Ratto wins Winston-Salem Classic

Cylance Pro Cycling finishes one-two with Scandolara second in USA Pro Road Tour event

Rossella Ratto (Cylance Pro Cycling) soloed to the win Monday at the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, the 10th event of USA Cycling's 2016 Pro Road Tour.

Ratto gave Cylance its first UCI victory of the season thanks to a well-timed and tenacious attack. The 22-year-old blasted away from a reduced peloton on the final lap, and soloed to the victory with plenty of room to celebrate ahead of a small group sprinting behind her. Cylance teammate Valentina Scandolara won the dash for second place over Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare).

Just as in the US Pro road races two days earlier, the short, undulating, and technical circuit in the center of Winston-Salem proved to be a race of attrition. The field was whittled down by the halfway point to a front group of under 30 riders, with only two dozen making the front group as they rolled through the line with one lap to go. Ratto was well positioned near the front, and made her move with just over 10km to go, quickly opening up a half minute gap.

UnitedHealthcare put in a big effort to bring Ratto bank for Rivera, with Rally Cycling was also pitching in for their sprinter Erica Allar. Their effort was not enough to reel in the feisty Ratto, who was the bronze medalist at the World Championships in 2013.

"We planned to do a hard race, and I had my teammates working for me, setting a good pace on every climb," Ratto said. "We took two laps to go very fast, and I saw the peloton was splitting. And then I saw they were sitting up - and I thought it was the right time because they were tired and I still have some energy. I believed in what I was doing, and I wanted to thank my team as much as possible, so I continued hard in the last kilometer."

"The course was hard, but it depends on the way you approach it. Today we kept a really high speed all race long, and with the heat it was even harder. But there a lot of places where the peloton can get back together. It's a matter of continuing to survive, and keeping going, and picking the right moment to go like I did."

The victory is Ratto's first since winning the Giro dell'Emilia in 2014.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rossella Ratto (Ita) Cylance Pro Cycling2:38:49 
2Valentina Scandolara (Ita) Cylance Pro Cycling0:00:11 
3Coryn Rivera (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
4Heather Fischer (USA) Rally Cycling  
5Brianna Walle (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank  
6Alison Jackson (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker  
7Tayler Wiles (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling  
8Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank  
9Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint  
10Lex Albrecht (Can) Bepink  
11Leah Thomas (USA) Twenty16 - RideBiker0:00:12 
12Kristabel Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling  
13Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00:20 
14Mandy Heintz (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling  
15Jessica Corrin Prinner (USA) Rally Cycling  
16Janelle Cole (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker  
17Emma Grant (GBr) Colavita/Bianchi  
18Samantha Schneider (USA) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI0:00:21 
19Nina Marie Laughlin (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling  
20Irene Ossala (USA) Fearless Femme Racing0:00:26 
21Pauliena Rooijakkers (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team0:00:27 
22Ingrid Drexel (Mex) Astana Women's Team  
23Amber Neben (USA) Bepink0:00:29 
24Allie Dragoo (USA) Twenty16 - RideBiker0:00:32 
25Erica Allar (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:39 
26Carolina Rodriguez Gutierrez (Mex) Astana Women's Team0:00:42 
27Jessenia Meneses (Col) Weber Shimano Ladies Power  
28Megan Alderete (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:00:47 
29Lindsay Bayer (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team  
30Ilaria Sanguineti (Ita) Bepink0:01:04 
31Iris Slappendel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team0:01:15 
32Katie Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team0:01:17 
33Lauren Hall (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:01:26 
34Tina Pic (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling0:04:56 
35Francesca Pattaro (Ita) Bepink  
36Diana Peñuela (Col) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
37Arianna Fidanza (Ita) Astana Women's Team  
38Kimberley Wells (Aus) Colavita/Bianchi0:04:57 
39Kathryn Buss (USA) Orthocarolina Winston)  
40Alison Tetrick (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:05:10 
41Jessica Mundy (Aus )Fearless Femme Racing0:08:28 
42Debbie Milne (USA) Stradelli Papa John's  
43Hanna Muegge (Ger) Fearless Femme Racing0:11:11 
44Adriana Luz Tovar (Col) Colombian National Team0:11:12 
45Jermaine Post (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
46Chanella Stougje (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
47Katherine Elisabeth Previley (Arg) Weber Shimano Ladies Power  
48Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling  
49Cassandra Maximenko (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes0:11:45 
50Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) Bepink0:11:46 
51Lorena Vargas (Col) Colombian National Team  
52Breanne Nalder (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:11:56 
53Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team0:11:57 
54Yussely Mendivil Soto (Mex) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI  
55Lauretta Hanson (Aus) Colavita/Bianchi  
56Kristen Lassaso (USA) Stradelli Papa John's0:12:00 
57Holly Breck (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:12:06 
58Jessica Uebelhart (Sui) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team  
59Alexandra Burton (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling  
60Maria Fadiga (Arg) Weber Shimano Ladies Power  
61Natalya Saifutdinova (Kaz) Astana Women's Team0:12:11 
62Allison Arensman (USA) Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:12:23 
DNFHannah Arensman (USA) Stradelli Papa John's  
DNFJustine Clift (Can) Orthocarolina Winston  
DNFNatalia Franco (Col) Colombian National Team  
DNFKatherine Shields (USA) Orthocarolina Winston  
DNFErica Zaveta (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling  
DNFManuela Escobar (Col) Colombian National Team  
DNFMadison Kelly (USA) Stradelli Papa John's  
DNFClio Dinan (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes  
DNFKathrin Hammes (Ger) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank  
DNFAbigail Mickey (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFKathryn Donovan (USA) Colavita/Bianchi  
DNFRocio Parrado Guarnizo (Col) Weber Shimano Ladies Power  
DNFAmanda Miller (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling  
DNFKendall Ryan (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank  
DNFSkylar Schneider (USA) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI  
DNFLauren Tamayo (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFEmma Grant (GBr) Colavita/Bianchi  
DNFHannah Ross (USA) Rally Cycling  
DNFLenore Pipes (Gum) Bepink  
DNFBeth Ann Orton (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling  
DNFLaura Jorgensen (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling  
DNFKatherine Sherwin (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling  
DNFPayten Maness (USA) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI  
DNFLuciene Ferreira Da Silva (Bra) Weber Shimano Ladies Power  
DNFNatalie Van Gogh (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFJessica Parra (Col) Colombian National Team  
DNFLucy Bechtel (Aus) Fearless Femme Racing  
DNFJosie Talbot (Aus) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI  
DNFSophie De Boer (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFJulie Kuliecza (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint Pro Cycling Team  
DNFChristina Gokey Smith (USA) Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling  
DNFAnna Knauer (Ger) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFLexie Millard (USA) IS Corp p/b Smart Choice MRI  
DNFCynthia Frazier (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes  
DNFWhitney Allison (USA) Colavita/Bianchi  
DNFAna Sanabria Cristina (Col) Colombian National Team  
DNFArden Stelly (USA) Orthocarolina Winston  
DNFTate Devlin (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes  
DNFKristen Arnold (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes  
DNFKendelle Hodges (AUS) Fearless Femme Racing  
DNFElle Anderson (USA) Rally Cycling  
DNSSara Tussey (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling  
DNSAmy Floyd (USA) Orthocarolina Winston  
DNSBrittlee Bowman (USA) Velo Classic p/b Stan's Notubes  


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