot risk a dropout during an important race or workout will be able to ride with increased confidence and reliability by using Kickr Direct Connect.”

The Direct Connect uses an ethernet cable, linking a user’s personal computer or home network router, to their Kickr trainer.

Wahoo Direct Connect

(Image credit: Wahoo)

Perfect data for each session 

With the data feed stability of a physical connection, Wahoo is capable of delivering additional user security for riders in an environment saturated with radio frequency signals. 

The simple aim is to guarantee that your indoor training session or virtual ride, is perfectly recorded and data supported, from start to finish.

If you are annoyed by suffering the occasional data dropout during Zwift workouts or even a Zwift race, this new product evolution will be a welcome bit of hardware. Especially for those riders who live in apartments that often suffer from signal interference, sourcing in construction material density, or the sheer diversity of digital signals in a multi-occupation building.

The Kickr Direct Connect is only compatible with the Wahoo Kickr V5 turbo trainer. It has also been certified for virtual platforms such as Wahoo’s SUF training system, TrainerRoad, FullGaz, and RGT Cycling - Zwift is expected to roll-out a game update soon.

The Kickr Direct Connect retails for £79.99.

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