The Best winter road bike tyres 2024 - hard-wearing, puncture-resistant tyres to get you through the winter

A man rides through a large puddle on a road bike on the best winter road bike tyres
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Fitting the best winter road bike tyres to your bike can be a great move to make as winter approaches. In the northern hemisphere as winter sets in and road conditions deteriorate fitting the best winter tyres to your bike can make a big difference to your riding and winter training. 

Winter conditions in different parts of the world can mean different things. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it may not necessarily mean ice and snow-covered roads for months on end, but it can often be constantly wet for long periods, and winter rains and freezing conditions can mean lots of debris is washed into the roads. Freezes can cause water to constantly freeze and crack, damaging road surfaces too. All of this means your tyres - your sole point of contact with the road are tested a lot more. Debris-strewn roads and lanes can test the best road bike tyres and make mincemeat of lightweight race tyres, so swapping your lightweight tyres out for some more durable winter options is often a good move to make. It's also going to be dark and cold most likely, so be sure to check out our guides to the best bike lights, the best winter cycling gloves too.

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