Best bike computers: Log your rides and monitor your training

The best bike computers are the subject of continual updates and now provide exceptional functionality that's also user-friendly. They have the internal memory to store all your ride data, plus maps for navigation, and many now use multi-band GNSS satellite navigation for an ever-more accurate fix on your position.

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Specification comparison at a glance
Header Cell - Column 0 ConnectivityCompanion appNavigationBattery lifeColour screenScreen sizeTouchscreen
Garmin Edge 1040 SolarANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesGarmin Cycle Maps45 hours (solar), 35 hours (non-solar)Yes3.5in / 89mmYes
Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesOpenStreet Map17HoursYes2.7in / 69mmNo
Bryton Rider 420ANT+, BluetoothYesBreadcrumb35 HoursNo2.3in / 58mmNo
Garmin Edge 540ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesGarmin Cycle Maps32 hours (solar) 26 hours (non-solar)Yes2.6in / 66mmNo
Wahoo Elemnt BoltANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesOpenStreet Map15 HoursYes2.2in / 56mmNo
Hammerhead Karoo 2ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellularNoOpenStreet Map12 HoursYes3.2in / 82mmYes (button nav too)
Garmin Edge 130 PlusANT+, BluetoothYesBreadcrumb12 hoursNo1.8in / 45mmNo
Lezyne Mega XLANT+, BluetoothYesBreadcrumb, downloadable offline maps48 HoursNo2.7in / 69mmNo
Garmin Edge 1030 PlusANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesGarmin Cycle Maps24 HoursYes3.5in / 89mmYes
Garmin Edge 830ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesGarmin Cycle Maps20 HoursYes2.6in / 66mmYes
Garmin Edge 530ANT+, Bluetooth, WiFiYesGarmin Cycle Maps20 HoursYes2.6in / 66mmNo