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Maxxis updates its High Road tyre range

Maxxis High Road
(Image credit: Alonso Tal)

Maxxis has launched a re-engineered version of its High Road tyre, featuring quite a significant redesign in terms of its casing, with a refinement to the tread pattern as well.

Available in two sizes, the new High Road shapes to either 25 or 28c of width, on point for the trend towards wider tyre road riding.

The most notable construction upgrade with these new Maxxis High Road tyres is an increase from 120TPI to 170. With a 40 per cent increase in thread count, the new casing offers both better puncture protection and a more supple tyre dynamic, improving road feedback and ride comfort.

For those riders who wish to use tubes, the High Road’s improved TPI rating delivers a 15% reduction in tube type spec, delivering a weight saving.

More puncture proof - and confident in the corners 

Beyond the better TPI casing, there is a ZK puncture layer too. Maxxis claims this liquid crystal polymer fibre to be seven per cent more puncture resistant than the predecessor. 

Although the new High Road’s contact patch is minimalist, the shoulder tread grooves have been redesigned to provide better cornering grip, especially in wet conditions. The previous swirl-and-dash shoulder grooves have been replaced with a new design that features fewer grooves, without interlinking of the tread pattern.

Rotational mass matters and the lightest of these new High Roads is the foldable 700x25c version at only 185g. Upsize that configuration to 700x28c and it becomes 205g. The carbon-bead High Roads are heavier, at 285g for a 700x25c and 315g for the 700x28c.

With all its new design attributes and construction features, Maxxis says the improved High Road spins with two per cent less rolling resistance than before.